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VR Bangers Review: Is This Virtual Reality Porn Site Legit & Worth Your HARD-Earned Money?

By: Sex Toy Collective Team

Welcome to a super-exclusive VR Bangers review that you won’t get anywhere else, guaranteed! 

I am the real dildo (deal), and will tell the truth about this virtual reality porn site. Is it a scam? Will it work with your humble headset? All will be revealed.

My job is to give you the scoop on what to expect when you bypass the sign up page and paywall.

  • Is purchasing a VR Bangers’ membership worth the money?
  • Is the website legit?
  • Payment methods available
  • Number of scenes, models, and the kinky and freaky shit they do in VR mode
  • How to watch VR porn on an Oculus Quest 2
  • What is VR like?
  • And much more

As Allstate says, “you’re in good hands”… My hands.

VR Bangers Review: Pros and Cons

VR Bangers Review: Pros

  • Various associated VR porn niche: cosplay, gay, trans
  • High-end 3D mode and 8K resolution that makes the person look like they’re there with you
  • Easy-to-work app
  • Entertaining storylines
  • Membership fee that doesn’t break the bank
  • Good acting: the porn models, especially the famous ones, know how to strut their stuff
  • Award winner throughout the years for best virtual reality porn scenes

Vr Bangers Review: Cons

  • Confusing how to initially get into VR mode; it takes some work to prepare to jerk
  • Borderline addictive; I’m caught daydreaming about my favorite porn stars in VR mode
  • Volume too low on VR Bangers
  • Difficult typing on the keyboard in VR mode, it reminds me of using a controller to type out messages on Xbox Live – annoying
  • The POV penis is often white, which isn’t great if you’re from another ethnicity
  • The website’s tagline is Make America Hard Again – Dude, like, America is already hard…dude, lol

VR Bangers Review: Company Overview: Is It Legit or Shady?

I can unequivocally say that VR Bangers is one of the most legit VR sites on the globe. 


I’m not just saying that because I’m getting paid, well, that’s part of it, but no, seriously, VRB is, as 4c1dr3fl3x says, “one of the American Big 4.” (WankzVR, BaDoinkVR, Naughty America VR) You can consider it a true pioneer in the world of VR. 

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Did you know…?

Vr Bangers is one of the first studios to do VR porn. Think about it, if a company is spearheading technological advancements in virtual reality porn, then they are the real deal.

If something new comes out in VR, VR Bangers will likely be behind it. A positive!

I’ll go as far as to say that VR Bangers might even create future systems for virtual reality porn. Who knows?

Check this out; VR Bangers is an award winner in many respected porn categories:

  • AVN Awards: Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene (Multiple years)
  • XBiz Awards: Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene (Multiple years)
  • AVN Awards: Clever Title of the Year (Multiple years)
  • Virtual Reality Site of the Year (2022)

Great achievements!

These are not the only ones, though. VRB wins awards in many categories every year since its conception in 2016.

Articles featuring VRB was on the following news networks:

  • ANV
  • CBS
  • CNet
  • Engadget
  • Geek
  • Maxim
  • Rabbit Reviews
  • PC Mag
  • Vice
  • Playboy

VR Bangers is an LLC. Therefore, you can even contact these guys anytime. Phone support is available 24/7 if you need to talk with someone just in case something goes wrong, which likely won’t happen. 

They are associated with several affiliates through their website VRBCash.com for website owners who want to help generate revenue. So all you CEO hustlers can get in on the VR boom if you own an adult website. Let’s go!

Headquarters: Beverly Hills, CA

Employees: 35 (1,000+ if you include the models)

Founded: 2015

Ownership: Private

Trademark: Virtual Reality Bangers, LLC

Partners: 66 (including big names like ThePornDude)

Websites owned by VR Bangers: CosplayVR, DezyRed, GayVR, VR Conk

If VR Bangers was illegitimate, the site wouldn’t have numbers like this and would have been shut down long ago.

How Easy is to Cancel a VR Bangers Membership Once You Put Your Credit Card Info In?

