Lelo Soraya Review

By: Sex Toys And Flowers

The Lelo Soraya is a rabbit vibrator that looks at home in both in a jewelry box and a sex toy box.  Its lovely chrome finish and eye-catching shape won it the X’show award for the most innovative sex toy of 2011.

It feels about as good as it looks too.  The clit/g-spot blend from this rabbit vibrator is intense, be prepared to have to peel yourself off the ceiling after using it.

Lelo Soraya Black Review

Vibing With Soraya

There are two vibration motors in the Soraya.  One is in the clit vibrator, aka the ‘rabbit ear’, and the other is in the vaginal shaft.  The motors in these are a bit smaller than the Ina 2, so it feels smoother and less intense in comparison.  If you like a super strong clit vibration (think hitachi magic wand) then this probably wouldn’t be powerful enough for you.

The 8 vibration patterns and 10 intensity speeds can be mixed and matched for 80 different combinations.  For me, speed 7 is more than enough to make me have a clitoral orgasm.  If i use other patterns I can get off at lower speeds.

Stimulation Modes

Here’s a rundown of each of the patterns, or as Lelo calls them ‘stimulation modes’.

  1. Only the shaft vibrates
  2. Only the clit shaft (rabbit ear) vibrates
  3. Slow pulsing
  4. Fast pulsing
  5. Escalating vibrations that increase like a wave
  6. Tilt-a-whirl fast
  7. Long pattern alternating between clit and shaft
  8. Similar to 7 but longer and with more variation


There are three buttons and they work like other Lelo rabbit vibrators.  You press the plus key to turn it on, and use the plus or minus key to control the intensity (to turn it off  hold down the minus key).

In between those is a single button that lets you scroll through the eight patterns.  This is different than the Lelo Ina 2  which has two buttons for scrolling up AND down through the patterns.

How to turn the Soraya on

Turn Soraya on by holding down the + button

The one button design is sleek, but it can be a bummer if your favorite pattern is number 8.  It doesn’t remember the last setting used, so you’ll have to scroll through them every time you turn it on.

The Princess of Persia

The name Soraya originates from Persia and means “Jewel of the desert”.

It became famous when Soraya, the princess of Persia, moved to Switzerland in 1958.  Whether it was a party in Rome or a ball in Paris, she was known for her dramatic entrances, beautiful dresses, and mystique.

Soraya Shape and Feel

It’s tough to explain the unique shape, so this is one of those moments where a picture is worth a thousand words.

The shaft is more narrow than other vibrators, making it great for beginners.  It’s not girthy and is designed to reach for your g-spot easily.

At first I was worried the seam between the metallic and silicone might pinch me, but I never had any problems with it.

Shape of the lelo soraya

The only downside with the seam is it can be tricky to clean and might build up bacteria.  I eventually realized I could use a Q-tip to clean it up nicely.

When i was doing the research for this rabbit vibrator I saw a few reviews of people saying that the shaft was too long and it prevented them from being able to stimulate their clit properly.   Most of the people that had this problem also said they were very petite.  Someone else mentioned that they have a tilted cervix and the Soraya was very difficult to use and they preferred a bullet vibrator instead.  Since it only comes in one size it might not fit for everyone, which is a bummer since you can’t return it if it doesn’t.

I’m 5 ft 6 though, and this toy fit wonderfully, I can get the clit vibrator and the g-spot in the perfect position.


As far as sex toys go this isn’t something I would mind being caught with.  It’s not like being caught with a realistic dildo, for example.  For travel it is easy to get through TSA and I didn’t have any questions when I flew with it in the US.

Materials and Flaking Issues

The soft outside of the toy is made from silicone and the metallic part is made from ABS plastic and a chrome finish.

The silicone is great, it’s the metallic part that can be a problem.  Eventually it can start to flake if you clean it using any abrasive materials and you can be left with something like this:

Wash carefully so it dosen't flake

Soraya metallic paint can begin to flake if you aren’t careful.


