Wanderlust ~ A Guide to the Dreamiest Wand Vibrators

These aren't your fairy godmother's wands.  If you crave intense clit stimulation and deep rumbling vibrations, then wand vibrators are the best way to serve it up.  You can use wand massagers for foreplay, during sex, and pair them up with penetration toys.

In this guide, i'm going to go over what I believe are the 10 best wand vibrators right now.  First, here is a list of all the wands that made it into the top 25.

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Best Wand Likes Price Link
Doxy Die Cast
Price: $189
Magic Wand Original
Price: $59
Lelo Smart Wand
Price: $199
Magic Wand Cordless
Price: $124
Mini Wanachi
Price: $16
Le Wand
Price: $170
Tantus Rumble
Price: $70
Vibratex Mystic
Price: $49
Le Wand Petite
Price: $135
Vibratex Mini
Price: $35
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The Magic Wand

The Magic Wand helped kick-start the vibrator industry in the 60s. It was originally sold as a back massager, but because it worked so well as a clit vibrator, it soon became a symbol of the women's sexuality movements at the time.

The original wand was strong, it basically had just two settings: 'Holy shit', and 'Holy shit my clit is going to explode'.  Direct stimulation with this wand is intense.

In 2013, the company Vibratex got the rights to the magic wand and released a rechargeable versionessentially the Magic Wand 2.0.  This version is waterproof and has more settings, all without being tethered to a cord.

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Or here to view the cheapest price for the magic wand rechargeable.

Magic Wand Original - $60

Magic Wand Rechargeable - $125

Attachments & Accessories for the Magic Wand

One thing that makes the magic wand so cool is all the attachments you can get.  You can turn the tip of your magic wand into a dildo, a rabbit vibe, a tickler, a spiral, and on and on.  There's at least 30 different good ones to choose from, so much that I made a separate magic wand attachments guide, just to talk about them.

Vibratex Mystic & Mini (The Best Cheap Wand Vibrators)

The Vibratex Mystic is the next most recognizable wand vibrator after the magic wand.  It's great if you prefer something more compact and manageable than the Magic Wand.

There's 6 different vibration patterns: low, medium, high, pulse, pulse-variation, and rising-waves. You can cycle through them with the up and down buttons.

Mystic - $50

Its small size and flexible head makes it easy to fit between you and your partner, or for using it together with dildos.  Since it's smaller, it has less materials and a smaller motor, making it only $50!

Click here to view the Mystic Wand

The main downside of the Mystic is it requires 4 AA batteries to use, which last about 2-3 months.  Batteries aren't the best for the environment though, so I've been making the switch to rechargeable toys like the Vibratex Mini.

The Mini is basically the rechargeable version of the mystic and comes with a usb cord.  It has the same 6 settings but is a tad weaker and a bit smaller than the Mystic.

View the ​​Mini Rechargeable

Mini Rechargeable - $45

Tantus Rumble

At $75, the Tantus Rumble is the best mid-range wand vibrator I've found.  It's got 7 settings and vibrations that are rumbly, not buzzy.  The handle is shaped for grip and easier to hold than other wands.  For cleaning, the silicone head comes off and can be completely sterilized.

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Tantus Rumble - $75

Lelo Smart Wand

The Lelo Smart Wand is one of the best looking wand vibrators that still delivers.  It's made by Lelo, a Swedish company that only makes elegant and stylish sex toys.

The Vibrations are powerful and runner up to the Magic Wand. Since it has 8 different settings you can start with less intense vibes and tip-toe your way up the vibration ladder.

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Mini Rechargeable - $45

One way to use the Lelo Smart Wand - from Kenneth Play's Guide

Le Wand

Le Wand is the French cousin of the magic wand, and very fancy.  It comes with 10 speeds and 20 patterns, making for 200 total combinations.  The head is also flexible and can bend how you like it, and like the magic wand, there is a selection of attachments available.  At $170 it is more expensive than most wands, there is also a petite version for $85.

View Le Wand

Geeky Wand Vibrators

Geeky Sex Toys makes a series of star wars inspired wand vibrators that deserve a special mention.

There's three main types: R2-V2, Darth Vibrator, and Vibe Trooper.  Each has 3 different speeds and a whopping 30 patterns, enough to keep you busy for more than a few inter-galactic flights.

They are also rechargeable with a strength that is on-par with the infamous magic wand vibrator.

Price: $169

View on Geeky Sex Toys

Using Your Wand Vibrator

Warm Up

Before you jump into vibrations, start warming yourself up and get the blood flowing.  Massage your genitalia with your fingers until and your clit is pulsing for more.

Move It Around A Bit

If you hold your wand vibrator in one place for too long you might have some numbness.  Instead, keep your wand vibrator moving around the entire vulva, penis, or anus.  Using up-down, circular, up-up, down-down, and zig-zag motions.

In the Bath

If you have a waterproof wand vibrator like the lelo smart wand, you can take it into the bath.  This lets you ease from a hot relaxing massage into melting climaxes.  You can also hover the wand just in front of your vulva and pulse the water, for a different kind of vibration.

Partnered Play

Big wands work well for clit stimulation in spooning and doggy-style positions.  Smaller wands may be able to fit between you in tighter positions like missionary.

Sing into it - even though they're called wand vibrators, I've always thought they look more like 'microphone vibrators'.   When you first get yours you might be a bit tempted to sing into it.

Back massages - Before people discovered that they made amazing orgasm machines, people used wand vibrators for back massages.  Their strong vibrations still work good for relaxing tight muscles and soothing away tension.


Did you agree with our picks for the best wand vibrator? Let us know in the comments below.  If you want to learn about the other types of vibrators you can read our full guide to the best vibrators here.

About The Author ~ Amelie Pons, Sex Toy Tester

Amelie Pons is a sociology major who has a passion for studying the experiences of BDSM-oriented people.   In 2017 she completed her thesis on the ritualized nature of conscious kink, and has been working as a pro-domme since.

When she's not in the field, you'll find her attempting to keep her succulents alive, collecting kombucha bottles, or taking her cat for a walk.