An Introduction to Sex Furniture – Erotic Furniture 101

When you hear words like “sex furniture” and “fuck bench”, you might be imagining a gothic medieval torture dungeon full of scary-looking dildos and whips. While some people are into that kind of thing, there is a lot more vanilla erotic furniture out there too. Here we introduce you to the major categories of sex furniture!

Sex Chairs

Sex chairs come in all shapes and sizes, but when you get down to it, they’re chairs which are designed to make fucking your partner easier, whether you’re the giver, receiver, or both. Some sex chairs, like the Adela sex chair from Bala Studio, are not subtle at all – you’d struggle to sit on the Adela sex chair without wondering what all the handles and ledges are for. I suppose it could pass for a piece of modern art, like a really sexy Bauhaus chair, but it’s not very low-key.

The Adela Sex Chair costs $3200 and is custom made for each order

Then we have products like the Tantra Chair, which comes in a dozen colors, so you may be able to match it to your existing furniture. The design is much more subtle, with a curved design which makes it easy to fornicate in a wide range of positions with additional leverage. At a glance, it could pass for a modern chaise longue, like something you’d find on sale at IKEA.

The Tantra Chair costs $1300 and can be customized with different colors and styles.

Some of the best sex chairs don’t have to cost a fortune. For instance, the position enhancer chair by BondageBoutique is an affordable sex chair made from metal and reinforced elastic, giving the receiving partner additional support and bounce during a lengthy session!

Sex Sofas and Benches

As a disclaimer, a lot of these terms for sex furniture and BDSM gear become a little bit interchangeable and bleed into each other, so don’t be afraid if it gets confusing. Depending on who you ask, a “fuck bench” might be the same as a “sex stool”, while a “tantric chair” might be totally different from a “sex couch”. Labels are hard, am I right?

Anyway, when it comes to sex sofas, the Liberator Esse II is one of the most popular products on the market, with Liberator being regarded for their range of sleek-looking sex furniture and bondage benches

However, the Liberator Esse II would be my #1 recommendation to kinky couples looking to get frisky. It’s got a unique curved design with removable “scoop” sections to make ever more positions possible. What’s more, it’s available in 10 different colors, faux leather, and the maple feet come unfinished so you can stain them to match your home décor. Classy.

The dip in this sex position chair also allows for deeper penetration in missionary style positions.

The Liberator Esse II

It’s one thing to own a fuck bench, but a bespoke fuck bench which complements the décor and color scheme of your home? That’s some next-level shit.

Sex Pillows

If naughty pillows are what you’re after, Liberator has a wide range of pillows and throws to add some eroticism to your bedroom or sofa. Sex pillows and cushions are mainly designed to support your back/legs during love making, helping you to achieve better angles for penetration. Because of this, many “normal” pillows can be used, too.

Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo, Luxury Foam

For example, a quick Amazon search for “sex pillow” brings up tons of “therapeutic wedge pillows” like this one. Although these pillows are designed for things like back pain and reading in bed, they can 100% be used to enhance positions if you’re creative enough. There’s a reason that Amazon brings them up in a search for sex pillows – they know there are multiple uses.

If you’d rather buy something more purpose-made, then you can also find the inflatable Touchage support pillow on Amazon for just over $30. It can hold up to 300 lbs in weight and works as a body pillow, so it can be stored away when not in use.

The Amazon listing for the Touchage pillow shows it being used to sleep, lie on your side, support your knees, and get fucked doggy style, so at least they’re honest. Some of the best sex pillows weren’t designed with bonking in mind at all!

Queening Stools (Sex Stools)

Queening stools are stools which are designed primarily for women to receive cunnilingus (i.e. get their pussy eaten) more easily. They can also be used for men/women who want to be rimmed too. Essentially, they are usually chairs, stools, or chair-like structures with holes in the bottom where a partner can put their face and enjoy licking the sitting partner’s genitals. It’s much more comfortable than regular ol’ facesitting.

There’s an element of fetish and domination with queening; the very name implies that the woman sat in the chair has power over the licker. In fact, one study found that men with foot fetishes are more likely to look at facesitting and queening porn among other kinky categories.

If you’re good to splash a little cash, I’d recommend this handcrafted Queening Chair made in LA for just under $400. It’s made from sturdy pine and it’s padded to make the queening experience comfortable for both the queen and her licking bitch.

 However, if you live in the real world and don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on bespoke BDSM furniture, I would recommend this sex chair for about $65 on Amazon. Its full name is: “Multifunction Position Enhancer Chair Novelty Toy with Handrail for Couples”. It’s not the sexiest name in the world, but they’ve tried.

