An Honest Review of the Aneros Maximus Trident

By: Ian

A shiny sticker on the box of the Aneros Maximus Trident tells you that it recently won the award for “Sex Toy of the Year (Non-Powered)” at the 2019 Xbiz Awards. This confused me, because I’m going to tell you straight up that it’s not the best Aneros toy out there, at least in my opinion. So why was it being honored?After some digital sleuthing, I found that the award was actually given to Aneros’s Trident series of toys in general, which makes more sense. However, the company has announced that all of the future Aneros sex toys will have “Trident” features, so does this mean that every single future Aneros product is going to win this award retrospectively? My inner stickler wants to see this award criteria.

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Don’t get me wrong; there’s a lot to like about the Maximus Trident. But despite its grand Roman Emperor-esque name, it’s far from the Julius Caesar of sex toys.

Although I don’t think this is the best prostate stimulator in the Aneros range, it is still cheap, small, and easy to clean, so it could be perfect for some users. Here I’ll go into more detail about what I love, what I hate, and what I appreciate about the Aneros Maximus Trident prostate toy.

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at the overall pros and cons of this toy before getting into the weeds!


  • This toy is made from non-porous ABS plastic so it’s completely safe and hypoallergenic
  • With an insertable length of 3.5 inches, this is one of the smaller Aneros toys out there, so it’s ideal if you’re a bit bottom-shy
  • It slides in and out of your ass very easily, yet it stays inside it very well
  • The non-porous smooth material is easy to clean and doesn’t cling on to nasty smells


  • Overall, the toy is very stiff and doesn’t have much give to it
  • The arms of the toy are very stiff and dig into your skin uncomfortably, at least in my experience
  • The dimensions of this toy just don’t push the right buttons for me
  • The Kundalini Tab (K-tab) does nothing, as is the case with most new Aneros toys

I do think that the white plastic bumpy aesthetic of the Maximus Trident is slightly off-putting. It looks a bit like an alien probe from a budget ‘90s sci-fi. Something about it just doesn’t scream “sexy” to me.


Overall, it’s a mixed bag with the Maximus Trident. On the one hand, it’s small and easy to clean, but on the other hand, the design of it is very stiff and a little uncomfortable.

Aneros Maximus Dimensions

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This toy is actually quite small by Aneros standards, which confused me because they make out like it’s quite big and place it in the “intermediate” section of their prostate massagers guide. However, I think its rigidness is what makes it an “intermediate level” product, as Aneros’s prostate toys aimed at beginners tend to be softer and more flexible, helping newcomers to relax and enjoy anal stimulation for men.

Aneros say on their product comparison page: “Expect more anal and prostate stimulation with less mobility than our beginner level products. For this reason, the Maximus is suited to users with better muscle tone.” Personally, I think that you’d need a sphincter of steel for this toy.

So, how does the Maximus Trident measure up? The tip width is 0.96 inches, which is smaller than many Aneros products. Personally, I really like this size – it isn’t too big nor too small. The average prostate is 1.18 inches x 1.18 inches x 1.95 inches, so it’s a nice size without being overkill.The middle width is 1 inch, which is quite a nice size, clocking in at just slightly larger than the Aneros Helix Syn. It’s small enough that your sphincter can hold it in place easily.The stem to perineum distance is 1.68 inches. This is on the larger size, with the arms coming out further than something like the Progasm. For me, they still didn’t come out far enough though.The is an insertable length of 3.5 inches. If we’re measuring by insertable length, this is actually one of Aneros’s smallest toys. Nonetheless, it still goes deep enough to be a fun G spot tickler.

Aneros Maximus Materials and Construction

As far as I’m aware, this toy is 100% ABS plastic. Unlike most of the new Aneros massagers in the Trident range, it doesn’t have the velvet-feel coating that makes some of their best prostate massagers so damn alluring. However, this plastic non-porous coating on the Maximus Trident makes it very easy to slide in and slide out of your bottom, yet it somehow stays in place throughout your prostate play session.The biggest upside with the construction of this toy is how easy it is to keep clean. Although it’s not the sexiest material in the world, you can easily clean this toy with sex toy wipes alone if you wanted to, although warm soap and water is always recommended. The material feels very durable and robust too, which is a plus if you like aggressive sessions.On the flip side, my biggest complaint is how stiff and rigid this toy is compared to competing men’s anal toys. Aneros claim that this is because “intermediate” prostate players should have developed the strength in their Kegel muscles to withstand this stiff design. I’ve been using Aneros massagers for a while now, and I personally just find the rigidness to be uncomfortable inside me.

