Animal Dildos List

If you love animal fetishes than you hit the jackpot by finding this post.  However if you are thinking 'hmmmm', then try to be open minded!  Each animal dildo has its own unique shape and its own feeling.  They add a lot of new feelings to explore

But enough talk, let's bring out the dildos: 

Horse Dildos

These are the longest animal dildos you can find.  They come in a variety of colors from pink to black to mixed and spotted.  They are meant to exactly replicate a horses reproductive organ.

Also in this category are pony, mule, and other equine dildos.  This is the most popular type of animal dildo.

A horse dildo no walk in the park.  Only veterans will be able to submerge this beast, but the reward is worth it, it feels amazing.  Make sure to have lots of pregame before attempting to use one, it is not something you can just jump into using.  Desensitizing anal lubes can also help to make this easier to use.

These also have amazing suction cups.  As long as you place them on a smooth surface it will be solid. The only way to get it off of a good surface is to use the tab on the edge of the suction cup to lift it up.

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The Walrus Dildo

This Walrus dildo is one of the most massive on our list and an impressive 13 inches in length with a girth that expands from 6 to 10 inches.  If you can take the whole thing on the first try you are a champion.  As for the rest of us,  each hump is a milestone to work towards.  Currently, I can only get past the first hump and am still working on the second one.

You can read my full review of the walrus dildo here.

Fox Dildos

Like the animal they represent, Fox dildos are a little more elusive and difficult to find than dog and equine dildos.  But when they do appear they are always lovely.

My favorite is a fox dildo on Etsy called Ferin.  It's made from a platinum cure silicone which is the safest and best feeling sex toy material.  Its made by Neotori in Germany,  a country where they are known for their kinkiness and ingenuity.  If you are in America this dildo will take over a week to arrive in shipping, it has a long way to travel.

You can also customize the colors by choosing a primary and secondary color.  The primary color is applied to the shaft and the secondary color is used on the base and lower half.

It comes in two sizes:

Small: 6.5" long / 4.7" girth

Medium: 8.5" long / 6" girth

It's a good if you are not a size queen and are looking for something more manageable.  The suction cup at the bottom is also strong and has a furry texture that compliments the fox look.

Wolf Dildos

A wolf dildo is similar to other canine dildos like the dog dildos.  They are usually very anatomically correct and have a large bulbus glandis 'knot' towards the base of the dildo.  

These knots are not testicles.  When an actual wolf has sex this 'bulb' or knot fills up with blood once the penis is inserted inside the female.  After it is fully engorged it works as a tie that keeps the wolf's penis from falling out.

Prices for these range from $17 on amazon up to $80 for some high quality wolf dildos on Etsy.  Generally wolf dildos are on the large size at about 8 inches long.  They have a pointed tip on the glands that can add an interesting touch to its penetration.

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