The Big Magic Wand Review: Rechargeable Version vs Hitachi Original

By: JC Ways

The Hitachi Magic Wand is the OG vibrator, the Queen V. It’s old-school, legendary, and one of the top selling personal massagers of all time.

It even topped our best wand massagers list.

It hit the shelves in 1968 as a body massager, at a time when female masturbation was way more taboo than it is now, providing women an accessible and discreet tool for self-pleasure. It quite literally put power in their hands, making a notable mark in feminist history.

So, what does a woke, intersectional feminist, queer millennial female like me in 2019 think about this device that’s older than me and made for a society where female pleasure was not to be acknowledged? What is the magic of this wand and is it still magical today?

Over the past half-century, Hitachi has been refining its Magic Wand. There’ve been various product enhancements and iterations. In this article, we’re looking at the latest version of the Original, and the Rechargeable (cordless) which came into the market just a few years ago.

First, let’s start with the obvious. This thing is a behemoth. It looks reasonable as a sports massager and ridiculous as a clit massager. I go to the gym frequently, so this has actually been useful for my sore muscles. But you’re not here to hear me talk about that. It just blows my mind that a device strong enough to release tension in my tight muscles… could also be used on a tiny sensitive clit with 8,000 nerve endings?!

Look, I’ve tried many a sex toy, but nothing that looks like it’s a power tool … and needs to be plugged into an actual power outlet. Exactly how strong is this thing and will it blow my clit off?? Not going to lie, I’m actually concerned.

Features Review

Hitachi Magic Wand vibrators review

In terms of size and strength, I think it’s safe to say that nothing can beat this. This thing is powerful. Like… if Wonder Woman wanted some sexy-time, I’d imagine this would be her weapon of choice.

As a vibrator, this is meant to be a clit stimulator. It is not meant to be inserted anywhere, so you can unclench your pelvic muscles now.

Operating this is as straightforward as you can get – both versions have just 3 buttons:

Magic Wand Original: OFF, Speed 1, Speed 2

Magic Wand Rechargeable: ON/OFF, Speeds, Modes

The Magic Wand Original needs to be plugged into a power outlet, like any other household appliance. Unlike other sex toys, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to charge this or replacing its batteries. It operates at 5,000 vibrations per minute at its lower speed, and 6,000 vibrations per minute at its higher speed. Let that sink in for a minute.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable has 5 modes and the basic mode (steady vibration) has the option of 4 speeds. Because it is cordless, it’s easier to move this around especially when playing with your partner(s). It is also portable, so you may take it out with you if you’re so inclined, or use it in different parts of your home… at your desk while working from home perhaps? It’s more effective than a coffee break, that’s for sure… umm, I cannot confirm or deny whether I’m speaking from personal experience.

The Original has a plastic head and the Rechargeable has a body-safe silicone head. These materials make them very easy to clean, although they’re not waterproof or water resistant, so do be careful and clean the head gently with a damp cloth or toy cleaner.

The Magic Wand is very well constructed and will probably be the most durable and longest-lasting vibrator you’ll ever own.


Using Hitachi Magic Wand

If you only get one thing out of this article, get this: DO NOT PUT THIS DIRECTLY ON YOUR CLIT WHEN YOU FIRST USE THIS. I know you’re excited to play with your new toy, but please, this is something you need to warm yourself up to. If its weight and size isn’t enough of an indication, let me reiterate that you cannot go from 0 to 100 with this device.

Warm yourself up first with your hands or another toy, and when you’re ready to elevate the experience, slowly introduce the Magic Wand. Start by using it over a protective layer like your underwear, pants, blanket, or towel. Get to know and understand the feel of it by gliding it around your body, sliding it across your nipples, inner thighs, before taking it to your vulva. Once you’re comfortable with the way it feels (adjust the thickness of your protective sheet accordingly), get ready to feel its true magic potential. I personally orgasmed in 2 minutes. And according to the other reviews I’ve read, quick and intense orgasms seem to be a pretty common outcome across the board.

