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Aneros 101: The Ultimate Guide to Aneros Prostate Pleasure

BY Ian, JC Ways

Aneros prostate massagers can lead to intense multiple male orgasms, affectionately known as the “Aneros Super O” or “Aneros prostate orgasms”. If you have read our ultimate guide to prostate milking, you’ll know that Aneros toys are widely considered to be the biggest name in male prostate stimulation.

Their designs are even patented, with the intricacy of their sleek prostate toys making it easy for men to experience intense toe-curling minutes-long mind-blowing handsfree orgasms. Well, I say “easy”, but there is some skill and technique evolved… we’ll get onto that later. 

The prostate massagers are a bit like small (usually 4 inches or less) buttplugs which slip into your anus like a glove. The tip of the toy is designed to massage your prostate (i.e. the male G spot) by pressing on it directly, while the “Perineum arm” or “P-tab” on the toy is designed to massage your perineum (“taint” or “gooch”) from the outside, thereby performing external prostate stimulation too. 

More recent Aneros toys in the “Trident” range also come with a second “arm” known as the “Kundalini arm” or “K-tab”. This second arm is designed to send chills up your spine, but most people (myself included) don’t think it adds much.

In this Aneros guide I’m going to talk about the history of Aneros, how to use Aneros prostate massagers, and some tips and tricks for using Aneros products. I’m also going to review 4 of the latest Aneros toys that I’ve tried personally, recommending my favorites. Let’s jump in!

The Story Behind Aneros Prostate Massagers

One day, I was minding my own business on the internet, casually browsing some NSFW material, when I came across a prostate orgasm video. The man in the video was lay on his back with a prostate massager in his ass, gyrating around wildly with his legs shaking and his penis precumming like mad. 

“What the hell is this insane sexual pleasure?” I thought to myself.

Fascinated, I began to “research” this phenomenon by watching loads of prostate orgasm videos. I soon noticed that they all had similar sex toys inside them. 90% of the time, they had an Aneros sex toy inside them. I began learning more and more about Aneros, watching tons of Aneros videos (NSFW!), browsing Reddit prostate orgasm threads, looking through the official Aneros forum and subscribing to the Aneros Reddit subreddit. I was in awe.

It turns out that Aneros originally started as more of a medical company, making prostate massagers for medical purposes back in the ‘90s. In case you didn’t know, there are many prostate massager health benefits, helping to treat erectile dysfunction, poor urine flow, prostatitis, and more. The design of the Aneros “Helix” model is said to be very similar to their original medical designs from 20+ years ago.

However, after patenting their Aneros prostate massager design, they realized that they could rebrand themselves as a sex toy company rather than a medical supplier. Since 2003, Aneros has been acquiring a deep understanding of the male anatomy, selling carefully-crafted prostate stimulators that can lead to handsfree orgasms via a combination of internal and external prostate stimulation. 

Aneros currently hold a total of 6 patents in the United States and worldwide. 

Flash forward to 2019 and they’ve got over a dozen products on sale, including regular prostate toys, motorized prostate massagers, and even their own lube shooters. Although I think that some of their designs are inevitably better than others, Aneros continue to dive deep and innovate in a niche corner of the adult market that was neglected for many years prior. Long live Aneros!

How to Use Aneros Toys

Using Aneros toys requires some technique and explanation, so I’ll break this down into 2 parts, explaining the concept behind the toys and then my own personal technique.

The concept behind Aneros prostate pleasure

Unless you’re using a motorized/vibrating toy like Aneros Vice 2, then your Aneros prostate massager will not be electronic – it’s just a well-shaped piece of plastic/silicone. Many Aneros newbies assume that the pleasure is derived from vibrations, but it’s actually about using the muscles in your body to control the movements of the prostate massager inside you. 

Believe me when I say that the manual Aneros toys are better and more intense than the vibrating Aneros products. When it comes to prostate stimulation, bigger isn’t always better and vibrations don’t mean automatic pleasure.

Basically, you have 2 sets of muscles which you need to use with the Aneros – your Kegel muscles (aka pelvic floor muscles) and your sphincter muscles. Your sphincter muscles are easy to find – they’re the ones you squeeze your butthole together with like you’re trying to hold in a fart. Not a great mental image, but stay with me.

