Getting Into The Swing of Things: The Best Sex Swings and How To Use Them

Have you ever wondered what sex on the international space station would be like?

Apart from cleaning up floating bodily fluids, I'm sure it would be one of my new favorite things.

While one can always dream, a sex swing is one of the best ways to have floating sex here on earth.

sex swing guide

When you're suspended in the air, your partner can pull, push, and spin your body with a tenth of the effort it takes on a bed.  And the supporting straps feel like restraints too, making it a good toy if you enjoy rope play.

Sex swings come in a few different varieties.  Some are designed for bedrooms, others are made out of leather and meant dungeons, and some are re-purposed yoga swings.  As for price, sex swings that attach on your door are as cheap as $20, while other hanging models can cost up to $200.

Here is a quick overview of the best sex swings:


Flowers Given (Rating)



Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing

Has extra padding, a very comfortable sex swing

Sportsheets Sex Swing

The best over-the-door sex swing

Trinity Classic Sex Swing

spinning hanging sex swing

The best price for a 360 degree spinning sex swing

Purple Reins Sex Swing

Very sturdy and has good support. also comes with a carrying case.

Bondage Boutique Swing

A Cheaper alternative to the fetish fantasy sex swing, not as comfortable.

Sexbaby Swing

Gets the job done, some people complained it wasn't very comfortable for their body type.

Leather Sex Sling

A leather sex swing/sling

Whip Smart Sex Swing

Another sex swing on amazon

Cheetah sex swing

One of the cheapest sex swings we've found online.

Door Sex Swing

Over the door sex swing

The cheapest door sex swing

Yoga Swing

A yoga swing that can double as a sex swing

Body Sex Swing

Sex harness for body swinging

A sex 'sling' that lets you attach your partner to your body

Sex Swing Accessories and Parts



Sex Swing Stand

ultimate portable sex swing stand

Swing Hanger Ceiling Attachment

how to hang a sex swing

Swivel Swing Hanger

Two-to-one Swing Converter

Fully-Suspended Sex Swing

This sex swing allows you to spin a full 360 degrees, and lean back as far as you like.  There's also a spring at the top that helps reduce any rigidness during up and down motions.

For submissive lovers the freedom of this swing means you are under complete control of your partner; they can swing you in any direction they desire.  The dominant also has extra control via the handle bar on top of the swing.  If you have bondage gear like cuffs, the bar is a good place to attach it.

For extra stability it comes with foot straps that let the rider keep their balance in the air.  

The rider can also lay down tummy first for doggy-style positions.  If you try this out I'd recommend using a small pillow across the seat for extra comfort.

A downside of a hanging sex swing like this is it can be difficult to install.  You either need drill a hole in the ceiling and attach a swing hanger.  Or  you can also get a sex swing stand which is easier to setup and put away.

  • Spins a full 360 degrees
  • Included foot-straps are like stirrups that you can use for extra balance
  • Supports up to 400 pounds depending on ceiling connection


  • Full range of swinging
  • More positions possible
  • The bar on top is great for control and attaching bondage gear.


  • Needs to be attached to a stand or ceiling fixture
  • Neck can get sore after 10-20 minutes
  • Expensive

Door Sex Swing

This is a clever harness that turns any door into a sex swing.

To set it up you just hang the straps over the top of a door and then shut it.  Metal stoppers on the end of the straps will then hold the sex swing in place.

The main downside of this swing is that it only works when the door is closed.  This restricts the 'swing' to about half of a suspended sex swing.

As for positions, it's great for sex swing missionary and in-the-air oral, but isn't quite the full sex swing experience.  However it's only $20 and a unique type of swing.

Be careful when you first get it, especially if your door is flimsy.   There are reviews where people claim to have broken their doors because of it.   We used a standard wooden door and it seemed very solid.

  • Converts any door into a sex swing
  • Supports up to 400 pounds (depending on the door)
  • Leg straps are fully adjustable


  • Most affordable sex swing ($20)
  • Easy setup
  • Portable


  • Restricted swinging movement
  • Can damage fragile doors
  • Can be loud

Portable Sex Swing Stand

As i mentioned earlier a stand is a way to suspend hanging swings without having to turn it into a construction project.  All you need is the instructions and 10-20 minutes to set it up and your done.  No holes in the ceiling or anything like that.

  • Holds up to 400 pounds
  • Can be collapsed and stored under a bed or in a closet 
  • Takes up 12' x 13' when fully installed


  • Easy setup
  • Can be used with any hanging sex swing
  • Portable and collapsable


  • Expensive
  • Takes up a large space (12' x 13') when setup

Body Sex Swing

Instead of hanging a swing from a door or a ceiling, how about from another person?

That’s what the body sex swing does.  One partner puts the harness on their body with two leg loops for their partner to fit on. 

