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9 Best Delay Sprays to Fight Premature Ejaculation

BY JC Ways

Men usually orgasm more quickly than women. The average male takes about 5 minutes to climax, while a woman takes 18 minutes to climax. Even if you don’t suffer from premature ejaculation, there’s a strong chance that you’re leaving female partners underwhelmed and sexually frustrated in the bedroom.

Luckily, there are so-called “delay sprays” that help men to last longer in bed. These desensitizing sprays use mild anesthetics to numb the penis during sex – you feel all the pleasure but get to increase the time you shag for. Promescent spray is endorsed by the FDA and 2,000+ urologists, but there are many great products out there as well.

In this review, I take a look at 10 of the best delay sprays on the market, helping you to make the best choice for you and your partner!

10 Best Delay Sprays

If you find yourself frantically searching for how to last longer during sex, why not give one of these penis numbing creams or duration sprays a try? Depending on where you live, these products may or may not be available in your region due to pharmaceutical regulations and all that jazz.

For Hims Pej Spray

Best for lowering your sensitivity without affecting your partners.

ForHims is known for making a variety of men's ED products, and now they've branched out into premature ejaculaiton treatment with their very own penis numbing spray!

Designed to work within 5-10 minutes of spraying on average, Pej Spray is a strong lidocaine formula which is suitable for vaginal, anal, AND oral sex.

ForHims Pej Delay Spray also gets shipped to your home in discreet packaging.

PROS: Uses a very well-known anesthetic, cheap price, suitable for basically all types of sex, discreet shipping, reputable company

CONS: Doesn’t taste nice if used for oral sex


One of the strongest delay sprays you can buy.
Best For: Guys who need serious penis numbing.

The strongest lidocaine formula on this list, Promescent features 10% lidocaine that is highly effective for numbing your cock before sexual encounters. The downside is it smells a little naff, so it’s not ideal if you’re trying to create a romantic environment. Maybe light some scented candles?

Promescent spray is approved by the FDA for oral sex, so it’s safe to receive a blowjob after spraying this onto your cock. However, bear in mind that it might not taste very nice for your cock-sucker. The manufacturers claim that this spray makes men last 64% longer in bed – I personally felt numb for about 15-20 minutes.


Lidocaine is a local anesthetic drug used in many medications to numb irritation/itching from rashes and conditions such as eczema, minor burns, and insect bites. It effectively “numbs” your penis temporarily, making it easier to last longer during sexual encounters.

PROS: 10% lidocaine, effectively delay ejaculation, FDA approved for blowjobs

CONS: Doesn’t smell very… erotic

VigRX Delay Spray

Limited side effects, decent formula.
Best For: Improving your vigor in the bedroom!

VigRX is known for making male enhancement pills that help with achieving erections, but what about when you’ve got the erection and you climax too quick? Well, now they’ve got their own duration spray to help with that too! Made in a facility compliant with cGMP regulations, VigRX Delay Spray helps you to last longer in the sack.

VigRX Delay Spray

There is pretty limited information about the results of this spray and the efficacy of its ingredients, but many guys swear by the stuff. If you’re interested, the VigRX Spray Amazon listing has a picture with the list of ingredients. If only they told us what half of them actually do.

This spray is branded in a very macho, inconspicuous way. It looks like it could be a little bottle of motor oil. Vroom vroom.

PROS: Made in a cGMP-complaint facility, not many side effects

CONS: Limited information available, wash penis after use

ProSolution Gel

Who needs spray when you have gel?
Best For: Those looking for a natural formula.

Made in the US in an approved facility, ProSolution Gel is a penis numbing gel that’s designed with minimal transfer in mind. In other words, if you’re using it without a condom, your partner won’t notice much numbness during intercourse.  ProSolution Gel is edible and can be used for oral sex, but many people don’t like the taste despite the minty scent.

ProSolution Gel

The natural ingredients of this product include lots of great ingredients like l-arginine, mango butter, aloe vera, vitamin C, menthol, and more – it’s designed to be good for your penis skin. The product uses nitric oxide to relax the muscles in the dick and encourage blood flow, so it might actually help to give you harder erections too.

So, does Viagra make you last longer? No. Viagra doesn't make you last longer in the bedroom despite what you may have heard. If you’re struggling with both ED and premature ejaculation, you’d need to use Viagra AND a delay cream or spray. Always check with your doctor et cetera.

PROS: Non-sticky, contains L-Arginine, made in the US, 67-day moneyback guarantee

CONS: Doesn’t taste nice

Adam and Eve: Marathon

I bet they had some in the Garden of Eden, honey.
Best For: Using with latex condoms.