Some reviewers say it can be difficult to cancel the membership once your card details are in and your credit card gets charged. 

Even though VRBangers clearly state in the Terms of Service that all payments are non-refundable, if you believe a charge is an error you can always contact them at [email protected] and do a detailed description of the charge and they will check to see what can be done to rectify the situation. 

One piece of advice is to turn off the recurring billing cycle. If you do not do that, then you will get charged every month. We as porn watchers typically forget about this and get really MAD and leave negative reviews because we think the site is trying to rip us off. In reality, we had our dicks in hand, bust a nut, and totally forgot about that charge as we went on with our lives. You can tell I’ve been there, huh?

Do VR Bangers Take PayPal, Crypto, Gift Cards, or Virtual Cards?

PayPal – Yes

Credit cards (Discover, Visa, MasterCard) – Yes

Debit cards – Yes

Prepaid cash load debit cards – Yes

JCB – Yes

Gift cards – No

Cryptocurrency – No

Is VR Bangers Safe?

  • SSL encryption
  • Epoch payment processor
  • Positive DNS filter rating
  • Trusted by Trend Micro
  • Data security protections
  • 1 Better Business Complaints – Status: Resolved

VR Bangers Prices

Lifetime – $250

1 year – $99.95

1 month – $24.95

VR Bangers Porn Videos: Scenes and Models

Number of scenes currently: 560+

Niches: cum on ass, ebony, big tits, asian, anal, lesbian, for girls, teen, milf, big ass, and more (the list is endless)

How often new scenes released: 3 per week (More than most VR porn sites that only uploads one or two a week)

Number of models worked on the site: 396+

Number of group sex scenes: Hundreds

Kinds of group sex scenes: orgy, lesbian, for girls

Top three scenes: Altered State of Consciousness, Blackjack Friday, JumanJizz

VRBangers.com Site Reviews from Around the Web

Reading real reviews from real people makes a huge difference in choosing whether you will pay to use a site. Below are two VR reviews from Reddit and TrustPilot. One negative, one positive.

As you can see, we’re all about being fair. Again, TURN OFF AUTO REBILLING! When they take that money, they ain’t giving back. The problem is people get hypnotized by the sexual activity and completely forget to access the login data and turn off auto billing. Who’s fault is that?

How to Sign Up on VR Bangers and Use it with the Most Popular Devices

The issue with watching VR Bangers is not the act of watching virtual reality porn on VRBangers.com, it’s the herculean task of setting up your VR headset prior. 

If you are a computer whiz who jizzes on the latest technologies and stays abreast of general computer systems, then you will have no problem setting up your handset.

I’m a middle-30s adult, so I’m considered an elder in internet years, however; learning how to operate VR Bangers was SO MUCH EASIER than setting up my headset.

There are two ways to watch VR Bangers porn:

  • App
  • Website

How to Watch VV Bangers: App

The best way to watch these digital girls fuck you, in my opinion, is downloading the Play’A app. Additionally, adding a VR porn video to the stream is super duper easy.

The Play’A App name is particularly interesting because it insinuates that all users bang a lot of girls. But in this case, you’ll be fucking many of the best porn stars in the industry.

Adding a website: easy

Exiting out of the app: hard

Jacking your meat to VR porn stars: priceless

Adding VR Bangers Porn Videos to the Play’A App

  • Select the Web icon on your VR headset’s homepage
  • Select Add Website
  • Type in www.vrbangers.com
  • Select Yes to consent you are indeed 18 years old or older
  • Categories pop up on the right side, but the main screen will remain blank unless you purchased the subscription membership
  • Select one of the categories and the entire BR Bangers porn video list pops up
  • Sit back and enjoy (Let your wee-wee scream because no one’s home)

Here are the various amenities while playing in the VR app:

  • Search feature through 66 Categories
  • List of Models
  • List of VR porn videos by Release Date
  • List of videos by Name
  • List of videos by Source
  • List of videos by Starring
  • List of videos by Duration
The Downside of Using the Play’A App

Unfortunately, from what I have gathered, you cannot pay for VR Bangers while in VR mode. You need to turn it off, get on the computer and purchase the content via phone or computer. Then all of the premium content will automatically pop up when you log back into VR.

