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Aneros Progasm Review – The Biggest Aneros Prostate Massager

BY Ian, JC Ways

If you’re a fan of the Aneros range and you’ve become quite experienced with beginner toys like the Aneros Helix Syn, you might be considering upping the ante and looking for a bigger, more challenging prostate massager. The Aneros Progasm is the perfect toy for advanced Aneros users who want to take their prostate milking to the next level.This advanced model is much bigger and girthier than the other models, so it’s not ideal if you’re new to butt play and/or prostate play. The model that I bought for this review was the Progasm Ice, which is a cool glass-like dildo made from advanced plastic. It’s exactly the same shape as the other Progasm models though, so most of this review will be relevant to all Progasms.So, is this is one of the top prostate massagers from Aneros? Is bigger always better? Let’s find out.

Pros and Cons of the Aneros Progasm

Whenever I do a sex toy review, I think it’s best to lay my cards on the table straight away before going into detail. Here are my overall pros and cons for the Progasm:


  • It’s large and in charge. To my knowledge, this is the longest and girthiest of all the Aneros toys. If regular Aneros toys seem small to you, then this may do the trick.
  • It’s made with high-quality materials. If you’re getting the regular Progasm models, they’re made from the medical-grade silicone that Aneros is known and loved for. If you get the Progasm Ice like me, it’s made from sleek medical-grade shatter-proof plastic which is designed to look like sculpted glass. Very fancy.
  • Great for advanced users. It’s called the “Progasm” for a reason – it’s designed for prostate massage pros who have experience controlling their sphincter and Kegel muscles. If you want to try something more difficult, this is a great option.
  • The Progasms are quite rigid and hard, which could be good or bad depending on your preferences for prostate stimulation.
  • In my experience, the Progasms are very easy to remove despite their large size. They don’t tend to “lock into” your bum as much as smaller models do – your sphincter is forced to stay open a bit, so it’s easier to get them out once you’re done.
  • The Progasms have a shiny, sleek aesthetic that you don’t get with all the Aneros toys. The Progasm Ice is particularly nice-looking due to its glass-like façade.

I never thought I’d use the word “façade” in a sex toy review but here we are.


  • As is the case with a lot of Aneros toys, I think that the K-tab is pointless. Aneros seem to think that this “Kundalini” tab is going to balance your inner chakras or something. Personally, I think they don’t believe in all that yoga stuff and they just wanted a fancy name for this tab.
  • The Progasm may be too big for some people, especially if they’re not used to anal play or prostate stimulation.
  • The hard and rigid construction of the Progasm models may be too stiff and inflexible for some users. Personally, I prefer a prostate toy that has a little “give” to it, but the Progasm gives you no leeway to work with.
  • The P-tab and K-tab are made from hard, inflexible plastic or silicone. This means that they can dig into your skin uncomfortably during longer sessions.
  • I find that the Aneros Progasm can slide out of your bum easily. Your sphincter can’t fully close around it because of its girth, so it’s much more likely to slip out during play unless you’re in a position where it can’t slide out, such as lying on your back with your legs down.

Review of the Aneros Progasm Design

If you browse the Aneros forum on Reddit, you’ll find a ton of disagreement about the “best” models to buy, and the Progasm is certainly not immune to criticism. Some people love its design, while some people hate its design. Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle, but let’s dive into the specifics.

Some people claim that the Progasm’s design can lead to “Phantom Progasm Syndrome”, where you feel like the Progasm is still in your body a couple of days after using it.


People talk a lot about how “big” the Progasm is, and I imagine that this scares a lot of people away. Let me make this clear – the Progasm is large for a prostate massager, but it’s not the equivalent of a 10-inch bad dragon dildo,  so don’t get too worried. It’s the girth of the Progasm that makes it seem big – the length is quite typical.The tip’s width is 1.15 inches. This is bigger than all of the other Aneros toys I’ve tried, and I think it’s a good size for what most people need. The width of the head is also 1.25 inches, so the end of this toy is quite bulbous and girthy.The mid-range stem width is 1.25 inches. This is a significant width increase down the middle of the shaft compared to other massagers, and personally, I think it’s too wide. I don’t feel any pleasure from this girth and it makes it easier for the toy to slip out.The stem to perineum distance is 1.52 inches. This is shorter than toys like the Aneros Helix Syn, and I can’t figure out why. For a toy that’s all about being large, making the P-tab and K-tab arms shorter seems like a bad move.It comes with 4 inches of insertable length. This is about the same for all Aneros prostate toys, and it seems to be the best length for the job.

The average male’s erect penis is 5.1 inches when erect. In other words, the Progasm and other Aneros massagers have less insertable length than the average erect penis. You don’t need to be a pass around party bottom to use these toys.


Most of the Aneros Progasm range is made from medical grade silicone, which is the standard we’ve come to expect from Aneros and co. However, the Progasm Ice, which is the version I ordered, is made from a special award-winning FDA-approved medical-grade clear plastic. This gives the illusion of a glass toy, with “air bubbles” formed in the center of the toy during the manufacturing process.

