Sex Glider Guide: What Is the Best Monkey Rocker For the Money? (Love Glider, Sex Slider)

A sex glider (aka Monkey Rocker) is a self-powered sex machine, and works like a rocking chair.  

Unlike a rocking chair though, there's a dildo that fills you up with every rock.  You can control the depth and speed of penetration by using your legs or the handle for leverage.

drawing of a love glider and monkey rocker

A portrait i've drawn of my lover: the F-slider

I've found love gliders work for both solo and partner play, and the ones below fit any suction cup and O-ring compatible dildos.  

The main downside of monkey rockers is that they can be expensive, so to help you find the best sex glider I put together this guide with overviews of the most popular models.

Sex Glider

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The Love Glider in action



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Sex stool sex glider hybrid


Lovebots Love Glider

This is the original love glider that is sold in sex shops around the USA.  It's made by LoveBotz, who was kind enough to send me a free one in exchange for an honest review.

It came fully assembled in an unmarked box that was about 2.5 x 3 feet.  The setup was easy and I was saddling up for a ride within a few minutes of its arrival.

I aimed the dildo at my hole of choice (works for either anal or vaginal penetration) and was soon fucking myself hands free.  With every rock forward the dildo slides upward and inside, and as you rock back the dildo withdraws.  I was able to get pretty crazy, doing a few thrusts per second at my fastest, until I was too weak in the legs from cumming to maintain my balance.

It comes with two Vac-U-Lock PVC dildos, i'm not a fan of PVC, so i switched to using my silicone vac-u-lock dildos instead.  If you do decide to purchase one of these my advice is to start slow, keep a wrench handy to make sure it's all tuned up properly ( mine got a bit loose after a few weeks), then work your way up to stronger rhythms.

F-Slider Pro Monkey Rocker

The F-Slider is a good quality Monkey Rocker that's made in the USA.  Like the Love Glider above, it sits about two feet off the ground, i'm 5' 7" and it was a comfortable height for me.  

It comes with a universal dildo holder which can hold a Vac-U-Lock dildo or any harness-able dildo. The angle of the dildo is also adjustable which lets you find the perfect spot.  This makes it an especially good sex slider for trying out anal positions.

On my F-slider the joints were a bit squeaky out of the box.  I used some white lithium spray on them and it went away completely.   After writing the company about this they apologized and said that usually dosen't happen.

While it's good quality, it's not any better than the Love Glider, and at $200 more expensive, it's not really justified.  For that reason, i only gave it 4 out of 5 flowers. 

Original Monkey Rocker

The very first sex rocker was the Monkey Rocker.  It was created by "chief monkey" Dan Siechert over 10 years ago.

On the official website it says he stopped production recently, but is still accepting custom orders for $4000 a pop.

While it looks good, and i'd love to try it out, I can't really afford a $4000 piece of sex furniture at the moment. Hopefully they can find a way to produce it more cheaply in the future.

Bangin Bench Extreme Sex Glider

This is an alternative to the monkey rocker that can get you a hands-free stimulation.  Its a type of sex stool or weightless sex chair that includes a dildo mount.

The panels on top are springy and elastic.  After sitting on them you can ride the dildo by bouncing up and down.

Compared to glider it's a little more bouncy and crazy. If you are looking for a workout and a sex toy, this will make you break a sweat.

The dildo mount is also removable, so you can substitute in your partner and use it like a sex aid.  Sex stools are often used by people with knee injuries to have extra support during sex.

Sex Glider Ideas and Tips

The Two Person Threesome

The monkey rocker lets you experience what it is like to have a threesome but with only two people.  While you are getting penetrated from below you are free to perform oral on your partner.

The Partner Takeover - As you get closer to orgasm it might be hard to continue rocking.  This is a great chance for the partner to continue rocking you back and forth on the glider.   Talk about a great show!

Use Vibrators and Other Toys 

The glider does all the work and leaves your hands free.  You need to try using a vibrator for clit stimulation as you are riding.  The only problem with this can be orgasms that are too intense to keep rocking.

Guys can use a sleeve toy instead of a vibrator.


For those who are do-it-yourself savvy it might be worth looking into making your own sex rocker.  I personally haven't tried this yet, but it is possible and there are some youtube guides that can help you get started.

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Kinkyloverb says March 21, 2019

The differences between the first two: I notice that the F-Slider has an adjustable height to accommodate larger toys. Along with the angle seeming to go more straight up than the sex glider. Can you confirm?

Rob Simpson says March 26, 2019

Thank you for the reviews.
I was going to try and make one I had some ideas for improvement I sent away for the plans they were 9.99 us. But they were a no show . I make furniture so making one should not be a problem it was the mechanics i need most. I do think the original is a little boxy though.

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