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Ultimate Guide to the Sybian, Plus 6 Awesome Sybian Alternatives

BY JC Ways

Women and sex machines has always been somewhat of a taboo topic, but the ‘80s saw the rise of the Sybian – a saddle sex machine which liberated women more than ever before, allowing them to explore their sexuality in the privacy of their own homes without the need for a man.

The Sybian machine did not judge women – it just gave them the intense sex saddle pleasure experience that they were craving.

However, the ‘80s was more than 30 years ago at this point, and technology has progressed much further! So as part of our series on the best sex machines, we’re taking a look at the best Sybian alternatives (as well as the original Sybian itself) to see what women/men living in 2019 can expect from their very own orgasm machine. Sounds fun!

Our Top Picks for Sybian Alternatives
The Tremor
  • Cheap
  • Discreet packaging
  • Easy to clean
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  • Cheap
  • Simple
  • Multiple attachments
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  • Impeccable quality
  • 360° swivel rotation
  • Remote control
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Original Sybian
  • Reputable
  • Changeable attachments
  • Differently-sized mechanical dildos
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What is a Sybian/Vibrating Saddle Machine?

Sybian is the brand name of a saddle sex machine that became very popular in the late 1980s, continuing to grow in popularity throughout the last 30 years while inspiring others to create similar riding sex toys. The Sybian is designed for a woman to sit on top, with a mechanical dildo being electronically moved in and out of the woman’s vagina, helping her to masturbate and get off without the help of a man.

There are also many vibrating and pulsating settings to be enjoyed too. It’s such a phenomenon that it’s even been reviewed by major news outlets across the world and continues to be seen in Sybian porn videos to this day.

Dave Lampert, the creator of the original product, actually has a very interesting (and surprisingly noble) story about inventing the first Sybian prototypes after he was surprised that nobody had invented a so-called “fucking machine” in the otherwise sexually liberated 1970s. When talking about the history of Sybian, he notes that he accidentally discovered that women are most likely to orgasm from the “Girl On Top” or “Cowgirl” position, which soon inspired the design of the saddle.

The term “Sybian” comes from the Ancient Greek city of Sybaris, a place which was renowned for its opulence and luxury.

For many years, the prototype product was called “Master Better”, which although amusing, is not a very sexy name. Today, the Sybian brand is all about helping women to get the sexual pleasure they want, and the saddle sex machines come with various different “penis” attachments, such as realistic-looking penis attachments and more sex toy-esque G-spot massaging attachments. 

How it works

The woman sits on top of the machine, attaches the massager or dildo attachment of her choice, switches it on, and allows the pleasure to take her. She can use the device alone for masturbatory pleasure, or she can use her Sybian during intercourse while her partner watches or joins in with the fun. The woman can control the devices swirling movements, vibrations, pulses, and more.

Dave Lampert, the creator of the product, is very big on the idea of combining the Sybian with mental sexual arousal, as this helps its users to get past the “mechanical” nature of the product.

“The brain is the primary sex organ. It controls how you will react to sexual stimulation. Simulated intercourse with Sybian can produce very intense stimulation and break through mental barriers that have not been penetrated before. This is one reason Sybian has so many success stories.”

Dave Lampert, Sybian Inventor


There are a few different settings you can use with a Sybian orgasm machine, tailoring the settings to your needs and what you find most pleasurable. The main motions are up-and-down vibrations and circular swirling (or caressing) motions, both of which can be adjusted in strength, speed, and intensity. 

This YouTube video should give you an idea of the power of the settings in these machines – be careful before you go messing around with those buttons! If you struggle to orgasm during sex or even during masturbation, playing around with the settings could be a surefire way to get you on track to bespoke orgasmic pleasure.

“Research from 2018 found that 18.4 percent of women could reach an orgasm through intercourse alone. However, the same study indicated another 36.6 percent of women needed clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm during intercourse.”

Janet Brito, PhD, LCSW, CST

Top 6 Sybian Alternatives

The Sybian original sex machine retails for around $1,245 these days, which is obviously quite pricey for a lot of us. However, there are options out there which are viable Sybian alternatives, often being just as good or even better than this original sex saddle creation. For example, the Tremor is on sale at their official website for $849.00, while the Cowgirl sex saddle can be found for reasonable prices too.

So if you’re a lady (or man) who’s interested in mechanical dildo machines which fuck you better than any mortal human ever could, keep reading! In the next section, we’re going to run down the list of Sybian alternatives (and the Sybian sex machine itself) which can get you off without burning a hole too far into your pocket!

The Tremor

Affordable trembling orgasms for women

The Tremor “Rock & Roll Sex Toy” would make Chuck Berry himself proud. Designed as a cheaper Sybian alternative on the women and sex machines market, the Tremor is a sex saddle which sends powerful vibrations into the most sensitive parts of a woman’s vagina, helping her to climax quickly and easily.

The silicone “comfort pad” is removable and dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean when you quickly cum all over it uncontrollably.

