The 14 Best G Spot Vibrators

A g-spot vibrator can make for an awesome addition to any sex toy collection. Whether you want to add something new to your bedroom rapporteur or just want to intensify your solo play, this guide to the best g spot vibrators will help you hit the sweet spot.

What Is A G-Spot Vibrator?

The g-spot is a bundle of nerve-endings on the top wall of the vagina. This multiplanar structure is sort of an extension of the clitoris, to put it simply. When stimulated during intercourse, the g-spot results in what some women describe as full-body orgasms. Due to its location, this pleasure playground is not easy to stimulate with vaginal penetration alone. A g-spot vibrator is a sex toy designed to stimulate the g-spot with vibrations.

You can easily identify a g-spot vibrator from a regular dildo by how it's shaped. G-spot vibrators come in specially designed shapes. Their shafts have sharp twists or curves near the tip for optimal pleasure. The vibrator motor is placed directly in the tip to maximize stimulation. The goal is to hit and stimulate the g-spot, so g-spot vibrators are not designed for deep penetration. In fact, a g-spot vibrator doesn’t even have to be insertable.

How A G-Spot Vibrator Works

The goal of a g-spot vibrator is to massage the g-spot. Thanks to their curves and uniquely designed tips, g-spot vibrators are able to complete that task efficiently. The shape and motion of a g-spot vibrator are designed to target the g-spot and provide direct stimulation. A regular, straight vibrator or dildo might give you pleasure by touching the g-spot now and then, but that’s not what its designed to do.

While most women just require a vibrator with a slight curve to it to achieve g-spot stimulation, some need a c-shaped vibrator to do the trick. By applying slight pressure to the g-spot directly, g-spot vibrators help you achieve the often-elusive g-spot orgasm. You need to be well acquainted with your body to use a g-spot vibrator successfully. Patience is key. Take time to try and find out what works for you.

The Top 15 G Spot Vibrators

 Ready to get started? Here’s our picks for the 15 best g spot vibrators.

Lelo Gigi 2

A durable rechargeable g-spot vibrator.

The Lelo Gigi 2 is specially made for massaging the g-spot. If you don’t know where your g-spot is, there’s a good chance that the Lelo Gigi 2 will help you locate it. With eight vibration patterns and multiple intensity levels, this top-rated vibrator has helped many break their squirt virginity.

PROS: Waterproof, quiet operation, easy to use.

CONS: No clear battery level indicator, not enough power, gets noisier with time.

The Swan Curve G-Spot Vibrator

An affordable multipurpose massager.

The Swan Curve is a g spot vibrator you control by squeezing.  The harder you squeeze the more intense the vibrations.

It's 100% waterproof and is silicone from head-to-toe, so you can also use it like a wand vibrator for clit stimulation.

It takes about 2 hours to full charge, which can last for up to 4 hours. It's easily portable, you can take it wherever you want.

PROS: Portable, easy to use, versatile, rechargeable, powerful vibrations.

CONS: Relatively slow charging

Paloqueth G-Spot Vibrator

A cost-effective g spot vibrator

The Paloqueth G-Spot Vibrator is a sleek, stylish, and fairly unintimidating sex toy, an excellent choice for those trying a g-spot vibrator for the first time. This top-rated g-spot vibrator comes with nine vibration modes and FDA-approved medical grade silicone coating. The vibrator comes with one button which you can use to turn it on/off and cycle through the vibration modes.

PROS: Waterproof, easy to operate, rechargeable, feature rich.

CONS: Battery drains fast, durability issues, not enough power.

G Spot Waves Vibrator

Best cheap g-spot vibrator

The G Spot Waves Vibrator is one of the best g-spot vibrators in the market. With its hypoallergenic smooth silicone build, this powerful sex toy can be a great addition for your top drawer. It comes with ten different vibration patterns and a strong vibrator motor in tip for powerful G spot. The vibrator comes with USB rechargeable batteries with fast charging feature.

PROS: Very well priced, easy to control, waterproof.

CONS: A bit large, problems with longevity, a bit noisy during operation.


A reliable, functional g-spot vibrator.

Unbound is known for producing some of the best sex toys in the market, and Bender is no different. This excellent g-spot vibrator comes with a variety of vibration patterns for the ultimate experience. Bender is versatile and easy to play around with. It looks like a silicon stick but it bends with ease, hence the name ‘Bender.’

PROS: Made from body-safe silicone, waterproof, multiple vibration patterns.

CONS: Can be loud, quite big for some.

Lelo Mona Wave

A sizeable g-spot vibrator to make you feel quite full.

If you prefer strong vibrations, the Lelo Mona Wave could be the vibrator you are looking for. This g-spot vibrator comes with eight vibration modes and multiple intensity speeds. The ‘wave motion’ feature allows the shaft to imitate a curling finger for extra pleasure. In its entirety, the Lelo Mona is designed for maximum g-spot stimulation.

PROS: 100% waterproof, rechargeable, powerful, specially designed for g-spot stimulation.

CONS: Expensive, not for starters.

SVAKOM Cathy Vibrators

A powerful g-spot vibrator with elegant design.

The SVAKOM Cathy Vibrators is one of the best g-spot vibrators in the market. It's waterproof so you can use it in the shower. The vibrator is made from environmentally friendly material and body-safe silicone but it’s a little bigger than the average penis. Besides g-spot and clitoral stimulation, the vibrator can be used to massage other parts of the body as well.

