Lelo Hugo Review

Lelo Hugo Review – My Take on this Lelo Prostate Toy

By: JC Ways

The Lelo Hugo prostate vibrator is a brand new remote controlled prostate massager from sex toy manufacturers Lelo.

The ornate black and gold product box tells you that this remote controlled prostate vibrator is a “Global Bestseller” which uses “SenseMotion Technology” to enhance your prostate play time.

But what is this technology? Can it give you a hands free prostate orgasm?

I aimed to find out.

Lelo Hugo Review – Pros & Cons

Lelo Hugo Pros and Cons

Allow me to kick off this review by listing my pros and cons for the toy before going into further detail.


  • Unique SenseMotion remote control technology
  • Wireless remote control – very convenient
  • Perfect size and shape for prostate stimulation
  • Decent 2-hour battery life (approx.)
  • High-quality velvety silicone coating
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Incredible pre-programmed vibration settings
  • Stays in your ass pretty easily
  • Sends intense pleasure waves throughout your body
  • Comes with the 1-year Lelo warranty


  • Shiny plastic on remote control and toy base feels a little cheap
  • SenseMotion modes can get tiresome after a while
  • Remote control uses batteries (what is this… the ‘90s?)
  • I wish it was slightly adjustable

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons with the Lelo Hugo.

Now on with the review!

Lelo Hugo – The Wireless Remote Control & SenseMotion Technology

The Wireless Remote Control and SenseMotion Technology

The Lelo remote control is a bit of a faff to put together at first, requiring a couple of AAA batteries and a special plastic key to open it up.

I can’t say exactly what the battery life of the remote control is, but I’ve used it for several hours at this point and it hasn’t died on me yet. When I read that I’d need AAA batteries, I was furious, but then I saw that Lelo had included a couple of batteries in the box, so I forgave them in my infinite benevolence.

It’s probably best to keep a spare couple of batteries around the house though.

The wireless remote is a bit strange because the silicone coating on one side feels very high-quality while the shiny plastic cover on the base feels incredibly cheap.

It’s a bit of an odd pairing, but it does look nice.

Once you’ve got it working, it’s very straightforward to connect it to the toy and get things going.

Use the middle button to cycle through the various vibration patterns and use the plus and minus buttons to change the strength of the vibrations.

That’s it. It’s not rocket science – it’s really easy to control.

Prostate vibrators like the Aneros Vice 2 are let down by their shitty remote controls, while the classy Lelo Hugo remote control feels sleek and intuitive, ignoring that cheap shiny plastic.

SenseMotion Technology

The SenseMotion Technology refers to the motion sensors hidden inside the remote control. There are 2 SenseMotion settings on the remote control:

  1. SenseMotion Mode 1 allows you to tilt the remote for different intensities. Straight upwards = 100% vibration while flat = 10% vibration. –
  2. SenseMotion Mode 2 responds to your shakes of the remote control. The harder you shake the remote control, the more vigorously the Lelo Hugo prostate massager will vibrate!

These SenseMotion control settings are fun, especially the first mode where you only have to tilt your hand slightly in order to increase or decrease the vibration power. It’s a bit like the infamous “thumbs down” scene from Gladiator, but with prostate stimulation.

Commodus is secretly having a great time when that camera pans away.

The second setting is interesting, but it’s really easy for your hand to get tired, especially if you’re really trying to up the ante and go for vigorous vibrations. Your biceps will be amazing after using this mode for a while.

Lelo Hugo Vibration Settings

Lelo Hugo Vibration Settings

This medium-sized Lelo prostate massager comes with 2 vibrating motors in the prostate arm and perineum arm, giving you dual stimulation of the prostate both internally and externally.

We’ve kinda come to expect this from modern prostate toys, especially ones as prestigious as the Lelo Hugo prostate massager. There are 6 pre-programmed vibration modes, all of which are actually quite good.

Each of these 6 vibration modes can have the strength changed simply by pressing the up and down arrows. This means that there are dozens of potential combinations to explore.

There are a couple of “pulsing” settings, a couple of constant vibration settings, and a couple of “gradual rise and gradual fall” vibration settings. It’s not much, but it does the job.

Of course, the main star of the show here is the motion sensor remote control, but I’m too lazy to be using that all the time.

How big is the Lelo Hugo prostate massager?

How big is the Lelo Hugo prostate massager?

The Lelo Hugo is a medium sized vibrating prostate massager, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Some of its fellow Lelo prostate toys, like the Lelo Loki Wave, suffer from bulbous heads which are too big to stay inside your bottom comfortably – the Lelo Hugo doesn’t have this problem at all!

When trying it out for this review, the Lelo Hugo stayed inside my ass perfectly. It wasn’t too short, too long, or too bulbous – this one was jusstttt right. I’m the Goldilocks of male sex toys.

I had a couple of issues with the toy slipping out when my sphincter contracted, but if I forced myself to relax and enjoy the ride, I was usually able to keep the toy inside me without any major problems.