If the (albeit rare) idea of glass toys cracking or shattering scares you, then the Progasm Ice is perfect for you. It’s not as heavy as glass though, so bear that in mind if you like a weighty sex toy.

The sleek plastic-like construction of the Progasm means that it glides in and out of your anus really easily, especially when compared to the velvety-style silicone that some of the other products use. However, although this is good for insertion, it can make it far easier to slip out. To be honest, the combination of this toy’s girth and smooth plastic finish can make it a nightmare to keep in place unless you have the world’s strongest butt muscles. On the bright side though, the material is super easy to clean with some hot water and soap. It also doesn’t seem to harbor nasty smells like some of the velvety-feel massagers do. My body is a temple, but your ass is your ass at the end of the day, and I’ve rather my sex toys didn’t smell of it.

The Progasm Arms

Let’s make one thing clear – I am not a fan of the arms on this toy. First of all, as noted previously, the K-tab for the Kundalini does nothing for me. After reading other people’s criticisms on the Aneros forum and similar sites, it seems to be universally agreed that the K-tab on this toy is terrible. It doesn’t send chills up my sign, it doesn’t feel nice, and it doesn’t allow my inner yogi to find peace or whatever.The P-tab doesn’t particularly thrill me either. Personally, I find that the arm length is too short and it doesn’t press on my perineum like it’s supposed to. I am a 6’2 guy, so maybe my height and body shape doesn’t help, but I don’t notice this as much with other Aneros products.To make things worse, the arms are rigid and stiff, so you can forget trying out any interesting or unconventional positions – the arms have no give to them at all. I actually find them to be quite uncomfortable and they can dig into your skin. After one long session with the Progasm, I actually found that I had developed little sores where these arms had been digging into my skin.

Sorry to slag you off Aneros, but I’m not feeling the arms on this thing at all.

Tips On How to Use Aneros Progasm Toys

Based on my own experiences with the Aneros Progasm and it’s sister toys like the Aneros Vice and Helix Syn, I’ve compiled some tips for using this toy and getting the most out of your prostate milking session.1. Give yourself timeYou can’t rush prostate play – it’s all about relaxation and allowing your body to take over. You ideally need at least 1-2 hours of spare time when you won’t be interrupted or distracted by anything. I like to use it at night before bed if I don’t have to be up early in the morning.2. Work up to it If you’re used to anal play, most Aneros toys are a breeze. However, the Progasm’s girth makes it difficult to slip in straight away, so I’d suggest fingering your ass or using a small dildo to get your sphincter loosened up first. Sometimes I’ll start with the Helix Syn Trident and then I’ll work up to the Progasm after 30 minutes or so.3. Try water-based lube

I’m usually droning on and on about how great coconut oil and silicone-based lubes are, but I think that they can actually be a detriment to the Progasm. The girth and smooth texture of the Progasm mean that it can slide out easily, so water-based lube which dries out after a while could actually help to keep it in place for longer.4. Prepare your sphincterThis toy will fall out if your sphincter isn’t clasping onto it for dear life, so make sure that your sphincter muscles are strong before using this toy. I usually use the “Do Nothing” technique when I play with my other massagers, but that’s not going to fly with the Progasm.5. Experiment with different positionsI find that the Progasm is best used in non-conventional positions for Aneros products. For example, one of my favorites is kneeling on the floor and bending over the side of my bed in the “doggy style” position. However, some positions make it hard to keep the Progasm in place unless you have buns of steel, so bear that in mind.


If you’re an Aneros newbie reading this, I would strongly advise you against buying this product right now – start with the Helix Syn or MGX Trident and work your way up over time. However, if you’re an advanced prostate milker who’s looking for a new challenge, then I’d 100% recommend the Progasm. It does have its flaws and downsides, but its potential to deliver an amazing Aneros Super O is just too tempting.

Where to get one

Here’s the best price I’ve found for the Progasm as of [current_date format=’F’] 1st , [current_date format=’Y’]



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  • Gary says:

    Is there a type of harness, straps or some way to keep this from popping out? I love it, but every time you pulse or contract, this will come shooting out and ruins everything.

    • JC Ways says:

      I’ve had this problem too. There’s no harness that I’m aware of. My suggestion would be to wear tight-fitting briefs while using the toy, or mess around with different body positions till you find one where the toy doesn’t come out easily. I find that lying on my back with my legs flat (or nearly flat) usually stops it from shooting out, but it all depends on you. It’s super annoying though, I know what you mean.

  • Robert says:

    I’m very disappointed with Aneros products. You need about 2 hours
    to get ejaculation (if you’ll get it hands free at all!). And it’s flat! In the picture it looks like a small plastic dildo. But it’s not! It’s just a flat small peace.
    I was very disappointed and purchased dildo I like. It’s much cheaper and you don’t need 2 hours to get a damned ejaculation.
    It looks like a marketing fake to trick male customers! Time and money waist!!!

    • JC Ways says:

      Hi Robert. It’s definitely not a marketing trick, I’ve experienced the Aneros Super Orgasms myself. However, it does require a lot of practice, so if you’re just looking for quick anal pleasure, an anal dildo may be better for you.

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