How to Watch VR Bangers: Website

If you do not have the time and energy to download the app and learn how to use it, you always have the option of using the Browser to access the website

You can actually pull up the browser app in VR mode, type in VR bangers, and stream movies from there. You might need to sign in in order to do this. So that one is simpler than using the app and more familiar to us people who love using the internet.

Community of VR Bangers

  • Do they let you leave comments on the video – Yes
  • Do they have a chatroom – No
  • Do they have a blog – Yes
  • Do they have a forum – No

Headsets compatible with VR Bangers:

  • Oculus Rift S
  • Oculus Go
  • Oculus Quest
  • Oculus Quest 2
  • PSVR
  • HTC Vive Pro
  • GearVR
  • Microsoft MR
  • Android (Use with Google Cardboard)
  • iOS (Use with Google Cardboard)

How Does Virtual Reality Porn, Specifically on VR Bangers, Feel?

Imagine having a real sex doll in your home, sitting on your bed or standing in front of you.

And you can do any freaky thing imaginable to it. The doll is equivalent to your body size, so the experience feels more real.  And your entire environment looks different, depending on the theme of the video.

For example, if you’re banging a medieval harlot then your background will likely be in a castle.

That’s how virtual reality is, except the entire viewpoint is digital but looks like reality.

(Man, I’m trying my best to explain this, ok, you need to pay me more for this ish! Yes, editor, I’m talking to you!)

Why does it matter?

Bonafide porn pupils like us are hard-wired to watch porn on a computer screen, phone, or tablet. Therefore, it’s damn near impossible to enjoy the experience in that format, but we have become immune to it.


Imagine on the flip side a full-size woman right there in your space having sex with you and the feelings feel real.

Her tits are right up on your face.

Her mouth pleasing your member. 

Moreover, you can look around the room, and with the 360-degree pan feel like you are sitting inside the room. 

What I find interesting is that you can admire the architecture of the room. Suddenly, the model will scare the shit out of you when you look forward because she is right there in your face rubbing on your legs.

This is what you can experience streaming VR porn videos.

How to Enjoy Virtual Reality Porn Sites & Your Porn Star

If you live with a bunch of people you better not use VR porno, even if in your private room. 

All it takes is someone cracking open your door dropping off laundry and seeing you with an Autoblow Blowjob Machine chugging away on your penis as you are completely lost in VR porn. 

The worst part is that you wouldn’t even know they’re there because the binaural waves emitting from the headset sounds so real. You don’t even need headphones while using VR Bangers!

The Solution to Really Enjoying VR Porn Videos

Word of advice, it’s always best to do this in a safe environment when no one is home and the environment is clean.

If you really want to enjoy yourself, then select Stationary Boundary when firing up your headset instead of Creating the Boundary. This allows you to jump out of bed and ride it like a pony without really interrupting the stream.

Sex Toys to Use with VR Bangers

I was always taught that if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it all the way live. If not for yourself, then at least for the betterment of the entire world.

That brings me to the point that using a sex toy with VR mode makes the experience so much better. You don’t have to use your hand or move your pelvic area, the machine does all the work for you.

Unfortunately the Autoblow feels more like a hand job instead of a blowjob so you need to push your imagination a bit to get the feeling you want. 

However, the Lovense Max 2 feels a bit better because of the suction effect, but the Kiiroo Onyx+ is a better alternative overall, but the downside is it’s hella pricey.

VR Bangers Review: Final Word

VR Porn at VR Bangers is something like you have never seen before. I really hope you enjoy cosplaying in the porno metaverse.

Time for me to fire up my Oculus and get busy. Why not try VR Bangers today?

Care to join me?

Final Scores on a Scale from 1 to 10

  • Quality – 9
  • Usability – 7
  • Number of models – 10
  • Number of sex categories – 10
  • Design – 10

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