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My Favorite Links, Blogs, & Resources

BY Ian

Dilodographer – Hallie Lieberman has her PhD in sex toy history, and dildographer.com is where she writes about all her latest research. She also released the book Buzz, A Stimulating History of the Sex Toy, a read that generated some serious buzz.

Smitten Kitten is the sex shop where I do all my shopping. It has a cozy boutique feel with helpful staff, workshops, and books. The owner, Jennifer Pritchett, also helped start a movement against unsafe and toxic sex toy materials:



BadVibes.org – This site is where Smitten Kitten puts all its research, lab tests, and guides on sex toy and personal lubricant safety.

DangerousLilly is one of my favorite blogs of all time. She has been writing about sex toys for over ten years, and specializes in exposing unethical sex toy companies, especially ones who use unsafe materials.

Carol Queen has her PhD in Sexology and has been the staff sexologist for Good Vibrations for almost 30 years. On her blog she writes chewy bits about sex and sex toy related news.

Sex Toy Photography – artistic pictures of sex toys in their element.

MyONE Condoms – Awesome condoms that come in 60 sizes and hundreds of different wrapper designs.  They have a condom wrapper design contest every year and the winner gets a year supply of free condoms with their design on it!

JustMindful – A new shop that sells body-safe sex toys. They have free shipping on orders over $59.

Top 50 Sex Blogs List – A list of the top 50 most visited sex blogs, updated every month with new stats!


More interesting links: