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Best lesbian sex toys

24 Best Lesbian Sex Toys To Bring Couples Closer Together

BY JC Ways

Best lesbian sex toys

A recent study found that gay women have more orgasms than straight women do. Alas, one of the main advantages of a same-sex relationship is that we know how to please each other sexually! However, there is the stereotype of lesbian bed death suggesting that same-sex female couples have less sex than any other type of couple.

Nonetheless, here at the SexToyCollective, we believe that sex toys like the AYU Silicone Finger Vibe can strengthen any kind of relationship. In this list, I’ve gathered the best lesbian sex toys for couples, from strap-ons to clit suckers and BDSM toys. Let’s go!

Best Lesbian Sex Toys

Best Lesbian Sex Toys


Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, whether they’re designed for your clit or your G-spot. These vibes all make a great addition to a female couple’s sex drawer.

AYU Silicone Finger Vibe

Fingering will never be the same again.
Best For: Finger-tickling fun.

If you’re a fan of using your fingers, the AYU Finger Vibes are perfect. These cheap lesbian toys slip right onto your finger, adding strong and discreet vibrations for intense clitoral stimulation. You get 2 pieces in every set, and they’re totally waterproof so you could easily use them in the shower without worry!

AYU Silicone Finger Vibe

PROS: Smooth silicone construction, quiet, powerful, 1-button simple control system, 2-pack

CONS: Limited 40-minute battery life, small cell batteries (not rechargeable)

Magic Wand Massager

One of the most famous female sex toys ever.
Best For: Deep, rumbling G-spot stimulation

The Magic Wand Massager has been used by women of all sexualities for nearly 50 years now. It’s the sex toy that helped many women to have intense squirting orgasms for the first time. If clitoral stimulation doesn’t quite do it for your partner, try massaging her with this baby. You can even buy Magic Wand attachments to customize the sensations.

Magic Wand Massager

The Hitachi Magic Wand is known for its rich feminist history, starting out as an innocent back massager before being discovered by sex therapist Betty Dodson in the 1970s.

PROS: Doesn’t take batteries (plugs in), deep rumbling G-spot orgasms, great reputation

CONS: Needs to be plugged in, limited settings

Oral Sex Simulators

Calling them “simulators” might be a bit kind, but these devices are supposed to mimic the clit licking and clit sucking sensations of oral sex.

Blush Tongue Vibrating Silicone Clitoral Stimulator

Clit tickling fun.
Best For: Playing with the nipples and clitoris.

If you love the idea of “fluttering tips” tickling your clit like a tongue, the Blush Tongue Vibrating Clit Stimulator is ideal for you. Armed with 7 powerful-yet-quiet modes, this USB rechargeable lesbian sex toy delivers powerful clitoral stimulation for you and your partner. It can also be used on the nipples, a powerful erogenous zone.

Blush Tongue Vibrating Silicone Clitoral Stimulator

PROS: Body-safe silicone, 7 modes, USB rechargeable, quiet

CONS: Not fully waterproof

Lelo Sona Cruise 2

Award-winning sonic wave pleasure.
Best For: Stimulating deep into the clitoral complex.

Your clitoris actually extends a few inches inside you, but most vibrators only scratch the surface. Lelo’s Sona series uses sonic waves to send pulses through your clit and deep into your clitoral complex, creating unique penetrating orgasms. The Sona Cruise 2 also reserves 20% of its power for when you press it hard against your body, keeping the pulses intense!

Lelo Sona Cruise 2

PROS: Doesn’t lose power when pressed tightly, sonic wave pulses, body-safe silicone

CONS: Expensive, sonic pulses aren’t for everyone

Fun Factory Volta Vibrator

Great vibrator for female same-sex couples.
Best For: Tickling the clitoris and labia.

Fun Factory are great at making high-quality, simple sex toys, and the Volta Vibrator is no exception. This cheap sex toy for women has 6 vibration speeds and 6 patterns, giving a total of 36 different sensations to explore. Made from medical-grade silicone, it’s also 100% waterproof so you can wash it easily or take it in the shower for some cheeky fun!

Fun Factory Volta Vibrator

PROS: 36 different sensations, waterproof, fluttering tips, medical-grade silicone

CONS: 4-6 hour initial charge, only 45-minute battery life at highest speed

Lesbian Strap Ons and Accessories

Here we take a look at some of the top-rated strap ons, including strapless dildos and high-quality dildo harnesses.

Tantus Beginners Strap-on Kit

Designed with female-female sex in mind.
Best For: Strap-on beginners.

