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Oral Sex Toys

18 Best Oral Sex Simulators for Couples and Solo Play

BY JC Ways

I love oral sex. Is there anything more intimate than literally tasting another human being? The feeling of a wet tongue sensually exploring your genitals makes my toes curl with anticipation.

With oral sex simulators like the Womanizer for women and the Kiiroo Onyx+ for men, you can now explore dozens of male and female sex toys that feel like a tongue getting busy down there.

Here we’ve got 13 female clit lickers and 5 male fellatio sex toys that’ll blow you away… literally.

Let’s dive in!

Best Oral Sex Simulators For Women

LoveHoney Extra Powerful Tongue Vibrator

Simple, powerful, effective.

One of the best oral sex simulators on LoveHoney, this fun clit licker feels like a tongue teasing your pussy. Combined with some water-based lube, the sensation of oral pleasure becomes even more realistic. This toy comes with a wired remote on a 33-inch long cable, so it’s ideal for solo or couples play, and the 10 vibration settings are INCREDIBLY powerful.

LoveHoney Extra Powerful Tongue Vibrator

The only real downside to this toy is how tricky it is to keep hold of. There’s no obvious handle, so it’s sometimes difficult to maintain your grip, especially when your body is convulsing around in pleasure. Still, it’s a small price to pay for insane clitoral orgasms. Lay back and enjoy.

PROS: Wired remote for solo or couples play, soft silicone construction

CONS: Tricky to hold

Womanizer Starlet USB Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

Clit sucking goodness.

One of the top-rated oral sex toys in the Womanizer range, the Starlet is a clit sucking toy that delivers a very unique massage to your pussy. The toy uses a combination of vibrations and pulsing suction, surrounding your clitoris to concentrate the sensations right there. The soft silicone head is also removable for easy cleaning.

Womanizer Starlet USB Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

The Starlet is available in 3 different colors – white, purple, and pink – so take your pick to match your sex drawer’s aesthetic! This clit sucking toy is small enough to be used between 2 bodies during sex, and the simple 1-button control system lets you cycle through 4 different intensity levels till you find one which sucks you just right.

PROS: Intense clitoris stimulation, can be used during sex, USB charging

CONS: A bit noisy, not waterproof

Satisfyer Pro 2

Looks like I can get some satisfaction!

One of the reviews for this sex toy simply reads “I cried because it’s changed my life.” I mean, what more do you want? The Satisfyer Pro 2 uses non-contact pressure wave technology to suck your clitoris, and it’s even waterproof down to 1 meter for 30 minutes, so it's the perfect companion for a sexy bath or shower where you fancy some cunnilingus!

Satisfyer Pro 2

Even if you don’t want to buy the Satisfyer Pro 2, I recommend watching their digital ad. It’s the best sex toy commercial I’ve seen in ages. A woman gets blasted out of a canon. It’s mental.

PROS: Pressure wave technology, 11 intensity settings, magnetic USB charging

CONS: Not as quiet as you might like

Lelo Ora 3

The Lelo Ora 2 is so last year.

Lelo is well-known for making high-quality sex toys, from the Sona to the Hugo. Their designs are always innovative and their sex toys always have a sleek and classy feel which justifies their price. The Lelo Ora 3 is no exception here, surpassing the Ora 2 easily. In fact, it’s 25% faster than its predecessor… so take that!

Lelo Ora 3

The Ora 3 uses a rotating tongue node and various vibration settings to mimic cunnilingus and deliver mind-blowing orgasmic sensations to your body. It’s also 100% waterproof and comes armed to the teeth with 12 pleasure settings, giving you tons of options for oral sex simulation in the bath, shower, bed… wherever.

Lelo are also brilliant at making commercials. You tell me this ad isn’t the sexiest shit you’ve ever seen? It puts Deep Throat to shame.

PROS: Rotating tongue function, 12 pleasure settings, 100% waterproof

CONS: Pricey

Fun Factory Volta

Not to be confused with The Mars Volta.

I’m a big fan of Fun Factory because their toys tend to be incredibly versatile, and this is no exception! The Volta features 2 flickering silicone tongues which can be used for female clitoris stimulation, but also for nipple play and penis teasing. It’s a bit like the female version of the Fun Factory Manta, a penis stroker toy with a similar concept. It’s great for couples.

