13 Best Interactive Sex Toys in 2024

By: Sex Toy Collective Team

I’ll just go out and say it – interactive sex toys are the best thing that has happened to the sex toy industry. 

They’ve revolutionized the market, and they’ve revolutionized the sex lives of those who bought them.

If you want to revolutionize your partner play times (or even solo play), you’ll want to know the best long-distance sex toys, and I’m here to tell you.

Let’s get into it!

What Are Interactive Sex Toys?

Interactive sex toys (also called teledildonics) are toys that are controlled remotely either manually, by Bluetooth technology, or via an app.

Some of the remote control toys from the same manufacturer can even be synced in for partner play.

That makes interactive sex toys extremely popular among long-distance couples, but people also use them for IRL sex and solo play.

Best Interactive Sex Toys

Here’s our top 10, at a glance:

  1. Lovense Lush 3 – #1 best interactive sex toy
  2. We-Vibe Sync O – Top vibrator for PIV sex
  3. Lovense Nora – Best rabbit vibrator
  4. KEON by Kiiroo – A treat for the boys
  5. We-Vibe Nova 2 – Best rabbit vibrator for newbies
  6. Lovense Hush 2 – Top vibrating butt plug
  7. We-Vibe Melt – Best clit sucker
  8. Lovense Domi 2 – Remote-controlled mini wand
  9. Lovense Gush – Top glans massager
  10. Two to Tango Collection – Best for lesbians

1 . Lovense Lush 3 - #1 Interactive Sex Toy

Key Features

  • Unlimited vibration patterns
  • Long-distance control
  • Whisper quiet


  • $119.00 on sale ($229.00 regularly)

Lovense Lush 3 has to top my list as it’s the best long-distance sex toy out there. Women can use it for solo play or in sex and have their partner control their pleasure.

This soft pink vibrating egg packs powerful vibrations in unlimited patterns that you can control via the Lovense app.

It’s got a long-distance remote control, so your partner can control it literally across the state.

The sex toy is USB rechargeable and gives you up to 5 hours of playtime when fully charged. It’s also fully waterproof, so you can take it with you to the bathtub.

Our Lovense Lush 3 Review has more info.

The best part? It’s currently on a 50% discount with our link, so if you were thinking of getting one, now’s the time.

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2 . We-Vibe Sync O - Top Interactive Sex Toy for PIV Sex

Key Features

  • Comfortable & snug fit
  • Clitoral vibrator
  • Usable in penetrative sex 


  • $129.00 on sale ($169.00 regularly)

WeVibe Sync O is the best long-distance sex toy for PIV (penis-in-vagina) sex.

It’s a C-shaped vibrator that stimulates the wearer’s vagina, while the O-shaped handle snugs discreetly into the vagina, leaving plenty of room for another visitor.

I really like how it fits just right to secure the sex toy in place, but it feels comfy and is pretty flexible.

The toy is made of soft silicone but packs some intense, rumbly vibrations that hit just the right spot in the right way.

People with a vagina can use it as a couple’s toy or for solo play.

The We Vibe app allows for remote control, making it perfect for long-term relationships. The toy is also fully waterproof, and it just happens to be on sale.

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3 . Lovense Nora - Great for Long Distance Relationships

Key Features

  • Dual stimulation
  • Ergonomically curved
  • Sync it with other Lovense toys


  • $99.00 on sale ($199.00)

If you’re on the lookout for a rabbit vibrator that hits both the G-spot and the clit, you should check out Lovense Nora.

It really is the best in the market, as it’s ergonomically curved to hit just the right spots.

G-spot and clitoral stimulation can be controlled independently via the Lovense app. Here’s my favorite part – you can sync it with other Lovense toys, like Calor, Max 2, and other Noras, making it perfect for long-distance couples.

The vibrations can also be sound-activated, which is pretty dope.

You’ll get tired before the vibrator, as once charged with its magnetic charger, it can be used for 4 hours continuously and has 5 days of standby time.

