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Best Ben Wa Balls – Enhanced Orgasms and Kegel Exercises

BY JC Ways

Ben Wa balls are versatile little toys that can be used for a variety of reasons, including sexual stimulation, pelvic floor exercises, kegel workouts, and improving bladder control. These versatile balls (sometimes called “kegel balls”) come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and weights, offering a solution for every woman, whether she’s looking to improve her sex life or strengthen her pelvic floor after giving birth.

Here we run down some of the best kegel balls on the market and give you some more information about these unique and beneficial sex marbles! And in case there are any fellow Rick & Morty fans reading, you should know that we are very well-versed in Ben Wa technology.

Best Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls are marketed differently depending on their intended use. For example, products intended as pelvic floor exerciser balls are marketed more as a health product whereas versions intended as orgasm balls or “silver pleasure balls” are obviously advertised in a sexier manner. It’s an unusual crossover between sexual pleasure and medical benefits, so just be aware of that.

Ben Wa balls are similar to prostate massagers for men in the sense that they both have medical benefits but can also be used for sexual pleasure.

Best overall - Luna Beads

#1 weighed kegel balls in the world

The Luna Beads from Lelo are the #1 bestselling kegel balls in the world, so that’s a good sign. However, I suspect that they’ve been helped by their classy marketing which makes them feel more acceptable to a wider audience. This set of 4 balls features 2 20g balls and 2 37g balls, as well as a holder which allows you to pair up two of the balls together and hold them inside you simultaneously.

Because of this, you can slowly progress in weight as the benefits of the kegel exercises become apparent and you can handle heavier balls. You can start off at 20g and go all the way up to 74g eventually if you like.

These balls are intended to be worn while you’re going about your daily business or doing chores – they’re supposed to stay inside you throughout the day like a tampon. What’s clever is that each vaginal ball has a smaller weighted ball inside it which rattles around as you walk and move. This rattling causes micro-contractions in your pelvic floor muscles which trains them to become stronger naturally. Some women find this rattling to be sexually stimulating, though many say they don’t notice it at all.

PROS: Reputable, come in different weights, have “rattling” balls inside

CONS: Can slip out for some women

Best for Experienced Users - Duo Kegel Excerciser

Ideal for advanced kegel training

This toy from Fun Factory features 2 rather large Ben Wa balls housed in an ergonomically designed cradle which slips into the vagina lengthways like a tampon. This product is intended for advanced users who have been regularly training their vagina with weighted kegel balls for a while now. 

Unlike the Lelo beads, this toy is designed to be used for short periods of time regularly – it is not recommended that you go out and do your grocery shopping with this bad boy inside you, simply due to its design and sheer size/weight. Short, regular sessions with this device are all you need to feel the advanced benefits of kegel exercises.

PROS: Cheap, ergonomic design

CONS: Weights aren’t interchangeable

Best for Beginners - Fifty Shades Ben Wa Ball Kit

Approved by EL James herself

Kegels for women can help to improve sexual pleasure for both the man and woman, so naturally EL James and co. have made a Fifty Shades of Grey kegel balls set of their own. The set is actually high-quality and intended for beginners who wish to progress. The weighted kegel balls come in weights of 15g, 25g, 35g, and 55g. The design of the product means that you can have up to 6 different weights combinations as your progress further on your orgasm balls journey.

These balls only come in 4 different shades of grey, which I think is a cop-out.

The cradle for these balls comes with a silicone “string” which makes them easy to pull out, although some women find that it’s a little short and could be longer. The cradle can also be a little hard to clean due to its shape, but overall this set is great for beginners and ideal for use during sex to increase pleasure!

PROS: Good for beginners, 6 different weight combinations

CONS: A little hard to clean

Kegel Egg – Best overall look

Made from real nephrite jade!

This kegel egg is based on the “yoni egg” tradition which is said to have originated in ancient China with the emperors' concubines. Basically, the concubines would supposedly put jade eggs inside their vaginas to improve pelvic floor strength and tighten their vaginal walls. This practice was heavily advertised on sites like Gwyneth Paltrow “Goop”, but recent critics have claimed that this Ancient Chinese “history” is false and publicly named and shamed Gwyneth. I never trusted her anyway.

Still, this is a unique and decorative item that can be used in lieu of regular pelvic floor exerciser balls. It’s made from 100% nephrite jade, so it’s all natural, and it has a wonderful greenish shine to it. To be honest, you could have it on display on your mantelpiece as a piece of décor and then dust it off when you wanted to use it for pelvic floor training… it’s like art meets sexual health. Just bear in mind that the 90g weight is nothing to scoff at.

PROS: Very sleek design, heavy 90g weight

CONS: Seem to be based on fake history

Best budget option - Adorime Kegel Balls

Ben Wa on a budget

The balls in this set come in 15g, 25g, 35g, and 55g sizes, so there are a lot of different size options to choose from, which is nice. In the box, you also get a discreet carry pouch and a free bottle of lube, which is a really nice added bonus. Including the plastic tail, the overall length of the device is just over 6 inches, so it does sit fairly deep inside your vagina. 

Nonetheless, the manufacturer claims that you can easily go about your daily business with your balls inside you. Their suggested activities are yoga, shopping, and dancing, which seem a bit stereotypically “female”.

Adorime, the manufacturer of these Ben Wa balls, actually has a guide on how they think you should be using their balls for maximum effect. They suggest the combinations of balls that they think you should be using over time and they also tell you how often they think you should progress to the next level. This is a great little reference guide if you’re new to Ben Wa balls, but I would stress that everyone’s body is different so you should always do things at your own pace.

