Sex Swings 101 – Best Positions, Door Sex Swings & More! [2024]

By: Sex Toys And Flowers

The best sex swings allow you to have sex in positions previously thought unimaginable. You’d be surprised how amazing the perfect angle can feel for both partners.

It’s intense!

Moving a partner’s body takes around 10% of the effort when they’re in a sling. It’s easy to change things up and try something new.

Sex swings come in a few different varieties – some are designed for bedrooms or doorframes, ​some are repurposed yoga swings, and ​some are full-on leather BDSM sex swings. ​Fun!

Costing anywhere from $20 to $200 or more, there are so many options available.

Here we’ll check out some of the best sex swings on the market and how to use them.

Best Sex Swings You Can Buy in 2024

Here is a quick overview of the best sex swings I’ve found online:

Best Sex Swings in 2024
Bondage Boutique Spinning Sex Swing
  • Padded support straps
  • Industrial strength frame
  • Foot stirrups
  • Easy to install
Purple Reins Sex Sling
  • Good for high ceilings & strong rafters
  • Holds up to 100kg
  • Fully adjustable
SportSheets Door Sex Swing
  • Holds up to 147 kg
  • Use over the door
  • On the cheaper side
Bondage Boutique Soft Door Sex Swing
  • Straps adjust for perfect height
  • Most affordable door sex swing
  • Easy to hide after use

Our #1 Best Sex Swing – The Bondage Boutique Spinning Sex Swing


  • Very easy to put up – just need to find a sturdy ceiling/doorframe
  • Comfortable velvety padding for legs makes swing sex even comfier
  • Dozens of sex positions possible if fully suspended
  • Can be suspended from the ceiling, door frame, or stand
  • Spins 360 degrees freely for fun spinning sex!
  • Holds up to 1,000lbs of weight (according to LoveHoney


  • No headrest so your neck can get sore after a while
  • Noisy clanging from the metal elements during rougher sex
  • A little bit pricy compared to some amazon sex swings

Interested? Check out the Bondage Boutique Sex Swing!

Pictured here in my dodgy basement, the Bondage Boutique Sex Swing is without a doubt one of the best sex swings ​I’ve used.

It’s incredibly easy to put together, it’s made with ​comfortable velvet straps, and it’s incredibly versatile. I’m not exactly “handy”, and I found it very easy to assemble.

The swing uses a screw-hook-loop-thingy (I’m no DIY expert) to screw into your ceiling or doorframe, so you can engage in hanging on door bondage play or fully suspended 360-degree BDSM.

Oh, it can also hang from a sex swing stand too. Good times!

Sex Swing - Positions to Try

Sex Swing - Is it worth it

The main straps are a type of strong nylon, while the bottom support and stirrups feature soft velvety padding to make it more comfortable on your ankles and body. The faux velvet straps were sensual and arousing in themselves!

Honestly, ​sex in a swing is like getting fucked on a cloud.

​The Bondage Boutique Sex Swing is a similar ​product to the ever-popular Fetish Fantasy Series Swing, but it’s almost half the price, which is why I ranked it as my #1 pick. If I can put this ​thing together, anybody can. Believe me.

Check out my full review for more details!

How is this swing different from other sex swings

Best Door Sex Swing

This is a clever sex harness that turns any door into a sex swing! Just make sure the doorframe is relatively stable and whatnot.

​All you do is hang the straps over the top of a door and then shut it. Metal stoppers on the end of the straps will then hold the ​​door swing in place.

The main downside of this swing is that it only works when the door is closed.  This restricts the ‘swing’ to about half of a suspended ​harness.

Still, for just $20, I can’t complain!

Over the door sex swing

  • Converts any door into a sex ​harness
  • Supports up to 400 pounds (depending on the door)
  • Leg straps are fully adjustable


  • Most affordable sex swing ($20)
  • Easy setup
  • Portable


  • Restricted swinging movement
  • Can damage fragile doors
  • Can be loud

#1 Portable Sex Swing Stand

A sex swing stand is a great way to suspend hanging swings ​without destroying your ceiling in the process.

All you need is the instructions and 10-20 minutes to set it up and you’re done. Yes they’re expensive, but they’re cheaper than getting your ceiling repaired!

ultimate portable sex swing stand

  • Holds up to 400 pounds
  • Can be collapsed and stored under a bed or in a closet
  • ​Don’t risk damaging your ceiling!


  • Easy setup
  • Can be used with any hanging sex swing
  • Portable and collapsable


  • Expensive
  • Takes up a large space (12′ x 13′) when set up

Yoga Sex Swing

Yoga swings, used by yoga enthusiasts to do aerial stretches, are almost identical to sex swings. Pretty much any position that can be done on the above swings can be done on a yoga swing.

