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Vote for the Best Glass Sex Toys of 2021 + An Introduction to Glass Dildos and Butt Plugs

BY JC Ways

Glass sex toys have a certain sleekness and high-end aesthetic to them which makes them really attractive for sex toy enthusiasts – they’re like pieces of sexy modern art that can conveniently fit inside you.

We touched on glass adult toys in our best dildos guide and our best butt plugs guide, but here we’re going to dive into glass sex toys wholeheartedly, recommending some products, giving you some tips, and clearing up some common misconceptions.

The Pineapple Plug by Crystal Delights

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Best Glass Dildos

Glass dildos have a ton of advantages over silicone dildos. For one, they’re hypoallergenic, so they’re great if you have allergies or sensitivities. They’re also non-porous, easy to clean, temperature-responsive, and compatible with all types of lube, so there are a lot of upsides to consider. Here we list some of the best glass dildos you can purchase right now.

A glass dildo with a twist

Swarovski crystal gorgeousness

Safe for both anal and vaginal use, this 6-inch glass dildo comes in a unique “twist” design which is designed to be screwed into your body. It’s definitely not for beginners, but this stunning glass dildo is great for experienced toy users who want to step their pussy up. The sleek crystal clear glass is topped off with an aurora borealis Swarovski element crystal, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing toy.

PROS: Stunning appearance, high-quality construction

CONS: Twist design isn’t for everyone

Crystal Delights - Majestic Blue

One of the strongest and safest glass dildos

This glass dildo comes with a pretty simple, straightforward design and clocks in at a total length of 7 inches, giving you plenty of room to work with. One of my favorite things about this glass dildo is that it comes with a free storage bag for safekeeping, which is a nice way of keeping the glass in tip-top condition. The Swarovski element crystal on the end is available in various colors, although the deep “majestic blue” color has been discontinued and that’s a damn shame.

PROS: Strong borosilicate glass, safe for vaginal and anal use

CONS: Blue Swarovski option has been discontinued

Spectral Glass Dildo

But is it art?

These spectral glass dildos could be sat on the floor of the Museum of Modern Art and I wouldn’t think twice – they’re magnificent. Their unique curved shape is designed to stimulate the female G-spot, with the firm glass construction helping ladies to get off reliably and in style. Made from soda lime glass (which is similar to Pyrex) this glass dildo clocks in at a length of just over 10 inches, so it’s big enough to satisfy any lady’s needs.

PROS: Unique shape, great for G-spot stimulation

CONS: Pricey

Cheap glass dildo (avoid)

Some glass dildos have a higher risk of breaking than others

I wouldn’t recommend using a cheap glass dildo like this one from Amazon, as there’s a stronger chance that the borosilicate glass isn’t annealed (i.e. it’s probably not as strong), and can crack or break during use.


CONS: Glass quality may be poorer than pricier glass toys

Sinclair Institute

Lean, mean, G-spot machine (not literally)

If you’re experienced in G-spot stimulation and you’d like to explore it with a firm glass toy which curves in just the right way, then you’re in luck! This borosilicate glass toy features a cute delicate etched leaf design which adds some whimsy to this toy’s otherwise menacing aesthetic. One female reviewer describes achieving gentle, warm, flowing orgasms with this toy. Neat.

PROS: Designed with G-spot stimulation in mind, affordable

CONS: Requires fairly advanced knowledge of your body

Realistic looking glass dildo

It’s like fucking a sexy window

This glass dildo has a design reminiscent of “realistic” silicone dildos, featuring a real penis shape and a veiny shaft along with a base. If you’re a big fan of these realistic-shaped dildos but you like the hypoallergenic and lube-universal qualities of glass toys, then this is the perfect middle ground for you.

Personally, I’m not keen on the glass “veins” on the shaft because it makes it harder to insert, but some people are really into them.

PROS: Realistic penis-esque design, 7.5 inches long

CONS: Veiny texture is a little unpleasant

Blue glass dildo

Reminds me of a Lapras

This unique borosilicate glass dildo features a dazzling blue design and sleek curved shape that reminds me of a Pokémon from my youth. I mean, this is a double whammy for me – glass toys and ‘90s nostalgia all rolled into one.  The curved shape is said to help with G-spot stimulation, with 5.5 inches of length giving a fair amount to play with. This toy, like many glass toys, is temperature responsive, so you can introduce it to warm or cold water to create a heated dildo or cool dildo effect that increases sensitivity down there.

If you decide to warm up or cool down a glass sex toy, press it against your forearm to make sure the temperature is comfortable before insertion. NEVER freeze, microwave, or place glass adult toys in boiling water – this is dangerous for both you and the toys.