PROS: Cheap, many weight options

CONS: Instructions often come in Chinese!

What are Ben Wa Balls?

In case you hadn’t guessed, “Ben Wa” is not an English name. “Ben Wa” actually comes from Japanese, which is why these balls are sometimes called “geisha balls” or other similar names. Ben Wa balls have been used since 500 AD in Japan and were supposedly worn by Japanese women so that men would get more pleasure during vaginal intercourse with them. 

However, soon enough they realized that they could modify these balls with internal “rattles” which increased their own sexual pleasure and often led to orgasm.

Ben Wa balls, in one form or another, have been present in the history of many Eastern nations, including China, where the anglicized name “Ben Wa” comes from. In the religion of Taoism, Ben Wa balls were often used to help a woman control her sexual desires and explore her sexuality. Their health benefits were probably not known about at that time, yet they continued to be popular for Asian women.

Ben Wa balls benefits

So, what do Ben Wa balls do? In short, they stimulate the muscles inside your vagina, training them to “tighten up” and hold things like tampons in place more effectively. Many women who suffer from urinary incontinence use Ben Wa balls to strengthen their pelvic floor and bladder, making it less likely that they will accidentally pee or poop. Using Ben Wa balls is also very common before and following pregnancy, especially if the woman is on the older side and naturally less taut down there.

Of course, these Ben Wa balls can also be exploited for sexual pleasure, with many women using them as orgasm balls during intercourse or masturbation. If a woman has sex with modestly-sized kegel balls inside her vagina, she will experience heightened sexual arousal and orgasmic sensations due to the additional stimulation.

Although you should NEVER put Ben Wa balls inside your anus, wearing them inside your vagina while being anally penetrated can push the balls against your G-spot, leading to mind-blowing orgasms. Plus, your partner’s getting anal sex, so he’s probably happy too.

How to use Ben Wa Balls

Using Ben Wa balls is very simple – you lube them up and carefully place them inside your vagina. Once they’re inside, you use your cervical muscles to grip onto them like you would a tampon. Some Ben Wa balls are designed for short periods of use, whereas others can stay up there all day if you feel comfortable enough. Unless the balls you’re using are very large or heavy, it’s similar to having a tampon inside you all day. Obviously, don’t use Ben Wa balls on your period.

Should I use them a sex toy or as an exerciser?

You do whatever you want! It all depends on your needs really. If you’re looking to tighten your vaginal walls and increase your sensitivity during sex/masturbation, then kegel balls are excellent for strengthening and stimulating your vaginal muscles. They can be held in place during intercourse/masturbation to heighten sensitivity, and the ones which “rattle” can be worn like love eggs as you go about your day, giving you good vibrations on the bus, in the store, around the house, wherever. The Beach Boys would be proud.
On the other hand, you could strictly use them for Kegel exercises. This refers to pelvic floor exercises which strengthen your muscles in that area. Kegels are often recommended for incontinent women (i.e. women who pee themselves accidentally) and women who have recently given birth. These workouts can even help with fecal incontinence too, so there are multiple benefits of Kegel exercises.

Kegel exercises are also recommended for men who suffer from incontinence. For men, kegel workouts can increase sexual performance too, with prostate massagers largely using the pelvic floor muscles to deliver intense multiple male orgasms.

Different weights

Most Ben Wa ball sets come with balls of different weights, enabling you to progress with your vagina weightlifting as your pelvic floor becomes stronger. It’s hard to come up with a blanket recommendation for all women, as every vagina is different, but if you’re new to Ben Wa balls then I would recommend buying a beginner’s starter pack and just starting with the smallest ball first. Once you’ve figured out your base level of vaginal strength, progress slowly as and when it feels comfortable.

Vaginal weightlifting should be treated like regular weightlifting – don’t go from 5lbs to 50lbs in a few days! Your vagina’s muscles need time to grow and recover.

Safety tips

Please note that Ben Wa balls are NOT to be put inside your ass. I cannot stress that enough. The vagina’s cervix naturally blocks kegel balls from getting lost inside your body, but the anus does not have this natural “wall” that the vagina does. If you put these balls inside your ass and they slip up too far, they can be incredibly difficult to remove and they usually do not come out with a bowel movement. Unless you want to undergo surgery for balls stuck in your colon, DO NOT put them in your anal tract.

Now that that’s out of the way, the rest of the safety advice is quite common sense. Use a generous amount of appropriate lube (water-based is usually best) with your balls and take them out if they feel painful or overly uncomfortable. Always start with the smallest weighted kegel balls first and work your way up over time. Keep them out the reach of children, as they would be incredibly easy to swallow.

Where to buy Ben Wa Balls

Sex shops

You should be able to find Ben Wa balls at most sex shops, whether they’re online or brick-and-mortar stores. Online sex retailers like LoveHoney have entire sections dedicated to Ben Wa balls, while a search on Amazon brings up 378 results for Ben Wa balls, which is promising.

Health stores & pharmacies

If you’d prefer not to buy your kegel balls from a sex shop, then you can often find them at certain pharmacies and health retailers. For example, Intimate Rose is a company selling kegel balls designed to stop incontinence and leaks. Pharmacies such as Rite Aid are also selling low-cost kegel balls for women too.


The idea of having balls inside your vagina isn’t massively appealing to most women, but using Ben Wa balls has so many positives that it’s hard to ignore them. Not only can they improve your sex life and vaginal tightness, but they can also help to strengthen your pelvic floor if you’re having trouble peeing/pooping yourself or if you’ve just had a baby.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the best Ben Wa balls, whether you’re using them to exercise, get off, or both!

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