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4 . KEON by Kiiroo - Best Male Long-Distance Sex Toy

Key Features

  • Automatic male masturbator
  • For long-distance couples & self-pleasure
  • Syncs with adult content 


  • $279.99

KEON by Kiiroo is one of the best long-distance sex toys for men, as you can use it both for self-pleasure and partner play.

It’s controlled by the app, and it can reach speeds of up to 230 strokes per minute.

The best part? You can sync it with adult content like webcams and have your favorite cam girl control your pleasure.

>>Get the best price for KEON by Kiiroo

5 . We-Vibe Nova 2 - Best Rabbit Vibrator for Newbies

Key Features

  • Small vibrator, perfect for beginners
  • Constant clitoris contact
  • Waterproof


  • $149.00

If you’re placing a first order for a rabbit vibrator, you should probably start easy, and We Vibe Nova 2 is the best vibrator for beginners.

It’s small, but it packs powerful vibrations to both the G-spot and clitoris, and allows for hours of solo fun.

It’s also perfect for long-distance relationships, as you can have your partner control it via the We Vibe app on their phone.

>>Get the best price for We-Vibe Nova 2

6 . Lovense Hush 2 - Best Anal Long-Distance Sex Toy

Key Features

  • Comes in 4 sizes
  • 2 hours of continuous use
  • Quiet & great for public play 


  • $79.00 on sale ($179.00 regularly)

Anal play lovers in long-distance relationships who don’t want to miss out on training or just pleasure while they’re apart should go with Lovense Hush 2.

As you’ll see in our Lovense Hush 2 Review, this long distance sex toy comes in 4 sizes, from 1 to 2.5 inches, and offers 2 hours of continuous fun.

The best part is that this little toy packs a lot of power but is super silent, so you two can also use it for public play if you’re into that.

>>Get the best price for Lovense Hush 2

7 . We-Vibe Melt - Clit Suction Long-Distance Sex Toy

Key Features

  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • 2 hours of playtime
  • Can be used during penetrative sex


  • $149.00

We-Vibe Melt is definitely the best clit sucker on the market, and it will leave you melting from pleasure, as its name suggests.

The Pleasure Air Technology creates gentle but powerful waves that stimulate the clitoris without touching it.

You get 2 hours of continuous play, and you can use the toy during sex, too. The app will let you or your partner remote control the toy from a phone.

>>Get the best price for We-Vibe Melt

8 . Lovense Domi 2 - Long-Distance Mini Wand

Key Features

  • Small but mighty
  • Dual rotating head technology
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life


  • $109.99 on sale ($199.00 regularly)

Any person with a clitoris knows that wands are the kings of sex toys, so here’s a king of long-distance wands – Lovense Domi.

It’s small (making it very portable) but packs powerful, rumbly vibrations, and dual-head technology.

Long-distance couples can also use it, as you can control it via the phone app. This little guy also packs a long battery life of 6 hours – you will give up before it does.

>>Get the best price for Lovense Domi 2

9 . Lovense Gush - Best Glans Massager

Key Features

  • Up to 2 hours of use
  • Body-safe and soft silicone
  • Intense stimulation


  • $109.00 on sale (regularly $199.00)

Lovense Gush glans massager is one of the best male long-distance sex toys. People with penises can use the toy for hands-free self-play, sex, or long-distance video sex.

It’s pretty soft and flexible, and it’s 1.38 inches wide, which could be a deal breaker for some.

The toy packs intense vibrations, and you can memorize many vibration speed patterns. You can also sync it with other Lovense toys.

>>Get the best price for Lovense Gush

10 . Two to Tango Collection - Best for Lesbians

Key Features

  • Sync & Tango
  • Compatible with other toys
  • Easy control of both


  • $199.00

The Two to Tango Collection is the best couples’ toy for lesbians as it consists of a bullet vibrator and a fixable clitoral vibrator – everything vaginas like.

It’s not JUST for lesbians, obviously. It can be used by all kinds of couples thanks to the Sync that provides powerful vibrations to both partners during penetrative sex.

I love how versatile the set is. You can use it in different ways and combine it with other toys, too (namely, the bullet vibrator with dildos).

