Fantastic Dildos & Where to Find Them (Fantasy Dildo Guide)

Enter a world of fantasy. Fantasy dildos.  There's dragons, unicorns, aliens, zombies, vampires, werewolves, kraken, and dozens of other mythical creatures.  Each with penises that have their own shapes, sensations and personalities.

This guide will go over the different kinds of fantasy dildos and hopefully help you discover some new fantastic beasts.

Vote For Your Favorite Fantasy Dildos

This is a little tool a put together that collects different fantasy dildos from around the internet.  You can vote for your favorites and help them move to the top of the list.

Types of Fantasy & Exotic Dildos

As you can see, there's more fantasy dildos than you can shake an 15-inch unicorn dildo at.  After a few weeks of wading through these fantastic cocks, I've been able to compile them into a few categories:

  • Dragon Dildos
  • Unicorn Dildos
  • Tentacle Dildos
  • Alien Dildos
  • Zombie Dildos
  • Sci-fi Dildos
  • Misc Mythical Creatures

I Cum In Peace: Alien Dildos

Is there intelligent life out there besides us?  If so, what do their penises feel like?

Both equally important questions.  And alien dildos let our kinky minds and holes ponder it more deeply.

Here's a few of the well-endowed lifeforms you'll find in this final frontier of exotic dildos:


Alien Dildo by Damn Average

A Dragon Dildo's Tale

Dragons are mythical beasts, both inside and outside the den.  Tales of their magical cocks are sung in ballads, and their phalluses are molded into art for generations to come.

Ode to a Dragon (Dildo)

Draco the Galaxy has a shaft that radiates blue light, guiding your way to pleasure, even in the darkest of night.

An ice dragon from the north, Echo and his penis are sought by high lords.  In exchange for a mold of his shaft, they offer the highest rewards.

If it's size your after, look no further than Stan XL, a cock as large as a rafter, that will stretch one like hell.

For legendary texture, there's the shaft of Apollo, a dragon that lived in what is now known as Sau Paulo. 

Draco - Blue Ritual

Bad Dragon Echo

Bad Dragon studios is one of the most fertile breeding grounds for dragon dildos.  Browsing their stock I counted 111 different exotic creations: 68 dildos, 22 penis sleeves, 6 cock sheathes, 5 packers, 5 vibrators, and 4 squirting dildos.  The dragon dildos come in different sizes, colors, and firmness, making for thousands of combinations.

To The Depths! Tentacle Dildos

Tentacle scenes are a common theme in Japanese Hentai, and these dildos make the fantasy even more real.  They usually have an expanding girth and are peppered with dozens of suction cups.

Tentacle dildos are a bit more elusive than dragon dildos.  Most fantasy studios create only one or two, so you really have to dig through a lot of shops to find different styles.

One of the best deals I've found is Davey, a tentacle dildo sold by the Etsy shop Driving Desires, for $25 - $55.  There's also the Ika by bad dragon, and the Geeky Sex Toys Henati tentacle.


Hentai by Geeky Sex Toys

Getting Horny: Unicorn Dildos

The doubly equipped unicorns are some of the most desired partners for group sex.  Their spiraling horns are sensational for foreplay, and their equine cocks are eager for the long game.

You don't have to track down an actual unicorn, though.  There's many different crafters bringing the unicorn dildo fantasy to life, especially on Etsy.

One of the most beautiful horn dildos i've found is the Rainbow Unicorn dildo on Geeky Sex Toys, which is super rare (limited edition).

My favorite unicorn penis dildo comes from Goblin Dildo Emporium on Etsy, and is a work of art.  The shaft has swirls of heart shaped textures that make it both pretty and stimulating.

Unicorn-horn dildo, from Geeky Sex Toys
Goblin Dildo Emporium Unicorn penis, from Etsy

Omnomnomnom - Zombie Dildos

"Vaginaaaaa",  "Buuuuuttssss", these zombie dildos are molded from undead with more than just brains on their mind.

With a penis like this, you'll want these kinky zombies to catch you, their rotting flesh makes for lovely texture. 

Zombie by Geeky Sex Toys

Where to Buy Fantasy Dildos

The best place to buy fantasy dildos is on Etsy, I find they are cheaper and more unique.  Etsy has some disadvantages though: dildos can go out of stock, they can take weeks to ship, and their custom nature means they may not be 100% as pictured.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to leave a comment about anything at all, especially if you have any other favorite fantasy dildos you think should be added to this post:)

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