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Best Male Sex Toys: Top 15 Sex Devices and Masturbators for Guys

BY JC Ways

These days there's more male sex toys out there than any single guy can fuck in a single lifetime.  

That hasn't stopped us from trying though.  

We've tested dozens of the top-rated sex toys for guys, so you can skip the dirty work and get right to finding the good stuff.

Quickshot Launch - Best Automatic Male Toy

The new Quickshot Launch has blasted its way up our list after its debut in late 2019.

This thing is powerful. At its highest speed setting it does 4 thrusts per second, faster than even the most muscly partner can fap you off.

You can also set the depth of penetration with the controls.  You can go from shallow 1 inch thrusts all the way to deep 8 inch thrusts.

I'd recommend trying the short shallow strokes with a high speed, which lets you fap the crap out that sensitive sweet spot on the underside of your penis's tip.

Stroke - Fleshlight Quickshot Launch

The detailed controls let you jerk off with tons of variation, and with some practice, using this male sex toy becomes an art form that you have to try to be able to appreciate. 

PROS: powerful, fast, vr compatible, easy to clean

CONS: expensive, only works with quickshot sleeves

Lovense Max 2

Interactive automatic male masturbator

Despite its large 9.5-inch size, the Max 2 is actually kind of discreet because it looks more like an Amazon Echo than a male sex toy. This advanced automatic male masturbator uses a variety of contraction and vibration patterns to milk your dick into submission. The case houses a TPE masturbation sleeve (similar to Fleshlights) and the unit is equipped with a motor which creates vibrations and 360-degree contractions of varying strengths. It’s basically a vibrating Fleshlight.

Lovense Max 2

Like most of Lovense’s toys, the Max 2 can be controlled by the Lovense Remote app. Simply download the app to your phone/tablet/laptop (it works with both Android and iOS), sync up via Bluetooth, and then get to work! You can program in your own custom vibration/contraction patterns using the easy controls, or you can visit the online library of patterns created by Lovense users, previewing and downloading other people’s patterns for free! If that wasn’t enough, it can also sync with sex toys for women like the Lovense Nora.

PROS: Powerful contractions/vibrations, long-distance toy, handsfree cumming, app-controlled

CONS: Pricey, loud contractions

Tenga Egg Pack - Best Budget Option

For only $21, the Tenga Egg pack lets you bust your load without busting your wallet.  It's one of the most economical ways to bring some variety into your jerk-off sessions.

"But how will such a small egg fit on my dick?" You may be wondering.

Like all male stroker toys, these eggs are very soft and stretchy.  You can penetrate the hole in the bottom of the egg and stretch it up to 12 inches.  Then just masturbate as usual and let the egg's internal texture soup up the stimulation.

Each egg in the pack has a different texture too, so you get a ton of different sensations with your purchase of the pack.

The main downside of these cheaper kinds of male toys is they don't last forever.  They're made from a porous type of TPE material which can be difficult to clean and will degrade overtime.  I get 10-20 full sessions out of each egg.  They will eventually end up ripping, loosening, or getting semen and lube caked into the material.

To make them last longer try to turn them inside out and wash them thoroughly, then let them dry in a well ventilated area.

Tenga also sells these as individual eggs, so if you love a texture you can stock up on that kind.

PROS: best bang for the buck, variety of textures

CONS: only lasts for 10-20 uses                                     

Quickshot Vantage

Wank like James Bond

If you’ve been browsing online sex shops to look for fleshlights, you may be put off by the steep price and large size of the well-known "Stamina Training Unit" style toys. However, the Quickshot Vantage is a small and sophisticated handheld male masturbator toy which is open at both ends, featuring an insertable length of around 3.5 inches. The only downside with the Vantage is how tight it is – it can be quite hard to get your cock through if you’re on the girthy side.

Nonetheless, this cool little masturbation sleeve is a great way to tickle your pickle without needing a huge bulky fleshlight which is difficult to hide. These top-rated male sex toys are not only great for jacking off – they can be used when receiving blowjobs too. As demonstrated in the pictures on the official Quickshot Vantage product page, a partner can suck the head of your cock while massaging your shaft with this toy at the same time. Good stuff!