If you’re after strap ons for gay women, look no further than Tantus. Their beginners strap on kit comes with 2 dildos – 4.5 inches and 5.5 inches – ideal for amateurs. These harnesses are adjustable and come with a pouch for a bullet vibe to create pleasure for the wearer. Furthermore, the dildo harnesses O-ring is compatible with other flared base dildos too!

Tantus Beginners Strap-on Kit

There is a lot of stigma around strap ons in the queer community, especially when strap ons for lesbians are designed to look like penises. However, there are many non-phallic strap-on dildos for sale like this one.

PROS: 2 non-phallic dildos included, adjustable up to 60’, bullet vibe pouch, multiple options

CONS: Bullet vibe is loud and not ideally placed for the wearer

Aslan Leather Jaguar Harness

Where Narnia meets lesbianism.
Best For: Classy strap-on sex.

As someone who’s a proud owner of Cherry Red Doc Martens, this Cherry Red leather dildo harness would perfectly match! This high-quality design from Aslan Leather is comfortable, sturdy, and designed to sit on the hips like low-rise jeans. It comes with a 3-point snap out O-ring system, making this harness compatible with hundreds of dildos and O-rings.

Aslan Leather Jaguar Harness

PROS: 2 sizes adjustable up to 56’ hips, real leather, comfortable, multiple options

CONS: Expensive

Sili Saddle Vulvar Stimulator

The ultimate vulva comfort pad.
Best For: Using with strap-ons or whenever you feel the need.

The Sili Saddle is a non-vibrating vulvar stimulator made from squishy silicone. Although it can help to comfortably stimulate this region, it’s often used as a “comfort pad” for women wearing strap ons. It’s 3.75 inches long, 3 inches wide, and designed to fit most women comfortably. If you’re usually the strap-on wearer, I’d recommend trying Sili Saddle.

Sili Saddle Vulvar Stimulator

Female cyclists often use Sili Saddle to add an extra layer of cushion between their mons pubis and the bike saddle.

PROS: Squishy, flexible, boilable, 100% body-safe silicone

CONS: Doesn’t vibrate

Sportsheets Strap On Thigh Harness

This is some advanced gay karma sutra shit.
Best For: When you wanna strap a dildo to your thigh

If you’re looking to experiment with some unique sex positions, then this Thigh Harness might be right up your street. You can also use this on a pillow or cushion to keep the dildo in place, but I imagine there are better ways. This isn’t the strongest harness in the world, but it can accommodate dildos up to a 2.5-inch flared base, which is more than decent!

Sportsheets Strap On Thigh Harness

PROS: Can be used for thighs/cushions/pillows, machine washable

CONS: Dildos not included, not the sturdiest harness

Tantus Feeldoe Strapless Strapon

The most famous strapless dildo for women.
Best For: Strap-on sex without a harness.

The Tantus Strapless series, formerly known as the Tantus Feeldoe series, is a range of strapless dildos designed for female-female sex. Instead of wearing a harness, the wearer inserts the “bulb” or “pony” into their vagina and holds it in place with their pelvic floor muscles. They can then fuck their partner while bullet vibrations pleasure their pussy.

Tantus Feeldoe Strapless Strapon

The only downside to Tantus Strapless is that their dildos tend to be shaped exclusively like penises. However, you can get non-skintone colors like purple… maybe pretend you’re getting fucked by Barney the Dinosaur?

PROS: Strapless dildo, bullet vibrator for the wearer, various styles/sizes

CONS: Takes a lot of practice, expensive

Fun Factory “Share” Silicone Dildo

The clue is in the name!
Best For: Sharing the pleasure.

If you’re a fan of strapless strap-ons, the Fun Factory “Share” is one of the biggest lesbian couples toys on the market. Featuring a large 6.3-inch-long dildo and a bulb for the wearer which stimulates the G-spot and clit with vibrations, this strapless toy is great for vaginal and anal insertion, whether you’re a gay couple or a straight couple pegging!

Fun Factory “Share” Silicone Dildo

Personally, I’m a big fan of Fun Factory products – their toys are always simple and easy to use. They’re also made in Germany, and if there’s one thing those Germans are known for, it’s efficiency and freaky sex.

PROS: Great for pegging and queer sex, 6.3-inch long strapless toy, medical-grade silicone

CONS: May be too big for some

Lesbian Dildos and Accessories

Most of these dildos have been designed with queer women in mind. We’ve got a bit of everything, from G-spot dildos to large double-ended dildos!

