lovense lush 2 vibrator

Lovense Lush 2 Review

By: Tawney Seren

After trying and having immense difficulty with the bluetooth connection on the original Lovense Lush, I was elated to see they had improved their design and produced a new toy with major updates. Come along as we take a dive into the newest version of the Lush, the Lush 2!

Lovense was the first company to produce internet-controlled “smart” vibrators in 2010, working their way to the release of the Lovense Lush in 2016. This vibrator was a wonderful sex toy that quickly found its way into the hands of those looking for an app-enabled bullet to share with their partner as a long distance sex toy.

Not only did couples adore this intense toy, but hundreds of models on top camming sites sported the Lush during their shows, creating a stir that leads us to the next Lovense creation released in 2019: the Lush 2!

Meet the Lovense Lush 2

Lovense Lush2 Spotify

Lovense Lush2 App

The Lush 2 can easily be stored in the box it comes in, also providing a USB charging cable so there’s no fuss with batteries, a user manual, and quick setup guide. The toy is a simple, bright pink bulb that has a protruding tail with the power button at the end. The toy may be simple, but the body-safe silicone is soft and easy to clean and there’s certainly more than meets the eye…


  • Store up to 10 vibration patterns that you create in Lush 2!
  • Body-safe silicone and easy to clean with toy cleaner or mild soap and water.
  • Long-distance Bluetooth control allows your partner to control from anywhere!
  • Sync the Lush 2 to music or sound-activated vibrations.
  • Incredibly quiet, despite the strong, rumbly vibrations.


  • MUST use lubrication with this toy.
  • No storage bag for toy included, only the box it is packed in.
  • The antenna is very touchy and you must be careful when navigating it and bending it as it can easily be broken over time.
  • Cannot be used anally as there is no flared base. If you and your partner both have a penis, it’s recommended you use this as an external vibrator only by trailing it over erogenous zones, under your scrotum, and along the underside of your penis.


After review, I found this toy was an incredible remote control vibrator with a great many functions and options for those looking for a close-range couple’s play or a toy with Bluetooth partner control. It’s also wonderful for clitoral stimulation and the powerful vibrations can be applied all over the body for a variety of intense play.

Things to consider before getting one

Couples Play

The Lovense Lush 2 is perfect for discreet public play with your partner, or long-distance control. So, whether you’re looking to deliver g-spot vibrations to your partner from across a dinner table or across the country, this toy is small enough for those new to sex toys, and powerful enough for the vibrator connoisseur. Aside from downloading the app, the simple design of the Lush 2 is as easy as 1, 2, orgasm. For a couple’s toy, the Lush costs 99$, which isn’t much considering the competition and with the unlimited possibilities in vibration this toy provides.

Lovense Lush 2 Pros and Cons

Solo Play

If you’re not interested in sharing the Bluetooth connectivity with a partner, this bullet vibrator is still perfect for solo adventures. Take it to the dance floor and let the sound-activated settings vibrate you to the next level. Or, use the controls on both the app and the antenna of the Lush to give yourself a powerful g-spot orgasm!

Features of the Lovense Lush 2

Lovense Lush 2 Sound

Lovense Lush2 Features

The mere excitement of using a toy in public can be both intensely arousing and overwhelmingly pleasurable whether you are alone or with someone else. Embark on this journey with yourself or your partner (s) and see what fun the Lovense Lush 2 can bring to your personal time.

Soft, Body-Safe Silicone

When purchasing a toy for yourself, it’s important to ensure the toy is body-safe and long-lasting. Who wants to buy a toy only to have it melt or discolor within a few months? Thankfully, the Lush Lovense 2 is a high quality silicone that is both easy to clean with toy cleaner or mild soap and water and will last for years. Just ensure you use a water-based lubricant and not a super oily lubricant or silicone-based lubricant during play to ensure the longevity of your Lush. The toy is also very smooth with no protruding textures or shapes, making it perfect for a beginner user. The smooth silicone and tapered head of the bulb are an easy insert with lubricant and rest gently against the g-spot. Did I mention this Lovense toy is also completely waterproof? Submerge it and worry not during your extensive cleaning!

