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Best Vibrating Panties: A Guide to the Top Panty Vibrators

Do you crave the thrill of a dangerous yet pleasurable public orgasm?

If so, vibrating panties might be your new favorite sex toy, combining sexual pleasure with practicality and fashion!

Purpose-built vibrating underwear like this helps you to safely enjoy low-key public play without a vibrator falling out of your pants. Unless you start making sexy noises, you'll be the only person who knows what's going on. Naughty!

The Top 9 Vibrating Panties

Whether you want a sexy lace thong or comfortable grandma pants, you can buy these naughty vibrating undergarments online from Amazon and dedicated sex toy retailers. So without further ado, here are the best vibrating panties we found online.

Fifty Shades Freed Vibrating Panties

A naughty little vibrator inspired by the infamous


The Fifty Shades Freed Panty Vibe is rechargeable and comes with a luxury storage bag. With 2+ hours of battery life and 8 meters of range with the wireless remote, the opportunities for public play are limitless.

Boasting a powerful motor, the vibe offers 8 vibration patterns and 12 speed levels, giving you 96 different sensations to explore. Although the Fifty Shades books aren't exactly the erotic equivalent of War and Peace, its adult products are some of the best in the biz.

PROS: Wireless remote, easy to use, long battery life. 96 possible sensations

CONS: Quite expensive.

My Secret Panty Vibe

10 speeds of discreet public fun!

The My Secret Charged Remote Controlled Panty Vibe comes with a cute floral lace lingerie design and adjustable side ties. Inside, you'll find a 10-speed phthalate-free bullet vibe which hides away in its own little pocket.

Strangely, the remote control for this product comes in the form of a stretchy black silicone ring! With a range of 50 feet, the remote is surprisingly powerful despite its size. Just make sure that the black ring matches your outfit, otherwise it might look out of place.

Still, even if someone did think the ring looked strange, I doubt they'd jump to "oh, well obviously it's a remote control for a secret vibrator".

PROS: Rechargeable, discreet, waterproof, 10 speeds

CONS: Lacks power and interesting patterns

Lovense Lush 2

It's pink, it's cute, and it gives you orgasms.

Made by app-controlled sex toy powerhouse Lovense, the Lush 2 is wireless, waterproof, and USB-rechargeable. Like all Lovense toys, it comes with a 12-month warranty as standard, so it really is a no-risk investment for your genitals. They'll thank you.

This remote controlled vibrator can be operated through the free Lovense Remote app for your smartphone. You can control the vibration patterns either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so it's great for both solo play and long distance teasing from your partner. 

PROS: Rechargeable, wireless remote, powerful motor, insertable, app-controlled, 12-month warranty

CONS: Pricey.

Lelo LYLA 2

Lelo have done it again!

Lelo is known for producing some of the best adult toys, and the LYLA 2 vibrator is no exception. This wearable vibrator has an undeniably sleek aesthetic, boasting 8 different pleasure settings.

With a wireless remote, the LYLA 2 is great for handsfree play and sharing pleasure with your partner. It’s rechargeable, so you won’t have to rummage around for new batteries every few days. Stick it in your panties and have a fun day!

PROS: 100% waterproof, fully rechargeable, multiple vibration patterns

CONS: Expensive.

Fetish Fantasy Series 20-Function Remote Fantasy Panty

20-function micro-bullet in a low-rise black thong.

Wearing a thong can be uncomfortable, but you know what would make it better? A micro-bullet buzzing away on your pussy. This particular micro-bullet comes with 20 impressive pulsation patterns, ranging from mild flutters to instant throbs.

The Fantasy Remote Control Vibrating Panties set comes with a wireless remote control, so you or your partner can control the vibrations from across the room. With this vibrating remote control panty set, you can combine sexy underwear with low-key pleasure. Prepare for some of the best orgasms of your life.

PROS: Comfortable fit, 20 vibration patterns to choose from.

CONS: Drains battery fast.

OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.OH

Sound-activated panty vibrations!

OhMiBod is rapidly becoming one of the top names in the industry... for good reason! Their new baby, the OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.OH comes in a sleek plastic design. Held in a special pouch, the small rechargable vibrator is quiet enough to wear in public without anyone suspecting a thing.

Hugging your labia for intense pleasure, the vibe comes with a bump that will tease the clitoris for enhanced stimulation. These vibrating panties are sound-activated, so they're designed to vibrate to the beat of music in a club. As long as you're not into Cannibal Corpse, you should be fine.

PROS: Quiet, comfortable, long battery life, sound-activated!

CONS: Not waterproof, best suited to clubbers

Love Rider Vibrating Panties

Complete with 3.25-inch dildo!

Do vibrating panties seem boring to you? Do you like to live on the wild side? Then why not invest in some Love Rider Vibrating Panties complete with internal dildo probe? These boy shorts-style panties are made from silky smooth lace for maximum comfort and support.

This cute pair of vibrating boy shorts comes with a 3.25-inch probe sewn into the lace. The probe is made with soft PVC plastic and has a removable 2.25-inch bullet vibrator inside. I mean, when it comes to discreet public sex toys, it doesn't get much more elaborate than this. You're walking around with a dildo inside you all day.