Made with 7% benzocaine, Adam and Eve Marathon Spray is one of the best-quality sprays on this list, despite not being the strongest option. This product is completely compatible with latex condoms, so it’s ideal if you want to have safe sex while lasting longer than usual.

Adam and Eve: Marathon

The company claims that this product gives you results in “just 5 minutes”, but I found it was closer to 10 minutes. Still, 10 minutes is pretty good if you’ve got the time to spare – maybe get busy with some sensual foreplay while you wait. This product does sort-of vaguely claim to give you bigger, harder erections during sex, but I don’t think that it does personally.

Benzocaine is another example of a local numbing agent that is commonly used to desensitize the body to pain in products like cough drops and mosquito bite creams.

PROS: Latex condom safe, 7% benzocaine, gets to work quick, prolongs ejaculation

CONS: Can’t be used for oral sex, more of a moderate strength

Stud 100 Spray

Go get ‘em, stud.
Best For: Feeling pleasurable sensations while still numbed.

Supposedly used by male pornstars for 20+ years, Stud 100 Spray is a mild anesthetic spray which numbs your cock before intercourse. However, it is known for its ability to help you feel intense sensations and enjoy the pleasure of sex while still being numb. Lots of guys use this product to prolong their ejaculation while still enjoying sexual shenanigans.

Stud 100 Spray

This delay spray is completely safe to use with basically all condoms, so it’s perfect for people with latex allergies and guys practicing safe sex with their partners. This product is sold over-the-counter in the UK and parts of Europe, which is a good sign that it’s not full of shit that’s going to kill you – they tend to have stricter regulations over there.

PROS: Can be used with basically all condoms, 9.6% lidocaine, sold for 20+ years

CONS: Takes 10-15 minutes to work

KY Duration Spray

You’ve heard of their jelly, now try their dick-numbing stuff!
Best For: Using without condoms.

Famous for KY Jelly, you might not realize that KY is a company that makes a bunch of adult sex aids, including one of the best delay sprays on this list. According to many online users’ KY duration reviews, this product works incredibly well and acts quick, helping intercourse to last longer than ever before.

KY has been making sex aids for nearly 100 years, and their duration spray is approved by the FDA, which is nice. Once you’ve rubbed this into your cock, make sure that you wipe off any excess before intercourse. The main downside to this product is you can’t use it with condoms and you don’t get a lot in the small little bottle. Apart from that… thumbs up!

KY Duration Spray

On KY Duration Spray’s product listing, one line reads: “No more thinking about baseball or grandma.” I love their candidness.

PROS: 9.6% lidocaine, approved by the FDA, minimal transference to partner

CONS: Not safe for condoms, bottle is quite small

“Boners Last Longer” Spray

Does what it says on the tin.
Best For: Making your boners last longer (funnily enough).

It's not the best numbing cream or spray on this list, but I appreciate how straightforward they were with branding this product as “boners last longer spray”. It’s a nice break from all the vague words you normally get with male enhancement products… “virility”, “stamina”, “duration”, “vigor”, “performance”… bitch, this makes your boners last longer, okay?

“Boners Last Longer” Spray

A few LoveHoney users tried this product with mixed results, so it may be worth a try to see how it works for your own erection. This spray doesn’t have the nasty smell that you get with some other products, which is nice, but it’s not clear whether it can be used with condoms or not... avoid this if you want safe sex.

PROS: Fast-acting delay spray, odorless, absorbs well, cum less quick

CONS: Doesn’t contain benzocaine or lidocaine

Shunga Dragon Virility Cream

Cool, classy, all-natural spray.
Best For: Avoiding nasty ingredients and harsh chemicals.

One of the most popular delay sprays on LoveHoney, Shunga Dragon injects some class into the market with its Far Eastern branding and aftershave-style packaging. Made with all-natural herbs and extracts that are gentle on the Johnson, this product is great for avoiding harsh ingredients if you’ve got sensitive skin.

Shunga Dragon Virility Cream

Described in review comments as “warm yet cooling”, this delay spray gets to work very quick after you apply it. Many people feel that the ingredients actually enhance sex and give them additional pleasurable feelings while helping to increase time spent fucking. The delay doesn’t last as long as some products, and it’s a bit pricey, but I think it’s worth it.

The product listing for Shunga Dragon is full of cliché Japanese stereotypes… you must “honour your partner with all your might”. Calm down, Hirohito.

PROS: Luxury packaging, fast acting numbness, warm yet cooling sensation

CONS: Pricey, clean-up is a pain

EXS Endurance Delay Spray

Smells nice and gets the job done.
Best For: Reducing sensitivity in an erotic setting.

EXS is another delay spray that’s popular with LoveHoney customers due to its fast acting formula. The product is odorless and claims to be tasteless too, but many people (myself included) think it does have a taste, and not a very nice one. Probably not ideal if you’re looking to get a blowjob after applying this stuff.

