Fleshlight Quickshot Review, Comparison of Boost vs Vantage vs Fleshskins Grip

By: Ian

When you think of Fleshlights, you probably think of the Stamina Training Unit – a 10-inch long faux vagina (or anus) which is designed to closely mimic the feel of sex for men. We actually did a review of the top Fleshlights where we compared many of these large toys.

However, the Quickshot toys are toys which are designed to be small, discreet, and easier to store than a big bulky Fleshlight. For this Fleshlight review, I’ve decided to take a look at 3 of Fleshlight’s alternative offerings – the Quickshot Boost, the Quickshot Vantage, and the Fleshskins Grip. Let’s go!

The Quickshot Design Specs

The Boost and the Vantage are the same size, although they do have different interior textures. Both are 4.4 inches long with their protective cases on, but when you take them out of their cases, they have an insertable length of 3.5 inches. They are approximately 2.5 inches across in diameter, but the internal sleeve comes in much further than that, leaving a very tight hole for your Johnson to squeeze through.The Fleshskins Grip is a whole different kettle of fish. This unique toy is essentially a Superskin which you can hold in your hand – it features 4 finger holes so you can stroke your cock easily without losing grip. This toy is 5.35 inches long, which give it much more insertable length than the Quickshots. However, because of the delicate flesh-like material, you need to hang it up in a specially-designed “drying case” which is humongous. The drying case is 8.75 inches tall and around 4 inches wide, so it’s almost on par with a full-sized STU Fleshlight.

First impressions

The Quickshot delivery and packaging

If you’re worried about Fleshlight delivery mishaps or Fleshlight shipping materials, I can put your mind at ease – I ordered my toys directly from Fleshlight and their packaging was plain and generic. You could not tell what was in the box and it was not obvious where it was coming from either. The packaging for the toys themselves is nice and classy, keeping the toys well-protected in plastic molded packaging and what feels like 500 protective stickers per box. Bear in mind that there’s quite a lot of internal packaging to throw away once you open these toys, so you’ll need to come up with a plan for packaging disposal if you’re trying to be discreet.

Once you finally pry the boxes open, you’ll find a complimentary sachet of Fleshlube inside. Personally, the Fleshlube was a bit runny for me, but I’m not going to complain if it’s free. The Fleshskins Grip also came with a complimentary sachet of Fleshlight “Renewing Powder” – the powder that you use to maintain the skin-like material over time.

Fleshlight Renewing Powder is just 100% cornstarch, so feel free to save money by purchasing cornstarch if you’ve got somewhere to put a big sack of it.


In my opinion, the Vantage is the classiest looking out of all these toys. The transparent aesthetic is really cool and sleek – it’s like the Aston Martin of Fleshlights. If James Bond had to rub one out on the sly, he’d probably use a clear sex toy like the Vantage. Come to think of it, there is an Aston Martin Vantage, so it’d fit right in.I have to admit that I’m not crazy about the look of the Quickshot Boost. On the one hand, it’s a very discreet black case which doesn’t scream “sex toy” when you glance at it. As some other Fleshlight Quickshot reviews have pointed out, it looks a bit like a DSLR camera lens, so maybe put it next to a camera if you have one? When the Boost is opened up though, the “skin” inside is a metallic grey color. I can’t figure out why they went with this color – I guessed it’s supposed to be macho or something?

If the Vantage is the sex toy that 007 would have, then the Boost is the sex toy that a greasy mechanic would have. The Boost is definitely a departure from Fleshlight’s usual aesthetic.

Then we have the Fleshskins Grip. Well, this baby is certainly something to marvel at. I mean, just look at it – it looks so commanding and important in that clear case. On the one hand, it reminds me of the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast, on the other hand, it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. Perhaps it’s a powerful glove that lets a superhero shoot plasma out of their palms or something. It’s very regal for a sex toy, which is nice.

That Fleshlight smell

Fleshlight are really good at what they do, but one of the major downsides with their toys, in my opinion, is their smell. And I’m not talking about the old Fleshlight smell that can accrue if you don’t wash it over time – I’m talking about how they smell when they come out of the box brand new. Depending on the design and color of the Superskin sleeve inside, these toys can have a chemical-ish, offputting smell.

