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The Best Dog Dildos: Canine, Wolf, Fox, and Other Kinds of Knot Dildo

BY JC Ways

There is an animal instinct in all human beings. After all, we’re all animals. Some people like to express their animal instinct through sex, which makes a great fantasy. How would it feel to have an animal penis up your vagina or ass? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. There’s a hoard of animal dildo sex toys designed to cater for your fetishism needs. Canine fantasies? Bring your wildest doggy fantasies to life with a knotted dog dildo.

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Inflatable Dog Dildo
Type: Novice And Experienced Vaginal/anal Users.
Huge Dog Knot Dildo
Type: Experienced Users.
Razor Knotted Dildo
Type: Intermediate And Experienced Users.
Silicone Dog Dildo
Type: Vaginal And Anal Stimulation.
Realistic Canine Dildo
Type: G-spot Stimulation.
The Hound
Werewolf dildo
Type: Beginners Looking To Experiment With Canine Dildos.
Fox Dildo
Type: Beginners Looking For Some Canine Anal And Vaginal Stimulation.
Grand Pup
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What Is A Knotted Canine Dildo?

A canine dildo is a sex toy designed to imitate the appearance of animals such as dogs, wolfs, and other canines. Usually, canine dildos come in a very realistic design and even include a ‘bulbus glandis’ toward the base of the toy. The bulbus glandis is a knot on the genitalia of male canines that is commonly mistaken for testicles but they are actually not. The bulbus glandis, or the knot, is an erectile tissue structure that swells up and locks the male dog’s penis inside the female immediately before ejaculation.

“The bulbus glandis, or the knot, is an erectile tissue structure that swells up and locks the male dog’s penis inside the female immediately before ejaculation.”

The ‘knot’ tightening is facilitated by circular muscles just inside the female’s vagina and is meant to prevent the male from withdrawing. Innovate sex toy manufacturers include a bulbus glandis on their dog dildo designs. A canine dildo with a bulbus glandis is referred to as a knotted canine dildo. Knotted canine dildos come in a pretty elaborate design, almost like the real thing. If you have canine fetishes, use a knotted canine dildo to feed them and unleash your animal instinct.

What’s the Purpose of the Dog Knot?

As stated previously, the purpose of the bulbus glandis, or the dog knot, is to lock the male’s penis inside the female’s vagina to prevent withdrawal during ejaculation. When dogs mate, the knot fills up with blood once inside the female. Just before ejaculation, the knot swells up and locks on the tightened circular muscles in the female dog’s vagina to create a tie. The ‘tie’ keeps the penis from falling out during ejaculation. Usually, the mating dogs remain ‘stuck’ for several minutes after ejaculation.

“The ‘tie’ keeps the penis from falling out during ejaculation.”

The knot on a canine dildo gives the sex toy an anatomically correct design for intense vaginal or anal stimulation. The knot is positioned at the end of the shaft, towards the base of the dildo. This part of the dildo is insertable for added pleasure. These special toys are designed for adventure and kink. Knotted canine dildos will pleasure you in a way that a regular human penis dildo can’t. Whenever you are feeling wild and animalistic, bring out your knotted canine dildo and have a great time.

Best Canine and Dog Knot Dildos

If you have canine fantasies, dog dildos are a great way to turn on the animal inside you and get wild. Include different shapes and sizes of canine dildos in your sexual play, whether you are rolling solo or playing with your partner. Knotted canine dildos can be used vaginally or anally to provide extreme pleasure in both areas. As a result, these sex toys are popular with both men and women. Here are the best dog dildos for you and partner to try out.

Realistic Canine Dildo

A pink, lifelike dog penis dildo that’s 100% waterproof.

The Romi Realistic Dog Penis Dildo is made of safe, odourless TPE material. The toy is designed to provide lifelike sensations and is very comfortable on the skin. The Romi dog dildo is flexible thanks to the soft elastic material that allows the toy to bend in any angle without deformation.

This product can be used for massage or masturbation. It comes with a g-spot head specially designed to provide intense g-spot stimulation. The 7.28-inch dog dildo’s base features a powerful suction base that will tightly stick to any smooth surface for amazing handsfree sessions. This dog dildo is 100% waterproof and very easy to clean.

PROS: Waterproof, very realistic, strong suction base.

CONS: Too firm for some.

Werewolf dildo

A fantastic werewolf dildo with a pointed tip and smooth shaft.

This amazing werewolf dildo is made from high-quality silicone material. It's hypoallergenic, odourless, tasteless, and completely body safe. The canine dildo features a pointed tip and a stylish smooth shaft and a knot towards the end of the shaft for added pleasure.

With a total length of 6.88 inches (5.11 inches insertable), the werewolf dildo is a great option for beginners looking to explore their wild fantasies with a canine dildo. It's waterproof so you can use it to get off in the shower or the pool. This werewolf dildo offers a lot of customization options when it comes to colour and finishes.

PROS: Body safe silicone, waterproof, strong suction cup.

CONS: Expensive.

Fox Dildo

A small, knotted canine dildo for vaginal and anal stimulation.

Ferin the Fox is one of the best canine dildos when it comes to delivering gushing orgasms. This amazing sex toy is made from platinum cure silicone, one of the safest and most realistic materials when it comes to sex toys. The pointy tip gets thicker progressively as you move towards the shaft.

Ferin is available two sizes: 6.5-inch long with 4.7-inch girth and 8.5-inch long with 6-inch girth. The small option can be a great choice for beginners exploring their canine fantasies for the first time. Experienced users can use Ferin the small for warm-up sessions. The base is a strong suction cup that adheres tightly to most surfaces for handsfree use.