Silicone can be fully cleaned of all bacteria and germs!

Wireless Bluetooth Control

Download the Lovense Remote App in your app store and easily sync your toy by creating an account, turning on Bluetooth, and holding down the button at the end of the antenna. Once the toy is synced, you can allow someone to play with you by inviting another party to control your Lush in the app in the long distance settings. The app is easy to navigate and simple to use, allowing your partner (s) to connect with you in an intimate and exciting way that’s catered to your desires. Put down the sexting and erotic photos, the Lovense Lush 2 has provided couples with a way to further enhance their long-distance fun. As mentioned above, if both yourself and your partner have a penis – it’s important to not insert this toy anally and instead use it as an external vibrator. Many have reported that tucking the Lush into panties secures it against the underside of your scrotum or cock and provides rumbly vibrations and hands-free stimulation. The Bluetooth app is compatible with iPhones 9.0 and later, Android 4.3 and later, Mac, and Windows PC (with a Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter to connect).

The app is so easy to use and navigate, providing an easy experience for all parties involved.

lovense lush 2 vibrator

Discreet and Quiet

The Lush is whisper quiet, making it an ideal toy for public play and anyone looking to keep their personal fun private. While using it with my partner, neither one of us was able to hear a single vibration at even the most powerful of settings. The toy is also quite small, measuring in at 7.12″ total including the antenna and 3″ of insertable length on the vibrating egg. The bulb is about 1.5″ in diameter, providing the perfect tapered design for beginner users. This toy will not leave you feeling stuffed, but certainly will remain snug against your g-spot and comfortable for long-term wear. It’s also not easily turned on while being shuffled about like many other toys I have reviewed, so it’s a fun travel companion!

When outside the body, the vibrator is still whisper quiet, but when inside you… it’s completely silent!

USB Charging Cable

There will be no universe in which the Lush forces you to search aimlessly for a remote to dissect and steal batteries from. This toy has a USB charger that can be plugged into the side and only needs a few hours to charge. It’s recommended that you give this toy a full charge every 6 months, however, whether you played with the toy or not during that time. After the Lush 2 is fully charged, it can run at the highest vibration setting for 2.5-3 hours of continuous use.

Can you outlast the 3 hours of use this sex toy delivers?

Countless Vibration Settings

This is not a toy that limits you in regards to vibration settings and options. You can cycle through 3 speeds and 4 different patterns through just pressing the control button at the end of the antenna separate from the app. But through the app you have the option to set a ‘vibration alarm’, have the Lush respond to your favorite music through syncing and downloads, download and create different patterns through a finger-touch setting, and a sound-sensitive setting. If you’re a cammer or looking to have your Lush react to noises around you as opposed to music, the sound setting is highly sensitive and very accurate using the Lovense app!

No matter your preferences, there’s an app vibration setting to match them!

lovense lush 2 vibrator

Check Best Price for the Lush 2

Simple Design

One of my favorite parts about this Lovense toy is the simple design! I am someone who is quite sensitive to textures and oddly-shaped toys that don’t contour with my body internally. The Lush 2’s bulb is tapered for easy insertion, the motor sitting right at the bulb and against your g-spot or erogenous zones. With a little bit of lubricant and a soft thrusting motion, the smooth silicone allows for comfortable insertion and sits snug inside you. During removal, a simple tug on the antenna pulls the toy out of you! While wearing the toy outside the home or beneath clothing, the flexible and simple antenna design rests comfortably within your undergarments and is not uncomfortable or pokey against the skin.

Some couple’s toys have protruding parts that make long-term wear uncomfortable. The flexible silicone antenna of the Lush 2 is both comfortable, and malleable!

Other Lovense Lush 2 Reviews From Sexperts!

Lovense Lush2 Reviews

When it comes to reviews it’s important to read more than one before choosing the perfect toy for yourself. Just like how every body is different, one person’s favorite toy may be on the top of the burn pile for another. After investigating reviews on the Lush 2 from some of my favorite sexperts, I was able to find a lot of common adoration for this Lovense!