Double Sided Suction Cup

Making 2 dildos into 1 double dildo!
Best For: Creating double dildos.

This double-sided suction cup is designed for attaching two separate dildos together at their bases, forming one super double dildo for experimenting with different kinds of queer sex. It sounds great in practice, but some customers find that the suction cups can be iffy. I always find suction cup dildos to be a bit unstable, so I’m not massively surprised.

Double Sided Suction Cup

PROS: 100% silicone, 2.5-inch diameter, supports up to 3 lbs

CONS: Doesn’t always work

BS Atelier dildos

Great dildos made by an LGBTQ+ ally.
Best For: Unique and non-phallic silicone dildos.

BS Atelier make some of the finest lesbian toys around – their extensive collection of silicone dildos is ergonomic and designed to give women those intense G-spot orgasms they’ve always dreamed about. For example, the Alex Rainbow Azur dildo is a pride-themed lesbian toy shaped for G-spot stimulation or anal fun – get creative with these colorful sexual toys!


BS Atelier is a small sex toy company run by 2 women in Valencia, Spain. Extremely supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, BS Atelier even has a line of Pride dildos.

PROS: 100% top-grade silicone dildos, unique shapes and designs, many non-phallic designs

CONS: Expensive (but worth it)

SheVibe Dorcel Double Dildo

One of the largest double dildos on the market.
Best For: Couples play or deep solo penetration.

Are you and your partner both a fan of penetration? Then why not share this enormous double-dildo from SheVibe? This semi-realistic design is 16.5 inches long, giving each partner just over 8 inches of pleasure to enjoy. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

SheVibe Dorcel Double Dildo

PROS: 16.5 inches long, flexible, 100% silky-feel silicone

CONS: May be too intimidating for some

nJoy Pure Wand

Pure G-spot pleasure
Best For: Precise G-spot stimulation

The nJoy Pure Wand really is the Holy Grail of human sexuality. It’s great for everyone – women can use it for their G-spot, and men can use it for their prostate. The 10-inch curved steel wand has a massager ball on each end – one 3-inch ball and one 5.5-inch ball. If you’re looking for precise, pinpoint pleasure… you’ve found it!

nJoy Pure Wand

PROS: 316-grade stainless steel, non-porous, heavy, smooth, precise massage

CONS: Slippery when lubed up, expensive

BDSM Sex Toys for Lesbian Couples

BDSM is a great way to spice up your love life, no matter who you love. These bondage and BDSM toys add new dimensions to your sex!

Master Obedience Sex Bench

Tie her up and do what you want to her! (with consent…)
Best For: BDSM and dom/sub role play.

If you’ve got the space in your home, a BDSM bench is the perfect thing for bondage sex and sub/dom roleplay. Tie your sub to this bench in the doggy-style position and finger her, lick her clit, tease her with toys, or fuck her with a strap-on. The possibilities are endless and this bench can support up to 400 lbs in weight, making it ideal for the majority of women.

Master Obedience Sex Bench

This sex bench was made famous by Cara Delevingne and her girlfriend Ashley Benson when they were papped carrying this bondage bench into their LA home.

PROS: Strong steel frame, support up to 400 lbs

CONS: Expensive, large and cumbersome

Sensua Suede Whip

Whip that bitch into shape!
Best For: Whipping, impact play, and bondage sex

The Lelo Sensua Suede Whip is basically just a really good whip with several tassels. It’s made from cow leather suede, acrylic, and polished metal, so you’re definitely paying for high-quality stuff. It’s great for BDSM and bondage sex if you love impact play (i.e. hitting people) and it comes with the unique Lelo Warranty which lasts up to 10 years (kind of).

Sensua Suede Whip

PROS: High-quality construction, made from cow leather suede, comes with warranty

CONS: Expensive

LoveHoney Pussy Pumps

Get a lovely pumped pussy!
Best For: Pussy pumping and increasing your sensitivity.

In case you don’t know, pussy pumps give your vagina that swollen, engorged look that is so common with pornstars and adult models. It makes the pussy look more inviting and ready for sex, but it also increases blood flow to the area and heightens sensitivity too. This affordable LoveHoney pussy pump is perfect for beginner and expert pumpers alike.

LoveHoney Pussy Pumps

PROS: Large chamber, quick release valve, transparent material

CONS: Tube is tricky to remove

Zalo Rose Ball Gags

A kiss from a rose. Move aside Seal.
Best For: Shutting that bitch up!