The Kegel muscles are the ones you use to stop urinating mid-stream. Next time you’re peeing, stop your pee before you’re finished and notice which muscles you used to do it. Those are your Kegel muscles. You can do Kegel exercises to strengthen these muscles, which should lead to better prostate milking down the line.

The basic idea is that you VERY SLOWLY contract these sets of muscles (either one at a time or both simultaneously) and then VERY SLOWLY relax them back down again. When I say “VERY SLOWLY” in caps lock like that, I’m talking about performing one full squeeze in like 2-3 minutes if possible. It will be hard at first, but you’ll get used to it.

Over time, these 2 sets of muscles will become tired when you’re doing these slow contractions/relaxes, and soon enough they will start to tremble. This “trembling” is what usually kicks things off – your 2 “shaky” sets of muscles will start fighting for the prostate massager. You’ll feel your ass kind of “clamp onto” the Aneros prostate toy inside you, which can be scary if you’re not used to it.

Despite the “clamping onto the toy” feeling, the toy won't slip inside your rectum (assuming the arms are intact); it just feels that way. This is the scariest point for Aneros newbies, but you NEED to stay calm and “ride the wave”. Relax, breathe deeply, and allow the Aneros toy to do what it wants inside your body. You will not regret it!

If you can learn to relax through these scary moments, your body will take you on a wild ride of sexual pleasure that you just cannot fucking beat. Honestly, regular orgasms seem passé now.

It can take a long time to get to this point, but it depends on how aroused you are. Some people might experience the Aneros Super O (or general prostate pleasure) within 15-30 minutes, while others could be going for 1-2 hours before their body takes them on a wild ride. It’s best to set a couple of hours aside and minimize the possibility of distractions. 

My Aneros technique

Here’s the basic gist of my own Aneros technique. Everyone has different techniques and variations though, so check out the Aneros subreddit and Aneros forum to see what other people do too. My method is a hybrid of the "Tug of War" technique and the "Do Nothing" method.

1. First of all, I make sure that I’m horny. Remember that you’re not supposed to touch your penis at all throughout a prostate play session, so it’s essential to be “turned on” mentally. Set the mood, watch some porn, do whatever you need to do.

2. Next, I finger my ass with some lube, teasing it slowly to help get it relaxed and more open. I might move up to 2 fingers if I’m using a bigger toy like the Aneros Progasm. 

I like to use coconut oil for lube, as it’s natural and safe to use with virtually all Aneros products, lasting for much longer than water-based lube. Check out our Lube Guide for more information.

3. Now I lube up the Aneros toy and slowly insert it into my ass. The toy should curve upwards towards your stomach, as your prostate gland is on the anterior side of your body (i.e. the “front” side). The toy’s perineum arm/tab should rest on your perineum (taint/gooch) and if it has a Kundalini arm/tab, this should rest near your coccyx/tailbone. I usually lay on my back with my knees bent up and a small pillow under my bum. You’ll see this position used frequently on Aneros videos (NSFW!).

4. At this point, I take the time to relax for 10-20 minutes and let my body get used to the toy inside it. I might watch some porn, I might play with my nipples or other erogenous zones, or I might just think arousing thoughts. It sounds weird, but allow some time for your body and the toy to become “one”. Breathe deeply, relax your bottom, and stop fighting the toy’s presence inside you.

5. If I’m feeling pleasurable sensations after 20 minutes of relaxing, I’ll crack on with the "Do Nothing" approach. This basically means that I get myself into a very arousing and sexy headspace will totally relaxing my body, breathing deeply, and kind-of meditating. It’s a bit like mindfulness meditation, but you concentrate on the sensations coming from inside your ass.

Even if you think the muscles in your ass are relaxed, you’re probably subconsciously tensing up because you’re not used to having a piece of silicone inside you. It takes practice to lose this tension, so keep at it.

6. After about 35 minutes, I’ll usually switch to the aforementioned "Tug of War" technique. I’ll VERY SLOWLY start to contract my Kegel muscles and sphincter muscles at the same time, drawing this long contraction out over 2-3 minutes or longer if possible. Then I’ll hold them in place for about 30 seconds before VERY SLOWLY relaxing them back down over about 2-3 minutes as well.

7. I repeat these slow contractions and releases many times over, trying my best to relax and enjoy the ride throughout. It’s hard to describe, but you’ll feel like you’re riding waves (sometimes called “P waves”) of orgasmic pleasure. The waves will be small at first, but over time they will begin to build… and build… and build.