PROS: Inspired by Venetian glass blowers

CONS: Not actually made by Venetian glass blowers

Ribbed glass dildo

8-inch glass ribbed dildo

This 8-inch double-sided glass ribbed dildo gives you so many options for massaging your body that it’s unreal. One end features a tapered head which is 4 inches in circumference, while the other boasts a bulbous head which is 5.6 inches in circumference. Depending on your mood at the time, you can either tease your body with the smaller ribbed sections or pile on the pleasure with the larger end.

PROS: 8 inches of insertable length, can be used from either side

CONS: Very slippery when lubed up

Glass Butt Plugs and Anal Toys

Don’t think that the ass gets left out of all this – oh no. You can’t spell “glass” without “ass”, and there is a whole lot of Pyrex buttplugs and glass anal plugs out there just waiting to be discovered. The best part? Glass butt plugs are non-porous and easy to clean, so accidental mess is not going to ruin your toy or leave a nasty smell.

Best glass butt plug

Fight cancer AND have butt fun

This glass butt plug from Crystal Delights features a Swarovski crystal element attached to the end, giving it that unique pop of color and sophistication that one comes to expect with glass high quality sex toys. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this butt plug also goes toward fighting cancer via cancer charities, although it’s not clear which charities or how much exactly.

PROS: 2.8-inch length, Swarovski crystal element, portion of proceeds goes toward cancer charities

CONS: Pricey (for a good reason)

Pineapple plug

Gorgeous pineapple-inspired buttplug

Although this is meant to be a pineapple-inspired buttplug, it just seems like something that Ariel would have in her collection of shiny thingamajigs. It’s absolutely gorgeous, coming with a Glacier Blue Rose Swarovski crystal and available in 2 different sizes depending on your preference and experience level. The only downside is that the bumpy exterior isn’t the most comfortable feeling in the world.

PROS: Unique and pretty design, features a Glacier Blue Rose Swarovski crystal

CONS: Shape can be uncomfortable

Glass tail plug (ethically sourced fox fur)

Absolutely great for roleplay

This glass tail plug is available in different stem lengths and bulb sizes, with the total insertable length ranging from 2.8 to 3.7 inches depending on the combination you go for. This red fox tail is made from real Canadian red fox fur which the company says has been ethically sourced from parts of the animal that would’ve been thrown away otherwise. Nonetheless, it is still a genuine fur tail, so it can contain small amounts of dirt and debris that need to be brushed out sometimes.

PROS: Ethically sourced fur, available in different sizes

CONS: Real fur can be dirty

Glass prostate toy

Sleek hand-blown P-spot perfection

If you’re looking for a pretty handblown glass prostate stimulator, then you just found it. This beautiful glass toy may be on the large side for some guys, but the elegant curves and swerves are sexy in and of themselves. If you can get past the large head, then the firm glass against your P-spot can cause some insanely good sensations.

PROS: Elegant, unique shape

CONS: Head is a little bulbous


Cheaper glass butt plug

Currently clocking in at less than $15 USD on Amazon, this is one of the least expensive butt plugs out there.  However it is not as well made as other glass toys on the list and has a higher risk of breaking.

PROS: Cheap

CONS: Not properly annealed, higher chance of breaking

Best clear prostate massager

Better than glass

Okay, this product is cheating a little, as it’s not actually made of glass. However, it does have a very glass-like appearance, so I’m cheekily including this silicone prostate massager in this list. Aneros, the company behind this toy, are well-known for making patented prostate toys which naturally manipulate the body into mind-blowing orgasms. This one is no exception, but the large 4.5-inch insertable length and 1.25-inch tip width mean that it’s best suited to more experienced prostate players.

PROS: Large for advanced P-spot stimulation, glass-like look

CONS: Actually made from strong silicone, not glass

Other glass sex toys and special mentions

It doesn’t just stop at dildos and buttplugs – there are thousands of glass adult toys in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few more glass beauties to get your hands on.

Candy cane glass dildo

A great naughty Christmas present

If you’re looking to get your partner something naughty this Christmas, why not get them a glass candy cane dildo? It’s 11 inches long and 1 inch in diameter, leaving lots of room for fun. Just beware who you’re buying from though, as some sellers send cheap imitation versions instead of the high-quality real deal.

PROS: 11 inches long, fun design

CONS: Quality control issues

Motörhead-themed Glass Massager

Lemmy would be proud

As a Motörhead fan, I was amazed to stumble across this borosilicate glass sex toy inspired by the song/album “Bomber”. If you hadn’t guessed by now, it’s in the shape of a missile bomb, featuring an insertable length of 5 inches and even a handy little carry bag and stand to present it on. You’ll be the envy of rockers everywhere.

