My Review of the Aneros Vice 2: Vibrating Prostate Pleasure

By: Ian

Aneros are primarily known for making non-motorized prostate toys that use your body’s Kegel muscles and sphincter muscles to massage your prostate. However, a few years ago, they introduced the world to the Vice – their first vibrating prostate massager toy.

Aneros make some of the best men’s sex toys around. The Vice won the title of “Outstanding Product Design For Men” at the “O” Awards, colloquially known as the Oscars of sex toys.

And now we present its sequel: the Aneros Vice 2.

This naughty little Aneros vibe builds on its predecessor’s success, featuring a wireless remote, improved settings, and USB charging instead of old-school batteries.

This revolutionary new design is sure to pave the way for more Aneros toys to come, but is it worth the $149.95 price tag?

Let’s take a look!

Pros and Cons of the Aneros Vice 2

As always with my reviews, I’m going to lead with my pros and cons before getting into the nitty-gritty.


  • The USB charging is convenient, versatile, and easy
  • Dual motors in different parts of the toy make for unique sensations and pivoting motions
  • There are 18 vibration patterns and 4 strength settings, making a total of 72 different vibe sensations
  • The wireless remote allows you to change vibration settings easily
  • The “Joy button” on the remote allows you to hijack the toy and create on-demand vibrations
  • The Vice 2 lasts for 90 minutes at the highest speed, giving you hours of potential prostate play
  • Both the Vice 2 and the wireless remote are coated with velvety soft silicone
  • The toy is quite weighty, which I personally like
  • Like most Aneros toys, you can wash this toy easily with soap and water


  • The 4.25 inches of insertable length might be too much if you’re new to men’s anal toys
  • Certain modes and higher strengths can kind-of desensitize and numb your P-spot, so don’t assume that stronger is better
  • I find that it’s quite difficult to get out of your ass after use, though that could just be me
  • My model appears to have a few bugs and glitches, with some settings being stuck at 1 strength option instead of 4-The velvety silicone exterior is porous and is therefore hard to clean thoroughly

If your living situation forces you to be discreet, then you might find the USB charging situation difficult compared to old-school batteries. However, you could invest in a portable USB charging bank to charge your Vice 2 under your bed, in your drawer, or in another discreet location.

All in all, the Aneros Vice 2 is a huge step up from the original Vice, offering vibrating male perineum massages on demand.

If you don’t know how to use prostate massage devices like the Aneros Helix Syn and you’d prefer something that does the work for you, then the Vice 2 could be an excellent investment.

The Design of the Aneros Vice 2

You might think that the Progasm is the biggest Aneros toy, but the Vice 2 is actually slightly bigger. As far as I’m aware, the Vice 2 is actually the biggest prostate toy in the Aneros range, as well as one of the few vibrating Aneros prostate toys.

This sets it apart from its brethren and creates a unique self prostate stimulation experience like no other. So how does it stack up?

  • The tip width is 1.3 inches, giving plenty of surface area to touch the prostate
  • The middle width is also 1.3 inches. This isn’t ideal, but I imagine it’s due to the motor inside the toy needing space
  • The stem to perineum distance is 1.68 inches, which is fine for most users
  • The insertable length is 4.25 inches, which is plenty of length. I like this length personally, though it might scare some prostate play rookies away

The Aneros Vice 2 is large, heavy, and vibrates with some serious strength. Don’t fuck with the Vice 2!

My only major gripe with the design of this toy is that I’d prefer a longer P-tab arm more akin to the 1.75-inch arm of the Aneros Helix Syn Trident.

With that said, I’m 6’2 and definitely not the “average male size” so this probably isn’t an issue for most users.

I also think that there’s a little too much bulk around the middle of this toy, but I imagine it’s there because there’s a big fuck-off vibrating motor inside it, so I’ll give them a leave pass… this time.