However, unless your partner is the incredible hulk don’t expect to swing from them like you would a sex swing stand.  

Instead, this works great for doing difficult standing up positions without arms getting tired.  It transfers weight from the arms to the legs.  Great for exploring difficult to do positions.

  • Fully adjustable to match any size or height
  • Harness has handles for the swinger


  • Makes hard to do positions easier
  • Inexpensive


  • Puts extra weight on the knees and hips
  • Not the full sex 'swing' experience

Yoga Sex Swing

Yoga swings, used by yoga enthusiasts to do aerial stretches, are almost identical to most sex swings.  Pretty much any position that can be done on the above swings can be done on a yoga swing.

It's also dual purpose if you have an interest in yoga and fitness.  The swing comes with a stretches guide and detailed setup instructions.

You also have a good excuse for leaving it up 24/7, if anyone asks you can just tell them it's your yoga swing.

The only disadvantage is that the seat is a flat material, like a hammock for your bum.  This makes penetration a little less accessible than on the swings made only for sex, which use leg loops for support and have very narrow seats.  I've found the best solution is to just scoot my bum up to the very edge of the seat where the material doesn't get in the way..

  • Comes with a guide of yoga stretches and exercises
  • Dual attachment means the swing wont spin when using it
  • Machine washable


  • Discreet.  If anyone asks, it's a yoga swing.
  • Can be used for sex or yoga
  • Comfortable materials and variety of color choices


  • No 360 degree spinning
  • No spring on the top
  • The seat is not as entry friendly in missionary position

What is a Sex Swing?

A sex swing combines two very fun things: sex and swings.

Usually the submissive partner will sit or lay in the sex swing, supported by a harness that wraps around their legs, back, and butt.  From there, it's up to your imagination.  The most obvious position to try is sex swing missionary, which is like a weightless form of missionary.  Because there is no resistance the dominant partner can effortlessly pull his/her lover to them, it's something you have to try to understand.

Anything with a harness and some form of suspension can be considered a sex swing. Here are the main types:

  • Door suspended - these sex swings hang from doors.  They are easy to setup, but have reduced range of motion,
  • Full suspension - these sex swings hang from a ceiling or a sex swing stand.  They are more difficult to setup but it is the best sex swing you can get.  They are built for complete range of motion both up and down and 360 degrees of spin.
  • Yoga sex swing - these are meant for yoga but can easily be used for every sex swing position.  They are easy to keep out in the open because you have an excuse - it's just your yoga swing.  However, they are setup in a way that doesn't allow 360 spinning, which is a fun feature of only-for-sex swings. 

Benefits of a sex swing

When you have sex on a sex swing there is only one thing touching you - your partner.  It feels like you are floating in space and all you feel is your partner inside of you.  This works like sensory depravation and increases the intensity of the sensations and pleasures.

For BDSM, whoever is riding the swing fully submits to their partner.  The harness itself feels like restraints, you can also use your own cuffs and attach them to parts of the swing.


Hard to setup - To setup a hanging sex swing you are going to need some tools.  Usually a power drill and an eyebolt depending on the swing you are using.  The best way around this is to get a sex swing stand which can be setup without any tools or holes in your ceiling.

Neck Strain - After 10-20 minutes i find my neck starts to get sore from holding my head up.  I usually fix this by switching positions or laying back completely for a nice str

How to use a sex swing

A sex swing is only fun if you know how to use it.  It's important to understand what is involved in setting up a new sex swing.

How to setup

How to setup a door sex swing – these are easy to setup and very intuitive.  All you have to do is throw the sex swing straps over the door and then close it.  The padded medal tubes at the end distribute the weight along the door.  Just make sure not to open the door when you are using it, you’ll drop immediately.

How to setup a suspended sex swing –  For these you will need a tool unless you have the special sex swing stand.  Start by finding a place on the ceiling where there is a support beam, you can tap with a stick and listen for the spot where it sounds the least hollow.  Then start drilling a hole for the eye-bolt to go in.  Then with a pre-drilled hole you can screw the eye-bolt in by hand or by inserting a long piece of metal into the hole and twisting it.


Heres a list of some positions to try:

Missionary – let your partner take control and effortlessly move you onto his member.  If you have a 360 swing you can go in all directions not just back and forth.

Doggy style – Lay stomach down in the harness and prepare for an amazing ride.  Try laying a pillow down over the straps for extra comfort.

Oral – The swing lifts to the perfect height for cunninglingus.  For either partner this makes jaw and neck fatigue almost non-existant.

DIY: Making a Homemade Sex Swing

There are alot of people on reddit making their own sex swings by hand.  The results are alot of pretty interesting sex swings that are at least worth a look.  It's a great way to get ideas for your own projects:

DIY door sex swing guide

DIY hanging sex swing