To be honest, a huge part of P-spot pleasure is learning how to chill the fuck out and relax your sphincter/kegel muscles, regardless of the toy.

When it comes to prostate play, bigger isn’t always better. Our Prostate Milking Guide goes into more detail if you’re relatively new to prostate massagers.

Like all male prostate toys, you need to make sure that you get the angle right, with the main arm of the toy curling upwards as if it’s pointing towards your stomach. If you need help finding the prostate, there are many great guides on how to find your prostate.

I personally found that this toy was best used on my back with my knees bent up in the air a little, but we’re all different.

According to LoveHoney, the Lelo Hugo is covered in high-quality silken silicone. It’s the same material that many Lelo prostate massagers are made from. The soft feel of the coating makes it even easier to slip the toy inside you, but bear in mind that it can be a pain to clean.

We’ll get onto that later!

My experience with the Lelo Hugo

My experience with the Lelo Hugo

All things considered, I really liked this male sex toy.

Obviously the main gimmick here is the SenseMotion remote control technology, but taking that out of the picture for a moment, this is a really solid prostate vibrator in itself. It’s not too big, it’s made from high-quality materials, and it comes with a wireless remote control so you don’t have to awkwardly fiddle around with buttons on the toy itself.

I personally really liked the couple of “pulse” vibration settings on this toy. I found that these settings, with mid-level vibration strengths, were really effective for sending P-waves throughout my body. As soon as I can feel pleasure radiating down toward my legs, I know that I’m onto a winner.

Thankfully, it didn’t take me long to get that feeling!

The pulse settings reminded me of being anally fucked. If you like the feeling of receiving anal sex, you’ll love the intense sexual pleasure it delivers.

With many prostate massagers, you have to mess about changing positions and trying different things before you get results. I didn’t have that problem with the Lelo Hugo! It felt perfect within a couple of minutes.

If you played your cards right, I bet you could achieve a hands-free prostate orgasm with this thing.

I’ve only experienced 1 or 2 hands free prostate orgasms in my entire life, but I can tell from experience that this toy could get you there if you were in the right frame of mind. It’s intense!

Of course, I can’t make a Lelo Hugo review without talking about the SenseMotion remote control settings.

Personally, I found that the “tilt” setting was my favorite, as it required a lot less effort to get a very intense buzz going. The “shake” setting was better for replicating a pulsing vibration pattern on-demand, but your hand obviously gets tired pretty quickly.

The only thing I noticed was that the “shake” setting was a little bit temperamental – sometimes I would shake the remote control too gently and the toy wouldn’t do anything. You have to be quite forceful if you want the remote control to detect you.

I would usually warm myself up with the SenseMotion modes before moving on to the pre-programmed vibration patterns.

Again, I’m lazy. Sue me.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance - lelo Hugo


Like most of the Lelo male sex toys, cleaning the Lelo Hugo is really easy. They recommend their Lelo toy cleaning spray, but you can also save money by using warm water and antibacterial soap. I like the way that Lelo themselves phrase it in the instruction manual: “wash the stem with warm water and a respected antibacterial soap.”

I like the idea of a “respected” soap that walks around fist-bumping the local townspeople.

Once you’ve cleaned the toy, patting it dry with a clean towel should do the trick – this silicone is not the sort of thing that takes hours to dry.

I should point out at this point that the Lelo Hugo is waterproof, so it’s fine to use in the shower. However, the charging port has a little squishy cover that you need to cover it up with before exposing it to water.

For this reason, I’d avoid using it in the bath or submerging it fully in water. It might be totally safe to do so, but I wouldn’t take that chance.

USB Charging

The USB charging on the toy is really simple and convenient – you just remove the squishy cover and then insert the USB charging cable and connect it to your device of choice. After charging this toy for around 60-90 minutes, you get around 120 minutes of prostate play time.

That’s a really decent battery life if you ask me. As mentioned earlier, the remote control takes 2 AAA batteries, so keep some handy.

Some reviewers have complained about waiting 60 minutes to charge this thing, but unless you’re literally sitting there and watching it charge, I’m sure you’ll find a way to pass the time.

Lelo Warranty

Like most Lelo sex toys, the Lelo Hugo comes with a 1-year warranty. Simply enter your included warranty card’s serial number on the Lelo website and if you have any problems within 12 months, Lelo will replace the sex toy free of charge.

Lelo also has a 10-year guarantee so if your sex toy fails outside the warranty time window, you’re eligible for a 50% discount off a brand new Lelo sex toy. Nice!

Lovense Hugo Review Cum-clusion

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Lelo Hugo prostate massager!

Although this male toy is known for its unique SenseMotion remote control technology, it’s actually a really well-designed prostate vibrator in its own right. What’s more, it comes with that handy wireless remote, so you can flick through your favorite vibration settings without having to kill the mood or reach around awkwardly.

The remote control batteries and cheap plastic cover let the Lelo Hugo down a little bit, but who really cares if it gets you off so well?

Not me!

Try the Lovense Hugo Prostate Massager!

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JC Ways

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