7 Things to Know About the Autoblow AI, Male Masturbation Toy Review

By: Sex Toy Collective Team

With more men opening up to the idea of spicing things up with male masturbation toys, renowned brands have tried coming up with new inventions to satisfy the ever-increasing demand. 

You’ll find a wide selection of male sex toys out there, ranging from male masturbation toys to prostate massagers, to even penis rings and anal beads. 

While most male masturbators are manual, there’s an increasing number of automatic male sex toys meant for hands-free pleasure. And if industry trends are anything to go by, a large number of men prefer to sit back and allow the male masturbation toys to do the rest. 

One male masturbator that has been making headlines is the Autoblow AI, an automatic male sex toy that uses AI to mimic oral sex

It’s hard to believe that male masturbation toys can simulate oral sex as good as the Autoblow AI does, but the truth is, this bad boy is an expert!

It gets the job done effectively, perhaps even better than your partner… (wink wink). 

But despite all the hype surrounding the Autoblow AI, several men remain skeptical about its features, effectiveness, and safety. 

Some even wonder if it’s a wise investment, to begin with.

If you’re sitting on the fence like I did a couple of months back, consider this article heaven sent, as I’ll shed more light on the Autoblow AI, using my personal experience to highlight everything you need to know about the toy. 

So without wasting any more time, let’s take an in-depth look at 7 things you need to know about the Autoblow AI. 

 Let’s slide in!

1. The Autoblow AI is Among the Few Male Masturbation Toys To Use AI

With hundreds or possibly thousands of male sex toys out there, it’s hard to find one that understands and adjusts to your unique preferences. 

But things are different with the Autoblow AI, which uses artificial intelligence to customize a user’s experience.

When developing the Autoblow AI’s mechanism, the manufacturer, VIECI (Very Intelligent Ecommerce Inc), relied heavily on machine learning and big data analysis to better understand the intricate movements used in blowjobs. 

Complex right? Let’s break it down a bit. 

So by viewing a whooping 108+ hours of blowjob videos, the team sought to understand and replicate blowjob movements through machine learning.

But instead of just learning the intricate movements, it was more about recreating the movements behind the techniques and intensities, which helped create sensual sequences that simulate actual oral sex. 

Through machine learning, it was possible to come up with 10 modes that almost perfectly recreate an actual blowjob, making the experience realistic, which is hard to find in most male masturbation toys. 

So instead of using random settings and adjustments to simulate a blowjob experience, the Autoblow AI’s system learned and integrated dozens of techniques to make the intensity and techniques as real as possible. 

Talk about AI coming in ‘handy’.

2. You Get To Choose Between 10 Different Blowjob Intensities or Experiences

Where the Autoblow AI outsmarts or outperforms other male masturbation toys, in my opinion, is when it comes to functionality. 

This AI-powered adult toy boasts 10 unique blowjob intensities to help you bust a nut in the shortest or longest time possible, your call. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of the unique blowjob experiences offered by the Autoblow, and how they help enhance the overall self-pleasing experience. 

  1. Full stroke: The device offers complete strokes, moving up and down your penis without making any stops. 
  2. Intense Edge: The Autoblow AI will make 3-second strokes (full strokes), pausing for 1-2 seconds to help build the intensity of the orgasm. 
  3. Fast Edge: You’ll get 15-second full strokes before the Autoblow pauses for 2 seconds. The process will repeat until you change the settings. 
  4. Teasing Slow Stroke: Delivers 2 full strokes before pausing for one second to tease you. 
  5. Top Stroke: This mode focuses on the top part of the penis. Suitable if you have a short penis or you just love stimulating the upper part.
  6. Bottom Stroke: The device will stroke the bottom part of your penis.
  7. Top and Bottom Stroke: Alternates between a few top strokes before switching to bottom strokes.
  8. Masterstroke 1: Combines top strokes, bottom strokes, and full strokes for that holistic BJ experience.
  9. Masterstroke 2: Similar to Masterstroke 1, only that the device alternates between different speeds.
  10. Full AI Experience: The device alternates between the different experiences. It also changes the stroke length and speed for a truly unique BJ experience. 

You can also adjust the speed on your Autoblow AI using the + and – buttons on the side of the casing. The AI technology will take note of your most preferred settings and will give priority to your speed and experience preferences when in the Full AI Experience mode.

3. The Autoblow AI Is Among the Easiest Male Masturbation Toys to Use

It’s easy to get intimidated by the Autoblow AI’s bulky design, especially considering it uses the term AI in its name. 

However, once you unbox your new sex toy, you’ll understand why most users believe it’s among the easiest masturbation toys for men to use. 

In terms of control, most large-sized male masturbators usually come with several buttons, which complicates things instead of making them easier. 

