Lelo Soraya WAVE Review

By: Tawney Seren

There are a great many rabbit vibrator toys on the market that cater to both clitoral stimulation and G-spot stimulation, but it’s quite difficult to narrow things down to the perfect rabbit sex toy. Blended orgasms are great, but these sex toys have lacked innovation for a while.

With all the bold claims and fancy designs, how can a rabbit vibrator stand out?

Amidst a sea of rabbit vibrators is the LELO Soraya Wave, which promises a full-body orgasmic experience. The sex toy’s Wave Motion ™ Technology uses a “come hither motion” to mimic your lover’s fingers inside you while the clit vibrator tickles you pink.

Sound too good to be true? Check out this Lelo Soraya Wave review!

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Pros and Cons for the LELO Soraya Wave


  • Waterproof – This toy is perfect for both bath and shower play
  • Body-safe Silicone – The Midnight Blue silicone is soft, non-porous, and easy to clean
  • Powerful Vibrations – Provides deep, rumbly vibrations on both the clitoris and G spot
  • USB Rechargeable – No worrying about batteries
  • Wave Motion ™ Technology – Makes a ‘come hither’ motion that mimics fingers for intense G-spot stimulation
  • Bendable Clitoral Stimulator – Clitoral stimulation right where you need it
  • Satin Storage Pouch – Great for travel
  • 4.3 inches of insertable length
  • Multiple vibration modes – control each tip (clit & G-spot) independently
  • 1-year warranty


  • Price – $199 isn’t too cheap!
  • The shaft of Soraya Wave is firm – does not flex with your body easily.
  • Not too quiet – there are quieter vibrators out there
  • Must be used with water-based lubricants, some silicone lubricants do not react well

Who is LELO?

Award-winning and with beautiful and pleasurable sex toys to back it up, LELO appears to make quite a mark. They rise above with innovative toys that are not often seen. Their rabbits, truth be told, have always been nestled close to my heart.

I was incredibly excited to give the Soraya Wave a go!

Made with silky-smooth body safe silicone, their toys are sleek, stylish, and will last quite some time. My personal favorite feature? The small handles that the majority of their toys possess. These handles add another layer of accessibility and a better grip of the toy during play.

Their Soraya Wave not only has 2 silicone covered stimulation points, but it moves in a ‘come-hither’ motion against your G spot, providing an extra, new sensation compared to other rabbits.

I was beyond impressed and had no idea what I was getting myself into with this new Wave technology.

How is the Soraya Wave Different from other Rabbits?

A great many of the rabbits currently on the market do not allow for the adjustments the Soraya Wave does. The adjustable clitoral attachment makes it easy to place the nub wherever you desire during play.

Also, in many instances, the G spot bulb at the end of the shaft merely rests against your G spot. This bulb not only provides rumbly vibrations, but with the Wave Technology it also strokes your G-spot.

It’s intense.

This was a function I had not yet seen on a rabbit and greatly enjoyed. Not only is it pressing against your G spot, it’s caressing it as you delve into the pleasure it delivers.

It was a grand adventure I was not quite prepared for the first time around, but after the ‘oh my!” surprise had surpassed, I was able to give it more attention.

There are also 8 different functions with adjustable intensities per function. There was no issue finding the pleasure I desired and the versatility of the toy was greatly appreciated.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a LELO Soraya Wave

Yes, the Soraya Wave is incredibly powerful and pleasurable – but it’s important to get the full picture before purchasing.

Not for quiet, discreet play

The Soraya Wave is not a hugely quiet toy, especially when you are utilizing the vibration and WaveMotion ™ Technology. It’s definitely okay for some scenarios but not others, depending on your privacy concerns.

Even when it’s inside you, it still is not the quietest toy and can be heard from under covers and in some cases – across the room or on the other side of the door. Not ideal if you’re sharing a room, for example.

The G Spot Shaft is Firm

The shaft of the rabbit that inserts and presses against your G spot is very firm. There is no extra flexibility to it that will further assist with bending against your body.

If you experience pain during internal play you may not want to use the Soraya Wave as it’s not soft and squishy.

Be warned!

