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Sex toys are my favorite form of functional art.  They're colorful, they make life better, and they're relatively easy to start crafting yourself.

In case you thought dildos were just cheap bits of plastic, take a look at these masterpieces:

Pure Wand

Semenette Pop


BS-Atelier Paris

Fun Factory Bouncer

Unfortunately, not everyone sees sex toys as art. In Texas, vibrators were only legalized in 2008, and in Alabama selling sex toys still remains illegal to this day! 

And since there's no regulations on sex toys, shady companies get away with using toxic materials that cause rashes, smell funny, increase the risk of infection, and have other negative long-term effects.  The result is the artistic sex toys are hidden from view, and the cheap toxic toys are what people usually end up getting.

The good news is there's a bright side to the sex toy industry.  Independently owned companies like Smitten Kitten, Vixen Creations, Njoy, Fun Factory, Nobessence, Crystal Delights, Tantus, SheVibe, and countless Etsy shops, put safety before profit.  They only sell sex toys made from medical-grade body-safe materials like silicone, stainless steel, and borosilicate glass.  These toys not only feel amazing, they also look amazing, last for years, and are actually safe to use.

So back to, this is a place where I celebrate sex toys and try to get other people enthusiastic about them too.  I usually do this by making fun interactive tools, blog posts, and guides.  I also make my own silicone dildos in my free time and have a few video guides on how to get started crafting your own at home.

Interactive Tools

These tools let you discover the world of sex toys in a different way that isn't possible through just plain blogging or writing.  I try to release a new tool every few months.

Dildo Sculptor - This tool lets you sculpt custom dildos online.  You can apply FX like bumps, waves, spirals, then when you're done 3D print it or share it with your mates.

Sex Toy Discovery ToolThis tool let's you scroll through sex toys.  I hand-pick every toy, so only interesting sex toys are shown.  You can also sort by type, like dildos, vibrators, etc.

Boutique Sex Shops Map - After reading Vibrator Nation, I was inspired to make a map that shows all the sex positive and woman-owned shops of the world.  This clickable map let's you discover cool shops in Chile, South Africa, Germany, the USA, and all over.  I had tons of fun making it, and I hope it's useful, especially for incorporating some sexy stops on a vacation.

Sex Toy Voting and Match-Making Guides

These posts have voting tools that let everyone like/vote for their favorite sex toys in a certain category.  The results are then sorted so we can see the winners. 

Other Guides

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