But that’s not the case with the Autoblow AI, as it only has 5 buttons. The first button (located at the top) is the edge button, which allows you to pause and resume the same experience without having to restart all over again. 

The next two buttons are for speed control and allow you to switch between the 10 different speed settings. The fourth button from the top is for skipping between the 10 different experiences, while the final button (located at the bottom) is for turning the device on and off. 

You won’t need to be experienced with using automatic male masturbators to make the most of the Autoblow AI. If anything, you’ll only need to go through the user manual for a couple of minutes before learning how to set up and remove the interchangeable sleeve. 

4. The Autoblow AI is Among the Easiest Male Masturbators to Clean 

The problem with most male sex toys is the difficulty to remove and clean the sleeves. While some male masturbators come with unique designs that enhance usability, they often make cleaning a nightmare, especially when it comes to accessing hard-to-reach surfaces. 

The good thing with the Autoblow AI is that it uses silicone sleeves that are easy to remove and clean. 

One important tip to remember, though, is that the Autoblow AI isn’t waterproof and contact with water can damage the microchip. Instead of washing the entire device, you can wipe the external surface with a damp cloth to remove dust or any stains. 

To clean your Autoblow AI’s silicone sleeve, you’ll need to remove it carefully before washing it with antibacterial soap and preferably warm water. Allow the sleeve to dry before placing it back in the device. 

One trick to keep your Autoblow AI’s sleeve in tip-top shape is to use sleeve renewal powders. Not only do these powders help maintain your sleeve’s softness, but they also ensure they remain tight. 

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5.  The Autoblow AI Isn’t Battery Powered 

If you’re a lover of battery-powered male masturbation toys like I am, you’ll be somewhat disappointed to learn that it only works when plugged into an electrical outlet. 

Sucks, I know. 

This means that you can’t use the Autoblow on the go (its bulky size doesn’t allow, anyway). However, it’s still one of the best automatic male masturbators you can get your hands on…best believe! 

The good thing is that the electrical cord is long enough to accommodate convenient usage at home, just set it up close to your bed or couch, and let it do the rest. 

It’s that easy. 

Cum to think of it, the lack of an in-built battery is a blessing in disguise, especially since many male sex toys have low-quality batteries that deteriorate with every charge. 

But with the Autoblow AI, you don’t have to worry about battery replacement as all you’ll need is your cable and electricity to have the time of your life. 

6. It Isn’t Among the Most Quiet Male Masturbation Toy

Remember that when investing in the Autoblow AI, you’re getting one of the most powerful male masturbators on the market. 

One con of having such power in your hands is that it won’t be a whisper-quiet affair. 

The good news, however, is that the Autoblow AI isn’t among the noisiest male sex toys, either. As much as it isn’t whisper-quiet, it also isn’t loud enough to let your neighbors in on your activities. 

Plus, the Autoblow AI is designed for use at home, or anywhere with sufficient electrical outlets. This means you can easily mask the noise by playing music or even playing a movie in the background. 

You won’t even need to set any other devices on if you’re the type that fancies low-speed settings. But for more intense settings, you’ll probably need some background sound to mask the noise lest your roommate gets curious about your activities.  

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7. You Can Interchange the Sleeves Like Most Popular Male Masturbation Toys 

Like several male sex toys designed for stroking, you can interchange the sleeves. You’ll have the option to choose between vaginal and anal sleeves at the time of purchase, which allows you to switch up your play every now and then. 

Of course, the Autoblow AI is primarily designed to offer the best blowjob simulation, but this doesn’t mean the device won’t work well with vaginal or anal sleeves. 

As a matter of fact, most users end up investing in all three sleeves at some point – just to experience different sensations. 

I’d recommend getting your sleeves from Autoblow as they’re guaranteed to fit your toy perfectly. 

And it gets even better as Autoblow also has stamina training sleeves that are tighter than their standard sleeves, allowing you to improve your bedroom game while enjoying some ‘alone time’. 

Your partner will definitely notice the improvement. 

Remember to take good care of your sleeves by practicing proper hygiene. You should also change sleeves after extended use, as doing so ensures you make the most of your Autoblow AI. 

Differences Between the Autoblow AI and AI+

At first glance, the Autoblow AI and AI+ appear to be identical masturbation toys for men. However, the AI+ integrates several advancements that make it somewhat superior to the Autoblow AI. 

Let’s take a look at some of the new features you get with the AI+.

The Autoblow AI+ Has A Customizable Penis Gripper

One of the best features of the Autoblow AI is its compactness, which makes the blowjob simulation more realistic compared to that of other male sex toys. 

However, the Autoblow AI takes things a notch higher, courtesy of its easily adjustable penis gripper. You’ll only need a screwdriver to tighten the penis gripper’s screw, which should take you no more than a few seconds. 

