Dick Molding Kit From Empire Labs

Clone A Willy Review: Dick Molding Kit From Empire Labs

By: JC Ways

In case you weren’t aware, it’s now possible to make your own dildo based on your penis with a dick molding kit.

This used to be the kind of thing that you’d have to get done professionally, but the geniuses at Clone a Willy have created at-home molding kits for both penises and vaginas, allowing you to create the ultimate sexy present for a partner.

At first, I dismissed these kinds of “clone your dick” kits as daft presents and Christmas stocking fillers. They are kind of wacky and off-the-wall, but there is something erotic about having a clone of your partner’s cock.

It even made our list of list of long distance sex toys for lovers.

Instructions of clone a willy

Looking at the Clone A Willy official site, there are numerous skin tones and colors to choose from, including glow-in-the-dark neon pinks and greens!

Being a Caucasian male, I decided to opt for the “light skin tone” version for my dildo mold.

For the purposes of this review, I used a large black dildo instead of my cock. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • The dildo is 7+ inches and girthy, so I could push the Clone-a-Willy kit to its limits
  • It has vein and glans details that I wanted to replicate
  • This way I’d end up with Black and Caucasian versions of the same dildo
  • I don’t want randos on the internet to know what my cock looks like

I wondered whether using a dildo instead of my cock could compromise the results, but in Empire Labs’ Clone a Willy instructions video they use a cucumber, so it seems that any phallic object will work with this penis mold kit.

How Does Clone-A-Willy Work?

Clone a willy - how it works

The Clone-A-Willy kit uses algae-based molding powder to create a mold of your erect penis.

You then pour body-safe silicone into the mold and insert a vibrator motor into the bottom, leaving the mixture to solidify for 24 hours.

I really like how Empire Labs have incorporated their packaging into the process – the plastic tube that the product ships in is actually used to create the mold (it’s 11 inches long and 2.5 inches wide) and the “Clone a Willy” signage actually doubles as a guide, featuring in-depth Clone a Willy instructions on the back.

The instructions are mostly really clear and easy to follow, though I would recommend watching their Clone-A-Willy Kit How To Video a couple of times to get the gist of the process.

It’s very clear and full of adorable accents.

Clone a Willy - watching a video

If it’s safe for you to do so, you might want to take a Viagra or a generic sildenafil pill to help you stay hard throughout this non-erotic process.

In the box of this custom dildo kit you’ll find

  • a couple jars of silicone
  • a packet of algae-based molding powder
  • a small thermometer
  • a wooden stirrer
  • a single-speed vibrator

I imagined that you’d need some everyday kitchen/baking tools, and I was right. Annoyingly, they don’t make this obvious in their product descriptions.

Luckily, I happened to own (or improvise) the additional tools. You’ll also need:

  • large mixing bowl
  • large mixing spoon (preferably metal)
  • scissors
  • cardboard
  • disposable cup
  • measuring jug
  • sharpie/marker
  • timer (or just your smartphone’s timer)

So, how did I get on? Is it easy to make a dick mold from Clone-a-Willy?

clone a willy-work


Clone-A-Willy Instructions (My Experience)

Preparation of clone

Making a clone a Willy

Here’s my experience following the Clone-a-Willy instructions to make my own custom dildo. I’ll go through the basic steps and how easy/difficult they were to follow in real life.

1. Preparing the plastic tube

Clone a willy-Preparing the plastic tube

First things first, you gotta size up the plastic tube. To do this, you place your erect penis next to the plastic tube with the open end facing away from you. Take a sharpie and mark about half an inch beyond where you dick stops, giving it some leeway.

I accidentally did this with the tube the wrong way round at first, which is why there are random sharpie marks in the wrong place.

They aren’t fucking about with these strict times and temperatures – don’t dillydally at this point or you’ll mess the whole thing up.

Now use scissors to cut off the end of the tube. This is easier said than done, especially if you’re trying to make the edges smooth. Consider taping over the edges with duct tape for a more comfortable fit against your groin.

2. Making the dick mold

Clone a willy-Making the dick mold

Hold the small thermometer under your kitchen tap/faucet and balance the hot and cold taps until the water is just above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

I noticed that the thermometer was reading my room temperature as 20 degrees Celsius even though my kitchen thermostat said 17.5 degrees Celsius. I trust my thermostat over a cheap little thermometer, so I actually made my water about 96 degrees Fahrenheit according to the seemingly inaccurate thermometer.

Measure out 1 ¾ cups of this water and pour it into the mixing bowl.

Now START YOUR TIMER FOR 2 MINUTES IMMEDIATELY! Add in the molding powder and begin mixing quickly. You must mix this solution and pour it into the plastic tube before the 2 minutes is up!

Don’t worry if it’s a tad lumpy.

In hindsight, it’s kind of funny that the Caucasian dildo turned out smaller than the Black dildo.