PROS: Affordable, pleasurable texture, sleek design

CONS: Too tight for some, loud


The Autoblow AI is one of the sex toys I use the most.  Mostly because it's automatic and hands-free.  I can lay back, close my eyes and let myself be blown to kingdom cum.

It feels closer to an actual blowjob, too.  Or at least closer than any other toy I've tried.  

From what I've read it uses AI that was fed by 5000 hours of porn.  Which helps it to adjust dozens of different pressure points for increased realism.  It's not just up-down up-down the whole time like other automatic masturbators, it squeezes, teases, and cascades wave like stroking sensations.  An A-list cock-milking machine for sure.

PROS: Hands free, feels intense, plugs into the wall, has AI

CONS: not waterproof                                 

Tenga Flip Zero (Vibrating)

Vibrating male massager toy

This is definitely one of the most unique sex toys for guys that I’ve ever tried. However, it’s made by Tenga, who are great at making sex toys that look nothing like sex toys at all. The Flip is no exception here – it looks more like a futuristic panini press than a sex toy, so it could be discreet unless you live with a professional wanker. This thing is 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable, so it’s among the best men’s sex toys if you want something that’s easy to clean and charge.

Basically, you place your cock into the middle of the 2 halves and close them down around your penis. Each side of the elastomer masturbation sleeve already creates intense sensations on your penis, but then Tenga went and put 2 vibrating cores into this thing!

Here's what the sleeve material looks like up close.

There are 5 vibration settings to try, too – low, high, pulse, swap, and random. If you want the toy to “suck” onto you, simply squeeze the pressure pads on the sides to create wonderful vacuum suction.

PROS: 2 vibrating cores, 5 different vibe settings, 100% waterproof, unique sensations, very easy to clean

CONS: Pricey, vibe settings a bit simple

Turbo Thrust Copper

The Turbo Thrust is designed to feel like you're getting a blowjob.  Don't be fooled by its outward appearance, the inside has three points of entry: one for the mouth, one to simulate a tongue, and another that feels like a throat.

If you've used other masturbator toys, you'll recognize the difference as soon as you penetrate this thing, it's super intense.  The inside is soft and squishy, but filled with ridges and bumps that make for a stimulating riding.

At a price of $70, it's more of a mid-ranged sex toy for guys, not as expensive as an automatic blowjob machine (more on those in a bit), but not as cheap as a disposable Tenga egg.  These are more durable and can last a few years as long as you clean them after each use.  Use lots of water pressure which will get out semen from any crooks and crevices.

PROS: intense blowjob experience                                   

CONS: needs to be cleaned after each use

Fun Factory Manta

The FunFactory Manta has been a sex drawer staple for me ever since I got it. This versatile toy is a vibrating penis stroker made from medical-grade silicone, featuring two silicone “wings” or “flaps” which wrap around the shaft, base, or glans of your penis. With 12 different vibration patterns, you can explore many different types of penis massage.

Features and Benefits of FunFactory Manta

The great thing about the Manta is that it’s also easy to use with a partner. For example, the fluttering silicone tips are great for clitoral stimulation, nipple stimulation, ball-tickling, or turning your penis into a “vibrating cock” during sex. 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable, this handy little vibrating stroker lasts 2+ hours after it’s charged up.

PROS: Versatile vibrating wand toy, great for male and female stimulation, hypoallergenic, 2+ hour battery life, travel lock function and USB rechargeable

CONS: Attracts dust easily, vibration controls system is hard to understand

Kiroo Onyx+

Interactive VR male sex machine experience

When it comes to extreme sex toys, the Kiiroo Onyx+ takes male masturbation technology to a whole new level, incorporating encoded 2D and VR content to give you the ultimate immersive electronic male masturbator experience. This is basically an advanced sex machine for men which is capable of producing 140 contractions per minute – it’s like you’re fucking at your fastest pace for minutes and minutes without getting tired! Your cock won’t be able to handle this bad boy.

