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30 Best Porn Games Online in 2022 - Hentai, Nutaku, Free Porn Games and More

30 Best Porn Games Online in 2024 – Hentai, Nutaku, Free Porn Games and More

Getting bored with the same ol’ sex toys? An adult porn game could be the innovative and immersive solution to all that pent-up sexual frustration.With the thousands of porn games out there, though, it can be hard to choose the perfect video games to wet your willy.From porn browser games to the dirtiest mobile porn […]

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9 Best VR Porn Sites For Real-Feel Sex [2024]

Bored of standard porn videos, but still looking for your next release? I feel ya – you might want to consider the best VR porn sites in 2024.  VR porn can feel as close as possible to having sex with a real-life pornstar these days, thanks to human ingenuity and technology. Are you ready to […]

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DIY Dildos – 14 Homemade Dildos, From Beginner to Advanced Techniques

People have confessed to using all sorts of things as makeshift dildos, from cowbells to flashlights and drumsticks. Alas, sex toys can be expensive, tricky to hide, and maybe just not the right shape for you.  There are plenty of reasons why you’d wanna know how to make your own dildo – who doesn’t want to […]

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Lube 101: The Science Behind Safe Lubricant Use & More

Medically reviewed by Sarah Melancon Ph.DAsk anyone what type of lubes they use, and the answer will probably be K-Y Jelly or Astroglide. Even though lubes like K-Y are popular, people aren’t aware of their risky ingredients, which studies have shown can lead to infections, irritation, and increased STI susceptibility [1][6-13].This guide will help broaden […]

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Douching for Dummies

How to Prepare for Anal Sex – The 2 Main Douching Methods

As a gay man, I’d always find it frustrating whenever I’d search Google for “how to bottom” or “how to prepare for anal sex”.  On the one hand, there’d be the extreme gay douche guides telling you how to prepare for a fisting from 20 people, on the other hand, there’d be writers for women’s magazines […]

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NJoy Pure Wand Review

NJoy Pure Wand Review – A Male Perspective on the Famous Sex Toy

Did you know there’s a sex toy that gives intense multiple orgasms to both men and women?The NJoy Purewand is a stainless steel wand-style adult toy that is used for both G-spot stimulation in women and P-spot (prostate) stimulation in men. As a male, I’ll be looking at it from the P-spot play perspective.This toy […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Milking: Prostate Massage Techniques, Preparation, and Tools

Prostate milking is the Holy Grail of male sexuality.  If you’re ready, willing, and able, men (and those assigned male at birth!) are able to achieve mind-blowing multiple orgasms without even having to touch their cock at all. Some men can even cum from anal orgasms alone, with their penis shooting out cum hands-free. It’s […]

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Dangerous Sex Toy Materials 101

Medically reviewed by Sarah Melancon, Ph.D There are still no government regulations when it comes to sex toy materials. The vast majority are labeled with a disclaimer “for novelty use only” and are not evaluated at all by the FDA for safety[1]. That means it is up to you to know what materials are dangerous and what […]

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sex stats

32 Sex Facts That’ll Change Your Views on Love-Making

Sex is natural and one of most pleasurable activities that human beings can participate in. Whether you’re getting rawdogged in a parking lot by 2 dozen people or having traditional missionary penis-in-vagina sex, it’s an activity that most of us can share.With such a universal experience as sex, it’s unsurprising that there is also a bunch […]

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Violent Wand Guide

Violent Wand Guide – How to Use Violet Wands for Electrosex

Do you ever see the electric sparks flying around in old Frankenstein movies and think “that looks hot!” Electroshock toys have become a staple part of BDSM and kinky sex in the past few decades, getting safer and safer as technology progresses.While many different electro wands can be used as fetish products with varying degrees […]

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