If you happen to be a Yogi, it’s also a great way to get extra bang for your buck (pun intended). A yoga swing also looks more discreet if any visitors ask about it!

The only disadvantage is that the seat is a flat material, like a hammock for your bum.  ​This makes sex trickier, but not impossible. I’m sure you can use your imagination!

  • Comes with a guide of yoga stretches ​(if you’re so inclined)
  • Dual attachment means the swing wont spin when using it
  • Machine washable


  • Discreet.  If anyone asks, it’s a yoga swing.
  • Can be used for sex or yoga
  • Comfortable materials and variety of color choices


  • No 360 degree spinning
  • No spring on the top
  • The seat is not as entry-friendly in missionary position

What is a Sex Swing? ​

A sex swing combines two very fun things: sex and swings.

Usually the submissive partner will sit or lay in the ​harness, supported by a harness that wraps around their legs, back, and butt.  ​Sex swings make it way easier to move your partner’s body during sex – it takes around 10% of the usual effort.

It’s time to try defying gravity!

what is a sex swing

Different types of sex swing

Anything with a harness and some form of suspension can be considered a sex swing, but here are the main types:

  • Door suspended – these sex swings hang from doorframes in your home.  They’re cheap and easy to set up, but they have reduced range of motion.
  • Full suspension – these sex swings hang from the ceiling or a dedicated sex swing stand.  They are more difficult to set up​, but they have a complete range of motion (​up/down and 360 degrees of spin).
  • Yoga sex swing – these are meant for yoga but can easily be used for every sex swing position. However, they are setup in a way that doesn’t allow 360-degree spinning, a fun feature of only-for-sex swings.

Benefits of a sex swing

When you have sex on a sex swing​, it feels like you are floating in space and all you feel is your partner inside of you.  This works like sensory deprivation​, increasing the intensity of the sensations​ and pleasure.

For BDSM, whoever is riding the swing fully submits to their dominant partner.  The harness itself feels like restraints, you can also use your own cuffs and attach them to parts of the swing.


Hard to setup – To set up a hanging sex swing you are going to need some tools – usually a power drill and an eyebolt depending on the swing you are using.  The best way around this is to get a sex swing stand which can be set up without any tools or holes in your ceiling.

Neck Strain – After 10-20 minutes i find my neck starts to get sore from holding my head up.  I usually fix this by switching positions or laying back completely for a nice stretch. Some sex swings have headrests to avoid this, but most do not.

How to Install A Sex Sling

Sex Swing - How does it work

Sex swings are great for improving your sex life, whether you’re using them for anal, vaginal, oral, or any other kind of sex! However, it’s essential that you put them up safely. The last thing you want to do is coming crashing down in the middle of a sex session – you could get a serious injury.

Door Sex Swing Setup

For sex swings that are used with doors, there are a couple main types. Most over-door harnesses will feature straps with thick ends which go over the door.

You then close the door and lock it (if possible) so that the main harness on your side is suspended stably. This is what I’m talking about. Make sure it’s a strong door!

Fully suspended (ceiling) Setup

If you’re using sex swings which are hung from your ceiling, you must ensure that you have high ceilings (usually) with strong beams/rafters/joists.

Depending on where you’re from, the build of your home may be different, but here’s a video on finding ceiling joists in UK homes and here’s a US site telling you how to find ceiling beams.

​Want a simpler method of locating your beams? Try getting on a ladder and knocking your ceiling at different points until you find the area ​that sounds least hollow.

Sex Swing Stand Setup

For people who have a lot of space in their home, sex swing stands are perfect. These dedicated robust metal stands are designed to hold the weight of various sex swings without you worrying about tearing down the ceiling!

How to Use a Sex Swing

A sex ​harness is only fun if you know how to use it. You might incorporate it into a BDSM scene, or you might use it for trying out new sexual positions more easily. Below I’ve highlighted some ideas for sex swing positions you might want to try with your partner!

​Sex swing positions to try

Missionary – let your partner take control and effortlessly move you onto his member.  If you have a 360-degree swing, you can go in all directions, not just back and forth.

Doggy style – Lay stomach-down in the harness and prepare for an amazing ride.  Try laying a pillow down over the straps for extra comfort.

Oral – The swing lifts to the perfect height for cunninglingus.  For either partner this makes jaw and neck fatigue almost non-existant.

​There are alot of people on Reddit making their own sex swings by hand. If you’re short on cash, check out this DIY door sex swing guide or this DIY hanging sex swing. Be aware that purpose-built ​products are much safer!


​In summary, I have to say that the Bondage Boutique Sex Swing is my top sex sling on this list.

However, I’m also a big fan of the Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing which is super popular on Amazon.

Whichever sex swing you decide to buy for your home, just remember to stay safe, follow the instructions, and have fun!

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