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Once You Pop You Can’t Stop! (Semenette Pop! Dildo Review)

The 'Pop!' is a beautiful ejaculating dildo I've had my eye on for a while, and last month I finally caved and bought one at  

Once I got it out of the box it was love at first Pop, and we've been inseparable ever since.

Semenette Origin Story

The Pop! dildo fulfills an even higher calling than most sex toys, its main focus is helping couples conceive with artificial insemination in a more natural, loving, and powerful way.  Stephanie Berman, the creator and president of Semenette, found there wasn't many options out there when her and her partner were trying to have a baby.  She then developed the Pop! and it helped them conceive a beautiful baby girl!

Before pop!, the only squirting dildos were made of sweaty toxic materials like PVC, definitely not the type of thing you want to put in your body, much less conceive a child with.

The Pop! on the other hand is made from medical grade silicone and has replaceable parts that allow for clean and safe sperm delivery.

Quick Overview

Colors: Slate(Black), Cocoa, Toffee, Berry(Pink)

Insertable Length: 7" (17.8 cm)

Diameter: 1.65" (4.2 cm)

In the box: 3 silicone tubes, 3 tip nozzles, 3 bulb to tube attachments, 1 small bulb

Optional extras: Pop! Lube (looks like semen), Large 22 ml bulb

Time to Get Things Popping!

Semenette and Fun Factory came together to make Pop!, and it has a bit of DNA from both parents.  My understanding is that Fun Factory made the dildo shape, and Semenette created the realistic squirting system.

It uses Fun Factory's style of packaging and both company's logos are on the box.  Once you remove the sleeve the inside box looks identical to Fun Factory's other dildo packaging.

Putting together the parts is easier than I thought, and about a minute after opening it I was already coming around my apartment.  The tube glides in easily without needing to force it.  Then once it's out the other end you attach the locking nozzle and pull it back to make it flush with the tip of the head.  Then attach the bulb with the white piece and it's all set up!

Filling up Pop works kinda like a turkey baster.  Grab a container of your ejaculate fluid of choice, submerge the tip, and squeeze the bulb to give Pop a drink.  Then point and squeeze to ejaculate on command.

Types Of Fluid For Squirting

Water - Water is the least viscous fluid i've tried, which means it squirts the farthest.  It also requires less clean up afterwards and is easier to suck up.  The downside is that it doesn't look and ejaculate as realistically as thicker fluids.

Water-based Lube - You can use lubes like Sliquid H20, Sea, and Sassy for a more splurty and realistic squirt.  You can also use Pop as a lube shooter if you are using it for anal activities.

Sliquid Silk - This lube contains emollient esters which gives the ejaculate a milky look that's closer to semen.

Pop! Lube - Lube specifically designed for the Pop!! It looks and flows more like real semen.

Semen - I like to think Semen is what makes Pop the happiest.  When using semen to conceive, the instructions say to use a new tube and nozzle every time and discard them after.  There are replacement kits of tubing available on the Pop! website.

The downside of using lube is it is more expensive and you don't have an endless supply of it.  'Pop! Lube' is $15 for 4 oz, which works out to a cost of 25 cents per ejaculation with the small 2 ml bulb, or $2.75 per ejaculation with the large 22 ml bulb.  If you're as trigger happy as I am, this can get kind of expensive, but for a cum a day, it's reasonable.

Quick Tip: You can reduce the cost of silk by buying larger amounts, which lowers the price per ounce.

Quick Tip #2: If the nozzle is attached, viscous fluid is more difficult to suck up.  It's easiest to feed the tube through Pop, suck up the lube, and then attach the end tip.

How It Feels

The shape of the dildo is similar to the Fun Factory Boss.  I haven't tried the boss yet, but I've heard Pop! feels softer and smoother than its sibling.

The head of 'Pop!' is large and has a dramatic corona ridge.  For me, this gives good P-spot coverage and has the perfect amount of drag for summoning prostate orgasms.  But best of all, the Pop can come with me! You can feel the liquid filling you up, and it feels just like actual semen.  There's also the veins which add some extra sensation as I go deeper.

Cleaning Up After

Like the real thing, there's a bit of clean up after, especially with lube.  After using it with water, I dissemble it and lay the parts out on a towel to dry.  I'm not sure if this is necessary, but I do as a precaution to prevent bacteria growing in any trapped water.

For Silk and the Pop! Lube, it gets a bit trickier.  First, I do a few cycles of hot soapy water into the Pop!, if things are still sticky, I used a small pipe-cleaner, that I get at the arts and crafts store.  I use this to give the inside of the tube an extra scrub to get all the resilient silicone out of there.

Starting Your Pop! Adventure

The Pop is a great tool for helping couples conceive and a great sex toy for people who want more ejaculation in their life.  If you've ever wanted a squirting dildo than the only one you should be saving for is this guy.  There are other squirting dildos out there like bad dragon's dildos, however they don't have the realistic ejaculation that Pop! delivers.

Here are some links to where you can find Pop! online.

Let me know what you think of the Pop in the comments! If you have your own Pop I would love to hear your own personal review as well.

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