Sex Furniture Guide

Beds, couches, and chairs are some of the most common places to have sex.  But really they are designed for sleeping and relaxing--not lovemaking.

That doesn't mean we should stop trying to have sex on every surface possible, but there are plenty of other lovely options out there when it comes to furniture.

Sex furniture, for example, has designs that put sex first.  They add new positions to your sex life and enhance old ones, all while being a lot easier to clean.



Price Range


Sex Chairs

Sex chairs let you do more positions more comfortably.  They are also easy to clean and stain resistant.

$100 - $1300

Sex Swings

best sex swings

Sex swings get you off the ground and on to having sex like an acrobatic.  Inexpensive sex swings hang from doors while pricier models give a full range of motion.

$20 - $300

Sex Pillows

The hipster sex ramp in action

Sex pillows are smaller pieces of sex furniture that you can hide under your bed or store in a closet.  They help make common positions easier and more pleasurable.

$20 - $250

Monkey Rockers

These are the rocking chairs of the sex furniture world.  As you rock back and forth the dildo will rise and fall.  You can control the depth and speed of the dildo by how hard you rock.

$120 - $550

Sex Wedges

Sex wedges are a smaller type of sex pillow.  They help lift hips up to make it easier to penetrate deeper and hit g-spots and p-spots.

$20 - $80

Dance Poles

a great dance pole stage

Learning to pole dance is a sexy skill that is lots of fun and great exercise.  Beginner dance poles cost around $50 and can be set up anywhere with a solid floor and ceiling.

$50 - $350

Sex Furniture Benefits – The obvious benefits of sex furniture are the extra positions.  Sex chairs like the liberator make penetration deeper, easier to sustain, and increase stimulation.

Another important benefit is the material’s resistance to stains and bodily fluids.  Sex furniture’s #1 priority is to make sure it is immune to any damage from out-of-control orgasms.

Disadvantages – Most sex furniture is big and even the most discreet looking sex chair can still raise some eye brows.  Maybe your grandparents won’t suspect a liberator esse, but your friends might not want to sit on it if its in the living room.

Like regular furniture it can be expensive.  Expect to pay over $50 for most ramps and pillows and in the hundreds for something bigger like a chair.

Kinds of Sex furniture

This guide will cover the basic types of sex furniture, this isn’t a complete list list by any means.

  • Chairs
  • Stools
  • Ramps
  • Wedges
  • Sex Gliders / Monkey Rockers
  • Sex Swings

Sex Chairs

Most sex chairs have two goals:

Most sex chairs are very discreet and designed to blend in with your house or bedroom.  At least better than something like a monkey rocker.

The most common design has two humps and looks like a curvy lounge chair.

Either the woman or the man can lay along the chair and create a lot of positions.  One of the most unique is having the woman lay in the dip with her head resting on the small hump and her hips on the large curve.  The man can then straddle the chair and penetrate deeply.  Some are as low as $50 others like the tantra chair can cost $1300.

For more about sex chairs read the complete guide to the best sex chairs.

Sex Stools

A sex stool is made of a medal frame and two strong elastic straps.  Usually the woman will sit on the sex stool with the man underneath.  She can use the straps to take the weight off her knees and focus completely on the pleasure.  The man can also take control and bounce his partner on his member.

I include the sex stool because of how unique it is.  It’s a great thing to get creative with as well as help people with injuries that makes it difficult to have sex.

Sex Pillow

A sex pillow can mean a wedge or a ramp that makes some positions easier.

They have a firm foam interior and usually a washable outside or easy to clean surface.

The main difference advantage over using a couple pillows is the resistance to stains and soaking.  If you get a regular pillow soaked its going to be really difficult to clean.

Read more about the best sex pillows.

Sex wedge

A type of sex pillow that supports the hips and makes it easier to do some positions, especially missionary.  A man can penetrate a lot deeper than if the woman is just laying on the bed.

Can also be used for oral too to prevent the neck from cramping up.

Aside from foam there are also inflatable sex wedges.  These can be backed down to a small size and brought discreetly on trips.

Sex ramp

A bigger version of a sex wedge, the sex ramp supports your entire back.  The extra height makes it possible to use it on and off the bed.

A ramp really shines when used with another wedge.  It provides a few more satisfying angles to try.

Sex Glider and Monkey Rocker

This is a type of sex furniture that works kinda like a rocking chair but with a dildo.  To use it you find the right spot on the seat and slowly increase your rocking speed.

Once you have the dildo in the perfect spot you can rock harder and harder.

You can use your own dildos with it too, I recommend trying out a vibratingone.  Your hands are also free for extra clitoral stimulation.

The main downside is it is hard to hide.  It really screams exactly what it is so don’t let your family stumble into your closet if this is in there.  Read our full guide to the monkey rocker

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