Our 4 Best Wand Vibrators for Intense Orgasms [2024]

By: Ian

​You may have heard that sex toys like the Hitachi Magic Wand can deliver deep, rumbly vibrations that give you some of the most intense pleasure your pussy can ever feel.

​Well, you heard right.

But which wand vibrator should you choose?

​Here I’m going to be looking at the 8 best wand vibrators you can buy right now, from the classic Hitachi to more modern ​wand sex toys. 

Let’s get to it!

​Top 8 Best Wand Vibrators

Hitachi Magic Wand (Original)

The Wand Vibrator that started it all.

This classic toy helped kick-start the vibrator industry in the ’60s. It was originally sold as a back massager, but because it worked so well as a clit vibrator, it soon became a symbol of the women’s sexuality movements of the time.

The original wand was strong, it basically had just two settings: ‘Holy shit’, and ‘Holy shit my clit is going to explode’.

Direct stimulation with this toy is very intense, so be warned. It didn’t become so famous for nothing!

“Magic Wand” Vibrating Wand


  • Most famous wand massager of all time, 2 powerful settings, deep and rumbly vibrations


  • Corded, simple compared to modern sex toys

The Hitachi can be used with over 30 attachments for the tip, including dildos, ticklers, spirals and rabbit-style add-ons. Our Magic Wand attachments guide goes into more detail.

Magic Wand Rechargeable (Cordless)

Now 100% wireless & waterproof!

In 2013, adult toy company Vibratex got the rights to the OG Hitachi Wand design and released a cordless rechargeable version – essentially the Magic Wand 2.0.

This version is 100% waterproof and has more settings, all without being tethered to a cord. If you want a modern twist on a classic toy, look no further!

Our Magic Wand Review compares both versions in more detail.

Magic Wand Rechargeable Cordless Vibrator


  • Multiple vibration settings, 100% waterproof, cordless for easier play, wand rechargeable version


  • Expensive, a little tricky to hold

Tantus Rumble

7 rumbly vibe patterns in 1 little toy!

At just $75, the Tantus Rumble is the top mid-range wand vibrator I’ve cum across (pun intended!). It may look like an electric razor, but don’t let that deter you!

This wand vibrator has 7 vibration settings that are rumbly, not buzzy. The handle is shaped for grip and easier to hold than other wands.  For cleaning, the silicone head comes off and can be completely sterilized.


  • Affordable, 7 vibration settings, deep rumbly sensations, easy to hold and sterilize silicone head


  • Not as powerful as some wands, not the nicest-looking design

Le Wand

Yes, it’s really called that.

The French cousin of the Hitachi, this opulent sex wand is what you might call très chic.

Le Wand has 10 speeds and 20 patterns, making for 200 total combinations.  The head is also flexible and there is a selection of attachments available for new and exciting sensations.

At $170, it’s more expensive than most, but there is also a petite version for $85.



  • 10 speeds and 20 vibration patterns, very powerful, flexible neck design, body-safe silicone, 3-hour battery life


  • Expensive

How to Use a Wand Vibrator

Set the mood to feel more at ease

​Before you jump into vibrations, start warming yourself up and getting the blood flowing.  Massage your ​pussy with your fingers, dim the lights, put on some relaxing music… whatever you need to do to get yourself in the right mindset.

​Keep the wand moving for varied sensations

If you hold your wand vibrator in one place for too long ​you’ll often find that you become numb and desensitized.  Instead, keep moving your wand vibrator around the entire vulva, clit, penis, or anus.

Personally, I like to switch between up-down, circular, up-up, down-down, and zig-zag motions!

​Use it in the bath for the ultimate relaxation

If you have a waterproof wand vibrator like the Lelo SmartWand, you can take it into the bath or shower.  ​You can use the wand normally or hover the wand just in front of your vulva and pulse the water for a different kind of vibration. Light some candles, play some jazz… chill out!

​Try using it with a partner for better sex

Big wands work well for clit stimulation in spooning and doggy-style positions.  Smaller wands may be able to fit between you in tighter positions like missionary. Using a wand vibrator during sex or foreplay can make for some truly unforgettable pleasure.

​​Use it for a back massage (as they were intended!)

​Yep, before ​Sex Therapist Betty Dodson discovered that they made amazing orgasm machines, people used wand vibrators for back massages.  Their strong vibrations still work good for relaxing tight muscles and soothing away tension after a long day.

Cumclusion – Which is the Best Wand Massager?

​Wand Massagers are a unique female toy, representing a significant shift for women’s liberation and sexual freedom in the 1960s and 1970s.

​I’m not saying you need to be a suffragette to use these toys, but it’s nice ​that they have a wholesome backstory​.

​I’d definitely say that the Original Magic Wand is my favorite here, though the SmartWand is a close runner-up!

So, which toy was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this list of the best wand vibrators!

​If you want to learn about the other types of vibrators, ​check out our full guide to the best vibrators​.

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