PROS: Body safe silicone, furry texture, strong suction base.

CONS: Too small for some.

Razor Knotted Dildo

Bad Dragon's signature wolf dildo

Bad Dragon is one of the leading manufacturers of fantasy sex toys, and their products rarely disappoint. Razor the Doberman is a fantastical animalistic dildo that packs a lot of interesting features. The toy is made from platinum grade silicone, meaning that it's durable, hygienic, and completely safe to use.

Razor the Doberman comes with a CumTube, a feature that facilitates ejaculation simulation in Bad Dragon sex toys. The toy comes in a small, hand-sized base for ease of use during anal or vaginal play. Razor is waterproof and easy to clean. It’s also safe to boil for cleaning purposes should you feel the need to do that.

PROS: Body safe silicone, CumTube, waterproof, easy to clean.

CONS: Short shaft length.

Scooby Doodle

A fun 6-inch dog dildo with a removable collar and a suction base.

Scooby Doodle is a fun sex toy for those looking for a simple toy to explore their animalistic fantasies. This awesome dog dildo is made from 100% body safe silicone hence durable and hygienic. The former is imperative when it comes to anal play and shared toys.

Scooby Doodle features a removable collar and a powerful suction base that strongly sticks to most surfaces. You can stick the dildo on any smooth surface for a handsfree experience. Scooby Doodle is 100% waterproof. You can comfortably use the fun little doggy dildo in the shower. It’s also easy to clean, which is recommended before and after use.

PROS: Body safe silicone, strong suction cup, waterproof, handcrafted.

CONS: Too small for some.

Huge Dog Knot Dildo

A massive dog knot dildo with a custom black base and a pink/red shaft.

Misfit Tim is a massive werewolf dildo designed for intense vaginal and anal stimulation. The 11-inch canine dildo comes with a free suction cup and a vac-u-lock pegging port. The dildo comes with a smooth tapered shaft with a subtle curve near the knot, it’s almost like the toy comes with two knots.

Tim the werewolf dildo is made from platinum cured silicone. The material is hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause any skin problems. It’s also safe, hygienic, durable, and waterproof. This knotted canine dildo comes in a custom black colour base and a pink/red shaft.

PROS: Body safe silicone, handcrafted, strong suction base.

CONS: Too big for some.

Inflatable Dog Dildo

The dog knot locks inside of you as it expands

The Fetish Zone "Kadahr" Inflatable Dog Dildo comes in a unique handcrafted design for intense anal or vaginal stimulation. This inflatable dog dildo is made from high-quality medical grade silicone and is 100% body safe. The shaft is smooth and flexible for easy insertion. 

It starts out soft and pliable and stiffens as the knot is inflated and swells to the desired level. Alternatively, you can fill the inflatable dildo with warm water — instead of air — for a more realistic sensation. The realistic inflatable knot reproduces the natural act of ‘tieing’ in canines. The inflatable dog dildo is waterproof and pretty easy to clean. Just hand wash with warm water and soap before and after use.

PROS: Medical grade silicone, realistic feel, inflatable, easy insertion.

CONS: Expensive.

Top Wolf Dildos

  • Romi Realistic Wolf Dildo, Tim the werewolf dildo by Misfit, Romi Realistic Dog Penis Dildo.

Top Fox Dildos

  • Ferin the Fox.

Realistic Dog Dildos

  • Realistic Dog Dildo by ODC Signature, Razor Knotted Dildo by Bad Dragon, Scooby Doodle, and Fetish Zone "Kadahr" Inflatable Dog Dildo.

Inflatable dog dildos are among the best products in the category. They are made from high-quality medical grade silicone which provides lifelike sensations, is completely body safe, and easy to maintain. To clean an inflatable dog dildo, just hand wash with warm water and soap. Cleaning is recommended before and after each use prevent the spread of bacteria.

“Instead of air, inflatable dog dildos can be filled with warm water for a more realistic feeling.”

Feed Your Fetish

Humans have unique sexual needs and desires. Some of our fantasies involve animals, sometimes it’s the only way to express our animal instincts. If you have furry fantasies, there’s a wide range of canine dildos to help you feed your fetishes. A doggy dildo can also be a great way to spice up your relationship with your partner. These anatomically correct sex toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and colour schemes. Choose one that appeals to your animalistic spirit and go wild!


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  • Theresa says:

    I ordered the “Fox Dildo (small)” on this list and it was too big for vaginal play. The knot was unable to be inserted. I have very small vaginal length, and width. The width was okay on the shaft, and the length was good. The knot was just physically unable to be inserted, because of its size.

    Any suggestions on one that would be suitable for my body type?

    • mike says:

      I would try going to zoofur.com and ordering a Ruff Jr. or a Boxie The Fox they have measurements listed for all their toys so just be sure to look at a tape measure and if you have any questions just email bear the owner of the site he will help you in any way possible let him know mike sent you

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      My Penis I guess.

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    How about a canine dildo that is longer between the knot and the base. So it is easier to get in all the way past the inner sphincter. Everything I’ve tried so far is too short or just barely c ets deep enough before bottoming out.

  • Cal says:

    Looking for my first “knot” with the real thing! Ohio here. .would love to experience this if possible!

  • Caroline Greig says:

    Do you have any dildos in shape of horse penis please

  • Clive says:

    im looking for a knot that i can wear over my cock

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