The 10 Best Rabbit Vibrators: An Ultimate Guide To Rabbit Vibes

By: Sex Toys And Flowers

Rabbits vibrators are one of my all time favorite sex toys.  In addition to having a super cute name, most of these guys have two vibration motors: one for the clit and one for the g-spot.

This lets them bring twice the vibrations to the party.  Surrounding nerve-endings from all sides and leaving no orgasms left unturned.

In this guide I’m reviewing some of the best rabbit vibrators, how they work, and how to use them.  First, here is a table summing up my favorites.





Top Pick:

Lelo Ina 2

8 modes,

10 intensities

Made in Sweden and has a 1 year warranty.

Each of its vibration modes has 10 different intensities. 

Most High Tech:

Lovense Nora

Create custom vibrations with the app, or use dozens of preset

Comes with an app that lets you control it.

Has a rotating head for extra g-spot stimulation

The app lets you control its two vibration motors separately.

One Size Fits All:


10 modes, can be controlled with an app or buttons

Flexible rabbit ear is designed to fit every anatomy

Most Quiet:

Svakom Alice

7+1 vibration modes

Intelligent Mode, Waterproof, quiet.

1 Year Warranty, 10 Year Quality Guarantee

Best Warranty:

Perfect Match

10 vibration modes, flexible

The only rabbit vibrator with a lifetime warranty.  If it breaks or you don’t like it, you can return it!

Best Bunny Ears:

Happy Rabbit 2

12 shaft vibration modes and 3 rabbit ear modes

Rabbit ear and shaft vibrations can be controlled independently

Most Elegant:

Lelo Soraya

8 modes,

10 intensities

Award winning design

Best Rabbit Attachment

Depends on your magic wand version

Turn your magic wand into a magic rabbit

Charlotte’s Sex and the City Vibrator

8 vibration modes,

8 spinning modes,

8 thrusting modes

An update of the original sex and the city vibrator. The shaft spins, thrusts, and vibrates.

What Is a Rabbit Vibrator?

A rabbit vibrator is two vibrators in one: a clit vibrator (sometimes shaped like a rabbit) attached to g-spot vibrator or vibrating dildo.  Sometimes they are called dual action vibrators but that’s not nearly as cute.

Why a bunny?

The first rabbit vibrators were made in 1983 by the Japanese company Vibratex.  Back then they tried making all kinds of animal vibrators: elephants, turtles, beavers, kangaroos and rabbits.  They were just called dual action vibrators back then, and not yet rabbit vibes.

The other animal vibrators were less popular than the rabbit shaped one.  Bunnies were already the sex symbol of the animal kingdom and had sexual references sprinkled across the english language:

  • “Fuck like rabbits”
  • “Playboy bunnies”
  •  “Bunny boiler”
  • “Rampant Rabbit”

This helped every double action vibrator come to be known as a rabbit, not just the bunny shaped ones.

Rabbit Vibrators Head to Big Apple (Sex and the City Debut)

In 1998 a ‘Sex And The City’ episode showed Charlotte getting so addicted to her rabbit vibrator that her friends had to stage an intervention to get her out of her apartment.  This episode (season 1, episode 9) helped spread awareness of the rabbit and it became more and more popular in the USA.

Since the early 2000s the rabbit vibrator has evolved to take all kinds of new shapes and elegant designs.  Most of the rabbit vibes today have completely dropped the bunny look, but the name remains.

How They Work

Think of rabbit vibrators as a two-in-one vibrator.  You have two separate vibration motors, one in the clit shaft and one in the vaginal shaft.

Like regular vibrators they have buttons for switching between vibration patterns and intensities.

Unlike regular vibrators though, patterns play between the two motors for swirling back-and-forth vibrations (like in the Lelo).  The Happy Rabbit 2 has separate controls for the clit and the g-spot motor.  So you can finely tune it each to have the perfect amount of clit or vaginal vibration.

How To Use It

You control the vibrations with buttons on the handle.  With the something like the Ina 2 you can use up and down arrows to cycle through the patterns and the plus and minus buttons to adjust the intensity.

If your vibrator is waterproof like the Soraya then you can take it into the shower with you.  When I lived in my dorm in college it was pretty normal to here some buzzing going on in the stalls of the bathroom.  It was the only place to get privacy since we all shared dorm rooms.

What Kind Of Rabbit Vibrator Should You Buy?

Here are the most important factors to keep in mind when picking your vibrator:

Material – Is the vibrator material body safe?  Silicone rabbit vibrators are my choice because they are completely skin safe and easy to clean.  You should try to avoid vibrators made of jelly, TPE, and PVC.

Cost – Usually (not always) you get what you pay for when it comes to rabbit vibrators.  More expensive models have more features, better materials, and deeper vibrations.

Power – If you want a super strong rabbit vibrator you could get an attachment for the magic wand.  Other strong rabbits include the ina 2 and soraya.