First of all, the Quickshot Vantage has this problem the least. It does have a bit of a chemical smell, but it’s not overpowering. It’s quite similar to the smell of jelly dildos and many sex toys in that vein – it’s tolerable. This surprised me because people often complain that see-through Fleshlights and transparent sex toys smell awful, but I think this one is fine.Then we have the Boost, which ramps the chemical smell up a gear. Once you open the case, the smell does hit you a little bit. It’s not a particularly unpleasant smell; it’s just not very sexy. Funnily enough, it smells like something that you might find in a mechanic’s garage or on a factory floor. Not ideal, but tolerable.I can’t deny that the Fleshskins Grip smells awful. Maybe this is the transparent sex toy smell that people always talk about. It smells a bit like burning rubber mixed with chemicals, and to be honest I found the smell to be a real turn-off. The fact that you hold the Fleshgrip in your hand makes this even worse, as the strange rubber-chemical aroma infects your hand for a while. It’s not cute.

Internal textures

The Boost has the “roughest” interior texture out of the 3 – it seems to be comprised of bumpy ridges which twang and drag a little as they brush past your dick. It’s definitely the least “natural” interior out of the 3, but these hardcore bumps and ridges could be great if you’re used to cumming in Fleshlights and you’re looking for more advanced and hard-hitting sensations. The Vantage’s interior texture is possibly my favorite. It is housed in the same dimensions as the Boost, yet its internal lumps and bumps are much less rough on your dick. The bumps inside the Vantage are more rounded and curved, still massaging your cock but without the harsh ridges of the Boost. Your cock glides into Vantage easily, whereas the Boost puts up a fight.The Fleshskins Grip’s internal texture is probably the most “vanilla” out of them all. It is a mixture of raised lines and curved bumpy ridges which is quite typical of many male strokers and pocket pussies. However, it does offer the Fleshlight user some variation in textures up and down their shaft, so that needs to be taken into account. Because the end of the Grip is sealed over and the length is just over 5 inches, you might find that the tip of your cock hits the end of the internal texture, which is simply a solid wall of rubber. If you stroke quite vigorously or you’re lucky enough to be well-endowed, you might find that your cock slips through the air hole at the end a little, which isn’t ideal.

The Quickshot Masturbation Experience

So, the million-dollar question… is a Fleshlight worth it? Do these toys make jacking off better? Is it like fucking the tightest vagina ever? Here’s my masturbation experience with each toy one by one.

Quickshot Vantage Review

First of all, this toy definitely has the sexiest and most arousing design out of all of them. Not that I’m turned on by inanimate objects, but the transparent curves and swerves of this male stroker look very appealing. You can see the internal bumps that are about to massage your dick, and something about that just got me really hard.I lubed up with Fleshlight’s free sachet of Fleshlube that they included in the box, though I felt that the included amount of lube wasn’t enough for one session, so don’t rely on their sachet to get you through your first wank with this. After lubing up my penis and gently inserting it through each side of the tunnel, I had spread the lube around pretty evenly.

Then I started pumping, and oh boy was it good. The internal texture of the Vantage is comprised of simple curved lumps and bumps, but that was all I needed to be honest! My toes would curl up and my legs would quiver as the tip of my cock brushed past these soft, supple bumps. It felt really, really good. The great thing is that you can easily swap sides and fuck the other end of the Vantage if you want to feel a different sensation – it’s designed to be different on both sides, offering some variation if your cock becomes too accustomed to the internal texture. One issue I encountered is the one-size-fits-all nature of this toy. Because of the open-ended design of the Quickshots, your penis can be as long or as short as you like and you will still be able to use the toy. However, if your cock is quite thick and girthy, you might find that the Quickshots are a little tight and uncomfortable.

First of all, this toy definitely has the sexiest and most arousing design out of all of them. Not that I’m turned on by inanimate objects, but the transparent curves and swerves of this male stroker look very appealing. You can see the internal bumps that are about to massage your dick, and something about that just got me really hard.I lubed up with Fleshlight’s free sachet of Fleshlube that they included in the box, though I felt that the included amount of lube wasn’t enough for one session, so don’t rely on their sachet to get you through your first wank with this. After lubing up my penis and gently inserting it through each side of the tunnel, I had spread the lube around pretty evenly.