Kiiroo Onyx Toy

The Onyx+ is an improvement from the original Onyx male sex machine, boasting a new engine and thrusting technology. The is a unique sex toy because it uses a row of 10 contracting rings to mimic sex – it doesn’t just vibrate. The Onyx+ even comes with an official Fleshlight Superskin sleeve and the ability to sync up with other smart sex toys. This video goes into more detail.

PROS: VR, unique technology, Fleshlight sleeve, 140 strokes per minute

CONS: Very expensive

Aneros - Best Male Prostate Toy

The best prostate massager I’ve ever used

As someone who’s tried a lot of prostate toys, let me assure you that the Aneros Helix Syn is the best prostate massager I have ever tried. Its relatively small size and flexible design make it perfect for beginners and experienced prostate masseurs alike. I find that it’s a really good snug fit without being too stiff or noticeable. That’s the thing about prostate massagers – you want them to be almost undetectable… male G-spot massage is all about subtlety and relaxation.

Personally, I like to use coconut oil as lube for the Aneros Helix Syn. I’m a big fan of coconut oil for anal sex toys because the pleasant aroma of coconut overpowers any nasty ass smells which may arise. The only downside to Aneros toys is that they take a lot of practice to use properly – you won’t be having multiple orgasms in a jiffy. Our guide to prostate milking goes into all the detail you’ll need, but don’t write these men’s sex toys off as “gay sex toys” just because your ass is involved.

PROS: Small, flexible, versatile, multiple male orgasms, intense prostate stimulation

CONS: Technique and patience required

Realdoll Sex Dolls

Move over Barbie and Ken

As noted by many people, these sex dolls definitely occupy the uncanny valley – that place where things look very similar to humans, but something is just a little bit off. The Realdolls facility is actually located in San Marcos, CA, and the newer versions of these top sex toys are integrated with AI. In other words, the doll will speak to you, change its speech depending on your input, and learn how to please you based on your behavior.

Of course, these extreme sex toys are insanely expensive and way out of most people’s price range. The cheaper RealDolls cost around $4,000 – $7,000, while the fully customized and AI-integrated dolls can sell for upwards of $50,000! There are both male and female dolls available, so you might be able to find the ultimate male sex toy if you’ve got the cash to splash.

PROS: Lifelike dolls, AI integration, as close to real sex as you’ll get!

CONS: Insanely expensive, uncanny valley creepiness

Other Fleshlights

Since 1995, Fleshlight Inc. has been making and baking some of the most realistic feeling artificial vagina.  Their secret is a patented material called 'Super Skyn', which feels fleshy, warm, and textured, just like a real pussy.

There are a bunch of fleshlights to choose from though and it can get confusing, so for our guide, the 14 best fleshlights, we reviewed 25 fleshlights to track down which ones are the best bang for the buck.

Pocket Pussies

The generic (and cheaper) version of the Fleshlight is a pocket pussy, which means any male sex toy that looks and feels like a vagina.

The upside of pocket pussies is they can be a lot more affordable than fleshlights, with some being as low as $20.  In our pocket pussy guide you'll learn about 23 of the best pocket pussies.

Blowjob Machines

Every guy loves a good blowjob, the tricky part is finding someone to give them to you.

Blowjob machines solve that problem.  They never get tired, never complain, and will suck your dick 24/7 if you let them.

They can be more expensive than pocket pussies though.  Check out our blowjob machine guide to learn more about this cool new technology in the world of sex toys for men.


An onahole is a pocket pussy that was designed and made in Japan, a country where they are famous for making some of the best sex toys for men.

Onaholes are tighter than other pocket pussies, and most have two layers: an incredibly soft outer layer that's fun to touch, and a slightly firmer inner layer which gives your member more stimulation.

Read more about the best onaholes.

Sex Dolls

In this day and age sex dolls can look as realistic as a real person.  They are as much works of art as they are sex toys.