Fun Factory Volta

Like most of its fellow toys, the Volta is 100% waterproof and comes with USB charging, making it incredibly easy to clean and use in the shower or bath. It also comes with a travel lock function for worry-free traveling. The only downside is the lack of a storage bag and the confusing layout of the vibe/pulse settings, but I can see past that.

Fun Factory is a German sex toy company – all of their products are made at their own facility in Bremen, Germany.

PROS: Versatile silicone tongues, 6 vibration settings, 6 pulse settings, 100% waterproof

CONS: No storage bag, pricey

Womanizer Duo Rechargeable G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulator

Move over, rabbit vibrators.

The Womanizer Duo takes the idea of a rabbit vibrator and amplifies it to the next level. This toy has an internal 5-inch shaft with 10 vibration modes to massage your G spot, while the clitoral head envelops your clitoris and sucks it with indirect pulsing suction. You can independently control each of these settings to reach the perfect blended orgasm.

Womanizer Duo Rechargeable G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulator

A blended orgasm is when you orgasm due to pleasure from your G-spot and your clitoris at the same time. It “blends” these sensations together into one “super orgasm”, if you will.

Totally waterproof and complete with USB charging, the Womanizer Duo even comes complete with a satin storage bag to keep it safe and dust-free in between uses. When it comes to clit sucking toys, it doesn’t get much better than this! It’s like receiving great oral sex AND a G-spot massage at the same time. Oooft.

PROS: G-spot and clitoral stimulation, 100% waterproof, 12 pleasure settings

CONS: Expensive

Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator

10 silicone tongues. Need I say more?

30% more powerful than the original version, the Sqweel 2 oral sex simulator is essentially a rotating wheel of 10 silicone tongues that lick your clit in quick succession. It comes with 9 modes to explore – 3 clockwise, 3 anti-clockwise, and 3 which do both. This thing is a powerful clitoral stimulator, but it’s a little noisy and a faff to clean, so just bear that in mind.

Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator

I’ve only just realized that “Sqweel” is also a pun for “wheel” in reference to the shape of this toy. I’m hoping that went over other people’s heads too. Maybe I’m dumb.

PROS: Bestselling oral sex toy, 9 pleasure modes, unique design, clitoral stimulation

CONS: Noisy, hard to clean

We-Vibe Melt

One of the top oral sex toys of 2019.

We-Vibe is a company whose toys are designed to improve the sex life of couples – the Melt is no exception. This clit toy has 12 intensity levels and uses pulsating air waves to radiate pleasure throughout the clitoris, but it’s also designed to be sandwiched between 2 lovers as they have penetrative sex. This product is waterproof, USB rechargeable, and it connects to the We-Connect app too.

We-Vibe Melt

PROS: Pulsating air waves, can be used during sex, 12 intensity levels

CONS: Steep price

Lelo Sona 2 Cruise

Deep sonic pulses of oral pleasure.

The winner of various adult toy awards, the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise uses sonic waves to deeply stimulate your clitoral complex. While it might not feel like a tongue, the 12 pleasure settings are essentially the greatest oral sex you’ll ever experience. What’s more, if you press the toy harder into your body, the intensity automatically increases to push you over the edge into orgasm. Fun!

Lelo Sona 2 Cruise

PROS: 12 pleasure settings, gets more intense if you press harder, great stimulation

CONS: Not as “whisper quiet” as it claims

NU Sensuelle Trinitii 3-in-1 Oral Toy

Behold the holy trinity of oral simulators.

The NU Sensuelle Trinitii is designed to be 3 sex toys in 1 – a vibrator, a clit sucker, and a flickering tongue. Well, it’s certainly equipped with a shit ton of settings to back up that claim. This women’s sex toy has 15 different vibration/pulsation patterns, 7 suction modes, and 4 flickering speeds. There are 26 functions overall, so take your pick and get busy.

NU Sensuelle Trinitii 3-in-1 Oral Toy

This is basically the Swiss Army Knife of sex toys. It probably has a corkscrew.

PROS: 3 toys in 1, ergonomic design, USB rechargeable, varied stimulation

CONS: 9 inches long (harder to hide!)