Lemmy is smiling upon us down from Rock heaven (or hell?) right now.

PROS: It’s a Motörhead-themed sex toy

CONS: How can there be anything wrong with a Motörhead-themed sex toy?

Glass flogger

The best of both worlds

This unique toy combines the worlds of BDSM and glass adult toys to create an all-in-one tool which can be used to whip your partner or fuck them with a 6-inch long glass dildo. It’s a bit of an unusual gimmick perhaps, but if you’re into both glass toys and BDSM, I suppose it’s a match made in heaven. Just beware that some users report build quality issues with this toy, but maybe they’re just aggressive.

PROS: 6-inch dildo coupled with a soft leather flogger

CONS: Build quality issues

Glass dilators

Dilate away!

Okay, these aren’t necessarily sex toys, but some women need to use dilators in order to keep their vagina comfortable during sex. These high-quality glass dilators come in various sizes, so there’s bound to be one that fits you, and the non-porous nature of glass means that they’re very easy to clean after use.

PROS: Various sizes available

CONS: Pricey

Glass Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls that last a lifetime

If Ben Wa balls (a.k.a Kegel balls) are a regular part of your sex life or just something that you use for health reasons, then these borosilicate glass Ben Wa balls are the kind of thing that’s going to last for a lifetime. They come in a handy little pouch, but are limited to their 1.2-inch diameter size, so consider whether these balls are the right size/weight for you. Annoyingly, they don’t seem to list the weight of them either.

PROS: 1.2 inch diameter, borosilicate glass construction

CONS: One-size-fits-all scenario

Safety First

Glass is a perfectly safe material to use for sex toys, assuming that you’re buying from a reputable manufacturer. You see, they don’t just use the same type of glass for everything… the glass in your car windows is different from the glass in your casserole dish and the glass in your flower vase. Sure, they all look the same, but they’re strengthened and constructed in different ways.

When you think about glass, you think about something that can shatter. A dropped glass tumbler, a football smashing through a window, that scene from Ghost where Carl gets killed by falling glass…. The idea of putting glass inside your body is scary.

Types of glass

Without going into too much detail, there are 2 main types of glass that sex toys are made from – borosilicate glass (a.k.a Pyrex) and soda lime glass. But what’s the difference?

Borosilicate glass

Borosilicate glass contains a compound called boron trioxide. This allows for a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. I’m not a scientist, but basically, this is glass which has been treated to withstand extreme temperature changes without cracking. As a result, it is stronger than regular ol’ glass.

You know those Pyrex jugs and casserole dishes you have in your kitchen? There’s a reason they don’t crack in the oven… they’re very similar to borosilicate glass.

Soda lime glass

Soda lime glass is the most common glass type in the world, being used in many things from jam jars to windows. Soda lime glass has not been thermally treated, which means that it cannot be exposed to extreme temperatures like borosilicate glass can. This also means that it is generally more likely to shatter and therefore less strong than borosilicate glass.

Around 90% of all the world’s manufactured glass is soda lime glass.

The quality of the annealing process

“Annealing” is when you heat glass up and then slowly cool it down again, helping to remove internal stress points and therefore toughen the glass once it cools down again. However, as was pointed out by Dangerous Lily, the quality of the annealing process differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

With clear glass sex toys, there is a test you can perform with a polarizing lens which shows “rainbows” on the inside of the glass, indicating points of stress. If “rainbows” show up through the lens, then there is lots of internal stress inside the glass toy. However, if it’s clear (or mostly clear) then the toy has been properly annealed.

Tips on using your glass dildos

Using glass dildos is very similar to using regular dildos – you just have to bear in mind the different properties of glass. For example, glass is compatible with all lubes, so you can mix and match lubes as you like. Borosilicate glass is also temperature responsive, so you can place your glass toy into cold water or warm water to change its temperature.

The main thing to consider with glass dildos is their firmness and their build quality. Don’t be putting cheap dodgy glass toys inside you – go with a reliable manufacturer. These glass toys are very firm and don’t have the flexibility of something like silicone, so they’re better for more advanced users and precise G-spot stimulation.


Cracks are wack, so it makes sense that people are scared of putting seemingly-delicate glass objects into their bodies. However, I hope this guide has put some worries to rest and helped you to begin your journey to glass sex toy fun. Stay safe out there and buy from reputable manufacturers!


I aim to smash down stigmas and introduce men and women to sex toys that change their lives.