Vesper Crave Vibrator Necklace

Crave Vesper Review: A Sexy Necklace with Good Vibes

By: Tawney Seren

Crave is not a company I’ve ever reviewed previously, but I was elated to get my hands on their product Vesper after seeing it all over social media. With high-quality products designed in San Francisco and founded by an industrial designer and a ‘serial entrepreneur’, these beautiful necklaces make quite a statement and are backed by a lot of creative brains.

Crave has quite a beautiful collection of toys ranging from vibrators to cuffs, but their signature Vesper demands attention above the others. A slim, stainless steel vibrator that comes in three different eloquent colors, the Vesper is a pleasurable little vibe that not only delivers, but compliments any outfit.

The idea that I could fashionably wear this vibrator in public and only those who have already seen one would be privy to my naughtiness was an opportunity I could not pass up.


  • Made of high-quality polish 316 stainless steel.
  • Rounded tip perfect for external, pinpoint stimulation.
  • Personalizeable, making it wonderful for delivering a message to yourself, or to someone else.
  • USB rechargeable so there’s no fuss with batteries.
  • Discreet and fashionable, perfect for wearing in public without others knowing.
  • Vesper is splashproof, making it easy to clean.
  • Comes with an adorable felt storage bag for both the necklace, and charger.
  • Body-safe stainless steel.


  • Not for anal use, only vaginal or external stimulation.
  • Not submersible, so keep away from the bath!
  • Smaller in size, making it difficult to provide deep, rumbly vibrations to a larger area of skin
  • Must use water-based lubricant only. I recommend the Sliquid H20.

The Crave Vesper was not a toy I thought would be very pleasurable as it’s incredibly slim and seemingly wouldn’t cover a lot of space, but this vibe was surprisingly powerful. The small, curved end was perfect for pin-pointed pleasure and there were a variety of different ways it can be used for optimal pleasure.

The ability to be able to wear something for your pleasure out in public was not only an exciting endeavor, but empowering. I am carrying around something that others might deem taboo, and it was fashionable as well!

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Vesper

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Vesper

If you’re someone who desires a deep, rumbly vibration that cascades through the entirety of your naughty bits, this toy has a hard time covering the ‘skin space’ that others can. It’s incredibly slim (3.8” long and 0.5” in width) so it won’t deliver that wand-style pleasure, however, there are a few ways this necklace can be maneuvered for more pleasurable solo play.

Not only can the curved end be used to press against your erogenous zones (whether that be internal, or external), but the four different vibration patterns navigated through one button along the side of Vesper drive powerfully through the toy and out the end. This made nipple stimulation play and clitoral play incredible. That being said, I am someone who enjoys a larger area of skin being stimulation so I found that laying the toy longwise against my clitoris enhanced the vibration and gave me the desired result.

If you’re looking for an anal toy, Vesper is NOT for you. There is no flared end that keeps it safe for anal play.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Discreet Public Play

In my opinion, the most fantastic thing about this toy is the ability to wear it in public. I found myself fantasizing about the encounters I would have, half of me worried everyone would immediately know what I was wearing and call me out on it, half of me excited to wear something for MY pleasure in a place where others wouldn’t deem it ‘appropriate’.

There’s something to be said about owning your pleasure and your needs. I feel that this beautiful vibrator does just that. It could easily be layered with other necklaces for a more fashionable (and further hidden) look, Vesper is easy to clean and doesn’t smear, eliminating the stress around someone grabbing hold of your ‘necklace’ and taking a closer look.

Temperature Control and Sensation Play

Because Vesper is made of stainless steel, it’s quite easy to engage in sensation and temperature play. For instance, I found myself squeezing it in my hand, easily obtaining body temperature that held for quite some time. I was also able to put it in the fridge for a few minutes and the toy cooled to a point where I was using it to arouse my nipples and trail across my body for further sensation adventuring. And if you find you don’t enjoy the cold, squeeze it in both hands and note how quickly it returns to body temperature.