I’m looking for a prostate massage, not CrossFit for my arsehole.

P-Tab and K-Tab Arms of the Maximus

I hate the arms on this toy. There, I said it. To be honest, it’s not a feature that’s unique to the Maximus – I also equally hate the arms on the Progasm too. With their new Trident series, Aneros seem hellbent on adding stupid stiff arms to their toys which are uncomfortable and don’t do a lot of good.Of course, the perineum arm has obvious uses for external prostate stimulation, but this stupid “Kundalini tab” or “K-tab” that they keep pushing is ridiculous. It’s supposed to send chills up your spine or awaken your inner chakra or something, but it just gets in the way as far as I can tell. As one Aneros Reddit user pointed out, you need to place a pillow under your butt if using products with K-tabs on your back because otherwise they can disrupt the natural motion of the prostate massage. I tried this and found that it did help massively, though it meant that I couldn’t use the Maximus Trident in my favorite position (sat up, half leaning against my bedframe).

To slag these arms off further (sorry Aneros), they are way too stiff and pointed to be pleasurable. Rather than gently press into your perineum and rub it delicately like the Helix Syn Trident, this toy seems to jab into your taint violently, with the plastic balls on the end of the arms leaving me with sores after a lengthy session. Not nice.

The new Aneros arms are part of the new MAMA system for the Trident toys. MAMA stands for Multi-Axial Motion Architecture, and basically means that the toy can more freely move in all directions while inside you. This YouTube video goes into more detail.

Now I’ve been very mean to the arms on the Aneros Maximus Trident here, but I should point out that I’m a 6’2 guy with a natural badonkadonk. As such, it’s entirely possible that the space between my arsehole/perineum/tailbone is further apart than your average man and the toy isn’t built to take my size into account. If you’re a taller or broader man, beware of Aneros’s one-size-fits-all nature.

Review of My Experience With The Aneros Maximus

Okay, so I’ve not exactly written a glowing review of this toy, but I should point out that it did still give me some pleasurable sensations and P-waves, so don’t write it off completely, especially if you’re a fan of stiffer prostate toys. 1. First of all, I was horny (which always helps!) and began watching porn while I lubed the toy up with some coconut oil. Britain was having a heatwave at the time, so the coconut oil was completely melted in the jar. I’m not sure if this helped or hindered the lube experience, but the toy slid into me really easily without much preparation being necessary.2. After sliding the toy in, I began watching porn while in the common Aneros position of lying on my back with my knees bent in the air. I didn’t notice anything sensational at first, but I did feel the Maximus tickling my prostate a little, so I stayed patient.3. 10 minutes or so passed and I began to feel some pleasurable sensations as the tip of the Maximus nudged against my prostate. I tried my hardest to relax into this as I would with most the other toys, but the stiffness of the massager just felt awkward and uncomfortable inside me.

When something like the Aneros Helix Syn is inside you, you almost forget that it’s there. However, the presence of the Maximus Trident was very obvious and a little distracting.

4. The arms of the toy were digging into me uncomfortably, so I tried many different positions to reduce this problem. Lying on my back with my knees bent up and a pillow under my butt was quite pleasurable, although I personally found that bending over the side of my bed (similar to a doggy style position) was best to avoid discomfort from the arm tabs.5. Once finding a comfortable position, I tried the classic “Tug of War” technique to start building the sensations inside me. It worked to some degree, and I definitely felt waves of anal pleasure washing over me, but I could never fully “let go” and the sensations would soon die down again.6. After about 90 mins, my taint was starting to hurt from the stiff arms on the toy, so I had to stop. I switched it out for the Helix Syn (which has very soft, flexible arms) and I found that to be much more natural and pleasurable for me.


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All in all, the Aneros Maximus Trident did send waves of anal pleasure throughout my body, but the rigid construction and dire arms made it very difficult for me to relax and ride that lovely journey to the Aneros prostate orgasm or “Super O”. With that said, prostate milking orgasms are very personal rides, so perhaps you would prefer a stiff and robust anal toy like the Maximus, who knows?Alas, Aneros products are one-size-fits-all, and something about the dimensions of this toy just didn’t do it for me. If you’re a 6’2 bloke who likes their prostate massagers to have some give to them, you’re probably going to hate this toy too. However, if you’re an average-sized guy who’s been doing Kegel exercises for years, this toy might change your life.

For other reviews of other Aneros prostate toys, try reading my guide to aneros, or check out my roundup of the top prostate massagers for my other reviews of other brands.

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