Fun Factory Manta Review

Fun Factory Manta Review

By: JC Ways

Let be start off by saying that I fucking love this toy. I didn’t think I would, but its simplicity and versatility won me over very quickly.The FunFactory Manta vibrating penis stroker is made by renowned German sex toy company Fun Factory. This men’s sex toy has a unique shape with two silicone “wings” or “flaps” which vibrate – this unusual design makes this cock stroker versatile enough for solo play, couples play, and many different types of penis fun. The Manta is made at the Fun Factory facility in Germany, an environmentally sustainable and ethical facility. Based in Bremen, Germany, Fun Factory has been creating adult toys for men and women since 1996. Like most of their toys, the Manta is colorful and simple – it’s a bit like the male toy version of their Volta vibrator for women.

The simplicity of the Manta really is a breath of fresh air. I don’t need sex toys with control panels like the Enterprise.

In this sex toy review, I’m gonna take a look at the design of the toy, the vibration patterns, how it feels, and how easy it is to use. Let’s go!

Pros and Cons of the Fun Factory Manta

Pros and Cons of the Fun Factory Manta

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of this vibrating stroker review, let’s take a look at the overall pros and cons!


  • 12 different vibration settings to explore
  • USB rechargeable – simply plug into your PC/laptop/outlet
  • 100% waterproof – easy to clean with magnetic charging on base
  • Made from medical-grade silicone – hypoallergenic and high quality
  • Travel lock function – no accidental buzzing
  • Quiet – surprisingly quiet despite powerful vibrations
  • 2-hour battery life – lasts for a long time
  • Great for shaft, glans, and testicles stimulation
  • Available in 3 different colors (Deep Sea Blue, Moss Green, Black)
  • Can be used for solo play or couples play
  • Incredibly versatile and simple


  • 6-8-hour initial charging period
  • Strange and unintuitive system for selecting vibration patterns
  • Attracts dust easily
  • Ideally need to use lube
  • Not keen on the shape of the handle
  • No storage pouch included

Overall, there’s not much to complain about with this toy. To be honest, this is probably the best vibrating cock toy that I’ve ever used. The simplicity of the Manta is what makes it so likable – the two-pronged wand shape makes it perfect for penis stimulation, clitoral massage, testicle stimulation, nipple play, and much more.

Things to consider before buying a FunFactory Manta

Things to consider before buying a FunFactory Manta

Solo play

If you’re using the toy for solo fun, be aware that you should probably wear a condom, sock, or otherwise aim your dick carefully if you’re planning on cumming. I personally found that I could climax from the vibrations alone, but I didn’t “shoot” far. However, if using the Manta while masturbating regularly, you might find yourself jizzing like never before.

Couples play

The Manta is great for couples play, whether you’re with a male or female partner. If using this toy to turn your willy into a “vibrating cock” during sex, just be careful of how you position the handle of the toy during sex. You might also want to consider using lube so that no one chafes from being exposed to the vibes too long.

According to a survey by Men’s Health, over 70% of men have used a sex toy with a partner. My partner was a huge fan of the Manta when we used it together!

Unusual settings

The 12 vibration patterns on this vibrating stroker are very pleasurable, but the system that the toy uses for cycling through them is convoluted. Depending on how you press the + and – buttons, you might end up skipping several settings at a time. There’s a graph explaining the process in the instruction manual, but it’s not the sort of thing you’re gonna remember.

Unless you plan on referring to the instruction manual mid-wank, you might just have to wing it with these vibration settings.

Intense Vibrations

This is definitely one of the most powerful vibrating stroker toys that I’ve ever tried – it’s quite easy to orgasm from the vibrations alone, especially if using it on your penis head. For some guys, the intensity might be too much, so just bear that in mind before committing to such a powerful men’s sex toy.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits of FunFactory Manta

Simple design

The simple design of this great penis toy means that it’s incredibly versatile. A wand-style vibrator with 2 “wings” that carry the vibrations with their fluttering tips, this toy is great for stimulating your cock head, shaft, testicles, nipples, a lady’s clitoris, and much more. Personally, I like to wrap the wings around my glans and experience strong vibes around my frenulum. I also like to use it for nipple stimulation, both with me and my partner. Hell, sometimes I just move it up and down my body erotically while masturbating. There’s so much you can do with an open-ended toy design like this.

I’m sick of toys that are overly complicated – the Manta brings sex toys back to basics and I’m here for it. Armed with decent vibrations, anything is possible.

The simplicity of the toy extends to the controls too – it comes with 3 buttons and that’s it. You get the power button, a “plus” button, and a “minus button”. Everything you need can be controlled with these 3 simple buttons. The vibration settings are confusing to flick between, but all that simplicity comes with a drawback I suppose.