Not to boast, but I am a little above average in terms of girth, and that is a problem. When I was pumping away quickly and with significant amounts of lube, I could penetrate the Vantage quite easily without a problem, but when I slowed down or the water-based lube started to dry up, it began to hurt a little bit as I forced my cock through this very tight sleeve. Of course, Fleshlight are designing their toys with the average male in mind, so it makes sense that they’ve made the Vantage as tight as it is. If your cock is around average size, then this won’t be a problem for you, but maybe give it a miss if you’re on the thick side, as the hard plastic casing gives you no leeway to work with.In summary, the masturbation experience with this toy is excellent. Sure, it’s not as good or realistic as a full-sized Fleshlight, but if you’re looking for a relatively cheap way to improve your masturbation experience and heighten sensations on the tip of your cock, then this is a great choice. The tightness also means that it applies pressure up and down the shaft of your penis while also stimulating the tip with sensitive lumps and bumps. It’s a great combination of sensations that effectively milk your cock to climax.

Quickshot Boost Review

Due to its similar design, the Quickshot Boost has many of the same pros and cons as the Vantage. It’s a one-size-fits-all product which can hurt your cock if you’re girthy; it’s designed so that you can fuck either end and get different sensations; and it’s short enough that your cock is probably going to pop out of the end while you’re fucking it.The initial downside to the Boost is that it’s just not as sexy as the Vantage. When I look at its dark grey Superskin which is reminiscent of a robot’s vagina, it doesn’t make me want to stick my dick in it. Of course, I was erect and horny enough to get past this problem, but it doesn’t scream “fuck me” when I look at it.The internal texture of the Boost is great, but it’s certainly not for beginners. As I explained earlier, the internal lump and bumps protrude and stick out a lot more, dragging on your dick a little as you move past them. It’s like there’s a bunch of tiny little balconies sticking out inside the tunnel. For this reason, it’s not very natural feeling (unless you like really bumpy orifices) but it still feels bloody good.

As I pumped away, the tip of my cock felt EXTREMELY sensitive and ready to blow, almost to the point where it became too intense to handle. If you’re the kind of person who blows their load quite quickly, the Boost would probably tip you over the edge prematurely. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but just be aware that the Boost will probably make you cum more quickly than the Vantage.After a few minutes of pumping my cock with the Boost, I came HARD. And I mean HARD. Cum shot out quickly and strongly, squirting onto my chest. I would probably recommend the Boost to someone who has owned a couple of more “vanilla” Fleshlights or pocket pussies before and they want to subject their cock to more intense sensations.

Personally, I prefer the softer feel of the Vantage compared to the rougher, more intense feel of the Boost. However, many masturbation pros out there would probably love the intensity of the Quickshot Boost, so don’t knock it till you’ve tried

Fleshskins Grip Review

The Fleshskins Grip is a really difficult one for me. I want to like it, and in some ways I do, but the smell and feel of the thing are just so incredibly off-putting that it’s hard to love it. When you first poke your fingers through the fingerholes and realize how sticky and tacky the sleeve feels on your skin, it’s not particularly nice. To get your fingers through the fingerholes properly, you can of have to wiggle them through and use your other hand to pull the sleeve over them – the material drags and stick to your skin VERY easily, which isn’t pleasant.

The unique thing about this product is the fact that you’re holding the Superskin sleeve directly in your hand, and that has some pros and cons. As I mentioned, the feel of this tacky rubber in your hand is not very arousing, but guys with thicker cocks are able to use this sleeve without having their cock squeezed by the sides, so it definitely gives you more leeway and leaves room for experimentation.

I mean, the whole point of the Fleshskins Grip is that you literally control the grip on your cock, adjusting your hand to make the Fleshlight fucking experience as tight or loose as you desire. This is one of my favorite things about the Grip – I could tighten my grip on my cock and really rub those bumps and ridges into my quivering cock, or I could loosen my grip and just enjoy some more relaxed sensations reminiscent of jacking off into a condom.It’s this control which is the major selling point of this toy for me – if the tight-gripped sensations become too intense, you can always loosen your grip and start massaging your cock more delicately instead. Sadly, the Quickshots don’t have this option – you get 1 level of tightness and intensity that you’re stuck with.

Overall, this toy is a great buy if you can get past the smell and the sticky feel of the material. To be fair, once it’s in your hand and you’re jacking away, you do tend to get used to it and forget about it after a while. It’s also brilliant for thicker guys or guys who like to change the intensity of their wanking throughout a session, riding the waves or edging themselves to climax.