Sqweel Go Pocket-sized Oral Sex Simulator

Oral sex on the go!

The Sqweel Go is the travel-size version of the regular Sqweel, featuring the same 10 silicone tongues design but scaled right down to make it more portable. The 1-button interface lets you cycle through the 3 speeds and 3 patterns on this tiny oral sex massager, but its small size means that the power is limited, so it’s not ideal for intense clit licking.

Sqweel Go Pocket-sized Oral Sex Simulator

PROS: Very small and portable, USB charging, waterproof

CONS: Lacking in power

Other Oral Sex Toys

Oral sex toys aren’t just for ladies! Here are 5 of the best oral sex simulators for men.

Kiiroo Onyx+

Unique oral sex sensation.

Succeeding the Onyx 2, the Kiiroo Onyx+ is an automatic male oral toy designed to mimic oral sex and handjobs. The chamber surrounds the man’s erect penis, using 10 contracting rings to “milk” the cock in various ways. It can be synced with VR porn and Bluetooth, though it also comes with 4 automatic modes for hassle-free fun.

Kiiroo Onyx+

PROS: 10 independently contracting rings, Bluetooth and VR compatibility

CONS: Pricey

Lovense Max 2

Vibrating, contracting, dick-sucking pleasure.

The Lovense Max 2 is an automatic male masturbator that vibrates and sucks on the penis for intense pleasure. I wouldn’t say that it feels like oral sex, but it’s in the same ballpark for sure. The Max 2 has unlimited potential vibration and contraction patterns because you can connect it to the Lovense Remote app and create your own custom on-demand pleasure patterns!

Lovense Max 2

With the Lovense Remote app, you can also access 1000s of user-created pleasure patterns, sync your sex toy with Spotify, and use a sound-activated mode. You can even connect to female toys like the Lovense Nora for long-distance virtual sex. Sex toy technology has come a long way.

PROS: Versatile, easy to clean, USB charging, connects to Lovense Remote app

CONS: Contractions are VERY noisy

Fleshlight Launch

Mouth Fleshlight + Launch = unlimited oral sex simulations.

The Fleshlight Launch takes your standard-size Fleshlight toy and locks onto it, automatically milking your cock by moving the Fleshlight up and down. It’s a simple concept, but it works incredibly well and can reach speeds of up to 180 strokes per minute. The Launch can also sync with VR porn, so it’s great for simulating a blowjob through VR.

Fleshlight Launch

PROS: 180 strokes per minute, VR compatible, touch-sensitive interface, sturdy

CONS: Bulky, need to buy Fleshlights separately

Quickshot Launch

Like the Launch, but cheaper.

The slightly cheaper version of the Launch, the Quickshot Launch uses interchangeable Quickshot strokers (small open-ended penis toys made by Fleshlight) to milk the cock and simulate oral sex for men. The device is bulky, but it conveniently comes with a universal smartphone mount for porn viewing and can reach speeds of up to 250 penis strokes per minute!

Quickshot Launch

There’s nowhere for your jizz to land with the Quickshot Launch – it just shoots up straight into the air. Consider that before you ruin your favorite bed sheets.

PROS: 250 strokes per minute, variable stroke speeds and zones, intuitive controls

CONS: Bulky, prone to glitches, can make a mess, need to buy Quickshots

Autoblow AI

Unlimited blowjobs galore.

Billed as an “unlimited blowjob machine”, the Autoblow AI is programmed with 10 different blowjob patterns which can be operated at 10 different speeds, producing 100+ orgasmic sensations in total. It’s a very well-selling oral sex toy simulator, but it’s quite bulky and has to be plugged into a power outlet, so it feels a little dated compared to more modern oral sex toys.

autoblow ai

PROS: Automatic blowjob machine, silicone sleeve

CONS: Plugs into the wall, bulky


I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best oral sex vibrators on the market! Regular sex toys can lack the je ne sais quoi of a good oral simulator, with their flickering tongues and waves of suction helping to produce more realistic sex toys like the Womanizer and Lelo’s Ora 3.

Whether you’re recreating cunnilingus or a blowjob, I hope one of these toys gives you the oral pleasure you’ve been dreaming about. Stay safe and have fun!


I aim to smash down stigmas and introduce men and women to sex toys that change their lives.