Squirting & Ejaculating Dildo Guide: Top Picks and How To Use Them

If you love ejaculation, then you'll probably be into squirting dildos, and likewise, they'll be into you, too.

By using these dildos, you can shoot your fake semen of choice across a room or even hit the ceiling.  You can also do short bursts of squirts, it all depends on how hard you squeeze the toy.

In this guide we'll cover all of the ejaculating dildo basics so you can get on your way to using them.  We also have a list of the top 5 best squirting dildos.




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Pop by Semenette Silicone

pop dildo that shoots cum

7" long / 5.1 " girth

Doc Johnson Squirting Dildo

8.5" long / 6 " girth

Squirtz Ejaculating Dildo

how to use a squirting dildo

8" long / 6.5 " girth

King Cock Squirter

6.2" long / 5 " girth

Doc Johnson Coco

8.5" long / 6.3 " girth

Doc Johnson 5.5 inch

Example of the jizzing dildo

6" long /  5.5" girth

Squirting Dildo 101: What is it and How to Use it

A squirting dildo is shaped like a regular dildo but it lets you shoot fake semen and replicate the sensation of an ejaculating penis.  Ejaculating dildos are used for artificial insemination, realistic facials, for pegging, and even as shot dispensers at college parties.

How it works

All jizzing dildos have tubing and a way to force your semen of choice out the top.   Some have a syringe you can fill and then attach to the tubing.  Which lets you have precise control to give little squirts or powerful long distance shots that hit the ceiling.  

Others work like a turkey turkey basters.  Just dip the head of the penis in the liquid and squeeze the balls - it will suck up all the liquid.  Then squeeze the balls again to make it cum.  If only all penises worked that way!  Some of these have an external pump as well that is connected to tubing.  These work great for harnesses where you don't want any pressure on the balls to cause ejaculation before you are ready.

Choosing Your Semen

Now that you have your dildo and know how to use it you need to pick your semen.  The best type of semen is a milky white color just like the real thing.  You can use a hybrid silicone lube like sliquid silk to make the dildo squirt to life. This is a vagina and anus safe lube that you can use without worry.  If you want to simulate a facial you can use a lube that is edible and flavored.

You can also use water for test runs, and use water after for cleaning out the tubes.

If you want the cum to be inside your vagina or anus avoid making your own semen from products like eggs, cornstarch, or coconut oil.  Starches will be hydrolyzed into sugars in the vagina, along with other sugars and oils a homemade cum recipe can make a feast in your vagina for commensal flora to reproduce and turn into an infection.   However it is fine for simulating facials and just squirting around the house. 

Picking the Size and Color

Like real penises, ejaculating dildos come in all shades, shapes and sizes.  If you want a huge ejaculating dildo you want to go with a brand like king cock.  These are monster 12 inch ejaculating dildos that will really fill you up.

Usually each dildo comes in shades of white, brown, and black.  Some dildos like the Pop even have a pink color that is fun to try out.  If you see a black dildo and you want a white or vice versa it probably exists.

As for textures a dildo with veins will add extra sensation and realism to its feel.  The 5.5 inch doc johnson dildo is an example of a dildo that is very veined.

The material also contributes a lot to the feel.   Materials like silicone are the best for dildos and sex toys in general.  They feel silky smooth and are the easiest to clean.  

Materials like cyberskin and phlaltate free pvc also feel very realistic and soft.  The only issue I have with these toys is they are porus and difficult to clean.  Be sure to run them under hot water after use and store them in a clean, dry location.

The Top 5 Squirting Dildos

1) 'Pop' Ejaculating Dildo

This is the only ejaculating dildo on our list made from 100% medical grade silicone.  It feels silky smooth and soft and has a great shape with pleasurable ridges.

It has a powerful squirt with a range of 3-6 feet.  The included bulb will suck up a quarter cup of liquid, which makes for a good stream of 1-3 seconds.  It has an optional large bulb you can buy for $35.  This increases the amount you of liquid it can hold to a full cup and lets you shoot a stream for 4 times the duration.

The Pop also works with many harnesses.  The tube goes out the back of the dildo and not out the side like with other jizzing dildos.  This makes it so it won't be pinched in your harness.   The toy was originally designed for artificial insemination uses and is meant to go well with a harness

To fill it you squeeze the bulb while the tip is submerged in your fake semen of choice.  Using a bowl of some kind is easiest.  For extra realism i like to heat my lube solution bottle of choice in a bowl of hot water before using it.

The size is a realistic 7 inches with a girth of 5 inches, not too big, and definitely not too small.  The head isn't overly massive and it actually looks like a real penis, rather than a caricature of one (like many dildos can be).

  • 7 inches of insert-able length, 5.1 inches of girth
  • 100% medical grade silicone, made in the USA
  • Started with an Indiegogo campaign
  • Recommended by doctors for artificial insemination


  • Made with Silicone and 100% body safe materials
  • Easy to use with a harness
  • Strong squirt
  • Shape makes it easy to hit G-spots and P-spots


  • Larger bulb is an extra $35
  • Expensive

2) Doc Johnson's Squirting Dildo

The Doc Johnson 'Bust It' dildo is a powerful squirter that can ejaculate across a room or hit the ceiling.  The syringe it can be loaded with the included nut butter solution, with water, or any other fluids.  The syringe lets you shoot cum in little bursts or long blasts depending on how you depress it.

The dildo can be attached to any vac-u-lock or o-ring harness device.

The toy itself is a fairly large size at 8.5 inches of length and 6 inches of girth.  The veins on the outside add a great texture that feel great.  The realistic ridge of the tip adds extra pleasure too.

 Because PVC is porous it is not the ideal material for a dildo.  It is difficult to clean and can act like a sponge that attracts dirt and other fluids.  While there are plenty of people that use PVC toys regularly with no issue we recommend you know the risks.  The best workaround is to use a condom with the toy.  If you don't want to use a condom be sure to use water-based loop only and thoroughly wash it with soap and warm water after each use.  

  • 8.5 inches length, 6 inches girth
  • Phthalate-Free PVC
  • Suction cup included
  • Nut butter fake semen solution included

Turn ons (Pros)

  • Squirts hard and far
  • A large and filling dildo
  • Realistic veins and texture

Turn offs (Cons)

  • Could use a bigger syringe
  • Rubbery smell when first opened
  • PVC material

3) Squirtz Cum Shooting Dildo

This a Cyberskin dildo that is an 8 inch veiny monster.  For squirting it works like a turkey baster, just dip the tip into the fluid of your choice and squeeze the testicles.  Then squeeze again to shoot the fluid out again.  The harder you squeeze the further it shoots.  As for the distance of the jizzing it can cross a room with a bit of practice.  The balls hold a little over an ounce of liquid.

Since this is a cyberskin dildo it's important to only use water based lubes as the fake cum.  If you use silicone lubes they can build up in the porus skin and ruin the toy.  Water-based lubes will easily come off when washed.

The feel of this toy is great.  All cyberskin dildos have a very realistic softness to their outer layer and firmness to their inner layer.  That being said i recommend using it with a condom to make the cleaning process easier and make the toy last longer.

This can be used with some O-ring harnesses like the Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock platinum.  We used a large O-ring and let the balls hang out below so it was still possible to reach down and squeeze them during the action.

  • 8 inches of insert-able length, 6.5 inches of girth
  • Cyberskin material
  • Flexible at the base and firmer at the top


  • Squirt and fill by squeezing the testicles
  • Feels soft and looks realistic
  • Strong squirt and large volume


  • Cyberskin is difficult to clean
  • Rubbery smell out of the box

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