7 Glass Dildos That Are As Strong As They Are Gorgeous – The Best Of Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are great if you prefer a firm toy that will really connect well with your g-spot.  After making the switch to glass some people have a hard time going back to silicone.

In this list i'm going to go over glass dildos that are as much art as they are sex toys.  They are built to last and most of them are from the strongest glass material borosilicate and are properly annealed to strengthen them even further.

Quick Disclaimer:  I haven't had the chance to try these glass dildos in person.  I have read many reviews to get a feel for which ones people liked best.  In the future I am planning on reviewing each one individually when I have the money.





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Aurora Borealis

8" long / 6.5 " girth


Paradise Passion - Simply Elegant Glass

7" long / 5.7 " girth


Ursa Glass Dildo With a Handle

6.5" insertable / 1.75 " length


S Curve - Standard Glass

7-  9" long / 1 - 1.5" diameter


Sparkle Midnight - Simply Elegant Glass

7" long /  1.2" - 1.5" girth


Crystal Delights Glass Harness Dildo

5.9" long / 1.4 " girth


Ursa Studded Glass Dildo

7.5" long /  1.5"


Crystal Twist Glass Dildo By Crystal Delights

This is a twisting dildo that will give you diagnol stimulation against your g-spot.  Some people also use it thrusting in and out for a bumpy and ridged sensation.

Crystal Delights makes very high quality glass dildos.  They are known for making borosilicate glass in a very extensive annealing process to make sure that the glass dosen't chip or break in the future.  They are a responsible sex-positive company that cares about making the world a better place, some of the profit from some special edition glass dildos is donated to different charities.

There are three different colors of twist dildos: orange, blue, and silver.  Each comes with a large swarvoski crystal and and a large flared base.

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Hey Epiphora

"The shape just isn’t conducive to [thrusting] movement. But it doesn’t matter, because all I want to do is twist it against my G-spot all day and all night." 

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Miss Ruby Reviews

“And during orgasms, this dildo delivers. My favourite way to use it is to (1) twirl it all the way in (2) then twist out one spiral (3) twist it back in (4) And repeat. This way, I get short, rapid twists, causing the spiral edges to slide across my G-spot in a firm, quick, diagonal manner."

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The Big Gay Review

"If you want a new dildo that’s not phallic, or a butt plug that offers something a little bit more intense than your regular plug, these are nice little pieces. Not for those who like their sensations a little more vanilla."

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Super Smash Cache

“Wait… grab on to it.” He tried to thrust without twisting. “Now let go.” He pulled the Crystal Twist straight out while my vagina relaxed. “THAT’S. SO. CRAZY!’

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"Sadly, my pictures do not do them justice. They are far prettier in person."

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