>>Get the best price for the Two to Tango Collection

11 . Lovense Edge 2 - Best Prostate Massager

Key Features

  • Dual motors
  • Curved to target the P-spot
  • Perineum stimulation, too


  • $119.00 on sale (regularly $199.00)

Lovense Edge 2 is the best prostate massager for men who aren’t afraid of a little back-door pleasure. It has two motors – one to stimulate the P-spot and the other to stimulate the perineum.

The toy is ergonomically shaped to hit the right spot. You can use it for solo fun or with a partner to add to the intensity of your orgasm.

You can also have your partner control it. I like that you can sync it with music for all kinds of vibration patterns.

>>Get the best price for Lovense Edge 2

12 . Hot Octopus X Kiiroo Pulse - Male Masturbator

Key Features

  • Extra powerful vibrations
  • Great for long-distance couples
  • Sync it with 2D and VR adult content


  • $159.99 on sale (regularly $179.99)

Hot Octopus X Kiiroo Puls deserves that ‘hot’ in its name because it’s freaking powerful. The vibrations come in 5 patterns and 8 intensity levels.

You can also sync it with 2D and VR adult content online.

This toy is great for solo fun, but it’s even better for long-distance couples, as you can have your partner control your pleasure and have more intense video sex sessions.

>>Get the best price for Hot Octopus X Kiiroo Pulse

13 . Lovense Max 2 - Best Male Toy for Long-Distance Couples

Key Features

  • Fits any size
  • Vibrations & contractions
  • Sync it with other Lovense toys


  • $119.00 on sale (regularly $199.00)

If you’re looking for the best male remote controlled sex toy for long-distance couples, you should go with Lovense Max 2.

Firstly, it’s one of the best male masturbators with a realistically textured sleeve and dual stimulations (vibrations & contractions).

More importantly, you can sync it with other Lovense toys, like Nora, Calor, or another Max 2, making it one of the best toys for long-distance couples’ steamy video chats.

Check out our Lovense Max 2 Review if you w

>>Get the best price for Lovense Max 2

Interactive & Long Distance Sex Toys FAQs

Before we wrap up, let’s go over some of the most common questions about interactive sex toys and long distance sex toys.

Are Interactive Sex Toys Just for Couples?

Interactive sex toys aren’t JUST for couples – plenty of us appreciate hands-free orgasms when it comes to masturbation, too. 

The versatility of use is the best thing about interactive sex toys, as you can use them for penetrative sex, video sex, and masturbation.

How Do Interactive App Vibrators Work?

Interactive app vibrators, like Lovense Lush 3, work via close-range remote control (Bluetooth) and long-distance remote control (mobile app). 

This makes them perfect for hand-free orgasms and video sex for long-distance couples.

Who Uses Remote Control Sex Toys?

Everyone who wants to spice up their sex life or solo play times uses remote-controlled sex toys.

They’re great for hands-free orgasms, penetrative sex, and long-distance video sex sessions alike.

How Do Interactive VR Sex Toys Work?

Interactive VR sex toys work by letting you sync your toy with adult content like webcams or VR porn. 

Depending on the type of contact, you can have a cam girl control your toy or sync it to the porn you’re watching.

Are There Interactive Sex Toys for Men?

Yes, there are plenty of interactive sex toys for men! 

KEON by Kiiroo, for example, is a remote-controlled male masturbator that you can even sync to adult content online. 

There are other toys you can use for penetrative sex that stimulate both you and the partner, like We Vibe Sync O.

Interactive Sex Toys – The Takeaway

Interactive sex toys are all the rage for all the right reasons – they really are game-changers! If you didn’t know which one to get, now you have a whole list.

I can’t recommend Lovense Lush 3 more for female pleasure, plus their app is really amazing.

We-Vibe Sync O is the best for penetrative sex, while Lovense Nora is the best rabbit vibrator for those who want to stick with classic toys.

You won’t go wrong with any of these. If you see that a toy you like is on discount, don’t miss the opportunity to snatch it while you can – you won’t regret it.

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