PROS: Strong vibration, quiet operation, easy to use.

CONS: Too thick at the top, durability issues.

Fun Factory TIGER G5 Vibrator

A big powerful vibrator for exploring different parts of the body.

The Fun Factory TIGER G5 Vibrator can be used to pleasure both men and women. The German-made vibrator comes with uniquely curved ends for maximum g-spot stimulation in women and prostate for men. The medical-grade silicone shaft bends easily thus delivering powerful vibrations in some of the most hidden parts of the body.

PROS: Battery level indicator, 12 vibration patterns, intuitive controls, 100% waterproof, rechargeable.

CONS: Not for beginners, too big for some, can be noisy.

Fun Factory Stronic Surf Realistic Pulsator Thrusting Dildo

An excellent option for stimulating different parts of the vagina.

The Fun Factory Stronic Surf Realistic Pulsator Thrusting Dildo is designed to hit your g-spot along with other pleasure points in your vagina for better orgasms. The vibrator thrusts back and forth on its own for a hands-free experience. The vibrations occur in ten different settings allowing you to build your arousal gradually from a steady pulse to a wild rhythm.

PROS: Body-safe materials, waterproof, Low battery warning, rechargeable, long-lasting batteries, hands-free thrusting.

CONS: Becomes noisier with time, lacks vibration power.

Fun Factory PATCHY PAUL G5 Vibrator

A large, flexible vibrator designed for maximum g-spot stimulation.

The Fun Factory PATCHY PAUL G5 Vibrator design makes it extremely easy to achieve g-spot orgasms. This vibrator comes with 12 vibration patterns with multiple intensity levels. The vibrator has ridging around the shaft for arousing penetration. The battery level indicator helps monitor the battery level.

PROS: Rechargeable, easy to use, comfortable, multiple vibration patterns, portable.

CONS: Drains battery quickly, noisy, shaft too big for some.

Sola Cue 10-Function Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

An easy to use g-spot stimulation vibrator.

The Sola Cue 10-Function Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator comes with 5 vibration patterns and 5 intensity levels. The Sola Cue 10 is designed for g-spot stimulation, delivering deep powerful vibration on this pleasure playground. The vibrator is made from platinum cured silicon hence soft, easy to grip, and 100% safe. Once held, the Cue will perfectly contour into your hand for ease of use.

PROS: Rechargeable, waterproof, powerful, intuitive build.

CONS: Short battery life, hard and inflexible.

Coco de Mer Georgiana G-Spot Vibrator

A powerful g-spot vibrator with ergonomic design.

The Coco de Mer Georgiana G-Spot Vibrator in sleek, smooth, body-safe silicon build which makes it easily insertable. Carefully designed for ultimate g-spot stimulation, the Coco de Mer Georgiana does not disappoint. The tip is made for precision, delivering as much pleasure as possible from g-spot stimulation. The Coco comes with a USB charger and a cocoa-colored leather case.

PROS: Waterproof, multiple vibration speeds, fast charging, travel lock function.

CONS: Loud buzzing during use, not powerful enough for some.

Wearable Vibrator Clitoris and G-Spot Stimulator

A wearable, dual action wireless controlled g-spot vibrator.

The Wearable Vibrator Clitoris and G-Spot Stimulator sports some great unique features. This vibrator is wearable; you can wear it as part of your body as you go on with your daily activities. It’s remote controlled, very easy to cycle through the vibration pattern and intensity settings. It also comes equipped with two motors for double stimulation on the clitoris and the g-spot.

PROS: Simultaneous clitoris and g-spot stimulation, wearable, waterproof, powerful vibrations, USB rechargeable.

CONS: Noisy buzzing in some cases, battery life.

Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine 12-Function G-Spot Vibrator

A ribbed g-spot vibrator for intense climaxes.

The Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine G-Spot Vibrator comes in a stylish ABS plastic and body-safe silicon build. With 12 vibration programs, inclined tip, and a wide-ribbed shaft attachment, the Satisfyer is designed to deliver maximum g-spot orgasms. It's 100% waterproof, so you can safely use it in the shower.

You can also pair it up with VR goggles via Bluetooth and watch specially-made videos online. The Launch syncs up with the content and simulates the on-screen movements. If you’ve ever been curious about virtual reality porn, this is your chance to try it!

PROS: Waterproof, USB rechargeable, multiple vibration patterns and intensities.

CONS: Can be loud.


An award-winning, ergonomic g-spot vibrator.

This top g-spot vibrator is one of the best in the market. The Lelo OLGA comes in stylish Stainless Steel and 24-karat gold builds and multiple vibration patterns and intensities. One end of the OLGA is flattened for g-spot and clitoral stimulation while the other is pointed for deep penetration.

PROS: Safe, rechargeable, quiet buzzing.

CONS: Expensive.

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G Spot Waves Vibrator
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Best G Spot Vibrator For Beginners

For a first-time buyer, shopping for the perfect g-spot vibrator can be overwhelming. There’re way too many options and it’s confusing. You should probably focus on keeping things simple then work your way up as you garner experience. Here are our top three g-spot toys recommendations for you:

A g-spot vibrator does exactly what it says on the tin — it provides sexual pleasure by stimulating the g-spot directly. Since all women are physiologically different, g-spot vibrators come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Just because a g-spot vibrator works for your friend doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll work for you. If you want to learn more about the other types of vibrators check out our guide to the best vibrators.

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