This brings me to the paradox of this device. As intimidating as it seems, the fact that it makes it easier for people to orgasm actually makes it a viable option for the entry-level user – for instance, people who find it difficult to orgasm or haven’t had success with other wand vibrators.

The Magic Wand Original has been used in clinical studies to treat anorgasmia – a sexual dysfunction where a person cannot achieve orgasm. One study found the Magic Wand to be the best method for women to achieve orgasm, and another study of 500 chronic anorgasmic women found that 93% could orgasm while using the this wand vibrator. As a result, many counsellors and sex therapists recommend the use of this toy to their clients. It is also commonly referenced in mainstream pop culture like movies and magazines as the Mother of all vibrators.

Speaking of medical studies, the look and feel of this device also feels somewhat clinical, which might or might not be an issue depending on how you look at it. This isn’t the prettiest sex toy ever… it could possibly even be the ugliest. It kinda looks like something you’ll find at the dentist… hell, it looks like it could be part of the dentist’s freakin’ chair! But hey, I guess it could come in handy for some doctor/patient role play? For real though, I get that this was meant to be disguised as a household appliance when it first launched… but it’s 2019 and everyone knows what this really is… can we not have a proper design update already?!

So, if you’ve always equated “clit vibrators” with cute little pink devices, you’ll need to literally expand your mind here. That being said, the size of this device makes it very easy to use. The handle provides a good grip, and there’s no real risk of having it slip out of your hand. It’s very easy to control and switch between the modes. My favorite part of about this is that the handle doesn’t absorb the vibrations – because the handle and the head are separated by a flexible neck, the vibrations are concentrated at the head. Nothing’s more annoying than feeling your whole hand absorb the vibrations when trying to press a toy up against your clit!

Tips and Tricks For Using Your Hitachi Magic Wand

Magic Wand Original

Despite being basic in its functionality, I’ve found that this device can be used in many creative and surprising ways.

Since the Magic Wand makes it easy to achieve orgasm, it presents the perfect opportunity to experiment with different positions. Most people tend to stick to a familiar position when masturbating, because it’s tried and true and they know it’ll get them there. This could make it more difficult to cum during sex with someone else as you might not be accustomed to cumming from positions that vary from your regular one. So switch it up and experiment with pleasuring yourself from different angles. If you usually masturbate lying on your back, try lying on your stomach and let the Magic Wand do its, well, magic. Do it on your side, standing, sitting, kneeling, on all fours… it’s time to get all Cirque du Soleil up on this. You might surprise yourself with where this wand could take you…

You can also use this wand vibrator to tease yourself by controlling your orgasms. Yes, it makes most people cum quickly and easily, but not everyone is looking for a 2-minute wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am experience.

The “edging” method could act as the ultimate tease. When you’re close to cumming, turn it off, then start again on the lower speed to build yourself up. Again, when you’re almost there, turn it off. Turn it back on and play with the different speeds as you move it around your vulva instead of just focusing on one spot. This not only improves your sensation of the experience but is also practical. Concentrating that level of vibration on one spot could potentially cause numbness or discomfort from too much friction. Not ideal. So, the idea is to repeatedly build yourself up to climax and hold off for as long as you can. Once you’re absolutely ready to explode, leave the toy on your clit and unleash what would probably be one of the most intense orgasms of your life.

This specific method also lends itself well to BDSM with a partner or partners. The Dom controls the orgasm of the Sub, by restraining them and then depriving or forcing them into an orgasm.

Then, there are some sexual encounters where people may feel pressured to make the person with a vulva cum. Enter the Magic Wand which will help them get there! Perhaps you’re in a group sex situation or having sex with a new partner… this could help eliminate the awkward “I don’t want to cum until you do, but I’m not sure how to make you cum” situation. Even if you’re in a long-term monogamous relationship, this could still be useful in partnered sex. Did you know 75% of women require clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex to orgasm? Most women do not cum from penetration alone, and that’s why I’m a huge advocate for using clit stimulators while being penetrated.

