The Top 10 Fleshlights: What Is The Best Fleshlight In 2018 [REVIEW]

When it comes to fleshlights the choices are just plain overwhelming.  Is it the right size for me?  Does it feel good? Which texture to choose?

This guide will break down the very best fleshlights so you can get on with enjoying your toy.

  1. Stamina Training Unit - The STU is the #1 fleshlight available today.  It is designed to provide the most sensation possible so you can try not to ejaculate.  It's actually designed to make you cum as quickly as possible by providing tons of stimulation.  It does this by have tons of bumps inside that run themselves across you as you thurst in, as if they don't want to let you go.
  2. Stoya Destroya - The runner up goes to the Stoya destroya which has an intense texture inside.  It is supposed to be modeled after the pornstar Stoya.  However with an inside like they she is quite the exceptional woman.  The lips of the toy do actually look like her pussy lips however. 
  3.  Turbo - The turbo is a different kind of fleshlight that can be confusing at first glance.  It comes in 4 versions: copper, ice, thrust, and turbo.  Each has a different sensation inside and is meant to simulate a blowjob without looking like an actual mouth, which can be kind of weird to some people.