What’s more, the Tremor includes 2 different attachments, but it’s also designed to be compatible with Sybian and Motorbunny attachments, meaning that you could gather quite an impressive mechanical dildo collection if you had the time to spare! Many reviewers speak about how the Tremor gave them their first orgasm in a long time, so why not give it a try?

PROS: Cheap, discreet packaging, easy to clean

CONS: Remote control wire could be longer


The cutest-sounding sex machine ever made.

The MotorBunny is one of the best sex machines on this list, especially if you're looking for a more affordable price. It can be controlled by both a smartphone app and a remote control, giving users multiple options for commanding their pleasure.

There are multiple different attachments available with this saddle sex machine, so you can really customize your orgasm experience. The MotorBunny is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a sex saddle toy experience without breaking the bank or writing any embarrassing checks out. The only downside is that the silicone attachments are sold separately for $29.99.

PROS: Cheap, simple, multiple attachments, can be controlled via app or remote control

CONS: Silicone attachments sold seperate


High-end sex saddle luxury

The Cowgirl could have been number 1 on this list, but its steep price means that it is not the cheapest Sybian alternative on the market. Nonetheless, you get what you pay for with this riding sex toy, as the attachments are made from soft silken silicone and you can harness the power of multiple settings, vibration modes, and a 360° swivel rotation functionality.

The remote control keeps things simple, asking you how strong you want the vibrations, how wide you want the rotations, and what pulsating pattern you want it to follow. Once you’ve sat on top and found the sweet spot that makes your pussy sing with joy, simply relax and let the Cowgirl do what it does best – get you off. Some reviewers have even talked about having so many orgasms that they collapse on their bed in exhaustion afterward! Sign me up.

PROS: Impeccable quality, 360° swivel rotation

CONS: Expensive

Original Sybian

The original sex saddle fantasy

The original Sybian saddle sex machines are the very reason that you’re reading this article at all – they started the legacy that these other brands are carrying on to this very day. They come with changeable attachments and differently-sized mechanical dildos so that women can customize their masturbatory pleasure to their sexual preferences, finding the perfect size, vibrations, and rotations which get them going just right.

Although the brands in this list are all just imitators, they are standing on the shoulders of giants to create better things. You see, if you’re an undersexed woman in 1987 who’s looking to try something new, then this thing would blow your fucking mind. But if you’re a sexually liberated woman in 2019 who’s into experimenting with sex toys, then you may want to try out something else. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to get your rocks off like a vintage pornstar in them old Sybian videos, be our guest!

PROS: Reputable, changeable attachments

CONS: Occasional manufacturing problems

LoveBotz Saddle Delux

Cheap/underwhelming saddle sex machine

The weird thing about this cheap Sybian alternative is that it actually looks a bit like a saddle on a horse, featuring the same brown color as a leather saddle. Now, in my personal opinion as someone who writes about sex all day, I think that brown is a color that should be avoided at all costs in sex toys – especially ones which have anal options like this. In addition to the nasty color scheme, this riding sex machine also just looks and feels cheap when compared to its pricier counterparts.

On the positive side, it comes with a padded seat for comfort, and the machine is capable of 6 different speeds of vibrations and 6 different speeds of pulsation. There is also a remote control which can be held onto (like a bucking bronco rodeo scenario) or can be detached and held in your hands for easier access. Personally, I feel that they have taken the “you’re riding a horse” motif a little too far with this one. We don’t literally want to feel like we’re shagging a horse – just a man with a cock like one.

PROS: Cheap, multiple settings, double penetration options

CONS: Lower quality construction

Rumble Seat (Cheapest Sybian Alternative)

Cheap and cheerful pussy rumbles

The Rumble Seat is a bargain at only around $180, but it’s very much a case of getting what you pay for. The design of the Rumble Seat is stunningly simple and actually quite a sleek and futuristic design, but its usefulness ends there. If you’re a beginner in the world of sex machines and you want to take very small baby steps toward Sybian and its competitors, then maybe you should start here…

but I wouldn’t expect anything too mind-blowing. It’s a bit like sitting in an old car going over the occasional pothole – you’ll feel something, but it’s not that orgasmic.

Still, this is the cheapest sex saddle machine on this list by a country mile, so feel free to give it a try and see if it works for you. It can be sat on forward or backward depending on your preference, and there is a handle to hold onto if you do enjoy the ride. Ultimately, though, it’s a vibrating mound which might excite your clitoris somewhat, but it’s miles away from any G-spot and sitting on it is a bit awkward and uncomfortable despite the ergonomic-looking design.

PROS: Cheap, simple

CONS: Vibrations aren’t too strong

Tips for Using a Sybian

1) Positioning

The inventor of the Sybian, Dave Lampert, discovered that the “girl on top” position (commonly known as the “cowgirl”) is the best for female pleasure in regular sex for the vast majority of women. Taking this information, he designed the Sybian sex saddle to recreate this sexual position, with the woman sitting across the top of the orgasm machine like she’s riding a horse. Try to maintain this cowgirl position when using the Sybian, as this is its intended usage.