This toy provides you with an easy way to reach both body temperature heat and icy cold sensations to add more variety to your sexplorations.

Different Vibration Settings

The Vesper has four different vibration settings ranging from a buzzy low to intense buzz that was surprisingly enough to bring me to orgasm. I normally do not go for toys that don’t have a larger motor and more power, but Vesper shocked me with it’s buzz. There are three different speeds controlled through one single button on the side of the toy and one pulsing setting if you enjoy patterns.

The variance of buzzy options really makes this vibrator perfect for first-time users as well as experienced players alike.

Personalization Options

Whether you’re getting Vesper for yourself and you need a message like ‘cum here often’, ‘I believe in you’, ‘hang in there’, or whether you’re looking to give it as a gift to someone else. I, personally, think this would make an incredible bachelor/bachelorette gift and can’t wait for the chance to write ‘I’m a dirty, delightful pervert’ on the slim side. Whatever the case, the option to make this toy perfect for the one it’s intended for isn’t an option I’ve ever seen with any other sex toy.

So next time you grab for Vesper, enjoy the ‘live, laugh, ‘gasm’ (or whatever you choose to add) on the side and have yourself a laugh…and a sexy good time.

Other Reviews of the Crave Vesper

It’s clear that I’m a big fan of the mere idea of wearing a vibrator out in public, but take a read at what some other reviewers had to say about this sleek and sexy vibrator accessory before you grab one for your own collection!

“Overall I’m really tickled by how much I liked the Vesper…here I was thinking it would be another Lust 2.5 situation, a vibrator that was too pinpoint to make me orgasm on my own, something I’d need to use in the heat of the moment with a partner.  And what I have is a really great quality pinpoint vibrator that I’d happily use on my own by itself as a standalone.” –The Palimpsex 

Other Reviews of the Crave Vesper

Bottom line: I don’t hate it. It’s interesting. I don’t think it’s right for most power queens, though. As a necklace, it’s very modern and I don’t feel it would be obvious. If you’re well-endowed like me, you might want to put it on your own, longer necklace chain. I think that the price isn’t too bad for the silver (stainless steel – $69) or the rose gold tipped ($79), but the $149 for the 24K gold plated is a bit too luxurious for the vibration intensity (or lack thereof) it puts out.” – Dangerous Lilly

Crave Vesper Final Verdict

I was excited about the power I did not believe this toy could possibly possess given the size, the sleek design, and how easy it was to clean and use in sensation play. Vesper is a great vibrator to own in your collection if you’re someone who has always wanted to wear their right to orgasm around their neck, in public, and discreetly. It’s also a great way to engage in sensation play if you’re a beginner or experienced masturbator alike.

I can’t wait to see if Crave comes out with more wearable designs that produce more power for the rumbly vibration lovers. Until then, I will not hesitate to grab a Vesper for both a fashion statement, and a gift for those in my life who would potentially be intimidated by sex toys that are a bit more ‘bold and obvious’.

You also have the option of grabbing three different colors and styles, so if you’re looking for a fancier, 24kt necklace instead of the stainless steel, you can peruse three different options at different price points. They come in the following colors: silver, rose gold, and the 24kt gold plating with matching chain.

 I know the idea of handing a friend or partner that may be a bit more on the timid side a veiny dildo could push them over the edge and prevent them from exploring toys further, I believe Vesper is a great way to gently introduce a toy to someone.

If I can get my shy mother-in-law to wear this toy knowing what it was, I’d say that speaks for itself.

Where to get one?

View the Crave Vesper on Amazon – it ranges from $69 to $150 depending on the color.

Written by

Tawney Seren

After years of working in the industry as a content creator and performer, I was surrounded with viewers who had questions upon questions about sex and toys! Realizing there weren’t enough voices in the sex education community, I started to share my experiences and advice.

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