“The Lovense Lush 2 truly is a smart remote control vibrator: its app functionality is awesome, and the Bluetooth connection has been very stable for me and my partner. “ – Phallophile Reviews

“Perfect for any woman who wants to live by her own rules and have fun on her own terms, and also anyone who wants to keep the flames of passion burning in a long distance relationship, the Lovense Lush 2 comes loaded with upgrades from the first version to keep you happy for days.”

“All in all, Lush 2 is a well-made vibrator. The vibrations are pretty damn awesome (though, adding vibrations in the antenna would be much appreciated), and for long distance play it’s pretty good – at least I enjoyed it.

Overall, it appears the majority of these reviews are relatively positive, many having little to no issue with the Bluetooth connection and all raving about the smooth and comfortable design of this toy. Unfortunately, the hot pink color of this toy is the only available option and that appears to be the other major complaint among fellow sexperts. Perhaps in the future they will allow for a choice of colors to better hide the protruding antenna of the Lovense so it can be better camouflaged.

lovense lush 2 vibrator

Alternatives to the Lovense Lush 2

If you’re looking for another suggestion for a long-distance couple vibrator because the Lush 2 may not be for you, I implore you to check out one of these following powerful vibrators with similar options to explore. The adventure of public fun is yours for the taking and no matter your preferences, you should find something perfect for yourself and your partner (s)!

So, if the Lush 2 isn’t for you, take a look at some of these other couple’s vibrators!

1. Lovense Hush App-Controlled Anal Plug Vibrator

The Lovense Hush is perfect for those who are looking to use a long-distance toy anally. Whereas the Lovense Lush 2 is not for anal use, the Hush is a powerful plug that can be controlled through the same Lovense app. So, although there’s the same unlimited vibration control and distance play, it’s a different way to get pleasure from the same settings the Lovense Lush 2 possesses. It comes in jet black, too – so you can avoid the pink if you so desire.

Read the Lovense Hush review

Lovense Hush

2. We-Vibe Melt App-Controlled Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator

If you aren’t someone who enjoys anal play or internal vibrations and is instead looking to obtain a different level of pleasure with a similar long-distance app, look no further than the We-Vibe Melt! This toy is an external use toy that mimics oral as it surrounds your clitoris with pressure wave technology. It can be controlled from anywhere with the easy to navigate app for only $50 more than the Lush 2! It’s a light, salmon coloring as opposed to the bright pink of the Lush 2.

 We-Vibe Melt

3. We-Vibe Moxie App-Controlled Wearable Vibrator

The We-Vibe Moxie provides direct vibration to your clitoris, attaching with a magnetic strip to the outside of your panties instead of inside your body. Only 30$ more than the Lush 2, the Moxie also has a remote control if you prefer to use the toy without the app. This toy comes in a baby blue color and is much smaller than the other app-enabled toys I have reviewed in the past.

We-Vibe Moxie

Lovense Lush 2 Review – Final Verdict

Lovense Lush2 Using

Check Best Price for the Lush 2

I was not a big fan of the constantly failing connection I experienced with my first Lush, thankfully, it appears that all the issues regarding application and power have been fixed with the update!

I am a vibration obsessor, so unfortunately this was not rumbly enough in power compared to some of the other best vibrators to be used as my regular external or internal vibrator. However, the lovense app is overwhelmingly easy to navigate and connect to and the endless fun and options available in both the app and public play captured me thoroughly.

This toy is body-safe and easy to clean and care for, not nearly as fragile as the previous Lush. With the waterproof option, I often found myself in the bath playing long-distance with my partner while he was out of town.

I am a big fan of the Lovense toys and cannot wait to see what they come out with next. Until then, I’ll be snuggled up with my lovense app, exploring the many different sex toys this company has to offer. The Lush 2 is a great addition to your couple’s toy collection and I was blessed to be able to review it and allow this updated toy the opportunity to redeem itself. Grab onto this long-distance g-spot toy, you won’t be disappointed!

Written by

Tawney Seren

After years of working in the industry as a content creator and performer, I was surrounded with viewers who had questions upon questions about sex and toys! Realizing there weren’t enough voices in the sex education community, I started to share my experiences and advice.

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