Lovense Max 2 Review – Automatic Male Masturbator Experience

The Lovense Max 2 is an electric male masturbator machine manufactured by sex toy company Lovense. This high tech masturbator is based on the original Lovense Max, one of the best penis milking machines on the market. The original Max was launched in 2013 with the help of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

An automatic male masturbator is a fleshlight-like device which vibrates and contracts around your penis to deliver intense orgasmic sensations to your cock. If you’re aroused enough, it’s easy to cum handsfree from one of these electronic penis pumps.

Although the Max and Max 2 can be used solo, they are also designed as long-distance devices for long-distance couples. For example, the Max and Max 2 can be paired and synced up with the Lovense Nora, a Bluetooth-controlled vibrator for women. This way, the Max and Nora allow heterosexual couples to have virtual sex from afar. This interactivity made the Max one of the best male sex toys for couples and singles alike.

Now, after 6 generations of the original Max, Lovense have finally created the Max 2 automatic male masturbator in 2019. The Max 2 boasts improved hardware, a new exterior case, a better internal sleeve, 360-degree cock contractions, a redesigned vibrator, USB magnetic charging, better battery life (2-3 hours), an increased orifice diameter (3.33 inches), a longer length (9.5 inches) and improved sensors.

Pros and Cons of the Max 2


Before diving into details, here’s an overview of my pros and cons for the Max 2.


  • Vibrations and contractions lead to handsfree cumming
  • Discreet in appearance – looks more like Alexa than a sex toy
  • Lovense Remote app is brilliant
  • Can be used as a long distance sex toy
  • Internal sleeve features pleasurable texture
  • Vagina-shaped internal sleeve is available
  • Appears on our list of the best male masturbators
  • 100% hypoallergenic – TPE internal sleeve and plastic casing
  • Easy to clean and charge (USB charging)


  • Contractions are loud
  • Very tight orifice
  • Seems unnecessarily large
  • Factory-programmed patterns are a bit boring



There’s a lot to love about this toy; I can easily see it becoming one of the top blowjob machines of 2019. The vibrations and contractions have allowed me to cum handsfree twice now, which is not the case with your cheap run-of-the-mill Amazon penis pump. You don’t necessarily need to pump your cock with the Max 2 – it delivers all the pleasure for you.

The Lovense Remote app is the thing that really sets this toy apart from the competition, with users posting their own custom vibration/contraction patterns which you can try for yourself. This internet-controlled vibrator hence allows you to experience another person’s dick-milking program… it’s a strangely intrusive and erotic experience.

USB charging and easy cleaning
With , there’s very little to complain about with the Max 2. The only thing I’d say is that the contractions are VERY loud compared to the vibrations, the opening orifice was very tight for me personally, and the default patterns are a bit boring. Apart from that, it’s a cock-milking toe-curling lip-biting rollercoaster ride!

How Does the Lovense Max 2 Work?


The Max 2 is shaped similarly to a typical male stroker or Fleshlight product – it’s a long chamber with an insertable TPE rubbery sleeve which mimics the inside of a vagina or other orifice. Armed with a generous amount of water-based lube, you can pump your cock in and out until you cum.

However, the Max 2 is armed with electronics which intensify the male masturbator experience – it contains an internal vibrator unit which is connected to a thin lining material that surrounds the inside of the chamber. This vibrator is then able to send vibrations and contractions through the lining material, causing 360-degree contractions all over your penis.  

The Max 2 is basically a Fleshlight on steroids which you can control over the internet. What’s not to love?

According to Lovense's Max 2 product page, there are 7 default vibration settings (low, medium, high, pulse, wave, fireworks, earthquake) and 3 default contraction settings (subtle, mild, deep). However, the Lovense Remote app allows you to experiment with much more exciting patterns which ebb and flow over several minutes, sending your cock on a dick-milking journey.