Although the Vice 2 is not technically part of the Trident series, Aneros announced in 2018 that they’re going to make all of their new products in the “Trident” style. This confused me at first, because the Vice 2 isn’t described as “Trident” anywhere, yet its product page on the Aneros website has a Trident section.

Will Aneros keep using the “Trident” name if they make all of their products this way? What does this “Trident” thing mean anyway? These are great questions.

Basically, new “Trident” Aneros toys are coated with a soft velvety-feel silicone which is slightly porous. This makes it soft and comfortable inside you, but it does mean that it harbors nasty smells and bacteria a little more easily, so watch out for that.

The Trident design also means that the toys have new arm configurations (yet they give us little information about these new configurations) and something called “MAMA balancing architecture”.

MAMA stands for “Multi-Axial Motion Architecture.” Basically, it’s a design that makes it easier for Aneros toys to wobble from side to side, as well as in/out and up/down. I think throwing words like “mama” into the description of your sex toy suggests some weird mommy issues, but whatever.

Aneros Vice 2 Vibration Settings

So, here’s what you’re all here for – the vibration settings. You probably wanna know how to milk your prostate with the vibrations or how well these vibes stimulate a man’s anal g spot. There’s good news and bad news, so let’s dive in.

First of all, there are 2 motors inside this toy, not just 1 like with many prostate vibrators. There is one motor in the main body of the toy and 1 in the perineum arm.

The idea is that these motors can provide internal prostate stimulation and external male perineum massage, vibrating your G spot from both inside and outside. The right-angled position of these motors also allows the toy to “pivot” and create some really unique sensations.

If you’ve ever seen that fateful episode of Friends, you’ll know the importance of pivoting.

The Vice 2 comes with 18 different vibe patterns, all of which can be used in 4 different strengths, giving you a grand total of 72 different sensations to explore.

However, I noticed that some of the settings on my model didn’t change their strength and were stuck at one strength no matter what I pressed. For example, on my model, mode number 9 seemed to be stuck at 1 strength.

This might just be a manufacturing error with my product, but it’s something to be aware of.

Throughout the 18 modes, you’ll find a variety of sensations to explore. Setting 1 is a continuous steady vibration, but cycling through you’ll find intermittent buzzes, “rolling” or “pivoting” motions, back and forth motions, subtle prostate nudges, and lots of combinations.

The dual-motor system really does unlock a whole host of potential movements. Here are some of my faves:

  • Mode 5 is a relaxing rolling motion which switches between the 2 motors in the toy
  • Mode 8 is an interesting combination of nudges with a big long continuous vibe
  • Mode 11 is a nice steady nudging pace, almost simulating the feel of anal sex
  • Mode 17 is fucking manic – it’s a combination of basically everything in a random order

We are also yet to talk about the Joy Button!

The Joy Button is an invisible button located in the wireless remote which allows you to interrupt the toy’s pattern and add your own vibrations in on demand. If you press down on the top of the tear-shaped remote (i.e. the point at the top) then you’ll notice that the Vice 2 buzzes on command.

The Joy Button is pressure-sensitive, so you can press it as softly or as hard as you want and the toy will correspond in vibration strength. If you feel like you’re about to go over the edge, this button is there to help.

I’m yet to find a scenario where the joy button has helped me achieve prostate orgasm, but it’s early days yet and I’m sure someone will find a way.

At this point, I’d just like to say that this toy’s vibrations can become VERY strong, especially on the more aggressive modes. For me, mode number 5 on the strongest vibration setting is VERY intense.

If you’re new to prostate milking, the vibrations could be too intense for you, so bear that in mind. Also, I would opine that prostate play is a game of subtlety – remember, we’re performing a self prostate massage… we’re not shaking it to death with mad vibrations from every angle.

Stronger vibes don’t necessarily lead to the best prostate orgasms, at least in my experience. Show some restraint, people!

I have found that starting with strong vibrations, stimulating the prostate intensely, and then dialing it back down is a great way to get muscle contractions started and induce relaxation.

