Fit For A Queen: A Big Guide To Big Dildos

Purchasing a big dildo can be a big decision to make.  You have to consider the size, shape, and quality of your new giant, all while avoiding toxic materials like PVC (sex toys still aren't regulated in most parts of the world).

So to make things easier, I've put together a list with 32 of the best giant dildos.  These aren't only huge, but made from trusted creators of body-safe toys.

To get started, here's a table of all the chapters to this girthy guide.



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Etsy's Giant Hand-made Dildos

12 - 17 inches

Big Tantus Dildos - High Quality Silicone

8 - 15 inches

Monster  Size Dildos

One of the giant dildos

12 - 20 inches

Njoy Eleven

11 inches

Big Realistic Dildos

ginormous gambler dildo from vixen creations

8 - 11 inches

Moby Dick: World's Largest Dildo?

No big dildo guide would be complete without a shoutout to Moby Dick, the world's largest dildo.  

At 3 feet long and 15 inches of girth this is the Everest of big dildos, something that most size-queens can only dream about conquering.

For everyday citizens, the Moby Dick is more often used as a novelty item or trade-show guest.  According to the amazon reviews, it's been used as a cat scratch post, cuddle buddy at night, and hat stand.  Someone even recommended drawing a smiley face on it, putting it in the passenger seat of their car, and getting free trips in the car pool lane. 

Because the material is PVC I wouldn't recommend actually getting this.  It smells like chemicals and if it gets too hot it will melt like a snowman.  Let's keep our fingers crossed they make a silicone version.

Huge Etsy Dildos

Right alongside Etsy's custom Harry Potter t-shirts, hand-made quilts, and cute sloth rings you'll find some of the most massive dongs on the internet.

My personal favorite is the 17" ogre dildo made by artists YiffMonkey.  You learn in the description that this goliath dildo was molded from an ogre named  "Patrick", who was a bit more artsy than other ogres the creator met.  All of YiffMonkey's dildos have fun origin stories like this for their products, and they are a great Etsy store to add to your bookmarks.



Flowers For Quality



Patrick the Ogre

17" long

(43 cm)

13.5" girth

(34 cm)

$150 - $375

Tim the Werewolf

13.5" long

(43 cm)

3.5" wide


Dante The Draft Horse


(27 cm)

5.5" girth


The Hulk Dildo


(25 cm)

7.5" Girth

(19 cm)


Navigating Etsy For Big Dildos - Etsy is one of my favorite places to discover new sex toys.  Most of the big dildos here are as much works of art as they are pleasure objects, hand-made to order by sculptors and silicone artists.

The downside of Etsy is that the products come and go all the time, kind of like Trader Joes, don't expect your favorite sea-salt caramel chocolate to always be there.  Same thing with Ogre dildos on Etsy, some weeks it's available, sometimes not.  The delivery can also take a while since they are hand-made to order and shipped from any corner of the globe.

Big Dildo Shop Spotlight: The Incredible Dildo

If you've ever wondered what the Hulk's packing, this might be your answer.  

Don't let the 9 inches of radioactive green fool you, this is made from medical grade silicone and very safe to use.

It's crafted by Geeky sex toys , which makes toys of comic book, TV show, and movie characters.  They also have a groot dildo, captain america butt plug, and a thor hammer dildo.  Since they are based in Australia expect a long shipping time if you are in the USA or Europe.

Update: Geeky Sex Toys has expanded beyond their Etsy shop and now have their own website! I've changed the links to reflect this.

Big Tantus Silicone Dildos

Tantus is a Nevada based sex toy company, owned by sex toy pioneer and educator Mettis Black.  They make all their big dildos from platinum cure medical grade silicone that's soft and body safe.

In total, they make 33 different dildos, here are their 6 biggest.



Flowers Given

Price (USD)



The Hoss Huge dildo

11" long,

2.75" wide



10.5" long,

2.6" wide


Mr Universe

Best big anal dildo

7" long

3" wide



15" long

2.75" wide (at the base)



2.25" long

10.75" wide



7" long

2.2" wide (at the base)


When it comes to sensation these big dildos are some of the best feeling guys out there.  They use Tantus's super soft silicone which helps for stretching into a new size.  All of the Tantus dildos also have a lifetime warranty, so you don't have to worry about them ripping like the cheaper amazon dildos.

