The Top Rated Vibrators & How To Pick Yours

There are hundreds of vibrators to choose from, but only a few will be the best vibrator for you.  Everyone has different anatomy, preferences, and budgets, which can make it difficult to pick a vibrator, especially since you usually can't return them once you try them out.

This guide is going to help make it easier to find that perfect vibrator.

To warm up, i've put together a table of some well made and trusted vibrators.

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Tantus Rumble
Le Wand Petite
R2 V2
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I also have some more specific guides to help you narrow down your search even more:

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibes are the best vibrators for taking on the go.  They can fit in your pocket and most are discreet enough not to be recognized as vibes.   The vibrators Lelo Mia 2 and the WeVibe Tango, disguise themselves as unsuspecting lipstick.

Even though they are small they can still pack some deep rumbling vibes.  The best ones have a few settings and so you can escalate from soft vibrations to more intense.

The Tango by wevibe is my top bullet vibrator that I take with me wherever I go, just be careful how you position it in your bag, so that it doesn't go off (happened to me more than a few times)

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Wand Vibrators

Wand vibrators have long handle and a ball-shaped end that vibrates.  The original vibrators were all wand vibrators, like the magic wand, and sold as back massagers.  It only took a while for people to realize that wand massagers were the best orgasm machine ever invented.

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Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are two vibrators in one and awesome for blended orgasms.  My partner had trouble achieving orgasms with bullets and wands, but a rabbit works like a charm.  The top rated rabbit vibrators have two motors: one in the 'rabbit ear' for the clit, and one in the shaft for internal stimulation.  You can control the speeds and patterns of each arm separately, for really crazy orgasms.

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Quiet Vibrators

It can be a bit of a turn off if you want to use a vibrator, but have roommates nearby.  I thought it would be fun to measure different vibrators volumes at my local sex shops to see which ones were the quietest.  Unsuprisingly, the smaller the vibrator (and the smaller the motor) the more quiet the vibrator.  You can read about my findings in this guide to the quietest vibrators.