This isn’t to say that the Autoblow AI isn’t tight. In fact, when on default settings, the Autoblow AI is more compact than its counterpart. The only difference is that you can adjust the penis gripper on the Autoblow AI+ and make it as tight as you want it. 

Internet Connectivity

While the Autoblow AI is packed with tons of amazing features, the AI+ has loads of other features that make it more interactive. 

In addition to connecting to the internet, the AI+ allows you to download blowjob patterns and use your phone as a remote control. This allows for remote play, which is ideal for people in long-distance relationships. 

Voice Command

The Autoblow AI+ comes with 6 built-in voice commands that allow for increased convenience during usage. The 6 built-in commands that you can use include pause, faster, slower, next, go and finish me

Although the Autoblow AI doesn’t have voice commands, you can easily control the device by pressing the controls. 

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Autoblow AI Review – FAQs

Is The Autoblow AI Among the Best Male Sex Toys?

The Autoblow AI is among the best male sex toys for a number of reasons. Not only does it come with 10 different blow job experiences, but it also gives you control over 10 speed settings, which translates to more pleasure, unlike what you get with most other male masturbation toys. 

It also allows for hands-free pleasure, which can make a lot of difference for users that don’t fancy manual strokers. 

Is the Autoblow AI Waterproof Like Some Male Masturbation Toys?

Like most automatic male masturbation toys, the Autoblow AI isn’t waterproof and shouldn’t be allowed to come into contact with water. 

It’s among the male sex toys that aren’t suitable for aquatic play, meaning you shouldn’t use it close to showers, baths, or pools. 

Are Automatic Male Masturbation Toys Like the Autoblow AI Safe to Use?

Most automatic male masturbation toys are safe to use. The Autoblow AI is among the safest male sex toys on the market and poses no risk of electrical shock when in use. 

However, since the device is powered by plugging its cable into a power outlet, it shouldn’t come into contact with water. 

How Can I Take Good Care of My Autoblow AI?

You can take good care of your Autoblow AI by observing the following tips: 

Keep it Away from Water

Although a number of male masturbation toys are waterproof, the Autoblow AI isn’t, and is therefore not ideal for aquatic play. When looking to clean the male sex toy, it’s advisable to use a damp cloth on the outer surface. 

Clean the Sleeve After Use

A good rule of thumb to observe when using male sex toys is to always clean up after use. This means taking the sleeve out, cleaning it with mild soap and rinsing it with warm water. You can use warm water to clean the Autoblow AI’s sleeve as it’s made of silicone. 

Always allow the sleeve to dry before placing it back in the Autoblow AI. 

Change the Sleeves Regularly

Although silicone sleeves are highly durable, they might become loose over time, effectively taking away from your Autoblow AI experience. In such instances, you might want to consider buying new sleeves. 

You can also purchase vaginal and anal sleeves and transform your Autoblow AI into a sex machine, a feature that’s hard to find in most other male masturbators.

Store the Autoblow AI Safely

Just like all other male masturbators, you’ll need to store your Autoblow AI safely if at all it’s to serve you long enough. Once done cleaning the sleeve, you should always place it back into the device before storing it away safely. 

Remember to avoid moist or highly humid areas as the device isn’t waterproof. A clean and dry storage container should be enough to keep your Autoblow AI safe. 

Is the Autoblow AI Noisy?

The Autoblow AI isn’t the noisiest male sex toy around, but it also isn’t whisper-quiet like some male masturbation toys. 

The more intense your settings, the louder the device will be. However, background music should be enough to hush the sound produced by the Autoblow AI. 

Is the Autoblow AI Easy to Use?

The Autoblow AI is easy to use despite its bulky design. The sex toy features a minimalistic design and only comes with 5 buttons, which makes it easy for first-timers to use. 

Changing between blowjob experiences is rather straightforward… as is increasing or decreasing the intensity. 

Wrapping Up – Autoblow AI Review

The Autoblow AI is a great fit if you’re into automatic male sex toys. Not only is it easy to use, but it also packs a crazy amount of power that’s bound to blow your mind away. 

The 10 different blowjob experiences add to the Autoblow AI’s overall appeal, as you can easily switch from settings like Full Stroke to Intense Edge, Fast Edge, and several other settings, including the Full AI Experience. 

The power is truly in your hands with the Autoblow AI

Although designed to be durable, you’ll need to take good care of your Autoblow AI if it’s to serve you for years. 

Remember to clean the silicone sleeve after every use, and store the Autoblow AI nicely in a dry location. 

You should also consider getting additional sleeves when purchasing the Autoblow AI to transform it from a blowjob machine to an intense sex machine. It’s that versatile. 

Don’t hesitate to get creative with your speed and vibration settings, since, after all, work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 

Now go on and have some mad fun – you deserve it!

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