8. As the sensations build, I’ll naturally start to grimace in pleasure. This is a sign that I’m on my way to the coveted “Aneros Super O” or “Aneros Super Orgasm”.

According to the Aneros FAQs, Super Orgasms are “multiple, non-ejaculatory, full-body orgasms that are possible with the Aneros. Because these orgasms are non-ejaculatory, there is no refractory or recovery period. This means that men can have ‘multiple’ orgasms, one after another, that are seemingly continuous when using the Aneros.” 

9. This is my sign to make myself as aroused as is humanly possible. I might play with my nipples, moan out loud, watch porn if it’s on a nearby screen, or just think insanely sexy and erotic thoughts that really turn me on. The more aroused you are during this stage, the more likely you are to tip over the edge and have a full-body super orgasm. Stay calm, let the sensations happen, and enjoy the fucking ride.

My Reviews of the Latest Aneros Prostate Toys

If you go searching Google for Aneros guides, you’ll find that many of the toys they list are outdated and have newer versions out. I also suspect that some of the people writing these reviews never tried the toys at all, while others need to use spellcheck. We like to throw some friendly shade here at the SexToyCollective.

Anyway, I wanted to include some basic Aneros reviews for 4 of their recent prostate massager models – the Helix Syn Trident, the Progasm Ice, the Vice 2, and the Maximus Trident. 

This is the next generation of Aneros products, with many of their older siblings being discontinued now or in the near future. I wanted to find a way to turn “the next generation” into a Star Trek pun, but I’m struggling, so I’m just gonna link to that weird episode where Picard becomes a 1940s Film Noir P.I.

Anyway, on with the Aneros reviews!

Aneros Helix Syn Trident

  • 3.5 inches of insertable length 
  • 0.98-inch tip width (one of the smallest)

The Aneros Helix Syn Trident is a great all-rounder of a prostate massager. It’s one of the smallest prostate stimulators that Aneros make, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. In fact, this toy has given me a Super O quite a few times now. Put it this way – if you asked me to recommend a prostate massager to a man on the street who I knew nothing about, I would recommend the Helix Syn Trident.

Its core is made from sturdy ABS plastic but its exterior is coating in a soft medical-grade silicone which has a velvety feel to it. This means that it feels soft and sensual inside your body, making it easy to become accustomed to its presence. This toy also comes with some of the longest arms of any Aneros toy, so it’s great if you’re on the tall side (like me) and your perineum might be a few extra mm away than the average Joe’s.

The Helix Syn Trident is also super soft and flexible, featuring bendy arms that contort to your preferred position or body shape. For example, I’m a big fan of sitting upright and leaning against my bed frame (in a sort of half-leaning position) during prostate play, and the soft arms of the Helix Syn Trident make this easy. You see, some other toys have stiff arms that dig into you in positions like this.

If you’re reading this Aneros guide because you’re a total newbie looking to get started, I would recommend that you buy the Aneros Helix Syn Trident today. You might not get the Aneros technique down perfectly straight away, but if you’re using the Helix Syn Trident, you’re in with the best chance of achieving prostate milking and multiple male orgasms as an amateur.

I’ve also written a full Aneros Helix Syn Trident review if you want to know more!

PROS: Small, comfortable, flexible, suitable for all users

CONS: Hard to remove after use, hard to clean

Aneros Vice 2 (Vibrating Aneros)

  • 4.25 inches of insertable length 
  • 1.3-inch tip width (large and in charge)

Don’t get me wrong, the Aneros Vice 2 can deliver some breathtakingly toe-curling orgasmic sensations to your body, but it kind of goes against the spirit of Aneros toys. You see, stimulating the prostate with vibrations can kind of desensitize it and numb it after a while, so you’re unlikely to reach a Super O with this toy. 

On the other hand, if you’re a new or fairly experienced user who can’t be bothered with a full butt-clenching Aneros session, the Vice 2 is a great toy for relaxing and having pleasurable anal sensations drilled into you automatically. It comes with 18 different vibration patterns and 4 different speeds, making for a total of 72 different vibration sensations.

What’s more, the Aneros Vice 2 also comes with a wireless remote control so you can change the vibration settings easily without ruining the moment. This is a huge step up from the original Aneros Vice which required you to change settings via a button on the toy itself (talk about awkward). 