Quietness – All of the lelo rabbit vibrators are almost inaudible at their lower settings.  As you increase the intensity every rabbit vibrator gets louder.  It’s hard to find anything whisper quiet at its maximum setting.

Patterns – Do you want a lot of variety or do you just need one or two settings?  Next to the vibrators listed below we include the number of patterns and speeds.

Rotating / Spinning – Some rabbit vibrators have a rotating shaft inside that spins 360 degrees as it vibrates.  This is like a whole extra dimension to some rabbit vibrators.  The feeling is intensified by the little pearls under the surface that you can feel twisting against you.

The 5 Best Rabbit Vibrators

Lelo Ina 2 Review - Top Rated Rabbit

The Ina 2 is hands down my favorite rabbit vibrator. It looks gorgeous and delivers everything I could ever want from a rabbit.

It’s the perfect size for me (i’m 5 foot 6) and I love the way it’s shaped, which feels perfect on my g-spot.

The clit vibrator can go from a smooth vibe all the way to super intense.  It’s also flexible so I can position it to the left or the right if i don’t want direct stimulation on my clit.

When I was still at University and ended up using it a lot in the showers because it was waterproof.

It’s also pretty quiet, I don’t need to set it past speed 4 or 5 to cum, which is still pretty inaudible.  At speeds 9 and 10 you might be able to hear it behind a door if you are eavesdropping pretty hardcore.


The vibrating clit arm

  • 8 vibration modes and 10 speeds
  • Medical grade silicone
  • 4.5 Inches of girth, 5 inches insertable
  • Has a 1 year warranty


  • Shape feels great
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Powerful vibrations at high settings
  • Flexible clit vibrator


  • Expensive
  • May be too thick for some body types
  • No suction cup

Lelo Soraya Review - The Prettiest Rabbit Vibrator

Is you are looking for a rabbit vibrator based on looks, then there is nothing more beautiful than the Soraya, in my opinion.  Its name, Soraya, even means “Jewel of the desert” in Persian.

It’s another toy from Swedish company Lelo, which is famous for creating luxurious sex toys that are meant to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are pleasurable.

The shape of this is pretty unique ,when I first got it I was worried I might get pinched between the metallic part and the silicone.  It is completely seamless though and easy to clean if you use a q-tip with some hot water and soap.

Compared to the Ina 2 it is much less wide and has a different feel.  Some people say it fits them a lot more comfortably.  My first choice would be the Ina 2, but this is still an awesome vibrator that I use a few times a week, and especially when traveling.

Lelo Soraya Black Review

Shape of the lelo soraya

  • 8 vibration modes and 10 speeds
  • Medical grade silicone
  • 4.5 Inches of girth, 5 inches insertable
  • Has a 1 year warranty

Perfect Match - Best Rabbit Vibrator Warranty

This vibe from Sweet Vibrations is the cheap vibe to end them all! It comes with dual motors and 10 different vibration settings, as well as a flexible silicone construction which makes it easy to target that G-spot and start riding the O-waves in no time.

The great thing about this toy is how amazingly cheap it is for such a high-quality product. Not only is it cheap, but it also comes with a lifetime warranty if it breaks or you’re not happy with it, so you can get a refund/replacement really easily if problems arise. Basically, it’s a cheap vibe which is a really low-risk purchase if you fancy a fun treat but you’re not sure what’s best for you.  You can read my full review of the perfect match here.


  • Cheap
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • May be too ‘floppy’ for some

Happy Rabbit 2 Review - Waterproof Bunny Vibrator

This is the best rabbit vibrator that actually has a bunny with ears as the clit vibrator.

There are 6 available types with different shapes and color.  You can get a smooth gentle curve, or a more direct g-spot stimulation.  There is also a realistic shaped shaft that is like a mix between both.

The controls and vibrations across all the types are exactly the same.  You can control the clit vibrator, the rabbit, by press the small button.  It has 3 settings that are independent of the shaft’s vibrations.

You can press the bigger button to scroll up and down through 12 different patterns for the shaft.  These include 3 different speeds and 9 different patterns like pulsing, waves, and different combinations.

The Rabbit ears are two separate little prongs that are bendable but still firm.  It is less direct clit stimulation than the Lelo rabbits’ single ear design.

Red g-spot happy rabbit 2

Realistic happy rabbit 2

Curved happy rabbit 2

Purple g-spot happy rabbit 2

Special ‘greedy girl’ edition of the Happy Rabbit for the 50 shades of grey movie.


  • Powerful
  • USB Rechargeable / No batteries needed
  • Quiet
  • Clit and shaft vibration is controlled separately


  • Expensive
  • You can not adjust the intensity of the shaft vibration when using the patterns.
  • No suction cup

The Sex and the City Rabbit Vibe In Silicone - Jack Rabbit Pearly Vibrator

This one may be an oldie but it is a goodie.  After all, it is what kick-started the use of vibrators after it appeared in a 1998 episode of sex and the city.