They come in all varieties too.  You can get a blow up doll for $20 or get a realistic silicone wife for a few thousand.  Some people take these very seriously and there are entire forums dedicated to sex doll accessories and maintenance.

To learn more about them check out our article on the best sex dolls.

Penis & Male Vibrators

Vibrators aren't just for vaginas.  Penis vibrators, aka guybrators, wrap around the penis a shake you all the way to your prostate until you come. No stroking required.

To use a male vibrator you just hold them in place on the tip of your penis.  The vibrations run up your shaft all the way to your prostate, which can give deep body orgasms.  Learn more about them in our penis vibrator article.

Best penis vibrator for the money

Prostate Massagers

A lot of guys are missing out on the incredible orgasms you can get for stimulating your prostate.  

You can use one of the best prostate massagers to reach through your anus and stimulate your prostate.  This is where the base of your penis begins and semen is stored.  By stimulating it with vibration you will cause full body orgasms that are beyond words.  If you can get past a fear of butt play this is a must try.

Read more about the best prostate massagers

Cock Rings

Cock rings increase the firmness and size of an erection by constricting your cock and preventing blood from flowing out.  

They come in different materials from silicone to stainless steel.  Some have extra vibration that turn the penis into a vibrator and give extra clit stimulation during sex.

Read more about the best cock rings.

Penis Sleeves

These go around your penis and let you change the size and shape of your dick.  Some people use it for extra girth and length, some use fantasy penis sleeves to give themselves a dragon or wolf shaped penis.

Guide to the Best Penis Sleeves

Cock Milking Machines

A penis milking machine gives your hands a break and does all the work for you.  Just set the speed using the controls and let it masturbate your brains out.  These things are engineered to stroke your cock at super human speeds and use ultra realistic fleshlike sleeves to do it.  They are designed to feel even better than sex, and depending on who you ask, do a pretty good job at it!

The Full Cock Milking Machine Guide

Other Types of Male Sex Toys

  • Best Penis pumps - these work by drawing blood into your penis.  This will make you extra hard and also temporary larger in size than is possible without it.  It's important to know the risks associated with using toys that alter your circulation before trying a penis pump.
  • Gay male sex toys - check out our list of gay sex toys to learn about all the kinky options available for gay couples.  These include a few of the strokers above, as well as some other gems.
  • Hands Free Sex Toys for Men
  • best male masturbators and strokers
  • delay sprays

Tips For Picking Your Ideal Male Sex Toy

There are a few things you need to consider before buying male masturbation toys, whether you’re going for a run-of-the-mill masturbation sleeve or more advanced and weird sex toys. Here are a few key things to keep in mind when choosing the best men’s sex toy for you.


First things first, you have to look at the price. How much budget do you have to spend? If you’re looking for cheap sex toys, online sex shops like LoveHoney have great sales and deals on various brands, whereas certain manufacturers like PALOQUETH are known for creating decent-quality cheap sex toys. On the other hand, if you’re looking to splash some cash, brands like Kiiroo and Autoblow create some really cool high-tech masturbators with advanced mechanical features.

Toy Type

Most men reading this will probably want penis toys like masturbation sleeves, male strokers, and automatic male masturbators, but some guys might be looking for the best prostate massagers or dildos for men too. Massaging your penis is great, but have you considered anal sex toys which stimulate your prostate – the male G spot? Brands like Aneros make prostate toys which can deliver minutes-long multiple male orgasms (you read that correctly) and believe me when I say that they’re… mind-blowing.

However, if you’re set on wanting penis toys, consider whether you want an automatic male masturbator which is essentially a “sex machine” which milks your dick for you, a Fleshlight-style masturbation sleeve which is designed for thrusting in and out of, or a smaller handheld male stroker which is designed to make regular manual masturbation more sensitive and intense.


Sadly, all men were not created equal. Our penises are all different shapes and sizes, but most men’s sex toys are a “one size fits all” kind of deal. If your penis is wider, thinner, longer, or shorter than average, you should read up on adult toys for men which are designed for your cock size. Most masturbation sleeves and strokers will have the average male cock in mind, so outliers might find themselves in trouble. 

