6 Best Horse Dildos – Huge Equine Cocks to Test Your Limits [2024]

By: Sex Toys And Flowers

Horse dildos have a unique shape and design. The head is flared and gives a thrilling pop sensation as you slide it in your hole, making more a very unique sexual thrill.

On top of that, they’re big. Really big (shocker). These bad boys will go deep. Some horse dildos are 2 feet long, with girth to match.

Here we’ve rounded up the 6 best horse dildos (and huge cock dildos) that we could find, including one that’s compatible with fuck machines that could leave you twitching in pleasure for hours.

Let’s get to it. Literally.

The 6 Best Horse Dildos

Looking for the best horse dildos and huge cock sex toys online? Here are our 6 favorites.

Quick Preview

  1. Doc Johnson Dick Rambler – Huge 13.5 Inch Horse Dildo
  2. King Cock Extra Girthy – Best for Amateur Subs
  3. LZYAA Super Big Size Horse Dildo – Cheapest Option
  4. Artemis – Can be used with a fucking machine
  5. Dante the Draft Horse – Premium Silicone
  6. Mr. Ed Anatomically Correct Horse Penis – 2 Feet Long

Now let’s get into the deeper reviews for each one.

1 . Doc Johnson Dick Rambler 13.5 Inch - Best Huge Cock Dildo Overall

  • Only $59.99
  • Huge, thick & veiny
  • Vaginal or anal play

Why not strictly modeled after a horse cock, this huge 13.5 inch dildo is nonetheless the massive cock you’ve been looking to add to your sex toy collection.

Complete with suction cup base, this huge dildo has give you plenty of options. The suction cup allows you to place it on a hard floor or wall, giving you multiple positions to ride it in.

Make sure you use PLENTY of lube!

While the dildo is silicone-free (which we wouldn’t normally recommend) this does mean that you can use it with silicone-based lube, which is generally longlasting and ideal for extreme anal situations.

On top of that, it’s one of the biggest Suction Cup Dildos you’ll probably ever find.

Ride this Huge 13.5-Inch Cock at LoveHoney

2 . King Cock Extra Girthy - Best for Newcomers

  • $54.99
  • Testicles-free for 9.5 inches depth
  • Smooth finish

Coming in at a decent 9.5 inches, this huge horse dildo is great for newcomers who want to try huge cock sex toys but don’t want to go to the biggest extremes just yet.

Testicles-free and uniquely smooth, this large PVC dildo is compatible with basically all types of lube, so you’ll be able to find something that does the job.

As the name implies, the horse cock dildo is extra thick and girthy, with a whopping 8 inches of circumference to really open you up wide.

If you enjoy a thick and girthy cock that slides in easily, it doesn’t get much better than this. This is one of the Best Dildos to work your way up to greater things.

Try This Thick Horse Dildo at LoveHoney

3 . LZYAA Super Big Size Horse Dildo - Cheapest Horse Dildo

  • $35.99
  • Horse dildo style (not just a big human penis)
  • 16.5 inches long

If you are looking for a good challenge, here is one of the bigger horse dildos you can find.  It is 16.5 inches long and 8.5 inches of girth at the base.

It is also quite the heavy and one of the few dildos I own that could also be used for home defense. That was a joke. Well, kind of.

The head of this toy and the gradual expanding girth makes up for its look. I personally love the pop feeling when the head slips in past my sphincter, and it takes a bit of effort to pull back out again.

This horse dildo arrives in a discreet box with no marking except for Amazon. It also comes with a velvet carrying case, which works out well if it doesn’t fit in your sex toy box.

Like a lot of amazon products the material of this dildo isn’t specified.  The box doesn’t contain any information about the material and amazon is vague stating it is medical phthalate free PVC. This is not my favourite sex toy material for hygiene reasons, but it becomes inevitable with these huge horse cock sex toys.

This is a fun toy with a really pleasurable head.  It is good for beginner-intermediate to advanced level users looking for a long and unique toy.  If you are more accomplished with large dildos the girth and stretch might not be enough for you.