2) Go slowly

The female sexual anatomy is largely designed to be “warmed up” before it can get fully used. For this reason, we would recommend first using the Sybian on a slower vibration setting to massage the clitoris and get the pussy excited and “keen” before ramping up the settings and really taking your body for a ride.

3) Try different attachments

There are many different attachments available for the Sybian – some which are designed for external clitoris stimulation and others which are phallus-esque and designed for internal vaginal sensations and G-spot stimulation. Every woman likes something different, so if one attachment didn’t do it for you, try another one and see how you fare!

4) Use Lube

Even if you don’t normally use lube during sex, I would recommend using some decent water-based lube before using the Sybian. You see, although the vagina is naturally moist, it is designed to house penises and fingers… not fast-vibrating pieces of plastic. Using lube helps to avoid any unpleasant internal friction.

5) Grinding

Not getting enough pleasure from the machine? Try grinding back and forth as this vibrating dildo machine works its wonders. This could help with additional stimulation, while the sex-like grinding can also help you to stay in the mood, making it easier to orgasm.

6) Put it on a soft surface

Live in a building with thin walls and floors? Try to use your Sybian sex machine on soft surfaces which will absorb the vibrations from the machine and thereby reduce the noise. For example, using it on a soft carpet or bed duvet will make a lot less noise than using it on a hard wooden floor!

Using the Sybian for Prostate Stimulation

Although primarily intended to be used by women, there are some men out there who have “hacked” the Sybian saddle sex machine so that they can use it for prostate stimulation. Of course, every man and his prostate are different, so the exact settings and mechanical dildo attachments may differ from guy to guy, but here’s some general advice for prostate milking with a Sybian or Sybian alternative sex machine.

Stay small

The prostate is located a mere 2-3 inches inside the ass, so there’s no need to be buying a scary-looking 7-inch attachment for the Sybian. Keep it small, looking for attachments which curve round, as this makes it easier to hit the prostate.

Get the angle right

Your prostate is located on the anterior side of your body, meaning that once you are inside your anus, it is on the “front side” of your body. When preparing to receive a massage from the Sybian, you need to use a curved attachment (if possible) and position yourself so that the attachment finds this sensitive part of your anatomy with ease.

Keep the machine calm

Although it may be tempting to ramp the Sybian up to its highest vibration and pulsation settings, take a step back and remember that the Sybian is not primarily designed for anal stimulation, and getting too intense could hence injure you.

The bottom line

Prostate milking is incredibly erotic and intense, as anyone who’s done it will tell you. So if you already own (or your partner already owns) a Sybian sex machine and you want to adapt it to P-spot massage, then it may be worth a try.

However, if you’re looking at milking your prostate in the most efficient (and much cheaper) ways, we recommend that you check out our prostate milking guide for a more appropriate and in-depth look at prostate play.

Sybian – a lasting legacy

Sybian has played a key role in liberating women’s sexuality, even helping some women to achieve their first orgasms. The product has definitely paved the way for its recent competitors to expand on the original design, encouraging women to explore the most sensitive part of their bodies and have some of the best orgasms of their lives.

“We have had several reports of ‘first orgasm ever’ while using the Sybian. That is exciting!”
Dave Lampert

Thanks to Dave Lampert’s original designs from the ’80, companies such as Cowgirl and Tremor have been able to give pleasure to women who had never had it before. All of the saddle sex machines on the list represent a different experience for the user, for better or worse. So whether you’re going to stick to the ol’ tried and true Sybian or go for one of the more powerful and modern Sybian alternatives, just make sure that you’re having a fuck load of fun.

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  • Annette says:

    I find that the iride saddle from Doc Johnson is a cheap alternative as well. Its hands free and discreet.

  • Greg says:

    I disagree with the list above, but it all comes down to personal preference, and who is going to use it.
    My Partner and I first bought a Fetish Fantasy Rockin Chair, which is the Pink version of the JimmyJane Rumble Seat, but my Partner didn’t like it, not even a single orgasm, so we gave it away, and decided to buy a proper Saddle.
    We tested the first 4 saddles in that list first to see what we thought, and we clearly prefered the MotorBunny original, but when it came time to buying one, we decided to spend more and got the more expensive “BUCK” version because of the up and down thrusting option that the Original model does not have, and it is insane, as my Partner likes mild thrusting while she is leaning forward with her Clit pressing over the vibrating pad in front of the inserted dildo.
    When she uses the hooked dildo attachment she sets the control on vibration only as this is the attachment that gets her the most amazing G-Spot Orgasms.
    I use the same hooked attachment anally for my Prostate pleasure, but only able to tolerate the vibration on a lower setting for that.
    Overall it is our most prized Sex Tow by a mile, the next best for my Partner is her wonderful Fun Factory “Miss Bi”
    Cheers and happy riding everyone, want to know more than hit me up at [email protected]

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