Shaking Things Up With The Fun Factory Bouncer (Dildo Review)

By: Sex Toys And Flowers

From the outside the Fun Factory Bouncer looks like any other dildo, but once you pick it up you notice something is different.  It jiggles!  This is pretty much a dildo maraca that with some work could make a great addition to a bands lineup.

For this review I purchased a red Bouncer at my local shop Smitten Kitten.  It really stood out to me as unique when I discovered it, so I knew I had to try it.

The Jiggle Action

Inside the dildo are metal balls inside their own little pods.  If you split the dildo in half it would probably look like a pea-pod.  This definitely makes it fun to fondle and shake.  When it comes to pleasure though the feeling is very gentle at my regular thrusting speed.

As you thrust it inside you these balls will shake around and make the dildo have an extra quiver sensation.  The strength of the quiver depends on how hard and how fast you thrust, with slow thrusts you can barely feel it, so fast thrusts are important for getting the most out of this toy.


The material of this toy is 100% medical grade silicone.  Like other fun factory toys the silicone is matte and more grippy than other types.  It holds on to you more as you push it in and out it which I think  makes it feel bigger and more intense.  I always need plenty of lube for this type of toy, make sure you don’t use silicone based lube.

It’s a firm dildo that is bendable but not squishy, it’s still soft but only for the first few millimeters at the surface


bouncer packaging

Fun Factory is a luxury sex toy company so their packaging is easy on the eyes.  The inner box is discreet and mysterious, perfect for using it to give as a gift.

Inside the box you’ll find the dildo and a small instruction manual that explains how to clean it and use it.  For the price I wish it came with a nice satin bag, but most Fun Factory products don’t.  I just store mine in the box when i’m not using it.

Physical Details

After taking it out of the packaging the first thing I noticed is just how fun this dildo is.  When you aren’t using them, most dildos are fun to shake or stick on to things around the house.  This dildo adds another dimension to the fun because of its rattle effect.  The noise is pretty subdued and it sounds a muffled maraca.

Suction cup of the fun factory bouncer red

It is 7 inches long of insertable length and the girth is 5 inches circumference at the bumps.  It’s the bumps are fairly big in my opinion and the way the silicone grips on to you it feels pretty big.

The shape has a nice curve and a bulbous tip that makes it great for reaching your g-spot or p-spot.

The dildo has a triangle shaped base that makes it fit well into harnesses and is easy to hold onto.  It has a good flare so it is safe for anal use.

The base also works like a suction cup, even if it doesn’t look like it.  It has a slight dip in the center that let’s it get good suction.

When i did stick it on the wall and use it held on tight, but the jiggle action doesn’t really work on the wall.  It needs to be thrusting back and forth.

My Experience With the Bouncer

The bouncer is a great dildo, all jiggling balls aside.  When I used it at first it felt great and only started to feel better.  The bulb provides good contact with my g-spot and made orgasm nicely.

The jiggles were a bit of a disappointment though, mostly because I expected them to be stronger.  When you shake it outside the box you can really go wild and in all directions.  But when you put it inside your vagina its movement is more restricted and the jiggles are less intense.

The faster you thrust though the more intense the jiggles become.  So if you enjoy a fast thrust you can really get it feeling good.

At my preferred medium thrusting pace it just wasn’t enough for me though.

And for g-spot stimulation it is good, but because it is bendable it is difficult to control the pressure on my g-spot.  I will usually reach for my Njoy pure wand before this toy.

I also started using it with a bullet vibe which helps to add some extra stimulation to the already jiggling inside.

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