How Easy Is It To Use the Quickshot?

There’s a major flaw with the Quickshots that I haven’t mentioned yet, and that’s holding them. Once the caps are off the ends, you only have around 2 inches’ worth of plastic in the middle to hold on to, and that makes the whole jacking experience a bit awkward.Personally, I held onto them with my thumb and 2 fingers, leaving my pinky and ring finger awkwardly hanging free with nothing to do. It’s a bit like holding a teacup fancily with your little finger sticking out.You might be able to get your thumb and 3 fingers around the Quickshots if you were very careful, but you’d struggle to keep them in this position while you’re vigorously moving the toy up and down in your hand. As a result, you’re stuck using 2 fingers and having less grip in general, which is not ideal. If you’ve got small hands, you won’t notice the issue as much, but it’s worth bearing in mind.On the other hand, the Fleshskins Grip doesn’t have any grip problems. I mean, “grip” is in the name, so I would be surprised if it did. The 4 finger holes included in the design give you a very strong and secure grip on your cock no matter how hard you’re pumping. This means that you can stroke your cock EXTREMELY fast and never worry about it flying out of your hand – it’s literally attached to your fingers.

Quickshot Cleanup – Cum and Lube Mess

Because the Quickshots are both open-ended, you’re going to make a mess with cum. It’s not the end of the world – it’s just like how you make a mess if you wank normally and then cum on your stomach or wherever. In a way, the Quickshots can be easier to clean because often there’s little or no cum in them at all… it all lands elsewhere. The lube can be a pain in the ass though, because when you push your cock through the tunnel, it often pushes some lube out the other side, causing lube to cascade down the sides, get all over your hand, and make an awkward mess.

Sometimes you accidentally push lube out and over the sides of the Quickshots, so your jerking hand is sliding around like a drunkard trying to jack you off.

The Fleshskins Grip does make a lot of inevitable cum and lube mess, but it’s more contained and manageable than the Quickshots. Because of its closed-end design, your cum just shoots against the end and then dribbles down your cock when you’re done. You’ll have a small puddle of cum and lube at the base of your Johnson, but at least it’s a controlled and predictable mess.Cleaning all of these toys is pretty easy, which is a plus. I’ve just been rinsing them through with warm water, but I know that some people use warm water with soap. I’d advise against using soap when Fleshlight cleaning unless the toys really need them, as getting soap on your cock can cause urethritis, also affectionately known as “soap dick”. Too much soap could also irritate the delicate Superskin sleeves over time, so be careful.

The Quickshots are the easiest to clean, as you simply run water through each side and rinse them through thoroughly. You can also stick your fingers inside dislodge any residue if necessary. The Grip is a bit trickier due to its closed-ended shape, but it’s not too difficult to rinse. Just be sure to hang the Grip on its pedestal in its drying case when you’re done, as this helps the soft sleeve to retain its shape.

With all of these toys, I’d recommend letting them air-dry in the open air if possible (with their caps/covers off) and leave them for at least 24 hours if you can.

According to a survey by Adam & Eve, only 57% of men clean their sex toys after use. This is a serious problem for porous toys like Fleshlights as they can harbor bacteria, leading to yeast infections, mold growth, and nasty smells.Section: How discreet are these Fleshlights?Size, subtlety, and storage

How Discreet is the Quickshot Boost and Vantage?

Size, subtlety, and storage

The Quickshot Boost is definitely the most discreet sex toy out of these 3. Not only is it small enough to hide in your sock drawer without anyone finding it, but it’s also not obviously a sex toy when it’s got its caps screwed on at each end. I’ve seen some Fleshlight reviewers stack it next to their DSLR camera lenses, and it could certainly pass for a closed camera lens with a passing glance. The Vantage is just as small as the Boost, so you can definitely find a space to store it and hide it away somewhere. However, the transparent sleeve makes it quite obvious that it’s a sex toy unless you’re very naïve or have led a sheltered life, so if someone spots it, the jig is up.The Fleshskins Grip is NOT SUBTLE AT ALL, so don’t bother with this toy if discretion is what you’re after. The problem is the massive case which it needs to be housed in – it’s nearly 9 inches high and about 4 inches across. It’s also ideally meant to be kept in an upright position at all times, so it’s not the kind of thing that you can roll under your bed and leave at a strange angle. Unless you have space in your home to permanently display the Grip, you’re shit out of luck.