This final “alternative” use may surprise you. Butt don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. No, that wasn’t a typo. The Magic Wand, being a body massager works to relax muscles all over the body… and your butt is not excluded. The main reason why most people find anal sex or any type of anal penetration painful and difficult is because they tense up the area and their sphincter muscles tighten. If you’re in the mood for some butt stuff, or perhaps you want to introduce this to someone, consider giving them a body massage with the it and slowly move it around the butt to relax the muscles around the area. Make it sexy and functional. We don’t realise how much tension we hold around there! With the area relaxed, you’re now facing less resistance for entry. Relax, lube up, go slow, and enter a-hole new world…

Hitachi Magic Wand - original box

Magic Wand Rechargeable PROS

  • Provides an end-to-end experience – use it for foreplay, during sex, and then to alleviate post-sex body soreness.
  • Uncomplicated to use. Easy to position. No hi-tech fiddly nonsense or advanced skills required.
  • Durable and high quality construction. If Hitachi can make military vehicles and world-famous air-conditioners, you know this is legit.
  • Super quick & convenient. Grab it from your bedside table, put it between your legs without even needing to remove your underwear, and you’re on your way to a quick orgasm. Job done.
  • Multiple orgasms with minimal effort. Need I say more.

Magic Wand Rechargeable CONS

  • Expensive. This isn’t the cheapest thing around and as a result there are many imitations and most of them are much cheaper. I’ve tried many of them and all I can say is that you get what you pay for.
  • It shouldn’t be surprising that this thing is loud. If you have roommates, there’s no discretion with this monster. Its sheer size also means that it’s not something you can hide easily. But then again, we’re in 2019, what’s there to hide… own it like you mean it!
  • Not travel-friendly. This bulky device is close to 2 pounds, and if you have the Original, it would require a compatible power outlet or travel adaptor. Not exactly the most convenient thing to take around with you.
  • Not waterproof. Unfortunately, you can’t use this in the shower or bath. While cleaning, you’ll need to ensure water does not run down the neck as this could damage its motor.
  • Limited modes and speed options. The lowest speed option is already extremely intense, so you’ll need to spend a bit of time to figure out how to make it work for you. You could simply use a piece of cloth to dull the vibrations, otherwise, there are a variety of third-party attachments you could get which can control the speed and increase its functionalities.

Who is the Magic Wand Best For?

This might be for you if….

  • Regular vibrators are not strong enough for you
  • You find yourself in situations where you want to cum quickly
  • You have difficulty reaching orgasm or have never had one before
  • You happen to have sore muscles and also enjoy a good body massage

Vibrators Hitachi Magic Wand

This might not be for you if…

  • On a budget
  • You need to be discreet
  • You dislike clitoral orgasms
  • Aesthetics are important to you – this is not sexy or “nice” looking

vibrator magic wand

Magic Wand Review Final Verdict

Hitachi Magic Wand - features

Yes. I appreciate the fact that this device has undergone half a century of product enhancements to keep up with the top vibrators and latest tech. I also respect the role this has played to unveil the stigma of female masturbation. And I think it’s great that while it could appear intimidating, it is also approachable for entry-level users and has helped women alleviate physiological conditions like anorgasmia.

I prefer the Rechargeable version because it’s more convenient without the cord and has more modes and options. This now has its place on my bedside table. I often reach for it for a morning quickie, so I get off on the right side of the bed (pun unintended). In less than 5 minutes I’ve got dopamine and adrenaline rushing through my body and am ready to take on anything the day brings. I’m happier and healthier, and I think I’ve got the Hitachi Magic Wand to thank for that.

I hope you enjoyed this review! If you’re interested in getting one visit this page on to see the current price.

Written by

JC Ways

Born into a family of avant-garde artists, JC Ways rebelled against conventional paths from an early age. After obtaining a degree in Gender Studies and Creative Writing, they embarked on a journey to challenge societal norms through their writing. Embracing the intersection of sexuality and identity, JC found their calling at, where they can explore and celebrate the diverse spectrum of human pleasure. With a flair for eloquent prose and a keen eye for innovative products, JC elevates the discourse around sexual wellness, advocating for inclusivity and empowerment in every article they pen.

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