This also applies to toys like prostate massagers – taller men’s prostates are probably a little further inside their rectum than smaller men’s.


What are your living circumstances and how discreet do you have to be with your sex toys? For example, do you need male masturbation toys which can be hidden away during the day or do you live alone so subtlety is not an issue? If you’re going to buy an electronic male masturbator or vibrating Fleshlight, consider how loud the vibrations/contractions are and whether they will be heard through the walls. In my experience, the vast majority of electronic masturbators and sex machines are noticeably loud.

You also have to consider discretion when it comes to things like cleaning. For instance, if you buy the popular "Stamina Training Unit" Fleshlight toy, the skin material needs to be washed and air-dried in a well-ventilated room to stop it from going moldy.

Do you have a place that you can air dry a massive fake vagina for 24 hours? Is there a discreet place for you to charge your sex machine for a few hours? Do you need a toy which could blend into your environment? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself.

Cleaning and Maintenance

All sex toys require some form of basic cleaning and maintenance, evening if it’s just rinsing them out with water. However, the best male masturbators and sex toys are likely to require more advanced maintenance and cleaning to keep them ship-shape. Are you prepared to do all the necessary cleaning, drying, charging, replacing, and lube-buying required to keep your toy in good working order? When you plan to cum into something regularly, you need to maintain it.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance men’s sex toy, you may be best sticking to your trusty hand or a very simple stroker.

Tips on Use and Cleaning of Your Male Sex Toys

Depending on the men’s sex toy you’re using, the cleaning and usage will be slightly different. However, here are some good overall tips for men’s sex toys!

1. Clean after every use

It sounds like common sense, but so many men use their penis strokers and then go to sleep straight afterward, leaving their sperm to wriggle around and die in the toy. Suffice it to say that dead spunk doesn’t smell nice after a few days. Consider investing in a dedicated Sex Toy Cleaner if you plan on using it a lot.

2. Air drying

Air drying is a must for many men’s masturbation sleeves and strokers after you’ve washed them, so consider if you’ve got somewhere to let your toys air dry discreetly. Toys like Fleshlights can go moldy if they’re not properly washed and air dried correctly. Hardly sexy.

3. Test Noise Levels

Using a sex machine or a cock stroker is inevitably much louder than regular jacking off, so be sure to test how loud your men’s sex toy is during use before waking up your neighbors and embarrassing yourself.

4. Avoid silicone-based lubes

Although silicone-based lubes are great for regular vaginal and anal sex, they are terrible for a lot of sex toys. This is because many sex toys for men and women are made from some version of silicone, and using silicone-based lube with silicone toys destroys the toys. Water-based lubes are the safest option, although oil-based lubes are great and long-lasting if they’re compatible with your toy.

Male Sex Toy Brands - Overview and History


If you’re searching for sex toys for guys, there’s a 99.9% chance that you’ve heard of Fleshlight. Fleshlight have become so synonymous with male masturbation toys that some people mistakenly think that “Fleshlight” is a type of toy rather than the name of a company. Hell, I used to think that before I became a professional sex toy reviewer! What most people think of as a “Fleshlight” toy is actually a men’s sex toy called the “Stamina Training Unit” created by Fleshlight and sold at websites like The Pleasure Chest,  Lovehoney, and the official Fleshlight website.

Fleshlight toys are the #1 selling male sex toy in the world, so it’s no surprise that so many guys wanna give their penis strokers a try. The product was created by a man named Steve Shubin in the late ‘90s – he eventually received a patent for his design in 1998. Fleshlight toys come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and have different orifices too. For example, you get orifices shaped like vaginas, anuses, and mouths, as well as different skin ethnicities and textures. Not all of Fleshlight’s toys are cumbersome strokers, however; they also sell more subtle dick toys like the Quickshot Vantage.