Quickly place your erect penis into the plastic tube, angle it so that it isn’t touching the sides, and then stay still (and erect!) for 2-3 minutes.

Make sure that the silicone has solidified before removing it. This part can get very messy, although damp molding powder seemed to peel off my kitchen tops and floor quite easily.

Once you’ve carefully removed your cock from the tube, leave this mold to dry for a few hours to get the best results.

The paper instructions recommend 4-8 hours, while the Clone a Willy instructions video recommends 2 hours… I opted for around 5 hours.

3. Pouring in the silicone


Now you have to mix the 2 jars of silicone together in a disposable cup using the wooden stirrer.

I didn’t have a disposable cup to hand, so I used a cheap refillable Starbucks cup that I didn’t mind throwing away.

Once I poured this mixed-together silicone into the mold, it quickly became obvious that there wasn’t enough silicone for this large 7” penis mold. You’re supposed to leave about 1 inch of space at the top, but mine had a good couple of inches spare.

4. Inserting the vibrator motor

Clone a Willy - Pouring in silicone

Plowing ahead, I cut an X in my cardboard square and pushed the vibrator through it. I used thick cardboard, which probably wasn’t a good idea, but the instructions didn’t specify that thin single-layer cardboard would be best.

After placing the vibrator into the top of the mixture as nicely as I could, I left my custom dildo creation to dry for 48 hours. You only need 24 hours, but I wanted to ensure a really thorough finish and I’m a busy guy with lots of shit to do.

Sue me!

Clone-a-Willy Results Pictures

Clone a Willy - Results

As you can see, the clone-a-willy turned out pretty good, although it is significantly shorter than the original dildo. As I suspected, this girthy dildo used up all of the silicone too quickly.

Still, for the average-sized guy, I imagine that this dick molding kit would be sufficient.

I’m really impressed with the detail, actually.

The glans and veins details are clearly visible on the clone-a-willy, though I imagine that on a real penis (which is softer and not completely still throughout the molding process) they might not be as well-defined? Still, I can’t deny that the level of detail is impressive!

One issue is that the vibrator is stuck in the Clone-a-Willy at an awkward angle so it is ever-so-slightly visible through one side of the replica dildo. To be fair, that may have been my fault for angling it poorly, but it wouldn’t be hard for another user to make the same mistake.

Nonetheless, the vibrator does indeed work (even if one speed is a bit basic) and it does protrude through most of the toy, spreading the vibe sensations up and down the length of the shaft well. It’s not exactly a top G spot vibrator, but it does the job!

Clone a Willy Review Cum-clusion

Results of Clone a Willy

In conclusion, I’d say that the Clone A Willy results pictures turned out really well!

The shape is there, the detail is there, and it didn’t fall apart.

Of course, the reduced length is an issue, and I should add that the surface of the penis replica is a little bit tacky feeling.

Still, if you’re an average-sized guy who doesn’t mind making a bit of a mess, the Clone A Willy could be a fun and erotic present for your lover!

It’s never going to be one of the best vibrators compared to industry titans, but it sure is a fun and quirky little gift.

Written by

JC Ways

Born into a family of avant-garde artists, JC Ways rebelled against conventional paths from an early age. After obtaining a degree in Gender Studies and Creative Writing, they embarked on a journey to challenge societal norms through their writing. Embracing the intersection of sexuality and identity, JC found their calling at Sextoycollective.com, where they can explore and celebrate the diverse spectrum of human pleasure. With a flair for eloquent prose and a keen eye for innovative products, JC elevates the discourse around sexual wellness, advocating for inclusivity and empowerment in every article they pen.

  • James says:

    It is difficult to maintain an erection throughout the entire process. That was the hardest part for me.

  • John says:

    Hi. If you would use some other object with a shape you like, do you think it would be hard to get it out of the mold without ruining it? For instance if you would use something with a larger head than shaft. Or is the mold flexible enough so you can pull it out.

    • Ian says:

      Hi John, it’s definitely very flexible but still strong. You should be able to pull it out

    • JC Ways says:

      It’s really hard to say, but this specific kit is designed for regular-shaped penises, so I can’t guarantee than an unusual shape would work.

  • Tom says:

    Could also just let yourself go flaccid after the silicone is set

  • Leboeuf says:

    Bonjour, pouvez vous nous dire si il y a une odeur ou un goût sur le résultat final qui pourrait déranger ?

  • Gustavo says:

    What is the name of the black dildo you used here and where did you get it. It is beautiful?

  • Gustavo says:

    What is the name and brand of the black dildo you used here? Where did you get it? It’s is beautiful.

  • Kate says:

    Hello, thanks for the info, I’m looking for a custom mold with a slightly different base design than I can find online. I was thinking this cone a Willy set would be helpful in learning the first bit about making a custom silicone piece…but, do you know of any kit that I could use to make an entirely different shaped toy? I have zero experience making molds but I do have a great idea for a new product. Thank you!

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