View this Huge Horse Dildo on Amazon

4 . Topped Toys "Artemis 12 Inch" - Best Horse Cock for Sex Machines

  • Huge 12-inch cock with veins
  • Unique red & black design
  • Vac-u-Lock can be attached to fucking machines

If you’re a fan of the best sex machines, then this is the perfect horse cock dildo for you. Featuring a vac-u-lock base which can be attached to most fucking machines, you could have this huge 12-inch dildo fucking you for hours and hours.

Just imagine that. What a good little bitch you’ll be.

Made from 100% platinum silicone, this huge dildo is about as premium as they come! The only downside? That high quality comes at a steep price, and it’s over $150.

Still, can you put a price on being fucked for hours by a 12-inch veiny horse dildo? I think NOT. Reach into your savings and do yourself a sexy favor.

Buy this Sex Machine Compatible Horse Cock Dildo on SheVibe

5 . Dante the Draft Horse Dildo - Premium Silicone Horse Dildo

  • $73 price
  • 9 inches long
  • Anatomically correct horse design

Dante is another lovely platinum silicone dildo.  Compared to other horse dildos this a more modest size of 9 inches long and 5″ – 5.5″ of girth. It comes in one size, so what you see is what you get.

This toy’s shape and details are more accurate to an actual Equine animal.  There is a medial ring in the middle of the shaft that feels great when it goes deeper. The head has a good flare and enough to feel like it dosen’t want to leave you when you pull it out.

The company that makes this is called Fantasticocks and they are one of the best alternatives to Bad Dragon, who generally have the “huge horse cock dildos” market cornered. Expect a plethora of Fantasy Dildos on their site.

Their toys are cheaper and you can get them on Etsy which has a nice rating system.  Each Dante is also custom made when you order it.  You can choose a solid color or get a marble mix of colors. Get into it.

View this Horse Cock Dildo on the Official Website

6 . Mr Ed Anatomically Correct Horse Penis - 2 Feet Long Dildo

  • $122.29 price tag
  • Anatomically correct
  • 5 to 6 inches in girth

If you google for pictures of horse penises this is one that will look the most similar to what you find.  I hope they didn’t mold this from an actual horse, but it makes you wonder.

This is a long toy at just over two feet in length.  The circumference measures from 5 to 6 inches in girth.  As far as firmness goes this is a wobbly toy, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The floppiness helps it fit.

Unlike the other horse dildos in our list this does not come with a suction cup.   Because of this it might be difficult for one person to use without two hands or a partner.  Many people that have them use them for parties and events.

The toy has a prominent ridge where the horses sheath would be.  This is almost two thirds down the shaft.  After you reach it the girth will increase, just relax and let it through.

View on Amazon

The ‘Bottom’ Line on Horse Cock Sex Toys

Until I am able to find anatomically correct elephant dildos, these horse dildos are some of the biggest Animal Dildos you can get.

They’re also just some of the Biggest Dildos on the market in general.

Whichever of the best horse dildos you end up choosing, we hope you find the best option for you that fulfills all of your kinky horse cock needs.

If you have any of your own experiences with horse dildos or tips you’d like to share please leave a comment in the discussion below.

Have fun horsing around!

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  • Big Barrister says:

    I love all of these

  • Bob says:

    Check our exotic erotica for life cast equines and an elephant ?

  • Alex says:

    The Mr Ed is not anatomically correct and he was a gelding.

  • Jeff says:

    Does it fell good in the ass

  • Baker says:

    I am a man and I like to use huge deldo inside my body every day because I like to feel huge and hard things inside my body I like to see my anal wide open
    I am leaving in Helsinki but I don’t know if we have like this deldo here

  • Roger says:

    Hello I was just reading all your reviews on horse dildos. Im very much into horse dildos.love them.I have the pnbb dildo that is soooo awsome.Feels really great in my ass.I can take the whole thing and usually go for a hour bounceing on it.I also have the lzyaa 16 inch big boy.And omg what a ride.Can only take half but boy dose it feel sooo good.Im now waiting on my Chance the Stallion size large to arrive.Ordered it little over a week ago.Can not wait to ride it and ride i will do.Now im all horney.So start with the pnbb then the big boy.Ol forgot to mention Im a guy that loves to ride ????

  • Roger says:

    Got my chance the stallion and WOW LOVE it soooo much.Feels so good when i get past the ring.love love love it.

  • Kal says:

    I love big horse cock.

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