This happened to my Soraya after 15 months of using it about 3 times a week.  I wasn’t cleaning it very properly though and used to scrub it with a rough sponge when i tried to get into the seam.  Eventually i switched to q-tips which slowed down the flaking.

The good news is that Lelo will replace your Soraya if this happens within the 1 year warranty.  But since mine was 15 months old I was out of luck.

Technically it’s still body safe if it starts to chip, but i’d rather not risk having chrome flakes floating around in my vagina, so I threw mine out when this happened.

That being said, we enjoyed our 15 months together and for a while I was pretty head over heels for this toy.  But like they say, all good things come to an end.

Box & Packaging

I love packaging and I know that with Lelo i’m always in for a treat.  Lelo packaging has won many awards including the AVN ‘O’ award for outstanding product packaging.

The box has 3 layers and it’s like unwrapping a present.  The box itself is very firm and strong, I can sit on it and it holds my weight without collapsing.

Inside the box you’ll find the Soraya and some goodies:

Lelo brooch – A pretty pin that comes with every Lelo toy from the Insignia collection.  Of course, I wear mine everywhere – good conversation starter.

Authenticity card – This is unique to your Lelo Soraya.  Use the numbers on it to register your 1 year warranty for on the Lelo website.

Satin storage pouch – A nice way Soraya safe and out of sight.  If you have other silicone toys this will prevent them from melting together, which is a weird thing silicone does if it touches other things made of silicone.

USB Charging cord – Charge it anywhere you’d charge your phone.

Instruction manual – 8 pages of English instruction that shows you how to charge it, turn it on, clean it, store it, and use your warranty card.

The brooch included in the box

The Insignia brooch is a stainless steel pin that only comes with toys from Lelo’s Insignia collection.

Details on the Warranty

The warranty lasts 1 year and covers your product if it breaks, chips, or doesn’t function like it’s meant to.  I never had to use the warranty because mine lasted past the 1 year mark.  I did some research though, here’s a checklist of what you need to hold onto to use the warranty.

  • You must have every single item that came inside the box in order to return it.  This doesn’t include the box itself, but you need the instruction booklet, warranty card, charger, satin case, and yes even the lovely pin.
  • You need a paper receipt of your purchase, not just an electronic one.  If you get this on Amazon they include it in the box only if you check the box for it.  If you forget to designate it when you checked out you can request that amazon mail you on.  If you buy it at your local sex shop make sure to keep that receipt.

Overall i think the warranty is a little bit of a stretch that they don’t include an electronic receipt.  But I guess that could be faked or something.   And don’t worry about giving your pin back, you’ll get a new one when they send you a brand new Soraya.

Other Features


A full charge lasts 90 minutes of non-stop vibration.  If you need longer than that, just plug it in and charge it while you use it.  To get a full charge it needs to be plugged in for 3 hours.

It can be tricky to find the charging port the first time you use it.  It looks like an indent near the controls.  It seals itself when you take the charger out which gives it its waterproof abilities.

charging the lelo soraya


The Soraya is waterproof and some people claim to have used it in the tub.  I use mine in the shower a lot and never had a problem.


Like most high quality rabbit vibrators, this is very quiet.  At its lower settings, it is barely audible.  At higher settings it of course gets louder and louder.

If you are worried about roommates hearing you, it is very difficult to hear this behind a closed door, I think someone would be more likely to hear me making noise than the vibrator itself.  And once it is inside you it’s much more muffled.

Lelo Soraya Verdict

The only issue I have with the Soraya is that the metallic part is actually an ABS plastic with a chrome finish.   I’d prefer it was actually metal.

As for vibration patterns and power it is solid and delivers everything you need from a dual action vibrator.  It’s in the mid-high range as far as power goes.  If you want the strongest rabbit vibrator you should go with the Ina 2 which has larger g-spot coverage and stronger vibration motors.

As far as looks go this is one of the most beautiful vibrators there is, and one of the top rabbit vibrators.  It was definitely one of the most gorgeous toys I ever owned and I felt pretty fancy using it.  I do prefer the Ina 2 as far as pure pleasure goes, but for something discreet for traveling I would pick this and still love it almost as much.

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