Charging and Cleaning Your Vice 2

Like most Aneros toys, you can wash this toy really easily in your sink with soap and warm water. It doesn’t matter that this toy is electronic – you can still submerge it in water and get it really clean. I’m not sure if this applies to the remote too, so I’ve just been wiping the remote down with sex toy wipes to be on the safe side.

Inside the box, you get 2 USB charging cables. One is for the remote, and it looks like a fairly typical USB-to-MicroUSB lead. It plugs into the bottom of the remote really easily, and a 90-minute charge of the remote will see it last 50 hours, so you’ll rarely have to bother charging it.

The other USB charging cable is for the Vice 2 itself, and it features magnetic prongs which are attracted to magnetic spots on the bottom of the toy. I’m not a scientist, but the toy somehow magically charges through this magnetic connection, and that’s super cool.

A 2-hour charge of the toy can see it through 90 minutes of use at the highest speed, so you’ll get a few hours out of it if you’re using the lower speed settings. It can be a bit delicate to get the magnets lined up correctly, but in general, this magnetic charging system is a stroke of fucking genius.

Honestly, it’s such a huge step up. The original Vice used plain old alkaline batteries and it was a pain in the ass (literally?) whenever they ran out.

Using old-style batteries incorrectly can harm sex toys, so it’s no surprise that more and more manufacturers are going with the convenient and rechargeable USB lithium-ion option.

USB charging means you could plug your toy/remote into a mains adaptor, a laptop, a PC, or any other device that has USB ports available. Me personally? I plug them into my PS4 when the controller is already charged up. I can play Spiderman and charge my sex toys simultaneously.

What a time to be alive.

Aneros Vice 2 Review Cum-clusion

As the second vibrating Aneros toy to date, the Vice 2 has certainly raised the game with its dual motors, 72 sensations, wireless remote and USB charging.

I’m not sure whether a vibrating toy like this is useful for achieving the elusive Aneros prostate orgasm or “Super O” that is normally reserved for manual toys, but I’m gonna have a lot of fun trying.

Where to get one

Visit this page for the best price on the Vice 2.

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  • Dave says:

    I’ve had my Vice 2 for about 1 year, and it’s definitely gotten easier to insert since I’ve started using it. I began with the Helix syn Trident, which gave me my 1st super O while laying on my back, reaching my right arm over my body to tap a button on my laptop. Apparently, that put my body in the perfect position for the Super O. My entire body vibrated for about a minute while it felt like I was cumming, but nothing was coming out. I don’t think the Vice 2 has give me a Super O yet, but it may have gotten me close once or twice. I feel the most intensity with the Vice 2 when I contract my ass to get it as far in as possible; at that point, it feels like a small spot is reached where the feeling is notably different than anywhere else. With the smaller Helix syn, I feel like its size gives it more room to move with my heartbeat, and just do what it naturally wants to do while inside me.

    I’m very excited about the new Helix Syn V, which appears to be the size of the Helix syn, but with vibration. I don’t regret buying the Vice 2, and it’s definitely intense, but I honestly feel that achieving the Super O has more to do with body position and relaxation rather than toy size. I, too, assume the additional size of the Vice 2 is necessary to fit the motors in it, and admit it was intimidating at first. Looking at it compared to the Helix, I was thinking “how the heck do I fit this in me?” After a few sessions, it slides right in.

    Whichever toy people use, I think it’s important they use one. After about 1 year of prostate play, I can honestly say my dick works 100% better than it used to. I’m pretty convinced I had a (slightly) enlarged prostate – at first, it was very difficult to insert even the Helix syn Trident. Sometimes, I couldn’t even get it in. Now, it pops right in. I can even get myself close to prostate orgasm without anything in me, if I’m horny. I can get hard almost as if I was 20 years younger. More people really need to try these things because I believe their effects can be life changing. Thanks for increasing awareness with your page!

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