Best Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are the smallest type of vibrators, and an awesome sidekick for getting clit stimulation whenever and wherever you need it.  For sex, they're easy to hold with one hand and nuzzle between you and your partner.  For solo endeavors, they're discreet and easy to take with you wherever you go.

Using A Bullet

Sex - 80% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, so with some practice, a bullet can really shine during sex.  It's tiny enough to hold against your clitoris during most positions, or slip in between you and your partner hands-free.

Don't forget the rest of the body - Use a lower setting and let your bullet roam freely.  Try grazing inner thighs, nipples, backs of knees, and the arch just above the butt.

Lube - When it comes to clits and bullets, a little lube goes a long way.  A bullet vibrator moves back and forth very fast on your skin, you can help it work its magic by using lube.  Safe stimulating lubes like Southern Butter Enhance Balm can heighten sensitivity and make orgasms even more intense.

Use it horizontally - You don't always have to use the tip of the bullet.  Try holding it horizontally for a different kind of vibe.

For Penises -  Vibration feels great on penises too! You can mix the vibes in with fellatio and use them for extra stimulation on the balls and groin.

Public / Semi-public - Bullets are great for coming on the go.  You can use them to sneak in some orgasms at the park, movies, or restaurants.

Top 5 Bullet Vibrators - Our Picks

These bullet vibrators are strong but don't compromise size for power.  They're also well built and their motors are less likely to break down.

  • Muze
  • Gaia Ecobullet
  • Crave Vesper
  • Emojibator Eggplant
  • Lelo Mia 2

EcoBullet - A Solid Bullet Vibrator For Beginners

Price: $9

This bullet is made from starch-based bioplastic and one of the few vibrators that is biodegradable and recyclable.  I wasn't sure if a material made from starches would be flimsy, but it feels the same as the ABS plastic most bullets use.

It's a simple bullet with just one vibration speed.  The vibes are more rumbly than buzzy, and feel powerful.  This makes it a great first vibrator and the novelty of it being biodegradable makes it a good stocking stuffer.

To recycle this kind of bioplastic you need to drop it off at your closest biowaste bin for processing at a biowaste treatment industrial compost plant, regular recycling bins won't cut it.  Even though it's not easy to recycle, it still helps raise awareness for the possibilities of using biodegradable plastics for sex toys.

Crave Vesper

Price: $70

The vesper is a necklace and a bullet vibrator, and one of the most stylish ways to show you have good vibes.

It's made from polished stainless steel,  which delivers heavy and deep vibes that you can't get from other materials like plastic.  The 4 vibration settings are controlled with a single button on the side.

Lelo Mia 2 - The Most Powerful Bullet Vibrator

Price: $85

The Lelo Mia 2 is a bigger bullet, which means a bigger motor and stronger vibrations.

There's six settings in total, all the way from soft to very intense pulsing.  11 reviewers on amazon said that the highest vibration settings were too strong for direct contact.  The vibes themselves are more rumbly than buzzy.

It's also USB rechargeable so you don't have to worry about batteries.  You can twist the top part off and plug it right into your laptop, it looks like a large flash drive.

The box also matches whatever color you pick: red, black, purple, or pink.  Lelo is a luxury sex toy company, and goes above and beyond with the quality and packaging of products.  There is also a 1 year motor warranty, so you can get a new one if the buzzing turns into clanking.

Bougie Bullet

Price: $100

This bullet is as sophisticated and high-tech as they come.  With 20 vibration settings, it has more than any other bullet vibrator, and an easy to hit boost button for extra intensity in any setting.  The built in memory remembers your last setting too, no need to cycle through all 20 each time you turn it on.

The outside of the bullet is anondized aluminum, similar to what's used for climbing carabiners, making it super smooth and slick.

If you want a small, but curvier and circular shaped vibrator then check out the mini vibrator guide or the egg vibrator guide:)