Adjustable up to 18.7 inches, the Zalo Rose Ball Gag is perfect for a sleek torture scene. The unique rose design features a “surprise hole” for teasing your sub with fingers, while the tight leather strap makes sure that her gag stays in place. This gorgeous lesbian sex toy is what happens when BDSM meets fashion.

Zalo Rose Ball Gags

PROS: Italian leather and high-quality silicone, unique design, very sleek and chic

CONS: Expensive

Bondage Boutique Under Mattress Restraint

Bondage for any mattress.
Best For: Simple, discreet bondage.

This under-the-bed bondage restraint system is adjustable to be compatible with basically any size bed – even super-king size mattresses. It comes with 4 Velcro cuffs for the sub’s hands and feet, helping to keep them in their place. The Velcro is very strong, although more experienced bondage fans might want something a little stronger!

Bondage Boutique Under Mattress Restraint

PROS: Adjustable to any size bed, Velcro-fastening cuffs, affordable

CONS: Velcro isn’t the strongest way to cuff someone

Lesbian Remote Control Toys

Controlled by your smartphone or a dedicated remote control, these sex toys for women are ideal for long-distance couples or discreet sexual teasing in public. Naughty!

Kiiroo Pearl 2 Fuse Couples Set

Created with gay women in mind.
Best For: Long-distance couples.

When you’re looking for remote control sex toys, it doesn’t get much better than the Kiiroo Pearl 2 Fuse couples set. These 2 unique and powerful vibrators can sync with one another over the internet, allowing same-sex couples to video-call and experience virtual sex. Lesbians using vibrators thousands of miles apart can enjoy simultaneous sensations together!

Kiiroo Pearl 2 Fuse Couples Set

PROS: Remote control vibrators, connect to each other’s toys via Wi-Fi

CONS: Expensive

Lovense Lush 2

Popular, powerful, perfection.
Best For: App-controlled teasing and/or solo play.

Lovense is known for making great remote control sex toys that you operate with their Lovense Remote app. One of the strongest vibrators on this list, the Lush 2 is a popular women’s sex toy for those who like public play and discreet teasing. Ever wanted to give your partner intense squirting orgasms in public? Buy one of these babies.

Lovense Lush 2

Remote control sex toys like the Lush 2 are often found on the r/HoldTheMoan subreddit, a (NSFW!) subreddit where women discreetly pleasure themselves in public places and try to “hold the moan” so no one knows what they’re up to.

PROS: Controlled via Lovense Remote app, powerful vibrator, great for public play

CONS: Expensive

Cowgirl Riding Sex Machine

The sex machine of the future.
Best For: Women with a lot of disposable income!

Controlled either by dedicated remote control or an app on your smartphone, the Cowgirl Riding sex machine comes with 2 different penetrative attachments made from soft high-quality silken silicone. The toy can swivel 360 degrees, so you can get comfortable in whatever position you like. It could be a really fun way to tease your partner.

Cowgirl Riding Sex Machine

If you wanna go to the website and buy this, prepare for the terrible “Cowgirl” puns. They are fucking everywhere.

PROS: 360-degree swivel rotation, multiple vibe settings, app-controlled

CONS: Very pricey

The Joy of Queer Sex!

The Joy of Queer Sex

The great thing about lesbian sex is that it’s so open to experimentation. There’s no traditional “penis goes in hole” configuration to worry about, so you’re free to explore your sexual fantasies and kinks together as a couple. You can experiment with all sorts of sexual sensations, from clit rubbing to nipple clamping to deep fingering!

Ultimately, all women like different things, regardless of sexual orientation. For example, you might discover that you like penetration, whereas your partner prefers clitoral stimulation. If that’s the case, something like the Fun Factory "Share" vibrating strapless dildo would please both of you in your favorite ways simultaneously.

Sex is about sharing an intimate sexual moment with someone else… whether you’re using your body parts or an adult toy to create that moment is irrelevant. Experiment, try new things, and see what helps to bring you and your partner closer together. Lesbians and toys go hand in hand for many queer women.


Cum-clusion. Lesbian Sex Toys

I hope you enjoyed this guide to sex toys for lesbians! Personally, I think that the AYU Silicone Finger Vibe comes out on top purely due to its simplicity and ease of use. However, the Fun Factory "Share" and Lovense Lush 2 are also very good runner-up lesbians toys in my opinion.

So, what’s your opinion? Have you and your partner tried any of these toys? What brought you closer together in the bedroom? Do you have any recommendations of your own? Let us know in the comments below and have fun trying out all these amazing sex toys for queer women!