Thankfully, the shaft of the toy is not very thick, making it easier to adjust to the firmness. It also assists with an easier insertion, but I would have loved to feel a bit more flexibility and softness to even just the tip of the shaft on this rabbit.

What Makes the LELO Soraya Wave so Good?

Bendable Clitoral Stimulator and WaveMotion ™ Technology

The LELO Soraya Wave has a bendable clitoral stimulator, allowing you to adjust once the toy is inside you to better fit against your clitoris.

This addition was fantastic and allows you to better connect with the deep, rumbly vibrations of the rabbit.

I loved this addiction, as it shows the company understood that not all bodies are the same. Sometimes the clitoral attachments of rabbits cannot service us the way they intended because they are too firm to adjust to where we need them the most.

On top of the adjustable clitoral attachment, the Soraya Wave has the WaveMotion ™ Technology. This further stimulates your G spot by adding pressure through movement. It presses against you, then eases back much like fingers curling within your body.

I was blown away by how realistic it felt and how much added pleasure it brought.

Waterproof and Body Safe for Peace of Mind

The LELO Soraya Wave is 100% waterproof. Not only did this make it easy for deep cleaning, but also for bath and shower play.

I also found that the sound of this toy was much decreased when used underwater, so this was also a benefit for discreet play.

Take it in the bath if you’re getting off in secrecy!

Not only was it waterproof, but body-safe. The soft silicone will last a very long time and can be completely cleaned of bacteria. It can also easily be stored against other silicone toys without discoloration or ‘melting’.

Despite the ease in storing, it also comes with a small, silken storage pouch that it can be safely stored in.

Deep, Powerful Vibrations

The Soraya Wave is not for the faint of heart. These vibrations are delivered beautifully and are deep and rumbly. It really does put the buzziness of little vibraters to shame and I’m happy for it.

There are 2 different motors in this Midnight Blue sex toy, one at the end of the shaft that presses against your G spot, and the other on the adjustable clitoral nub so you can achieve two different points of pleasure.

You can really tailor-make your orgasm.

I am a little nervous of super powerful G-spot stimulation and even I found myself shying away from the more powerful of the speed settings on this incredible rabbit… especially considering the combination of the Wave Motion to the vibration experience.

Other LELO Soraya Wave Reviews

My opinion of this toy is only one of many. Let’s see what other sex toy experts had to say about this powerful rabbit sex toy!

“The geniuses behind its creation have turned its iconic double-action vibrator into a perfected device with an enlarged, soft, molded tip that intensifies the sensations at the G-spot and a flexible, ergonomic external stimulator with which you can play with your clitoris and enjoy double orgasms with comfort, freedom and more pleasure.”Her Toys Review

“Incredible. Even before actually having the orgasm, it was orgasmic. The different waves were very arousing and I loved the fact that I could use it hands-free.”Venus O Hara

“Pros, it is a real-life luxury toy in every aspect, so in regard to the device itself, the pros are EVERYTHING. It’s gorgeous, waterproof, body-safe and USB rechargeable, which make it great for both you and the environment, it’s innovative and THE (MULTIPLE) ORGASMS IT GIVES YOU *praise hands* HALLELOO!”Shakira Scott

The Final Word – Should You Buy This Sex Toy?

The LELO Soraya Wave was a powerful and body safe toy that took me by surprise… providing deep, rumbly vibrations that brought me to orgasm a great many times.

The Soraya Wave does just what I want it to do – with a bit of something extra.

I have not found a rabbit that quite mimics the beautiful caressing come hither motion of this toy and with the added benefit of it being 100% waterproof and having adjustable speeds for EACH vibration setting? I was in heaven.

In short, I would recommend this toy to rabbit lovers that want a bit more out of their play. With perfect and firm pressure against your body, it means business and doesn’t care who knows it.

Be warned – it’s a powerful ride you will not soon forget.

Get the Lelo Soraya Wave here!Use coupon code STC15 for 15% off

Written by

Tawney Seren

After years of working in the industry as a content creator and performer, I was surrounded with viewers who had questions upon questions about sex and toys! Realizing there weren’t enough voices in the sex education community, I started to share my experiences and advice.

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