12 vibration settings

With 12 different vibration patterns, you’ve got quite a few sensations to choose from. As mentioned, the controls for these 12 settings are confusing, but the vibes themselves feel bloody amazing! There are steady vibration modes, pulsing modes, and revving modes to explore. And, just like on every good sex toy, there’s a “random” mode that unleashes chaos.The first few modes are quiet, steady vibrations which are great for use during sex or when you’re trying to be subtle. I personally like to tease my balls with these settings while wanking. If you’re looking for something a little more intense, the stronger “steady vibration” settings feel amazing on the shaft of your cock while your masturbate or receive a blowjob.If you want to use the Manta alone for stimulation, try wrapping the “wings” around your penis’s glans and then using one of the rhythmic modes for stimulation. I love the 8th setting for this – it’s a rising and falling wave that makes your toes curl up, relax, and then curl right back up again when you least expect it. It’s especially intense on the F-spot.

The frenulum, sometimes known as the “F spot”, is one of the most intense erogenous zones on the male body. The amount of nerve endings on this part of the penis is comparable to the female clitoris.

Soft medical-grade silicone

The toy’s wings and main body are made from medical-grade silicone, while the base seems to be made from plastic. The silicone wings are flexible and can be bent into all different positions, so they’re great for gripping a willy of any size. The ends of the silicone wings “flutter” as they vibrate, creating a brilliant clit toy for women.Due to the strength of the pulses, I’d suggest using a decent water-based lube with the Manta. FunFactory have their own sex toy lube, but you can just get similar lubes for cheaper. The ridges in the toy’s design actually help lube to sit on the surface of the toy and continue lubricating the experience for you.


At 7.1 inches long and 2 inches wide, it isn’t the smallest dick toy in the world, but it’s definitely less cumbersome than a Fleshlight for example. The vibration settings are actually surprisingly quiet, so it’s easy to use alone in your bedroom without arousing suspicion in the rest of the house!One of my favorite functions is the travel lock function, something which has saved my bacon more than once now. Recently, I put this toy in my travel bag when I was getting a train. Just before leaving, I heard the toy buzzing around in the bag. I simply pressed the – and power button to activate the travel lock and voila!

Can you imagine the embarrassment of my bag buzzing away on a train luggage rack? I’d die of shame there and then.

Magnetic USB Charging

Like all the best sex toys, the FunFactory Manta is charged via USB, so you just plug it into your PC, laptop, Xbox, power outlet, or whatever. You have to charge it 6-8 hours when you first get it, but after that a 2-3-hour charge should do the job to fill the battery right up. The charging cable isn’t super long, but I can forgive that.

Once charged up, the Manta lasts for 2 hours or more, so it’s rare that you’ll be running outta juice mid-session.

The charging is also magnetic, so you have to carefully make sure that the magnets attach onto the toy properly. Although the magnetic charging is awkward to position, it means that the toy is very easy to clean. On that note…

Easy to clean

The whole thing is 100% waterproof, which makes cleaning the Manta really easy. You see, it charges via magnetic USB charging, so there are no exposed electrical ports for water to get into during cleaning. I just wash it in the sink with warm water and antibacterial soap – I don’t think you need to bother with fancy sex toy cleaner or anything!

If you’re posh and you want to use sex toy cleaner on top, sells a decent one for cheap.

The only thing I’d say is the toy attracts dust really easily, so if you leave it lying around for too long you might find that it needs a rinse before play. You’re best storing it in the box or in a drawer where it isn’t touching other silicone toys. Annoyingly, it doesn’t come with a dedicated storage pouch or anything.

Other Sex Toy Reviews for the Manta

Other Sex Toy Reviews for the Manta

I have my opinions, but hey, I’m just one guy… what do I know? Here are some Redditors’ opinions on the FunFactory Manta taken from this thread and this thread from the /r/SexToys subreddit forum.

“I also got a Manta a couple days ago and I’m really enjoying it so far. I wish it was a little stronger, but it’s strong enough and the design makes it awesome. I love how, unlike many penis vibrators, it leaves me plenty of room to jack off with my free hand.”u/SquirrelMunk

“Looks pretty cool, I also like the Tango but its shape is definitely not great. Pretty cool that there are more penis vibrators being made.”

“The Manta is an amazing toy for edging. The break in momentum to reapply lube bring you just down enough to prolong the experience. And then, when you finally orgasm, it’s intense as hell.”u/Yesterdayisdone

“Just got the funniest horrified look from my partner when I showed him this. Think he’s sceptical due to the looks which seems like it may be their downfall.”u/ColourfulConundrum

Overall, guys aren’t keen on the unusual shape of this vibrating dick toy. While the toy’s shape is far from normal or sexy, it certainly helps to massage the Johnson more effectively. I personally own the Deep Sea Blue color which looks really sleek, though I’ll admit that the Moss Green version looks much less appealing. More swamp creature than sex toy.


Popular Men’s Sex Toy

Vibrating penis toys tend to come in large sizes, rubbish shapes, or with terrible battery lives. However, the FunFactory Manta solves all of those problems. It’s relatively small, it has a versatile shape designed for cock stimulation, and it lasts for 2+ hours after a full charge. Ever since I bought one of these bad boys for this review, it’s been a sex drawer staple.I thoroughly recommend the Fun Factory Manta – visit SheVibe to get your hands on one!

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  • Greg says:

    I might have to buy this toy, Partner has the amazing “Miss Bi” and it is her most favorite hand held sex toy ever, and i am always laying beside here when she is getting her rocks off with that, so laying beside her using this Manta would be great.

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