Is the Quickshot Noisy?

The Quickshots are both quite noisy during use, so that’s something you need to consider. If someone walks past your room when you’re jacking with one of these bad boys, there’s a fair chance that they’ll hear the squelching of the Superskin. In bigger STU-style Fleshlights, the closed-end casing deadens a lot of the squelching sounds, keeping them contained within the big case. You don’t have that luxury with the Quickshots.The Fleshskins Grip is noticeably quieter in my experience, but there is an air hole at the end of the toy to allow air to pass in and out as you fuck it. I understand that this is important, but it can create a loud suction noise if you’re stroking really fast. The Grip is quieter overall, but it could still give the game away too. I suppose it all depends on what kind of discretion you need – everyone’s situation is different.

Can you use these toys with a partner?

Theoretically, you could use all of these toys with a partner, but the Quickshots are definitely designed with couples play in mind. The unique open-ended nature of the Quickshots means that your partner could jack off your cock with the Quickshot while simultaneously sucking and licking the head of your penis with their mouth/tongue. This lethal combination could very easily send you over the edge, and it’s great if your partner loves to swallow your load too.The Fleshskins Grip would make an interesting experience in a couples scenario, with your partner being able to intimately grip your cock and decide how much pressure they’re going to subject you to. If you like being edged and teased by your partner, then the Grip is a great toy for that. Generally though, the Boost and Vantage are more suited to partner play.

Does the Quickshot Work If You’re Not Circumcised?

I’m from the UK, so like most men in Europe, I have a foreskin. Fleshlight is an American company, so obviously they’re going to cater to an American audience with their toys, most of whom have no foreskin. This section is just giving some advice to my fellow foreskin allies who are curious about using these types of toys.

It turns out that around 82% of American men are circumcised while less than 3.8% of British men are circumcised. Western European countries all have circumcision rates of less than 20%.

First things first, if you suffer from tight foreskin which cannot retract, then I wouldn’t generally recommend these types of toys, as they could drag your foreskin back too far and make the experience uncomfortable. A large part of the pleasure of these toys is derived from their stimulation of your penis head/glans, and if you are not able to expose much of it, then you’re going to be missing out on all the fun.On the other hand, if like myself you have a foreskin which can retract, then you’re in luck! I actually find that by pushing my cock through the Quickshots normally, you can end up with a “best of both worlds” scenario where your foreskin moves up and down pleasurably while also exposing your sensitive glans to the nodules on the interior of these skins and sending chills down your spine.If your foreskin retracts, you could also just pull it down completely and hold it there by gripping the base of your cock with one hand and jacking yourself off with the other. This is a bit fiddly and awkward, obviously, but it leaves your cock’s head fully exposed to the internal texture of the sleeve, leading to very intense sensations which are focused on the head of your cock primarily. You’re getting the “circumcised experience” if you like.

Quickshot Review Cum-clusion, Which One is Best?

If you put a gun to my head and asked me to pick a favorite, I’d pick the Quickshot Vantage for sure. Here’s why:

  • It’s sleek and cool-looking
  • It doesn’t smell bad
  • It has a nice, mid-level amount of cock stimulation
  • It’s small and easy to hide away
  • It’s easy to clean and use
  • It made our best male masturbators list

However, there are definite pros and cons to all 3 of the Fleshlight toys in this review, so consider what you’re looking for in a sex toy and what your personal circumstances are.The Quickshot Vantage is small and feels moderate, but it’s loud and obviously looks like a sex toyThe Quickshot Boost is small and discreet-looking, but it’s loud and the sensations are intenseThe Fleshskins Grip is quiet and versatile, but its case is huge and the smell/feel are off-putting

Fleshlight are excellent at what they do, and despite my criticism of these toys, they are all well worth their relatively low price tags.

Hopefully this review/comparison has helped you to decide which Fleshlight toy is right for you. Have fun out there and remember to clean/maintain your Fleshlights regularly people!

Where to get one

Here’s the best price I’ve found for the Quickshot as of [current_date format=’F’] 1st , [current_date format=’Y’]

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