The Best Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments and Accessories

One thing that makes the magic wand so magical is all the different attachments available.  As your collection of them grows, your love for the magic wand will probably grow too.  

In this post, I've listed my 19 favorite magic wand attachments, a bit on how to use them, plus some other interesting wand accessories I've found on Etsy.

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Wand Attachment Likes Price Link
Galaxy Gee Whizzard
Price: $72
Deep Glider
Price: $26
Flutter Tip
Price: $14
Wand Attachment Bundle
Price: $150
Hummingbird Penis Attachment
Price: $24
Gee Whizzard
Price: $49
Gee Whiz
Price: $48
Price: $21
Fluttering Kiss
Price: $22
Trinity Wand Trigasm
Price: $20
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Fitting and Sizing

The magic wand's head diameter is 2.25 inches or 5.715 cm,  all the attachments above will fit this size.  If you have trouble getting your attachment on the first time, try using a bit of water-based lube to help it out.  You will also be sliding these on top of the existing magic wand head, no need to try and take off the old head and replace it.

If you are using a massager or sex wand that is not the hitachi, then you should measure it to make sure it's compatible.  Other sized wands like Le Wand, Doxy, or Mystic, have their own specially made attachments just for them.

Galaxy Gee Whizzard - A Wand Attachment That Rocks the Universe

The Galaxy is a silicone attachment poured with a gorgeous marble pattern, definitely a sex toy with art-gallery status.  This is a very difficult style to pull off, which is why its also the priciest attachment, at $72.

It has a 5" wavy dildo for penetration and the other side has bumps for vulva and clit stimulation.  With an inner diameter of 2.25" it is designed to be attached to the magic wand, but can work with other wand vibrators of a similar size.

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Gee Whizzard

This magic wand attachment is the same shape and size as the galaxy, but in a green pattern.  It's also $25 cheaper than the galaxy at $48, since the silicone pour is a bit less complicated.

The silicone used is platinum-cure, which lasts for a long time and warms up quickly to body temperature as you use it.

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Feathers Mcgraw also fancies magic wand attachments.

This rabbit vibrator attachment is great for either him or her, prostate or vaginal penetration.  Once my partner managed to speak again she said 5 stars did not do this attachment justice!

The big end is 5 inches insertable and 1.75 inches at its widest point, the clitoral arm is 2 inches long, and the opening measures 2.25 inches in diameter.

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Gee Whiz

Another member of the Vixen Creations family, the Gee Whiz has a smoother dildo and a more bulbous tip than the Whizzard, making it a good sex wand attachment for g-spot and p-spots.

All the vixen creation toys magic wand attachments are made of silicone that is non-porous and easy to clean.  You can wash it with gentle soap or throw it in the dishwasher, and it won't break like attachments made of PVC, aka plastic rubber.

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Flutter Tip Attachment

This is the most popular hitachi attachment on amazon, with almost 300 reviews. When i first saw it I thought it was floppy, but it's actually like a webbing between two prongs.  The thin area is good for clit stimulation and more gentle than the magic wand.  The inside has a diameter of 2.26" so make sure to check if your wand is compatible.

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Bundle of 10 Hitachi Attachments

This bundle lets you try all the different attachments in one go.  It has 3 rabbit adapters, the triple penetration adapter, a studded adapter, two dildos, and two penis masturbator attachments.  It costs $150, or $15 per attachment, and has 4.5 out of 5 stars on amazon.

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Other Magic Wand Accessories

Magic Wand Holder

Liberator's magic wand toy mounts take pillow humping to new heights.  

These mounts hold your hitachi for you so you focus on fucking it in new ways. You can grind against it, gently graze it while on all fours, or mount it and ride it with everything you've got.

There's two versions, the appropriately names Wanda, which is ideal for solo use, and Axis, which is designed to be more of a couples toy.

Speed Controller

The original magic wand only has two speeds, so if those are too intense, you were out of luck.

Wand essentials makes a speed controller that lets you control the vibrations with a dial.  It's good for sensitive clits and for warming up to more intense vibes.

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This isn't an attachment, but a nice cozy hat for your magic wand.  It's good for protecting your wand in storage, where it might bump into other silicone toys (and melt).  It's also meant as a dust cover if you have it on a shelf.

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Etsy is a good place for finding magic wand jewelry.  There's pins, earings, necklaces, and lots of other ways to show off your magic wand spirit.

The End

My favorite magic wand attachment is definitely the galaxy, such a beautiful piece of silicone.  Did you have a favorite, or did I miss any good attachments?  Let me know in the comments section:) If you want to read more, check out my post on the best wand vibrators.

About The Author ~ Amelie Pons, Sex Toy Tester

Amelie is a sociology major with a passion for studying the experiences of BDSM-oriented people.   In 2017 she completed her thesis on the ritualized nature of conscious kink, and has been working as a pro-domme since.

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