Sex Gliders

Sex gliders, sometimes called “monkey rockers”, are marvelous contraptions which act like a cross between a sex chair and a fuck machine. Basically, a woman positions herself on the rocking chair, which has a hole between her legs where a dildo can pop up and enter her vagina.

Once she has got the position right, she can rock back and forth in the chair, with the dildo popping up and down according to the speed/length of her motions on the chair. There’s a great scene from Burn After Reading where George Clooney’s character introduces Frances McDormand’s character to his DIY sex glider. These things are pretty hind to find, and obviously they’re far, FAR from subtle.

Sex Beds

Sex Beds, generally speaking, are beds which have been designed with kinky or rough sex in mind. For example, they might be made from strong reinforced materials or they might come with attachment points for slings, harnesses, and other BDSM restraints. For example, the Dore Alley Dungeon Bed from Stockroom is a purpose-built sex bed made from 14-gauge steel which is professionally welded to make it super strong. 

What is a “sex bed”? Aren’t all beds meant for sex? Where am I? These are all very good questions.

It also comes with sling hoops and restraint hoops to make bondage play really easy. In addition to all this, it has a classy aesthetic and could pass for your regular bed if needs be.

If you’re looking to turn your existing bed into a “sex bed” of sorts, then you can make your own modifications too. For example, these fluid-proof pillowcases and fluid-proof fitted sheets are perfect for watersports (i.e. piss play) or any other messy activities you might get up to in bed. If you want to take it one step further, you can buy an under-the-bed restraint system and really show your sub who’s boss.

Bondage Bedsheets, Throws & Sex Furniture Accessories

Sometimes you’re in the mood and you just need to get fucking sooner rather than later. Many types of sex, whether they’re kinky or vanilla, can create a lot of mess on your bed. If you’ve just changed your bedsheets when the horn hits, you might be forced to do a bunch of laundry again pretty soon. However, bondage bedsheets and throws are designed to be fluid-proof, giving you unlimited possibilities in the bedroom.

For example, Liberator’s Slick Wet Sheet and Shams are available in red and black, in both king size and queen size. The polyurethane sheets are 100% waterproof, so cum, lube, spit, massage oil and even urine won’t ruin your duvet and pillows. However, putting waterproof sheets on your bed is not a great long-term solution… what happens if you’re horny and you don’t fancy messing about with a new duvet cover?

In that scenario, the Fascinator Mini Throw can help you out. It’s basically a throw which is moisture-proof and therefore protects your bedsheets if things get messy during play. It’s machine-washable, which is super convenient, and it comes in 5 different colors depending on the décor of your bedroom.

If the mood suddenly takes you, it’s easier to grab a sex pad than to saran wrap your bed.

Another similar “quick shag” product is the “Escape” moisture-resistant sex pad. This large 2-person-sized pad looks a bit like a large gym mat, but it’s designed for mess-free sexy time. The cover of the pad is moisture-resistant and you can take the pad with you anywhere – inside or outside – giving you loads of options for quick and easy fucking.

Sex Swing Furniture

Sex swings come in various shapes and sizes depending on your needs, but they all have one thing in common – they make sex easier. Asides from the obvious submissive position that the receiving partner is in, the fact that their weight is distributed by the swing means that it’s easier to move them around and fuck them with little effort.

This 360-degree spinning sex swing is made from sturdy materials and is fully adjustable, able to accommodate up to 350 lbs in weight. It even comes with faux fur-lined foot stirrups, which is a really nice touch.

If you want something a little more extravagant, this $399 Fetish Fantasy stand is perfect. On the other hand, if you’d like to try this sex furniture for cheap, this over-the-door sex swing from Lovehoney is a great go-to. Just make sure that your doors are sturdy or you might be calling the builders.

Dungeon & BDSM Sex Furniture

Generally speaking, “dungeon furniture” refers to extreme BDSM gear, such as stockades, spanking benches, monkey rockers and more. In other words, it’s not the kind of stuff that you can throw a sheet over when visitors come round – it’s huge and it’s blatantly designed for kinky sex.

For those interested in medieval and gothic sex furniture designs, I would recommend this piece of furniture, from the Schlossmeister Dungeon Line. It has that aesthetic of a torturous medieval dungeon that some people get off on. You can also find a bunch of less-scary-looking dungeon furniture on sites like Stockroom.

Bondage Cross

Bondage crosses, sometimes called “St. Andrew’s crosses” due to their resemblance of the Scottish flag, are used to tie people up in a starfish shape, with their legs spread and their arms above their head. This way, you can really dominate them and make them your little bitch – they’re totally unable to help themselves. Subs can be placed facing inward or outward depending on your preferences.