The original was in TPE, but this one is a re-released version made from high quality silicone.

The settings on this are pretty unique compared to most rabbit vibrators.  It has 8 thrusting settings which does an in and out motion with the rotating head.  There’s also 8  rotation speeds that rotate ‘pearls’ inside.  And on top of all that you have 8 vibration settings for the rabbit.

This thing is quite the little sex machine and when all settings are whirring it draws an orgasm out of me pretty quickly.

  • Premium SIlicone
  • Remake of the 1998 original used in Sex and the City
  • 4.5 Inches of girth, 5.25 inches insertable
  • Waterproof

The rabbit vibrator that started it all when it debuted on season 1 episode 9 of Sex and the City

  • Premium SIlicone
  • Remake of the 1998 original used in Sex and the City
  • 4.5 Inches of girth, 5.25 inches insertable
  • Waterproof


  • 8 Thrusting settings
  • Affordable
  • 8 Rotation settings that spin pearls for nice texture
  • Medium – Strong Vibration


  • Requires two AA batteries
  • Loud
  • No suction cup

Bunny Vibrator Attachments

A magic wand is a popular vibrator that works as a good back-massager when you aren’t using it to have orgasms.  If you already own a magic wand the best way to experience the feeling of dual stimulation is with a rabbit attachment.

These are made to fit on your magic wand (i like to think of them as magic wand hats) and are usually less than $20.  It works with both the new cordless hitachi, and the plug-in electric version.

They come in a lot of shapes and colors too: you can find dolphin shaped attachments, dildo shaped with a rabbit on top, and the smooth two pronged vibrator.

vibratex viabrater

  • Silicone
  • $15 – $20
  • Works with any magic wand
  • Different shapes to choose from

rabbit vibratoe attachment

Cheap Rabbit Vibrators To Avoid

There are some rabbit vibrators that are outdated and made from unsafe materials.  There is not regulation on sex toys, so its important to know what to avoid.

The most important thing is that a rabbit vibrator is made out of silicone, which is body safe and non-porous (meaning it won’t collect bacteria).  Silicone also feels the best and is soft and silky.  All the above rabbit vibrators that we mentioned are made of silicone and body safe materials.  Other good substitutes include ABS plastic, glass, wood, or metal.

Materials to avoid include PVC, TPE, TPR, or any mysterious jelly materials.  These can leak chemicals as you use them and cause burning in your vagina after a few uses, it’s not fun.  They are also porous, which means they collect bacteria and can cause a bacteria infection.

Here are some popular rabbit vibrators that are made out of unsafe materials, I would not use them without putting a condom on them.

Wet Wabbit

This looks similar to the jack rabbit model i mentioned above.  However this one is made of PVC instead of silicone.  It’s popular in shady sex shops because it is made cheaply in china and still gives a rabbit vibrator feeling (at the price of your health).

When you open the package it smells like a chemically rubber and takes a few days to fully air out.  PVC smells like this because it leaks phthalates, a toxic chemical that can increase risks of cancer.

Sure, it feels good using it at first, but if it’s used too frequently most people start to get a burning sensation that doesn’t go away unless this toy is put where it really belongs, the garbage.

At least the motors are poorly made and it is likely to break before most people get the chance to use it too often.  Another one to avoid, that looks similar, is the pvc pearl vibrator by California Exotics.

The wet wabbit vibrtors

Eager Beaver BIG Rabbit Vibrator

The only material more dangerous than PVC is something labeled ‘Jelly’.   Usually the material is so full of different chemicals that it’s easier to use a friendly sounding term that people can’t do research on.

Jelly style rabbits are super cheap to make though, which is why they are so common.  This Eager Beaver vibrator costs only $15 at Amazon.  But you’ll pay the price sooner or later when it breaks or you feel burning in your bits.

It does have a beaver on it instead of a rabbit which I thought was a cute idea (enough for me to give it 1 / 5  stars instead of just .5 / 5 stars).   Instead of bunny ears it sticks its massive tongue out eagerly to lick your click.

It also rotates and thrusts for a squirming sensation that isn’t different than using the silicone rabbit habit vibrator from sex and the city.

Loudest Vibrator Award: Passion Wave Jessica Rabbit Toy

I’m not sure how they did it, but this is louder than any sex toy I have ever used.  When you switch on the vibrations it sounds like a blender that is trying to blend fruitcake.

At $10 it is also the least expensive rabbit vibrator i’ve seen on amazon or at any shop.

If you are looking to give a gag gift to someone or do a prank this might be a good rabbit for that.

rabitt vibe, the best bibrator

Out of batteries for now

We’ve reached the end of my guide to rabbit vibrators.  If you’re still hungry for more, check my other guide to the top vibrators and how to use them.

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