When it comes to looks they aren't the most colorful or elaborate, though. Right now they only come in black, but recently Tantus announced that they are adding more colors, like green and pink colors to Hoth and Cisco.

Spotlight: Big Anal Dildo, Mr. Universe

Mr Universe is 3 inches in diameter and 9.4 inches girth. When going this big, the soft tantus silicone is easy on your rectum's delicate colorectal tissues.

On tantus's website it has only 5 star reviews, and is the best quality girthy anal dildo i've been able to find.

Largest Monster Dildos

Monster dildos are the big big dildos.  Seriously, any other dildo will look small next to these guys.   Some of them are "modeled after actual dragon penises", and have textures dreamed up by teams of silicone sculpting Michelangelos.



Flowers Given

Price (USD)



One of the giant dildos

15" long,

5" wide



11.25" long,

3.75" wide


Chance the Stallion

17.5" long

3.2" wide



13" long

2.8" wide



14.25" long

4.8" wide



17" long




14" long


14" long



12" long

4.8" (at knot) 


Extra-Large Bad Dragon Dildos

Bad Dragon studios makes the most exotic big dildos in the world.  They have dozens of different dragon dildos in the most exotic feel-good shapes that nature only wishes it had come up with.  There's also equine dildos, tentacles, and fantasy pocket pussies.

For each dildo you can choose from 12 colors, 3 firmnesses and five sizes: mini, small, medium, large, and extra-large.  The extra-large ones are the monster dildos we mentioned above

Mr Hankey's Large Realistic Dildos

If you love big veiny dildos then Mr Hankey's Toys might be the only shop you ever need.  They create massive dildos in all shapes, sizes and themes.  They're also all made from platinum cure silicone and meant to last a lifetime.  If you are currently getting big PVC toys like 'The Fist' or 'Bombshell' from Doc Johnson, you should consider switching to these guys. Their dildos are healthier, bigger, and better in every way.

Spotlight: Goliath, One Giant Dildo To Rule The All

As far as volume goes this is probably the biggest realistic silicone dildo ever made.  At the center of the shaft it's a 4.8 inch diameter or 15.25 inch girth, with an insertable length of 12 inches.  

 Whoever can master this is a queen of queens.  If you do some digging in google images with you will find some very titillating videos of it in action...

Njoy Eleven

This 11 inch metal dildo is in a category of its own. It's made from silky smooth stainless steel and is a palpable 3 pounds.  The weight and smoothness combine for heavenly and deep contact to p-spots and g-spots, and for vaginal use it's so smooth you'll probably never need to use lube with it.  

I haven't met anyone who dosen't love the feel of the Njoy stainless steel, it has to be one of the best reviewed big dildos on amazon.  The logo of our site even uses an Njoy toy, the pure wand, which is the Eleven's smaller cousin.

The shape of all the Njoy dildos is 'omnisexual' which means it is designed to be used by either butts or vaginas.  In the eleven, the small end has stimulating ridges that double as a handle grip.  It's like getting two big dildos in one.

Big and Realistic Dildos

Just because you go big on size, doesn't mean you have to go small on realism.  Here's some of my favorite big and realistic dongs.





The Gambler

11" long,

8" girth



8.5" long

6" girth



10" long

7.75" girth


Boomer Banks

9" long

6.5" girth


Milan Christopher

9.9" long

6" girth


Spotlight: The XXL Leroy Posable Dildo

Leroy is a massive dildo that you have to touch to truly appreciate.  Inside is a bendable rod that makes it posable, so you can change it's shape to whatever you want.

Compared to other dildos it's super super soft silicone.  It has to be one of the softest silicone dildos i've every felt.  Normally such soft material would be floppy and droop over, but the firm rod in the center means it keeps itself nice and erect.  It's definitely one of the most ingenious big dildos on this list, and super fun to play with (and fuck).  If you can't afford it, you might be able to touch one for free at your nearest sex toy boutique.

What Are Your Thoughts?

What did you think of my list of big dildos? Did you have any favorites, or do you think there's some other huge dildo that belongs in the list?  Please leave a comment below and let your hole be heard:)

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