EXS Endurance Delay Spray

The product contains a lot of ingredients with long names, to the point that it worries me a bit. For example, one ingredient is called: “Methylchloroisothiazolineone”. For a second I thought it was the Welsh town of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Turns out it’s a preservative that can cause skin irritation if used in high amounts. Many people love this stuff, but I prefer less risky ingredients personally.

PROS: Just 1-2 sprays needed, odorless, works well to numb the willy!

CONS: Questionable ingredients, vague instructions, pricey

How to use Delay Sprays

How to use Delay Sprays

Using delay sprays is pretty simple – you just need to follow the instructions you get for your specific product. Don’t assume that all delay sprays and numbing creams are born equal – they can have key differences. For example, Stud 100 Spray is compatible with basically all condoms, while KY Duration Spray cannot be used with condoms at all.

Some sprays will also cause different sensations such as tingling or “heat” depending on their ingredients. In fact, using numbing products on your penis can also enhance and improve your orgasm because you’ve been stimulating your penis for longer even if you can’t fully feel it.

Here’s some general advice for using delay sprays:

Using delay sprays with condoms

So yes, you can use delay sprays with condoms IF they are condom-friendly. ALWAYS check that they are. This method is ideal if you’re trying to conceal the fact that you’re using a delay spray – once you put a condom over your penis, the numbing agent will not transfer to the vagina/anus/mouth of the person you’re having sex with.

If you’re not using condoms, your partner might feel tingling or numbing sensations as the numbing agent transfers from your penis to their body. Make sure that both of you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients beforehand – some people are allergic to lidocaine.

Condoms also help to make sex feel a little less sensitive by their very nature, so if you’re suffering from premature ejaculation and you really want to significantly prolong your stamina in the sack, condoms with delay products are the way to go.

Leave enough time

Depending on the formula, different creams/sprays take different amounts of time to kick in. Most penis numbing products need between 5-15 minutes to take effect, so make sure that you time it correctly for the best results. Also, be sure to rub the product fully into your penis – you don’t want there to be any dripping excess fluid.

There are numerous premature ejaculation reddit threads where Redditors discuss their favorite ways to last longer during sex and increase their stamina.

Wash after use

I know it’s tempting to roll over and go straight to sleep after a good shag, but it’s important to thoroughly wash this stuff off after use. If you leave numbing spray on overnight for several hours, you risk getting a nasty rash or irritating your cock. Irritating your penis is obviously the last thing that we want.

Oral sex delay sprays

Most delay sprays are not ideal for oral sex due to their nasty taste. There are some products, like the EXS Endurance Spray, which claim to be tasteless, but many cock-suckers disagree. If you receive oral sex while wearing a condom and using a condom-friendly spray, that would be ideal, but it’s pretty rare to get a BJ while wearing a rubber.

Are Penis Desensitizing Sprays Safe?

Are Penis Desensitizing Sprays Safe

To be honest with you, there’s pretty limited information out there regarding the safety of penis numbing sprays. There doesn’t seem to be any “OH MY GOD MY DICK FELL OFF!” stories or major warnings from public health authorities, so that’s a good sign.

A couple of reputable sources seem to suggest that premature ejaculation sprays are safe for both men and women, assuming you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients. There are no long-term health effects for women, but there are long-term effects for men because they may become too dependent on the products.

“Treatment for premature ejaculation should ideally involve psychotherapy and behavioral changes.”
Dr. Jennifer Landa, MD

If you’re looking to improve your bedroom performance without the need for numbing products, why not try a Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU) toy? These male sex toys are pleasurable to fuck, but they can also be used to practice lasting longer during real sexual intercourse!

So, are all these sprays safe? Probably. Just use your common sense, follow the instructions, check you’re not allergic to anything in the ingredients, and cease using the product if you (or your partner!) experience pain or discomfort. Duh.

Also, make sure that these sprays are stored correctly in moderate temperatures, away from direct sunlight and extreme cold/heat.


Cum-clusion. Best delay spays

All in all, I think that Promescent is the best delay spray on this list due to its strong 10% lidocaine formula, 15-20-minute duration, and endorsements from the FDA and urologists. ProSolution Gel and Stud 100 Spray are also worth considering, though they don’t have the strong reputation of Promescent and their ingredients are not quite as effective.

In addition, Promescent is fast-acting and is even FDA-approved for oral sex, so you can really let a blowjob last and savor the moment without ejaculating in seconds. It can’t be used with condoms though, so it’s best to use something else if you’re practicing safe sex like a good boy!

I hope you enjoyed this review of 10 popular delay spray products! Remember to stay safe, read the label, and follow the instructions to a T. Happy non-jizzing!


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