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NJoy Pure Wand Review

I first heard about the Pure Wand on Dangerous Lilly's blog, where she talked about it ecstatically in more than a few posts.  Then again, I read about it in vibrator nation, where a few pages are dedicated to its origin story.  They also had one on display at She Bop, and on my recent visits I made a point to seek it out and play with it a bit.

It seemed to be tempting me from all over, so even though it's a bit pricey ($110 at most shops), I decided to make the leap and get it.

About nJoy 

Njoy focuses on making sex toys that are elegant, easy on the eyes, and of course, stimulating.  All their stuff is also omnisexual and can be used for both g-spots and p-spots. It was founded by Greg DeLong, an engineer who didn't like cheap plastic dildos that were all over in the 90s, and was one of the first to use highly polished metal as a sex toy material.

Taking The Pure Wand Home

Getting a new sex toy is an exciting event, there's always a chance life will never be the same again.  Not all sex toys deliver though, and a flop (like the bouncer was for me) can be a let down, but I had a strong feeling njoy would be a winner.

The first thing I did when I got home was take some pictures of a pure pure wand before I got it messy.  The sun was setting during the shoot and, wow, the pictures came out great, metal makes for a very photogenic sex toy.

The packaging has the same vibe as the pure wand itself.  The box is heavy and sturdy, with a simple and elegant look.  It's the type of box that you want to keep, and would even be painful to throw away.

If you leave a comment, let me know what you think about the njoy's pink bed.  think teal, turquise, or white would be a better match, but I suppose they tested it and found people like pink the most.

Putting the Pure Wand Work - My Review

Reviewing the njoy pure wand

When i took it out of the packaging it was hard not rub it and touch it all over.  It's super smooth and the entire surface is as reflective as a mirror.  The large ball is 1.5" (3.8 cm) or 4.7 inches (11.9 cm) in girth, and the small ball is 1" (3.14 cm) and 2.5" (8 cm) in girth.

After playing with it on my lips I was wet, so I made a move, pushing it inside.  The suction took over and without using my hands the large ball coasted deeper in.  Eventually it stopped, the handle pointing up at me like it was waiting for me to take over, so I did.

njoy pure wand review

The pure wand's curve had a bit of a learning curve.  It's easier to reach then a regular dildo, which helped, but the motion was new to me.  I started experimenting with in-and-out motions, rocking, and kneading.

Once I found my g-spot it was uphill from there.  With one hand keeping the pressure on, I used the other for working my clit.  That was enough to give me my first orgasm with the njoy, which felt great, but I was ready for more.

The best was when I tagged in the Hitachi magic wand, which was a combo recommended by other bloggers.  I gave myself three clit orgasms, found my sweet spot again, and turned up the pressure with the pure wand.  I felt the build up coming from all over, I was quickly moaning and struggling to keep my tools in place as my legs melted my core shook, until my body went all creamy and moaned 'WOWWWW'.

I'd just come my face off.  After writhing in ecstasy and muffling the buzz of the magic wand I regained enough of my brain to think.  I was converted.  Later I realized I had my first blended orgasm.  The pure wand was my key to unlocking the magic wand's deeper potential, two wands meant for each other.  I'd definitely recommend using the pure wand with a clit vibrator for the most intensity possible.

After the first rendezvous with the pure wand, my wrists and hand muscles were sore from holding the pure wand in the right position.  This is the only negative I can think of with it, but I do like strong stimulation, so it might be just me.  I think my hands will also get stronger with more use, which could be an extra benefit.

The Pure Wand For Butts

The other 1" end is meant for stimulating the prostate.  I also tried taking it for a spin in my bum, but since I don't have a prostate I can't fully speak to that side of it.  Maybe i'll try to get a friend with a prostate to do a little guest review about that angle of it, but until then, it's just me. It's easiest to use by laying down on your back, with the balls pointed upwards.  Apply a lot of lube, preferably silicone, then insert the small end inside and use a rocking motion.  My dream would be to have one person do use this anally and then have another pure wand and the magic wand for a 3x orgasm.  I don't have enough hands at the moment so I will keep you posted.

my metal dildo review

The End

The njoy pure wand lived up to the hype for me and is at home in the top spot of my drawer.  If you can afford it, this iconic wand should definitely be on your list of sex toys to try.

Here are a few links to it on different shops:



P.S. This is only my fourth sex toy review, so any criticism or feedback in the comments would be really appreciated.  And if you've tried the pure wand yourself please feel free to leave your own review as well!

  • AnonGuy says:

    I’m a guy and I used this on my P-spot today. This thing is simply amazing. I’d like to say that you can use big head on the P spot too. I started with small head and then decided to go for a big one, I had bit struggle to get it in, but once I did I was sooo glad I did.

    I could write waaay more about it, but it’d be a really long comment LOL.

    Feel free to hit me up on my e-mail but I’d prefer to stay anonymous. I can send a pic of the “wand” in my hand or next to some fruit as a scale since I think most people don’t really understand how big it really is until they get their hands on one 🙂

    • JC Ways says:

      Oh yeah, I’ve used the larger end a couple of times and it’s totally bloody mindblowing. It’s just a pain in the arse (literally) to get it in sometimes but with enough prep, lube, and warm-up it’s usually doable.

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