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The discovery tool helps you make interesting sex toy finds, and filters out the boring stuff.  I update it by hand everytime I find a gem:)

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Galaxy Gee Whizzard

The most magical attachment for the magic wand.

$72 View on Vixen Creations

One of the most deliciously shaped dildos, Bisquit is made in Germany and meant to look like a roll pastry.  The patches are modeled after how cake cake tans unevenly, add they also irregular elevation for more stimulation

$97 View on SelfDelve

No Garden of Eden is complete without a snake.  This dildo is created by Laura Méritt, sex worker, owner of “Sexclusivitäten”, sex counselor, mediator and political scientist from Berlin.

$85 View on SelfDelve
Icicle “Aissikul”

This icicle shaped dildo is named “Aissikul”, after the Igbo word for icicle.  Igbo is spoken in Nigeria, where it can occasionally snow on the highest peaks of the Jos Plateau.

$97 View on SelfDelve
The Lioness

This vibrator is meant to pleasure you and help you learn more about your own body.  It has sensors that measure vaginal temperature, contraction strength, and positioning, then stores all the information into an app that gives you visual data and suggestions.

$230 View on Good Vibrations
Carter Posable Dildo

The Carter is ‘posable’ and can be bent into whatever position feels best for you.  It’s crafted by New York Toy Collective, which makes four other styles of posable dildos.

$170 View on NYTC
Njoy Pure Wand

The sex toy, the legend, the Njoy Pure Wand.  This super smooth stainless steel dildo was created to be extremely pleasurable but still elegant and aesthetically pleasing.  It’s an omnisexual sex toy, meaning it can be used for both g-spots and p-spots.

$65 View on SheVibe
Edible Anus

Nothing says I love you like a box of chocolate anuses.  These creamy butt holes come in dark, milk, and white chocolate varieties, dissolving boundaries in your mouth.

$20 View on Amazon
Ave Nimbus

The Nimbus brings good vibrations, even on a rainy day.   It’s fully rechargeable and has 7 different patterns.

$110 View on Ave
Tea Time

For those who like to mix tea with pleasure.  Made from a porcelain material, this ceramic dildo is crafted by MyFucsia, an Italian company that is dedicated to making vibrant sex toys with character.

$100 View on SheVibe
Wet Conexion

Sex in the shower gets a bit steamier when you have a custom sex shower.  Wet Conexion is part of Andres Amayas art collection and adorned with phallic shapes and other holes for creative teasing with every part of the body.

$8200 View on Andres Amaya
R2 V2

R2 D2 comes prepared for any adventure.  Beep-boop-beep-buzzzzzzzzzz

$170 View on Geeky Sex Toys