Using the Lovense Remote App (long-distance sex toy app)


You can download the Lovense Remote app from the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store depending on your device. If you’ve got a modern iPhone or Android cell phone, then you’re probably good to go. Simply set up the Bluetooth connection (it takes like 2 seconds), give your device a cute name, and you’re ready to go!

I was gonna call my Max 2 the “Lean, Mean, Dick-Milking Machine” but then I realized that my neighbors might see that name the next time they’re trying to connect their Bluetooth speakers. The default name “LVS-Max211” is much more subtle.


When you’re connected, you’re already good for close-range (Bluetooth) play, but you can also invite your partner to connect to your Max 2 via Wi-Fi if you’re looking to spice up the relationship with long-distance sex toy fun. It’s like adding someone on Facebook, but much more overtly sexual.

The best part for me is experimenting with different vibe patterns. Using your fingers, you can easily create your own vibration and contraction patterns by moving sliders up and down or dragging icons up and down as quickly or as slowly as you like.


The pattern-creating is really easy and intuitive, to be honest. Lovense have designed not just a great automatic male masturbator, but a fantastic app too! There’s even an option to put the patterns into a wanking playlist. We’re living in the future.

You can use the Lovense Remote app to sync the Max 2’s vibrations up to the beat of music playing on your device or in the same room as you. Just don’t listen to Angel of Death or you might end up in the ER.

The most interesting part of the Lovense Remote app is the community of people sharing their own custom vibration/contraction patterns for the Max 2! You can view and download all of their patterns for free; some of my favorites include the delightfully-named “4:20 MILF HUNTER PATTERN” and the slightly more cryptic “926013”. I particularly like the ones with names like “YOU’LL CUM LIKE A FOUNTAIN IN 5 MINUTES”. It’s like Lovense clickbait.


The Lovense Max 2 is more than just a Bluetooth sex toy for men – the Max 2 connects you to a community of proud masturbators sharing their expertise.

What Does the Lovense Max 2 Feel Like?

Lovense Max 2 Feels

Well, the Max 2 made me cum twice without pumping or touching my dick – I just let this high tech masturbator do all the work for me. I haven’t noticed other Lovense Max 2 reviews mentioning this hands-free ejaculation experience, maybe I’m just special. This is the first toy which made me ejaculate with basically no effort from me.

I never experienced handsfree cumming before I got the Max 2. There’s no going back!

All in all, it feels like an intense cock massage. Unless you’re pumping into it like a Fleshlight, I wouldn’t say that it feels like sex, because there’s little “in and out” motion going on. It’s a bit like someone giving you a very slow handjob with a copious amount of lube, tightly gripping and massaging your cock’s most sensitive spots until your body tenses up and you erupt with cum.

If you make the contractions strong (which I would recommend), then you can feel your cock being almost “sucked into” the Max 2, similarly to a Lovehoney or Amazon penis pump. Combined with intense vibration patterns and the internal texture of the TPE sleeve, you can feel your penis’s head being squeezed and vibrated intensely as your toes curl up in pleasure.

Using Max 2

You can also use the Max 2 more conventionally, pumping in and out of it like a Fleshlight, but I found that the orifice was quite tight and therefore it was hard to pump in and out without feeling uncomfortable. It should be worth noting that I am slightly girthier than the average male (not boasting, honest) but the Lovense Max products being tight is quite a common complaint from reviewers.

If you feel like the air pressure from the contractions is becoming too much for your cock to handle, then the Max 2 features a , as well as an Adjustable Air Vent which allows you to . My only complaint about the contractions is that they are VERY noisy, so just stick to vibrations if you’re trying to be quiet. The contraction noises are actually a little bit off-putting for me personally, but I imagine that a lot of guys can ignore them.

Quick Air Release valvemodify the suction level

Cleaning and Charging the Max 2

Cleaning and Charging the Max 2

With simple cleaning and USB charging, Lovense’s latest Bluetooth sex toy for men is a masterclass in convenient teledildonics.

