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A Guide to Crystal Sex Toys – The 13 Best Crystal Dildos, Yoni Eggs, Butt Plugs, and Wands

By: JC Ways

Even if you don’t believe in chakras and healing energies and whatnot, crystal sex toys are unique products capable of very sensual pleasure.

They also look really gosh darn pretty.

Many women love dildos like the Rose Quartz Crystal Dildo for their aesthetic, spiritual, and orgasmic properties. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

So, whether you’re a believer or you just love pretty stones, there is a place in your life for dildos made of healing crystals.

Here we look at the top 13 gemstone dildos and answer your FAQs. Let’s get to it!

The Best Crystal Sex Toys & Yoni Wands

Chakrubs Original Prism Clear Quartz Crystal Dildo

Clear as crystal!

One of the bestselling dildos made by Chakrubs, this Original Prism is a clear 7-inch dildo made from natural quartz, which is sometimes referred to as the “universal crystal” because it’s supposed to be adaptable to many different ideas.

Supposedly, this stone can help to enhance your energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, focusing, transmitting, and balancing out negativity. This dildo comes with 6 inches of insertable length and is 1.9 inches wide at the widest point.

Chakrubs Original Prism Clear Quartz Crystal Dildo

Chakrubs is the original Gemstone Sex Toy company, founded by Vanessa Cuccia. In this YouTube video, she explains the concept of these spiritual dildos to various women.

Rose-Quartz Clitoral Stimulator

The love stone strikes again!

Don’t love the idea of putting stone dildos inside you? This mushroom-shaped stone is designed to be held in your hand while you stimulate the clitoris and labia externally, so you don’t need to go internal.

Made from 100% Rose-Quartz, also known as the “love stone”, this fun dildo is easy to hold and play with. If you’re lucky, it often comes with free shipping and some extra little freebies too. Fun!

Rose-Quartz Clitoral Stimulator

Chakrubs Rose Quartz Crystal Dildo

Speak to your heart and/or vagina.

Also made from 100% Rose-Quartz, this slimline dildo weighs around 0.5lb and has 6 inches of insertable length, so it’s quite tame as far as these stones go. There are no chemicals or finishes used for the dildo – it’s just precisely shaped natural gemstone.

Supposedly speaks to the heart chakra, helping to relieve emotional and muscular tension by healing wounds. Many women masturbate with this stone to build self-confidence and self-love.

Chakrubs Rose Quartz Crystal Dildo

White Jasper Yoni Wand

Uplifting stone dildo with free shipping.

Made from White Jasper, which is said to be an uplifting stone, this Yoni Wand is designed to be used during times of change and instability when you need to feel calm and at peace.

This dildo can also be used as a body massager, though its main purpose is to “stimulate and arouse your soul” through vaginal play. Sounds like fun!

White Jasper Yoni Wand

“Yoni” is the Sanskrit word for “vulva”. It’s used in spiritual contexts to refer to the vulva, especially as a symbol of divine procreative energy. A “Yoni Wand” is essentially a very spiritual dildo.

Chakrubs Jade Green Aventurine Dildo

For increased optimism.

It might look like a shiny cucumber, but this crystal dildo is actually 100% Pure Green Aventurine, a natural stone that’s thought to be very lucky. This dildo is slimline with 6 inches of insertable length, so it’s suitable for most women who love a little masturbation.

This stone is supposed to be used by those who lack optimism and a positive outlook on their life (guilty!) and is said to help calm chaotic thoughts and ground your energy. I need about seven of these.

Chakrubs Jade Green Aventurine Dildo

7-Inch Stone Dildo

Not spiritual, but still very nice.

Made from Absolute Black Granite, this stone dildo isn’t designed to be spiritual, but it’s still an excellent dildo if you like the aesthetic and the design.

This stone dildo comes with a whopping 7 inches of insertable length, boasting a smooth shaft that gently curves into a broad tip. It’s ideal for temperature play too – try cooling it down or heating it up in bowls of water before play.

7-Inch Stone Dildo

Some women love to put their crystal dildo in the freezer for 5 minutes, creating a cold sensation for their genitals. You can find more information about heating up and cooling down toys in our temperature play guide.

Unicorn Rose-Quartz Pleasure Wand

It’s got unicorn in the name. What more do you want?

Boasting a unique spiral design, this gorgeous gemstone dildo comes in a pastel millennial pink color, so it’s both spiritual and fashionable. This Rose-Quartz Yoni Wand can be used for vaginal insertion or body massage.

Unicorn Rose-Quartz Pleasure Wand

Many women love to use this Goddess Wand for meditation before their masturbation session, but everyone is different. Another great dildo made by Crystal Yoni Temple on Etsy, you can expect free shipping, lovely packaging, and a few freebies thrown in for good measure.

7-inch Rose-Quartz Dildo Sex Toy

For the spiritual size queen (includes free shipping!)

If you love crystal dildos, but these small Chakrubs are too tiny for you, why not try this Rose-Quartz dildo with a whopping 7 inches of insertable length?

One of the few stones on this list which is shaped like a penis, this 7-inch wonder can help you to have the best dildo orgasm while also grounding energy.

7-inch Rose-Quartz Dildo Sex Toy

Chakrubs Amethyst Yoni Egg

Move over, Kegel balls, there’s a new egg in town.