Some bondage crosses attach directly to your walls, like this cool one from Amazon which comes with next-day delivery if you’re in a hurry to tie someone to the wall pronto. A lot of bondage crosses are designed to be freestanding, featuring a support at the back that keeps them upright. For example, this freestanding triangle bondage cross is purposefully designed to have a cool rusty, gothic look.

On the other hand, this one has a more clean and sexy aesthetic to it, being made from upholstered vinyl and hand-welded aluminum. I’m from the UK, so seeing this awful spelling of “aluminium” pains me a little, but it’s still a great piece of kit.

Sex Tables and Cages

Sex tables are versatile pieces of sex furniture, whether you’re going for a massage table or a purpose-built bondage table with straps and restraints for the sub. If you’re into cages too, why not try a Coffee table cage like this?. It’s made from hammered steel, so it’s incredibly sturdy, and it allows you to relax and watch TV with a coffee while your bitch stays subdued and horny in their little table-cum-cage.

If you prefer your cages to be a bit more old school, you can get a stand-up cage like this one from Stockroom. It comes with 3 different opening doors at different parts of the body, and the bars make it easy to tie up your bitch and punish them. Great for prisoner roleplay and general BDSM.

Sex Shower Gear

Although you can’t buy a purpose-built sex shower as far as I’m aware, you CAN buy a bunch of stuff which makes your shower easier to fuck in. For example, you know those shower bars that elderly people have in their bathrooms? You can buy them from Amazon but use them to give yourself better grip and stability during couple shower sex.

Similarly, you can also buy anti-slip shower stickers from Amazon which make your shower floor grippier and hence easier to fuck on. Anything that is meant to make your shower/bath more secure for people with mobility issues can usually be hacked to make shower sex a lot safer!

The Wet Conexion Sex Shower has holes in it for teasing and extra wet fun

A Mexican Pop Surrealist artist called Andres Amaya created a prototype shower design called Wet Conexion” which features cutouts in the shower walls to expose certain parts of the body to outside voyeurs. It’s too impractical to sell well, but it’s a neat idea nonetheless.

Sex Machine 'Furniture'

Last but not least, we have the sex machines. In case you’re blissfully innocent, fuck machines are devices which automatically move a dildo in and out of a person at different speeds and depths. Some are more advanced and have vibration settings and what not too.  They are aren't necessarily a piece of furniture, but make as great aids in any sex dungeon setup.

These machines started getting popular in the ‘80s thanks to companies like Sybian who pioneered the way for more advanced fuck machines to come.

One of my favorites is this little beauty from Stockroom. This “Slave Driver” doggy-style fuck machine is great for obedience training in subs thanks to its included restraints, though it can be used for straight-up enjoyment as a solo fuck machine too. 

Hismith also sells a pretty standard fuck machine on Amazon, which could be a worthwhile investment depending on your tastes. Whatever fuck machine you end up with, you’ll ideally need a universal dildo holder like this one so you can keep your dildos in place and swap them out as you desire!

DIY Sex Furniture Ideas

Not everyone can afford high-end sex furniture, but there are ways that you can create DIY sex furniture at home and make your own sexy fun without remortgaging your house.

Making your own erotic furniture

There’s a lady on YouTube called Morgan Thorne who I would highly recommend watching if you want to make your own erotic furniture.

For example, she has this video where she teaches you to make your own under-the-bed restraint system at home.

She also has videos like this one which show you how to make a spreader bar from basic hardware store supplies.

I’m not what you might call the “DIY type” so you’re better off hearing it from her directly than having me paraphrase it!

Using what you have at home

Sometimes you’re surrounded by sex furniture and you just don’t realize it! Many household items can be modified so that they work as kinky furniture.

For example, in this YouTube video a kind man explains how to turn a chin-up bar into a sex swing piece of furniture. You see, I don’t think I could do a chin-up if my life depended on it, so this has never really crossed my mind before.

If you want to make a DIY queening chair, it’s easy enough to take an old dining table chair, remove the seat from it, and voila! You’re probably best keeping part of the seat for comfort reasons if possible, depending on the design of the chair.

There are lots of DIY tantric chairs and fuck benches on websites like Pinterest where crafty (and apparently horny) people tend to congregate. Maybe you should give it a browse and see which DIY ideas match up to your kinks and skill level. I’m no carpenter myself, but maybe you are.


The realm of sex furniture can be confusing and vague, but don’t be scared! Ultimately, we’re all sexual beings with naughty kinks and desires we want to explore, so if we can afford queening stools for oral sex and sex couches then we should bloody well buy them!

Just consider how discreet you need your erotic sex furniture to be in the event that guests come around to visit. You don’t want your mum to accidentally sit on your monkey rocker.

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