Both the Vice 2 and its remote are USB chargeable, with the prostate massager lasting 90 minutes at the highest speed and the remote lasting for 50 hours with a full charge. The toy is actually one of the largest in the Aneros range, featuring 4.25 inches of insertable length and roughly 1.3 inches of girth throughout, so you can definitely feel it inside you.

The Vice 2 charges via a magnetic connector which plugs into a USB port. I love this USB charging… I plug mine into my PlayStation. 

On the one hand, the Vice 2 is a large prostate toy which may be scary for those unfamiliar with male prostate stimulation. On the other hand, the toy delivers pleasurable prostate sensations without requiring any real skill, so it might be perfect for newbies who are trying to understand what anal pleasure feels like. It’s a mixed bag but it’s very, very fun!

Read my full Aneros Vice 2 Review here

PROS: 72 different vibration settings, dual toy motors, USB charging, wireless remote

CONS: Hard to remove after use, too big for some, vibes aren’t everything

Aneros Progasm Ice

  • 4 inches of insertable length
  • 1.15-inch tip width (one of the largest)

The Aneros Progasm Ice is pretty much the same as other Aneros Progasm models, except that it features a cool glass-like aesthetic which is supposed to resemble sex toys made from borosilicate glass. However, it’s actually made from FDA-approved medical-grade plastic which is transparent and stronger than glass. In other words, it has the cool sleekness of glass without the (albeit minor) risk of cracking or smashing.

Make no mistake, the Progasm in any of its forms should only be purchased if you are an advanced user. I made the mistake of buying the Progasm as my first ever Aneros (“how hard can it be?” I thought) and I almost gave up my Aneros journey because I couldn’t understand how to use it. This toy is very big and very stiff, both of which make it difficult for newbies and intermediate users.

To be honest with you, I still struggle to get reliable pleasure out of the Progasm, though it’s not for lack of trying! The size and stiffness of the Progasm mean that your muscles have to put up a better fight against it in order to deliver a powerful anal orgasm. 

If your pelvic floor muscles are strong enough to handle this toy, then it’s marvelous and has the potential to deliver stupidly intense orgasms. However, if you’re not that experienced with prostate play, you’re just wasting your time. The K-tab and P-tab arms on this toy are also very stiff and can dig into you uncomfortably, so bear that in mind if you like using Aneros toys in unusual positions!

Read my full Aneros Progasm Review

PROS: Cool glass-like design, sturdy construction, very girthy, explosive orgasms

CONS: Requires advanced skills, can be uncomfortable in certain positions, stiff

Aneros Maximus Trident

  • 3.5 inches of insertable length
  • 0.96-inch tip width (middle-sized)

I have a love/hate relationship with the Aneros Maximus Trident. On the one hand, it’s a really good middle ground toy for people who have used the Helix Syn for a while and want to up their game. On the other hand, I’m not keen on its ABS plastic material (it feels more medical than sexy) and it’s got stiff arms like the Progasm which can dig into you uncomfortably.

Don’t get me wrong, this is an excellent Aneros prostate massager if you’re at an intermediate level, but you need to be careful how you position yourself with it to avoid discomfort. It’s larger than the Helix Syn Trident and it’s also firmer too, so once your pelvic floor muscles have been strengthened, it’s a great toy to move onto if you want further pleasure.

All in all, there are many good things about the Maximus Trident, like how easy it is to clean and how well sculpted it is for your body, but there are some bumps in the road with this toy that you need to be aware of. Still, if you can learn a comfortable technique/position with this toy, it’ll rock your fucking socks off.

Read my full Aneros Maximus Review

PROS: Stays in easily, easy to clean, reasonable size, powerful climaxes

CONS: Arms dig into you uncomfortably, fairly stiff, looks like an alien probe

Non-Prostate Aneros Products

It’s not all about prostate stimulation, you know! As well as a bunch of other prostate massagers, Aneros make some other cool products you could check out. Here’s an overview:

Aneros Tempo

The Aneros Tempo is a stainless steel buttplug-like device which is designed to sexually stimulate the anal sphincters of both men and women, making for a great unisex or omnisexual experience.

Aneros Evi

As featured in Cosmopolitan, the Aneros Evi is a Kegel exerciser and G spot stimulator for women. Women performing Kegel exercises with the Evi can strengthen their pelvic floor, increasing sexual pleasure and reducing incontinence issues.

