“Perfect Match” Vibrator Review

By: Ian

First things first, I love this vibrator. I just want to make it clear right away that this is going to be an overwhelmingly positive review.

What’s in the box?

The Amazon box arrived, and luckily it was a discreet generic Amazon cardboard box that didn’t make it obvious what it is. Whenever I buy sex toys online, I’m always having nightmares about a box turning up with “HUGE DILDO” scrawled across the side for all the neighbors to see, but no.

The actual product box is really nice and elegant; it has this classy white and black pattern with a cute font on it. The whole thing feels really upmarket. When you open it, you find the vibrator nestled into some foam packaging, keeping it nice and safe during transit. You’ll also find a wall charger and a USB charging cable.This toy is rechargeable, with a built-in lithium battery, so you never have to buy awkward unusual battery sizes again. As I mentioned, due to the USB and wall charger, you can charge it either from a wall outlet or via your PC/laptop/Xbox/whatever. If you live with friends/family and you need to charge your vibe, it’s great to have options like that.You also get a cute little carry pouch in the box, which is one of my favorite things. It’s a bit like a black version of that little sack that you keep scrabble letters in during a game. It’s a simple touch, but these little details are really nice to see. I mean, if I’m taking this bad boy out on the road with me, I don’t want a loose vibrator knocking around in my bag, and I’m certainly not taking the big box with me.And of course, you get the vibrator itself. It’s bright pink in color, which appeals to me personally, and it’s over 7 inches long in total. The size of it can look a little intimidating (or arousing) but don’t be scared. The sleek curved design of the soft silicone gives the toy a feminine touch which I really like – it feels girly and classy, which is what I want from a vibe.

Using the toy

WOW! Sweet Vibrations were not messing around when they designed this thing! The design is fairly typical of a rabbit vibrator, featuring dual motors (i.e. one inside you and one for your clit) which deliver waves of pleasure both inside and outside your body. There are 10 different vibration modes, so you can really play around and find a setting that gets you off in just the right way.

Unlike some vibes, the design of this toy makes it very easy to grip and keep hold of it in your hand. This is something that I feel is often overlooked by many vibe companies, so it’s nice to find a vibe which is comfortable to hold. The silicone is also super soft and flexible, so you can bend the toy to a position which suits you. If you need to angle the tip in a certain way in order to reach climax, chances are that you’ll be able to. This grip and flexibility give so much control back to the user, and I’m personally really grateful for that.The vibrations on this toy are also really quiet and subtle, which is nice if you’re trying to play discreetly in your bedroom without being heard. As long as you have a fan running or a TV on quiet in the background, people shouldn’t be able to hear the vibes. They might hear you scream though! Honestly, I can hold in my moans with most toys, but this is one of those vibes that made me whimper uncontrollably. Maybe use it when you have some alone time!I haven’t personally, but I know that many ladies use this toy with their partners for a bit of added fun in the bedroom. I bet it’s really hot if your partner watches you while you use this on yourself – they’d find the inevitable moaning and groaning a real turn-on I imagine. This toy is waterproof, by the way, so it’d be interesting to try using in the bath or shower, whether you’re alone or with a partner.In summary, this is an excellent toy made by a top-notch sex toy company and there are very few bad things I can say about it! I know a girl who broke one of these vibes after 12 months of heavy use, but then Sweet Vibrations replaced it for her free of charge. The price isn’t even that high, so I can’t complain that it’s pricey either. Sweet Vibrations have made it really, really hard to dislike this product.

The company and their lifetime warranties

Sweet Vibrations is a sex toy company which is known for excellent customer service; everything I’ve heard about them has always been good. The owners of the company say that they like to keep things simple and effective – they’re not going to implement gimmicky technology into their products if it doesn’t enhance sexual pleasure. So many sex toy companies jump on gimmicky bandwagons, so it’s great to find one that doesn’t. They also make all of their toys pink, which I appreciate dearly even if it is a little cliché.The company actually has a unique lifetime warranty scheme they call “Forever Warranty” which is as good as it sounds. If you have ANY problems with your toy, then they will replace it free of charge within 2-3 business days. It’s that simple. For example, that friend I mentioned earlier who broke the toy after using it for a long time… she got a replacement free of charge under this warranty. They even offer refunds/replacements if the toy just isn’t the right fit for you, so there’s very little risk here.In summary, this vibe is excellent, waterproof, flexible, rechargeable, versatile, easy to grip, has 10 vibration settings, and you can get a refund/replacement very easily if needs be.  It’s one of my favorite rabbit vibrators and the price makes it a great choice for beginners.

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  • Bookworm says:

    For this vibe, was there a strong chemical scent when you opened the box, or was it scentless after you washed it the first time? I have a sensitive nose, and I don’t think I’d enjoy a toy that wasn’t scent-neutral, but this looks so good…

    • Amelie says:

      Hi there, this one has no scent at all. It’s made of 100% platinum-cure silicone which is the safest and most inert ‘rubber’.

      Toys that smell chemically are made of a mixture of melted plastics (usually PVC) and plasticizer oils. These oils evaporate into the air and smell awful, over a year a PVC toy will melt and warp a lot as it breaks apart. Silicone doesn’t do this and is a completely different kind of rubber, it’s used for medical implants and is completely inert.

      • Dave says:

        All I can say is Wow! My wife of 35 years has never experienced such powerful orgasms! They were awesome. She is delighted and wants me to use it frequently with you! That’s a defintive Yes!

      • Dave says:

        No, Kathy is somewhat reserved and would be put off if shared with close friends! But Thanks for a great addition to our sex lives!

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