PROS: Waterproof, comfortable, comes with 3.25-inch dildo probe

CONS: A little too tight for most, no remote.

Lovehoney Hot Date Vibrating Panties

A sexy thong with a powerful remote-control


There has always been some overlap between sex and fashion, but now LoveHoney have taken it one step further with this sexy fashionable thong complete with 10-function powerful vibrator. The "Hot Date" thong comes with a beautifully decorated ribbon tie-back - it's like you're a sexy vibrating gift.

 The vibrator inside has 10 vibration patterns and 6 intensity levels. The wireless remote has a recommended range of just under 20 feet. Being less than 3 inches in size, the vibrator itself is small and concealable. The Hot Date thong is perfect for solo play or fun with your partner.

PROS: Stylish, remote control, multiple vibration patterns.

CONS: Can be noisy.

Desire Luxury Panty Vibrator

Complete with adjustable straps and 96 patterns.

These adorable ribbon tie briefs feature a luxurious saddle-shaped vibrator to maximize contact with your quivering pussy! There are 8 vibration patterns and 12 speeds available, giving you a total of 96 combinations to explore.

The sexy design of these knickers makes them ideal for teasing in the bedroom! Just hand your partner the wireless remote and watch him have the time of his life as he pleasures you. These panties even come with a hardy storage/charging case for protection against dust, heat, and direct sunlight. They'll survive a nuclear winter if necessary.

PROS: Eco-friendly material, adjustable straps, USB rechargeable, wireless remote, come with storage/charging case

CONS: Expensive.

Eva The Rechargeable Couples Vibrator

The perfect non-intrusive handsfree massager.

Looking for a non-intrusive massager to spice up your sex life? Eva the rechargeable couples’ vibrator by Dame Products could be a great option. This 3-speed motor vibrator comes in a water-resistant design and is rechargeable via USB. It comes with two flexible wings that are designed to tuck under the labia to stay in place.

"But what makes it a couples vibrator?" I hear you ask. Well, the massager is designed to stay in place during penetrative sex, amplifying the fun. Made from medical-grade silicone, you can bet your bottom dollar that this sex toy is body safe and hypoallergenic, so there's no reason not to purchase this toy!

PROS: USB rechargeable, medical grade silicone, can be used during sex

CONS: Expensive, noisy, doesn’t stay in place all the time

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Vibrating Panties Likes Best for Link
Lelo LYLA 2
Type: Deep, Intense Vibrations.
LovenseLush 2
Type: Long Distance Relationships.
Eva The Rechargeable Couples Vibrator
Type: Use During Penetrative Sex.
CalExotics Original Venus Butterfly Vibrator
Desire Luxury Panty Vibrator
Type: Internal Stimulation.
Lovehoney Hot Date Vibrating Panties
Type: Beginners Looking To Experiment With Vibrating Panties.
Love Rider Vibrating Panties
Type: Discreet Internal And External Pleasure.
OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.OH
Type: Discreet Public Erotic Pleasure.
Fetish Fantasy Series 20-Function Remote Fantasy Panty
Type: Men And Women Looking To Explore Their Fantasies.
My Secret Panty Vibe
Type: Discreet Public Play.
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What Are Vibrating Panties?

Vibrating panties come with a small pocket where you can slip in a cheeky vibrator for personal fun. Some of these products come with the vibe built-in, whereas other products are sold as "insertable" lingerie, giving you multiple vibrator options.

You can wear this naughty adult lingerie in bed as you/your partner controls the vibrations, or better still, wear them as you go about your day-to-day life while controlling the vibrations with an app or remote control.
Boring meeting at work? Stuck in a queue at the shops? Get busy!

Here are the most common types of vibrating underwear:

  • Remote Control. Operated with a dedicated remote control. Cheaper models have the remote attached by a wire, which is limiting. However, pricier models have wireless remote controls which are ideal for discreet outdoor fun.
  • Insertable Underwear. Some pairs of underwear include a special compartment to house a removable bullet vibrator of your choice. This is great if you have an extensive collection of sex toys and want to try different vibes.
  • Wearable Vibrators. Wearable vibrators are sex toys that can be worn on the body, either as part of your underwear or as a standalone insertable vibrator. Wearable vibrators come with a wireless remote and can often be controlled with a phone app.

The terms ‘panty vibrator’ and ‘vibrating panty’ actually refer to different things. A panty vibrator is a small sex toy that can be worn with underwear, whereas vibrating panties are undergarments that include a small pocket to slip in a panty vibe. In most cases, these are sold together as a single pair of ‘vibrating panties.’

How to Use Vibrating Panties and Panty Vibrators

Vibrating underwear is pretty simple to use - just slip the vibrator into the small pocket on the underwear and put it on. Voila! Discreet orgasms galore!

Usually, vibrating underwear is designed to be really quiet, but you should probably test that out in private before using them in public. You don't want to be stood in a crowded elevator when your crotch starts buzzing loudly.

Well, there we have it! I hope you enjoyed our vibrating panties reviews and guide! If you are eager for more, check out our article on the top rated vibrators, which covers every other type of vibe.


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