If you’re familiar with Ben Wa Balls, you’ll know that they’re designed to be held in place by the vagina to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. This Chakrubs Yoni Egg is based around the same thing – relieving muscular/emotional tension while helping with stronger orgasms, increased libido, and improving urine control for women.

Chakrubs Amethyst Yoni Egg

This Chakrubs Yoni Egg is made from 100% natural amethyst crystal, so you can expect some natural variation in the design of this healing gemstone toy. Nonetheless, it’s an effortlessly beautiful product that can also have numerous benefits.

Opalite Yoni Wand Toy

Made in India from natural gemstones.

This Opalite Yoni Wand is 5 inches long and fairly slim, so it’s perfect for casual masturbation or women who prefer a smaller dildo.

Made in India, this petite Yoni Wand is available in many different gemstone materials – opalite, selenite, mahogany obsidian, tiger eye, dalmatian jasper, yellow goldstone and blue goldstone. Do some research and see which gemstone is right for you.

Opalite Yoni Wand Toy

Chakrubs Obsidian Black Xaga Dildo

Half a pound of positive energy.

Weighing in at 0.5 lbs, this unique crystal dildo has a gorgeous black shine, made from 100% natural Black Obsidian gemstone. It has 6 inches of insertable length, and it’s 7 inches long overall, so it’s a fair size.

Supposedly, this Xaga Stone can help to absorb negative energy and release stress. Many believers pleasure themselves with this stone to heal from grief or emotional trauma.

Chakrubs Obsidian Black Xaga Dildo

Blue Aventurine G-Spot Yoni Wand

Comes with free shipping!

Another spiritual product designed to stimulate the G-spot, this wand is made from Pure Blue Aventurine, a stone which is thought to calm you down and balance your emotions.

Many women believe that this stone helps them to stimulate creativity, intellect, and independence. You can use it to masturbate, meditate – whatever makes you feel good.

Blue Aventurine G-Spot Yoni Wand

Chakrubs Obsidian Anal Plug

Healing for the bottom.

If you don’t have a vagina or you just prefer to play with your bum, you can try this Pure Black Obsidian buttplug from our friends at Chakrubs. With 2 inches of insertable length, it’s very easy for even anal beginners, and it only weighs a measly 0.25 lb.

Chakrubs Obsidian Anal Plug

Supposedly, this helps to stimulate the “root chakra” which should help to stimulate your primal, creative, and sensual urges. There are many sensitive nerve endings in the anus, so you can enjoy both sexual and spiritual stimulation.

What is a Crystal Sex Toy?

A crystal sex toy is a dildo, buttplug, kegel egg, or similar device made from a supposedly “healing” gemstone like Jade, Obsidian, or Quartz. Some people believe that these gemstones have healing properties and that using them for self-pleasure can help you to find inner peace.

They’re also very pretty.

Now, we’re a sex-toy website, not a crystal healing website, so I don’t personally believe in this sort of thing. I’m not here to tell you that putting a stone dildo in your vajayjay will instantly improve your life – I’m just here to recommend them as a type of sex product that some people like.

For the most part, high-quality gemstone dildos seem to be relatively safe to use. Nonetheless, some sources state that crystal dildos could be bad for your genitals if used internally, so bear that in mind. Softer stones, like Jade, may also start to break and chip after a while, so be very mindful of that before insertion.

Why Do People Use Dildos Made of Healing Crystals?

Some people believe that Blue Aventurine stimulates creativity, or that Black Obsidian absorbs negative energy. Many people use these crystals as a way to set good intentions in their life without massively believing in spirituality. Some people use these gemstones even though they think the positive effect on their life is just the Placebo Effect.

If it works for you, then fair enough!

Believers say that these natural gemstones produce “good vibrations” which are in sync with certain parts of the body. The idea is that these “good vibrations” can balance out negative energy in your body and bring about peace. They may be used spiritually or as representative tools for meditation.

While some people like to meditate with healing crystals or just have them around the house for so-called positive vibes, some love to use them for anal/vaginal pleasure. This is especially true for women who have issues with shame regarding their vagina, or perhaps people who have suffered sexual abuse in the past.

How to Use a Dildo Made from Crystal

Here at SexToyCollective, we always want to recommend products made from body-safe materials. In general, “body safe” means that the product is non-porous (i.e. the surface doesn’t have little holes that bacteria can burrow into) and that the shape of the toy is suitable and safe for bodily insertion.

There are still debates about whether gemstone-derived products are safe to put inside your vagina or anus, so until we know more information, I would recommend washing your sex toys thoroughly before and after every use and also using a condom with them.

This is what Chakrub says about this on its FAQs section:

“Our researchers from GIA have informed us that Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst are non-porous. Other crystals may be porous or have “closed porosity” meaning that pores lay on the surface of the stone but would be very difficult for bacteria to seep through to the center and can be washed away with mild soap and warm water.”

Safety warnings aside, I’d recommend using water-based or silicone-based lube with these products to make the experience more comfortable. For the most part, you use these stones like a normal dildo or you might incorporate them into meditation and body massage too.

Have Fun With Crystal Sex Toys

I hope you enjoyed this guide to gemstone dildos! I think the Rose Quartz Crystal Dildo is definitely the prettiest on this list, though I wouldn’t mind giving the Obsidian Anal Plug a try personally.

Which one was your favorite? What do you think about all of this? Let us know in the comments below!

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