Easy Cleaning

Wanna know how to clean the Lovense Max 2? Turns out that it’s super-duper easy. Being an electric male masturbator, I thought I’d have to take this thing apart, get some WD-40, polish it, brush it with pipe cleaners… but no. Simply wash it in the sink with warm soapy water like most other sex toys.

Cleaning Max 2

The Max 2 charges via a magnetic port, so it’s safe to wash the case with water as there are no exposed electrical ports.

The only thing you need to do is make sure that the air pump vent is closed when you’re washing the toy, as getting water in there can damage it over time. Apart from that, it’s super easy! Simply remove the internal sleeve from the case and then wash both the case and sleeve with warm soapy water and rinse. Leave to air dry for 24 hours and you should be good to go!

USB Charging

The Max 2 uses USB charging via a magnetic port, similar to the Aneros Vice 2 charging system. A full USB charge lasts for 2-3 hours of continuous use, so it’s possible that you could get a few cock-milking sessions out of a single charge! Because its USB, you can conveniently charge this toy via your laptop, PC, games console, or anything else with a USB port.

USB Charging Max 2

USB charging and Wi-Fi connectivity are among the features commonly listed for the most high-tech adult toys. When it comes to interactive long-distance sex toys for couples and singles, Lovense are extremely innovative.

This USB charging gives you multiple charging options and helps you to hide your toy when you’re trying to be subtle. Personally, I charge mine through my PS4, which is where I charge all of my men’s sex toys. The only problem is that I then forget to charge my PS4 wireless controller. Mortal Kombat or wank? It’s a hard choice.


The Max 2 from Lovense

The Max 2 from Lovense is an excellent automatic male masturbator which can be synced up with the Lovense Nora vibrator to let male-female couples have an intimate experience in the same room or 2,000 miles away. It’s also a great toy for solo male masturbation fun, with a limitless number of vibration patterns available from the community via the Lovense app.

Although the Max 2 is a little tight, noisy, and large, it makes up for it by being intense, interactive, and easy to clean. I’d highly HIGHLY recommend using the Lovense Remote app to control this toy, as the experience is much more fluid and exciting. Next time you feel horny, just grab your cell phone and program in the perfect vibrations to make you cum like a faucet.

About The Author ~ J.C. Way

I’ve never been afraid to stick things up my butt or pop my cock into something – why wouldn’t you want to make your sex life better? I aim to smash down stigmas and introduce men and women to sex toys that change their lives.

  • Avatar Daniel says:

    I just ordered one but am now concerned about the tightness. I am well endowed, also not bragging – have you ever measured your girth?

    • Avatar JC Ways says:

      I haven’t measured my girth personally, but if you’re above average, you might find it a little tight is all. See what you think!

  • Avatar Alex Mac says:

    Hilarious and informative mate . One of the few reviews I can actually tolerate to listen to.

    Keep it up , no pun intended

  • Avatar Shawn says:

    Is the max 2 able to sync with the lush 2?

  • Avatar Batman says:

    Bought this thing used it once was super dissapointed is the ajustable air thing supposed to be opened or closed lol i think i fu**ed up.

    • Avatar Xekiel says:

      There are two air holes on the top of the Max 2.

      1. Is an “exhaust port” for the air pump covered by a small grey flap. This must be open during use.

      2. Is a slightly larger hole, located opposite the first, with a sliding white plastic cover. This is the air intake and can be covered/uncovered during use to adjust suction level intensity.

      3. BOTH of these holes must be closed/covered when cleaning the Max 2.

      The Max 2 might take awhile to get accustomed to; but once you do, you’ll agree that this toy AMAZING!

      Hope this helps!

  • Avatar OhhhYeah says:

    I own the onyx plus, max, and max 2. I prefer the max 2, however, I am above average length (8″)and girth. The onyx plus has a perfectly sized opening. The max 2 is tight, but once inside it’s awesome and I get better stimulation from the max 2.

    • Avatar JC Ways says:

      fair enough! it can be hard for guys with above average length/girth to get sex toys in the right size. I have this problem too!

  • Avatar TB says:

    Can this be used with VR or any online content ?

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