Aneros Muze

One of the few Aneros products that is simple and straightforward, the Aneros Muze is a large 4-inch long bullet vibrator with a variety of vibration patterns, all of which are controlled via a single button. The possibilities are endless.

Aneros Marksman

The Aneros Marksman is a box of pre-loaded lube shooters which are filled with Aneros’s own Aneros Sessions Lube. These pre-filled “syringes” of lube have an insertable length of 4 inches, so they’re perfect for lubing up your ass before using Aneros prostate massagers, most of which are 4 inches or smaller. Convenient, eh?

Tips and Tricks for Using Aneros Prostate Massagers

Everyone’s prostate milking experience is unique, but these tricks always help me to relax and increase my chances of having an Aneros Super O. Maybe they’ll help you too.

1. Be genuinely horny

An Aneros prostate play session can drag on for a couple of hours, so it’s easy for the mind to wander. You’re going to struggle to feel anal pleasure if you’re not that aroused, so make sure that you’re genuinely gagging for it (that’s how we say “horny as fuck” in the UK) before starting a session. Think erotic thoughts, look at porn, wear a jockstrap, do whatever you need to do.

2. Smoke weed (if it’s legal in your region)

If you live in a region where recreational marijuana is legal or decriminalized, the THC in weed can really help to relax your body and hence let the pleasurable contractions take over. Some people also feel really horny after a J, which helps too. Obviously, weed isn’t for everyone, but it’s frequently brought up on Reddit Aneros threads as a huge help for many users.

3. Play with your nipples

I don’t care if you’ve never touched your nipples in your life – you better play with them fucking nipples! Male nipples are good for one thing – they are powerful erogenous zones on your body which can significantly increase your sexual arousal, especially when you’re not allowed to touch your penis. Get ‘em nice and pointy, but remember that they’ll get sensitive after a while.

4. Minimize distractions

Prostate play with the Aneros puts you in a near-meditative state that requires total relaxation, so you need to make sure that you’ve got plenty of time and no distractions for a good couple of hours. If you’re stopping every 5 minutes to send a WhatsApp to ya boi, you’re gonna lose the flow and get nowhere. It’s generally best to do it before bed at night when there are few potential distractions to bother you.


I hope you enjoyed this ultimate Aneros guide! We’ve covered many aspects of the Aneros products and their potential for prostate milking multiple male orgasms, so I hope that this Aneros guide helped you on your journey to the Super O!

If you just can’t make up your mind on which model to get, Aneros have an official buyer's guide quiz on their website, so get ticking them boxes pronto.

If you find the right prostate toy for you, you’ll be having body-shaking handsfree orgasms in no time, whether you use the Aneros in public or in the privacy of your own home where you can really get down and dirty. Have fun!



I aim to smash down stigmas and introduce men and women to sex toys that change their lives.

  • RandomAnerosUser says:

    Omg dude, I cannot thank you enough for what you thought me here. I’ve had my aneros trident for about 6 months now. I was so excited about it when reading some comments like yours, saying that it gave them the super “O”. But for me it didn’t, at all. I was desperately trying to get a prostate orgasm but every time I plugged it in, nothing. Even when contracting/relaxing my pelvic muscles, I couldn’t feel any pleasure
    I was too eager to get a P orgasm and couldn’t wait enough
    So I tried your “VERY SLOWLY” technique and it damn well worked.
    At first nothing, but the more I was doing it, the more pleasure I was feeling. And eventually, my heart was beating like crazy, tension was building up and I experienced an amazing orgasm
    THANK YOU so much

  • Donald P Herdman says:

    I read about prostate massage 10 years ago.
    so I start to play around with difference types of massager’s. Discovered Aneros, used 3 types of
    Aneros, my main one is the Helix Syn. I’m 78 now, started 10 yrs. ago at age 68. I love to have long sessions, hands free orgasm’s loads of precum, If I do it at night in bed, sometimes I fall asleep with the Helix inside me wake up to cum ejaculating out of my penis. I do prostate
    massage 2 to 3 times a week. Repond on my email, let me know what you think Thanks, Don

    • JC Ways says:

      Hey Don, sounds fun! I wouldn’t recommend sleeping with a toy inside you, but I have personally dozed off during a session, so I know how easily it can happen!

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