Aneros are famous for creating the best prostate massagers on the face of the earth. You see, rather than using vibrations like most prostate massagers (with the exception of the Vice and Vice 2), Aneros prostate massagers are essentially very well-shaped pieces of ABS plastic or medical-grade silicone which are designed to deliver intense prostate milking orgasms by massaging the male G spot from both the inside and the outside simultaneously. So why doesn’t every anal sex toy company do this? Because Aneros has a ton of patents protecting their unique sex toy designs.

You see, Aneros actually started back in the ‘90s by making prostate massagers for medical purposes, helping to treat conditions like erectile dysfunction and prostatitis. Once they realized that their unique anal sex toys were able to give men intense multiple male orgasms through prostate stimulation, they decided to rebrand themselves as a sex toy company and began selling their prostate massager toys to the open market rather than doctors. Since then, these top-rated male sex toys have gained a niche following of men who experiment with the most effective prostate milking techniques on subreddits like r/Aneros and the official Aneros community forum.


Tenga is a Japanese company which creates male masturbation toys referred to as “new adult concepts”. They are probably best known for the Tenga Egg, their egg-shaped disposable penis strokers. In general, Tenga is noted for their unusual aesthetics and design choices – most of their men’s sex toys look more like modern art installations than sex toys. Penis toys like the 3D Zen and the 3D Polygon are particularly unusual; you could stand them on your coffee table and they’d look like décor, not dick toys. The Tenga Cup series is their bestselling line, with their discreet design and pre-lubed lining making them hugely popular in Japan and abroad.

Tenga has been referred to as the “Apple of the sex toy industry” and it’s easy to see why – they have a uniquely modern aesthetic which sets them apart from their competitors. The designers at Tenga purposely avoid making male sex toys which resemble vaginas or human body parts in general, and they avoid any obscene images in their packaging and advertising. The Japanese company claims that this is done to help customers avoid shame and embarrassment when buying their toys, as well as to promote a sense of hygiene and sophistication.


Realdoll is a lifelike sex doll manufacturer based in San Marcos, CA. The company specializes in lifesize realistic sex dolls, making both standard and bespoke models for their customers. More recent inventions from the company have incorporated AI into the dolls, helping them to not only speak, but also “learn” from their users and figure out what they like. These advanced kinky sex toys are understandably very expensive – the cheapest of the cheap will cost you $4,000 while the finest made-to-order sex dolls with AI integration will cost you $50,000 or more.

The company currently creates around 7 new dolls per week, experiencing a steady stream of repeat customers since its opening in 1996. Harmony and Solana are their most popular sex dolls, both of which can be customized to their user’s needs. You can customize the doll’s eye color, skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, nail polish, vagina style, and even individual parts of the doll’s makeup like the eyeshadow and lipstick colors. There are sensors in the vaginas of the dolls so that when you play with them or stick your dick inside them, the robot will moan like a real woman in your preselected voice.


Lovense are best known for their Bluetooth sex toys which are designed for long-distance couples and those who like discreet public play. Most Lovense toys can be connected to Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi, meaning that you can control them from the Lovense Remote app on your cell phone, tablet, or laptop. When it comes to sex toys for men, Lovense are known for the “Max” and “Max 2” automatic male masturbators which use vibrations and contractions to enhance the masturbation experience and help men achieve handsfree orgasms. They also have the “Hush” remote control vibrating butt plug which can be used as a sex toy for men or women depending on what you’re into.

The company itself is based in Hong Kong and started in 2009 when the owner of the company was in a long-distance relationship and found that he and his partner lacked sexual intimacy. This sparked an interest in teledildonics – the art of creating interconnected sex toys which can be controlled over long distances through internet connections. By 2010, the 1st generation remote control vibrator for women had been created, and by 2011 the first remote control electronic male masturbator (the “Max”) hit the shelves.


I aim to smash down stigmas and introduce men and women to sex toys that change their lives.

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    Every man has different needs and desire that they want. I always love to use unique sex toys and have tried a few of them… Tenga eggs rock!

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