Best Male Sex Toys: Top 15 Sex Devices and Masturbators for Guys

A hand can get the job done, but there are a lot better ways to masturbate.  Especially considering some male sex toys feel better than the real thing.  In this guide we are going to look at the best male masturbators and sex toys on the market today.

Penis toys

  • Fleshlights - these are the classic male masturbators.  They have some of the most advanced technology and are made in america.  They also carry exciting products like the fleshlight launch which is a hands free masturbation device.
  • Blowjob machines - these feel like a real blowjob.  Just lay back and get yourself blown to bits.
  • Pocket Pussies - a pocket pussy is like a fleshlight but includes all the other brands.  They use different materials and have lots of different creative designs and sizes
  • Onaholes - these are any pocket pussy that is made in Japan.  They often are very soft with extra detail on the exterior to make them fun to hold and squeeze.   Some are as small as 4 inches like the tenga eggs, others are entire hips or breasts of anime characters.
  • Sex Dolls - These come in all varieties too.  You can get a blow up doll for $20 or get a realistic silicone wife for a few thousand.  Some people take these very seriously and there are entire forums dedicated to sex doll accessories and maintenance.
  • Penis Vibrators - Vibrators aren't just for vaginas.  Penis vibrators, aka guybrators, wrap around the penis a shake you all the way to your prostate until you come.

Other Toys

  • Prostate Massagers - a lot of guys are missing out on the incredible orgasms you can get for stimulating your prostate.  You can use a prostate massager to reach through your anus and stimulate your prostate.  This is where the base of your penis begins and semen is stored.  By stimulating it with vibration you will cause full body orgasms that are beyond words.  If you can get past a fear of butt play this is a must try.
  • Penis pumps - these can increase your penis size by drawing blood into your dick.  This will make you extra hard and also larger in size than is possible without it.  It's important to know the risks associated with using toys that alter your circulation before trying a penis pump.
  • Sheathes - This go around your penis and let you change the size and shape of your penis.  Some people use it for extra girth and length, some do it to have a fantasy shaped penis like a dragon.
  • Cock rings - These increase the strength of an erection by helping keeping blood in your cock.  They also come with vibrating features and in different materials and styles.